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I am a 33 yr old nurse and mother of two (13 and...

I am a 33 yr old nurse and mother of two (13 and 11). I have always had large breast. I have considered a reduction for years and FINALLY did it (12.17.12)! Insurance covered my procedure (reduction and lift) and I was left with a copay. Best decision I've made. I was a 38DDD. I have not been measured as of yet to see where I'm at now. But was supposed to be around a D cup. My back and neck feel so much better now! I'm finding it difficult to find bras right now that are comfortable due to the incisions. However, my incisions are healing nicely. Yesterday I finally found a sports bra at target that is comfortable. It's nice to wear a sports bra and not have a Unaboob ;)

I love the way my girls look now but not having such large breast makes me notice my stomach more. So motivation to lose weight is In high gear. I haven't been cleared yet to do much excercise except walking. Once cleared I plan to try running again (not that I'm not so big) and riding my bike again. I have had a few emotional days. One being the first day I wanted to wear something besides a sweat shirt. Clothes fit differently and it is an image adjustment. So I had a breakdown. But all is well now. I am feeling more confident each day and have even done a little retail therapy :)

I wish I had known about this site prior to surgery but only found out about it after surgery. It is a wonderful site and each day I read updates and I know I'm not alone with my feelings. Good luck to all waiting to have surgery and all who have had with healing.

Went out shopping today with some friends and...

Went out shopping today with some friends and decided for the heck of it I would get measured at VS...well I started out a 38DDD/F and when I was measured today (3 weeks post op) the girl told me I measured a 38DDD. How does that happen? I look so different and people have asked me "have you lost weight?" I love being able to shop and my back not hurt. It's the small things. But when I am shopping for bras (sports bras) I am purchasing a lot bigger size than I wore before. For instance, I would buy a XL before and am having to purchase 2XL for comfort. I purchased a bra off but it is an XL based off my measurements but is a little too tight. I'm just wondering how long before the swelling and discomfort goes away enough in order for me to get a good idea of what the new girls will look like in the end :) Happy healing to all!

OMG!!! I'm so happy today. Tried on some bathing...

OMG!!! I'm so happy today. Tried on some bathing suite tops that I have NEVER worn. I had bought them with intentions to wear but never felt comfortable enough in them to wear! This summer I will be wearing a few of them. I also tried on some shirts that I wore before but always had to wear a bra and a tank top under them. Well not anymore. I even have a few tops that I have never wore that I love. Still have some weight to lose but I'm working on that slowly now. I feel 100% better than before. Back pain is no more. Only issue I have now is when I over do it (house work) I swell a lot and its uncomfortable but I survive :) Hope everyone is having a great week. Will update again next week sometime. I will try to post pics soon also.

Ok ladies. First I want to say for the most part I...

Ok ladies. First I want to say for the most part I am feeling great. Tried on clothes that I've never been able to wear etc. but I have noticed when I am on my feet for a while, either standing or walking, or doing light housework I tend to get pretty sore under my arms and on the sides of my breast. I was wondering if anyone else is having this same type of problem? I will be 4 weeks post op on Monday. I am not able to return to work yet and have a few more weeks off but the soreness and discomfort under my arms is a bit annoying. Hoping I'm not alone and if anyone has any advice please feel free to share :))

Almost 3 months since surgery and I am feeling...

Almost 3 months since surgery and I am feeling good. Finally bought a regular bra and the first ever from VS. I will be going back to work on a very busy floor next week. I'm having anxiety about that. I hope everyone is healing well and those getting ready to go through surgery it will be worth it in the end. I will try to post pictures soon :). Happy healing.
Athens Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gumucio treats his patients like his own family. He does not rush and takes time to make sure questions are answered and you have what you need. I highly recommend him. My incisions look great and I don't expect to have much scarring when it's all said and done.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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So what cup size are you now? I'm 42DDD and I'm thinking about reduction, but I'm scared. I don't want my boobs too small. I'm 230 and my stomach will pool out more.
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Lookin great!!! Congratulations! You will be fine at work once you get yourself busy taking care of other people! Xoxo, nurses are great!!
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Looking at your pics, even day 2, they look a lot better than most I see on here... That really gives me a good feeling... I'm sure it's different with each individual case... But you look awesome!
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Thank you :) I hope you have a wonderful experience as well. I will be thinking bout ya. I have had no complaints or problems this far...I think Dr. G is great and did a wonderful job :))
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I've heard nothing but great things about him..... I'm so glad I was able to stay with him with my insurance... I had already bout decided I would pay out of network for him....
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Excited to see your post.. I'm scheduling with dr gummicio as well. Which hospital did you use?
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My surgery was 10/24/12 and I still have pain if I reach for say the op shelf in a cabinet. I can "sometimes" sleep on my side, other nights not so much. I can say the pain eases up but at 4 weeks I still was taking pain meds to sleep comfortably. Have you experienced pain in your ribs? About 4 or 5 weeks post op, my ribs hurt very bad. I actually felt they might be broken. I even had bruises appear on one side. My dr said this was very common though I've no idea why and I failed to ask. So if your ribs hurt don't panic (like I did).. The pain will ease up all over. I feel for you as I remember the hurtful feeling under the arms. Hang in there...happy healing
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Thank you for the heads up Kat1961. I am waiting for my approval from my ins so I can have the surgery. I am so excited, but nervous at the same time. Did u have lipo under your arms during the surgery? My dr is going to do mine during the surgery. I am worried because I normally always sleep on my sides.:(.
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No lipo was needed (drs words) but now I do need it as most my breast were in my lap (haha.. Really not my lap but my breast were not under my arms prior o surgery) My breast are boxy and wider now the dr will "tweak" things in a couple months. I am happy with the results but the wideness is annoying as I constantly feel them
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Feeling better 2013 Thank you for your story! I cant wait until I can wear a sports bra without having the "Unaboob" look as well. Made me laugh:) I am waiting to hear from my ins company. I pray I get approved. Your pics look great! Your surgeon did an excellent job! Good luck to you and thank you for posting your story:).
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I will have to check out targets bras. I like the thick band at bottom. I too used padding. I used nursing pads for a month as my working nipple was super touchy. I was surprised I didn't have itchy incisions as I typically have dry skin. I do take 4 vit A a day and wondering that helps? I wishid taken hoots along the way. Going to see if my dr can share my before shots with me... Then I will tell my story.
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looking great!!! congratulations!
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By the way... You look GREAT!!!!!
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Thanks :)
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Hi there! I too am a DDD and am 2 days from surgery but feel in' scared now!!! You didn't talk too much about surgery... Anything to help calm my nerves? :)
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My surgery went GREAT. I was so excited about having it done that I didn't experience any anxiety up until the morning of, at which time I didn't experience it very long thanks to the meds they give you in preparation for surgery :) I did not have much pain after surgery either. Just some discomfort. Muscles feel sore and I felt like I had been run over by a mac truck, but I am allergic to all pain medications (SEVERE ITCHING), so I took tylenol for the most part. If I took pain medication, I had to take something for itching with it (Atarax). I stayed in the hospital overnight and was home by 11 am the following day. I didn't do much of anything except go to the bathroom and eat the first week. The night before I spent at a Christmas party with friends, which helped me not to think about it too much. And I stayed up and had a snack at midnight :) Good Luck and you will be glad you did it in the end :)
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Look good. Is your dr in Athens? You and I r "neighbors". We are in Jackson city. I wanted my surgery at Athens Regional but my dr only went to Gainesville... My surgery was the end of October and I still wear my healing bras (from make me They are very comfortable . I can see myself wearing them for a LNG time. I sleep in soft seamless bras (kohls had a wonderful selection). So ready to get comfortable and sleep on my sides or stomach ut it still is painful. What a journey this is! Glad I did it but wish I'd been better prepared (mentally)... Happen healing "neighbor",
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Thanks. Yes my Dr. Gumucio is in Athens. I had my surgery at ARMC. Hope you are healing well. I have bought so many sports bras to find one that comfortable. The incision underneath is uncomfortable when something touches it. I love this site because it allows us to connect with others both near and far :)
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I agree, if anything touches the bottom incision it irritates things. I am just now getting to the place where my skin has become less sensitive. For awhile there it was crazy. I love ARMCHAIR! Great hospital. My daughter in law has a good friend who is a nurse there. Did you get the black bra from make me heal? If so it runs smaller than the nude one. I purchased the XL black and nude bras at the same time. i am 10 wks post op and just last week was anle to wear the black bra. I totally feel your bra shopping pain. I went last week and couldn't find a decent fit. My boobs are wider than before. My dr will do lipo if they don't change. The past week I've started to see things changing a little. My boobs actually move now whereas 3 wks ago they were like bricks. I went in a 38 DDD (g) and last week I was wearing a 38ddd to cover the width but that is too baggy in the middle of my chest. I bet you r still swelling a lot thus why your band size went up. I swelled from the top if my chest to my belly. Dr said that was normal. Hang in there, they will change more over the next few weeks..
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I ordered the nude one. It provides too much compression I feel when I wear it because the upper outer sides of my breast will be sore and tender. I finally found a sports bra at Target that is made by Champion that I like. It has the wide band at the bottom and does not rub my incisions. I do however place some padding along the bottom to prevent anything from rubbing on it. I am still putting ointment on because the incisions become dry and itchy if I don't. Good luck to you. I look forward to reading your story one day :)
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