Fixing crowding, severe overbite and minor cross bite- Athens, GA

My motivation to start was to 1) be able to floss...

My motivation to start was to 1) be able to floss better and 2) have a nice smile.

The first few days of the first few trays hurt really bad and I actually regretted starting. But from tray four on the pain was not bad at all except it also hurt really bad when I started elastics (tray 10). Otherwise I don't experience much pain after a new liner has been in for about 30 minutes or so. When I did have pain I treated with Tylenol and Anbesol.
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Just started liner 16 of 23

Went to my ortho today and he said my teeth had responded to the elastics so well that I could stop wearing them. I wore them for trays 10-15 so for 12 weeks total. I am glad to be done with them because I hated how they made my upper liners dig into my lip.

I am really please with my progress. I compared my most recent picture with the computer model to see how close I am to the treatment goal and it matched pretty much spot on. I am hoping this means I won't have a long refinement.
Wow they look must be delighted, keep us posted until the end and let us know the type of retainer you get etc....
Fantastic progress!!!  And such a short time wearing elastics--I never realized they could work so quickly.  Congrats on that for sure!

Starting liner 17

Not wearing elastics these last two weeks has been great. I am so glad Dr. Russell told me to stop them at my last appointment.

I have noticed a few changes in how my liners feel these days. Early on it was really painful for a few days and then I wouldn't notice them at all. Some trays in the middle didn't bother me at all - so much so that I was afraid they were not working. The last few trays haven't been what I would call painful - definitely felt some pressure when they first went in but nothing truly painful compared to the first trays - but then they rather feel like I have something caught in my back teeth. While I am glad to not have any true pain - it is a little obnoxious to constantly feel like I need a tooth pick and I can't do anything about it. I think the difference may be that early on a lot of the trays were moving teeth where I was really crowded on the bottom and now they are moving my molars.

Thankfully my bite is finally closing again. I had a really terrible open bite for most of my treatment - I feel like I can actually grind my food properly and I am not swallowing huge pieces of food. That was probably my biggest complaint with going through treatment. They warn you that an open bite will happen but until it actually does happen you don't realize how annoying it will be.

I have 6 trays left and I am really excited to see how everything looks when I am done. I really feel like my liners have always tracked really well and at my last appointment two weeks ago my teeth were pretty much spot on with the computer model, so I think I will be pretty on target when these trays are over. While I hope that means I won't have a lot of refinement to do - I am a little annoyed that my price was set with the expectation my treatment probably taking 18months and it looks like I could be done within a year instead. My ortho does not charge more when cases take longer than expected but they also don't give refunds if your treatment goes more quickly than expected.

Over all though I am so glad I started invisalign.
I remember feeling the exact same frustration!  Because my treatment was supposed to take a year but it took less, and I was thinking they ripped me off.  But seriously, with all the after-care (two years for me) and an extra retainer, and equilibration, I didn't feel as ripped off.  And not all doctors tell their patient that there will be an open bite, so it's good that you're mentioning it!

One thing that does bug me, however, is that I found out that my doctor "owns" my Invisalign scans and everything.  So that when I want to get a new retainer, I basically have to order them through her forever, if I want the retainers to take me back to just-post Invisalign.  Or I have to pay an exorbitant fee to have the records transferred and then pay for new retainers (she charges $670 for new Vivera Retainers based on the scans she already has.)  

I would definitely ask your doctor about how all that stuff will work for you when you get a chance :).

Starting tray 19 out of 23

Not much to report - tray 18 was a piece of cake, and tray 19 so far has also been a breeze. I feel the tiniest bit of pressure on the last tooth on the bottom that is still behind the others but No pain to speak of, and thankfully the feeling of having something stuck in my molars is gone too.

I can't believe in about 2 months time I will be done with this set of trays! As great as my progress has been I can't wait to see the finished product. (And chew gum again)
For some reason I missed that you had an overbite before...Your ortho is amazing! The change in your deep bite is incredible, for sure, and you're not even done yet.
So impressed with your result so far.  Beautiful!  Thank you for updating us!
wow looking good! I hope mine look half as good when I get to tray 18/19 of my 23 (currently on tray 11). You most be so pleased with the progress and improvement!!
Ross russell

Really nice guy who answers all of my questions so I can understand. The office staff is fantastic. Really happy with my choice to come here.

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