9 days post-op!

So, ever since I was around 14 I have HATED my...

So, ever since I was around 14 I have HATED my breast. I was a 32DD at 12 (Yes, 12!) and they've gotten bigger since. I'm a 34EE right now, at 18 years old (I'm 5'8", size 10, 150lbs, and a losing) but my breast are fairly saggy and the areola are stretched. I'm hoping to get beautiful youthful perky breast, that are still fairly large. I haven't decided on a surgeon yet, but I've contacted a few. If anyone has any suggestions for a surgeon in Georgia/ Upstate South Carolina I'd appreciate it!! I'm wanting a breast lift with implants.

I don't expect to have the actual surgery till sometime in spring. It'll depend on my classes and how i can schedule things around. I'm going to keep researching doctors in the mean time, and I'll post some before pics, and my ideals.

The doctors I have looked at right now are Dr. Pittman in Athens, Ga. And Dr. Parker in athens. And Dr. Moore in athens. If anyone has any info or experience with these doctors please tell me!!

Ok, 2 quick questions. Anyone that's had this...

Ok, 2 quick questions. Anyone that's had this procedure before, did weight loss affect your results after surgery??? And also, how long after the surgery did you start wearing underwire bras. Just so many questions running through my mind... I'm so anxious to get the whole process started!!! I also can't decide if when I do the lift if I want to do implants or what. I've had a couple surgeons suggest doing a lift, reduction and implants.. My first reaction was implants and a reductions?!?! But he explained that he would remove more tissue to make up for the implant. It made sense. I jut worry about the implants not feeling natural... Anyone have any tips for this??
Again, if anyone has any experience with plastic surgeons in the Athens/ Atlanta area, or really anywhere in Georgia, I'd appreciate your advice. Thanks so much!!

Hello. I can relate to your story. I've needed a lift forever. I'm scheduled at end of month. Good luck to you.

Your review title is perfect! I love it.

Here's what some doctors say about wearing an underwire after surgery.

And here's a list of doctors in Atlanta who do breast lifts/augmentations. You can find reviews for most of them on RealSelf. I hope this helps and that you'll keep us updated throughout your journey!

Thanks so much!!

So, I had to cancel the appointments I made back...

So, I had to cancel the appointments I made back last fall, but I made 3 appointments for consultations in the next 3 weeks!!!!! YAY!! I've talked about two options. One is just a reduction with a lift, and the other is a reduction with a lift, plus adding a small implant for upper pole fullness. My main concern is just being too small. I don't want to be any smaller than a D. So maybe we can get this ball rolling once again now. My other main concern is the fact that I'm working as a camp counselor and hike leader for 7 weeks this summer. So if I have to wait past the middle of April I probably will have to wait till the end of July for the surgery. Which makes me sad but the last thing I want to do is not give myself the right amount of healing time. Does anyone have any opinions n which option I should choose?
Also, I have posted some pictures, so you can get some better ideas of what I'm working with.
Hi lovely! My history is pretty much like yours, big boobs hanging at early age! Check on my pics, mine were a little smaller than yours and i've had 300cc gummy bear (silicone) implants. The touch of then 2 mo PO it is actually pretty natural, they look and feel natural. Having a good amount of breast tissue will prevent you from looking and feeling fake, no one can ever tell when im in clothes that i've had BA an BL, they just look like big, perky and natural breasts, jiggle and all, not rock hard bowling balls on my chest. I must confess that I wish I was small and needed just the BA, because in fact I wished to have that fake look, but I know it is a result that cannot be achieved, just unrealistic, overall Im happy with my big, perky and natural breasts =D

AH!!! After what seems life forever, I've finally...

AH!!! After what seems life forever, I've finally scheduled my surgery!!!! I'm having a lift with a reduction (Taking about 400 cc'a out.) I'm not having implants put in, as Doctor Pittman says that with the lift and the exercise I've been/ will be doing I won't need it. Which I'm alright with. He was going to have to take 550 cc's out, because of insurance, but because of my deductible being more than my surgery would cost I'm paying out of pocket. My surgery is for July 23rd, which is only 2 days after I get back from my job as a hiking instructor. I'm so excited now I can't stand it.
Does anyone have any experience with Dr. Pittman? And does anyone have any experience and tips with the surgery they'd like to share? I'm still kinda on the fence about getting the implants. Can't wait to hear what y'all have to say!!
Congrats on your decision! Look forward to reading your story :) Personally, I'm pretty sure that once we have our reduction and lift we'll feel as great as having implants anyway! :D
I laughed at your title, too true. Good for you having the surgery when you're young. I'm happy to also hear you're not getting implants as the reduction should give you enough lift. I'm only 12 days post-op but went from a 34G to what I think will be a 34D. I had 500g taken from each side but I'm 40 so I probably have less elasticity in my skin than you but I'm very happy I had the surgery.

I can't get this off my mind and wanted to post...

I can't get this off my mind and wanted to post this while I was thinking about it. I am so worried about the shape and perkiness! I've been doing tons of arm and chest exercise to build up my chest muscles, but I'm still really worried. Also, I want my boobs to look like boobs! I've seen scary results where they look so disformed or uneven... Plus right now I'm in the process of losing more weight. Can anyone give me tips of things they talked with they're surgeon about to calm their worries about shape an size? And was anyone also dealing with weight loss when they had their surgery?
Hi Katey- I looked for someone who specialized in augmentation and implants. I did not want a PS who's specialty was reduction (I feared having someone who would be concerned with only a successful surgery- I simply needed more). My thought: having a PS who appreciated the astetic aspect of cosmetic surgery, who viewed his/her work as both art and science, would care about my results in various ways, ways I would hope he/she would care if they were under the knife... a PS who takes pride in the work they do (an appreciation for cosmetics and the ability to transform the human body) was as important as his/her confidence in me being a surgery success. I had all the same concerns that you did. If you would like detailed info - on how I sought out a PS, you are more then welcome to send me a message through the inbox system. I can send you a bullet list in detail (it would prob be kinda long, for a threaded post) :) Best of Wishes on your journey!
I'm worried about shape and size too! But then I tell myself the reason I'm doing this isn't 100% cosmetic it's so I don't get stared at, don't cry when clothes don't fit me etc. and I've seen some pics of woman who look very square straight after surg but they soften up a lot over the first few weeks/months
That square look is definitely what I'm worried about! I found some great Before/After pics to show to my PS, and I've made an appointment before my pre-op to discuss exactly what I want, so now I'm just hoping and praying for the best!

Second thoughts

Ok, so to me my surgery seems really close, but that might be because for the next two months ill be cut off from technology and civilization. I'm having second thoughts, not about having the surgery itself because that is GOING to happen! But about the when I'm having it, and who's doing it. I can't find a lot about breast reduction from Dr. Pittman, and what I haven't found isn't very good. On top of that I'm losing weight, and I don't want to still be losing weight when I have the surgery. Arg... I'm getting so stressed out!

2 More Days

So I have my pre op appointment tomorrow! It's so weird to think that in 2 days I'll be out of my surgery and in recovery. Blows my mind!

Pre-Op Today!

I had my Pre-Op Appoinment today! So excited! The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 11am. I'll make sure to post pics after! (Or at least take them and post them later!) I'm so excited, I can't believe it's actually happening!
Goodluck!! :)
Best of luck tomorrow! :)
Best of luck to you! My surgery date is tomorrow as well.

Day 2

So i still don't think it's hit me that I actually had this done. I'm so excited. They're a little smaller than I wanted but I'm happy. :) everyone keeps telling me they grow a little afterwards. I'm not too sore right now, I actually feel pretty good. I'm just ready to get these drains out! They're the WORST part!
Pretty sure I'm down to about a C. I'm so excited! I go back tomorrow to get the drains out and I'm gonna ask how much he took out, he told me yesterday, but I was so drugged I can't remember! I'll keep updating and taking new pictures! Thanks so much for all your support and help!
Woohoo! Life will be so much easier for you! Congrats :-)
They look so much lighter already, even when the surgical bra on. I've heard before that as soon as women wake up from the surgery, the can breathe easier from less weight on their chests. Did this occur to you at all?
I did!


So I'm wondering, does anyone have any advice for aftercare? And when was it comfortable for y'all to start wearing underwear bras after? (I know it'll be a long time!) oh, and I also was wondering if y'all's grew after your surgery? Thanks so much!
Wow, thanks for sharing. It really looks good. What was you deciding factor to decline the implants? I hope I have enough tissue to still look full on top. I heard goo thing about Dr. Pittman, he was to far for me to consider him, but found someone I love on this end of GA!
For me I decided against implants because most surgeons will tell you it's not a matter of if, but when things go wrong. I would just rather not have to but up with it. I made decide to to it again one day and get them then, but not right now. I'm gonna do a lot of exercising when I'm able to build chest muscle, and that should help some. Dr. Pittman is amazing! I'd definitely recommend him! Good luck!
Congrats. I was looking for your update. So happy to know you made it and are coming back around just fine! Happy healing and keep us posted

Day 3

Just wanted to post some pics real fast from yesterday after he took the drains out! Will write more and update more later!

Overview of days 1-4

So I'm finally coherent enough to post a decent update. Between the Demerol and the Phenergan I've been taking I've been high as a kite the last few days! haha. I'm starting to wean myself off of the pain pills, I'd like to be able to drive myself to church next tuesday. The pain is definitely bearable, on a scale of 1-10 I'd say a 4-5 without the meds and a 2-3 taking one demerol. I'm beyond happy with the results.
The surgery took a total of about 4 hours, and then 45 minutes in recovery. The staff was great, Doctor Pittman was great, and I was able to go home as soon as I woke up. (This is partially because my mom is a surgical nurse, so she can take care of me really well, and she knows what to do if anything happens.) I threw up a few times after they woke me up, but it was because of moving around. Once I got home I was fine, and I haven't thrown up since! Haven't even been nauseous.
Once I got home Mama and Daddy had the recliner set up for me, and put pillows around me so I wouldn't toss and turn. This helped a lot, and I'f you're a rough sleeper I would highly suggest sleeping in a recliner with pillows packed around you the first few nights. It helps you stay elevated, and you don't have as much opportunity to turn over. I slept the first night with ice packs under my arms and on top of my chest. I haven't had that much swelling, which I'm thankful for. The second day was good, Again not a lot of pain, which I'm counting as such a blessing. I stayed pretty medicated.
Day 3- I went and had the drains taken out. Thank God it wasn't as painful as everyone said it would be. I would suggest taking the maximum amount of pain meds possible (IE mine was 100 MG of Demerol) an hour and a half before the appointment. It helped a lot. It was real weird feeling when they pulled them out, but again, not painful. Dr. Pittman was great, he went over everything I needed to know. They took 500cc's out of one, and 530 cc's out of another to make them as even as possible. I have another appointment with him September 6th.
Day 4- I get to shower today! Hallelujah! I'm so excited! I also get to take off the dressing, so I feel like I'm really gonna get to see what the results a lot better today. EEK! So excited! I'll definitely post pictures later!

Before and After

Lovely, lovely boobs. Congrats!
They look so pretty! Definantly the perfect size for your frame! Goodluck healing and take care! X
Thanks so much! He said they would continue to grow a little, but I'm perfectly ok with that! I think they could be a little bigger personally. I'm so happy with the results! Best of luck to you as well!

Some Day 4 Pics!

So I finally was able to take the tape off and take some decent pics today! There's a little bruising, and still some swelling especially where the drains were! Another weird thing, I have very little feeling in my nipples, and the right one is inverted. Dr. Pittman said its normal, and should straighten out as the stitches dissolve, but I'm still a little worried. Anyone else ever had anything like this?

Day 4 Pics

Im 6 weeks post op and i had full feeling in my left since right after surgery. My right nip is still numb but i can feel were the scar is around it. The stitches should break and your nipple will pop out i think. My PS told me the stitches lose about 50% of their strength after 5-6 weeks then they will be alot softer for your body to absorb :)how do you feel with the chest weight?
It's so much lighter! It's just bizarre and hard to get used to! Thanks so much!

9 Days, nipple probs, Exhaustion, and Victoria's Secret (oh my!)

So it's been 9 days since my surgery! I feel great, I've been up and about the past couple days, going to church and I went to the Train Concert last night. Maybe not the best idea but it was so much fun! I'm not in any pain, at all, and I'm off all of my pain Meds, and antibiotics! I'm even starting to get a little feeling back in my left nipple! The right one is still slightly inverted, and no feeling. Not gonna lie, it worries me a little. I went yesterday and bought my first Victoria's Secret Bra! (Wireless of course! Body by Victoria has a really great really comfy wireless bra!) 34C baby! Makes me so happy I could cry! I also wore a spaghetti strap dress to the concert yesterday, and I NEVER would have been able to do that before! I woulda been popping out like crazy!
I'm gonna go hopefully today and get some scar tape to Putin the incisions. Another user recommended scar away and her scar's are barely visible! I also was wondering if anyone had any success with the Vitamin E oil?
I've started walking a little for exercise. No long distance. Still too tired for that. That's been my main problem, exhaustion really easy real fast!
I'll most more later in the week, everything is starting to feel so natural, so I'm real excited! I'm just ready to be fully recovered! Thanks y'all!
so is your nipple back to normal ?
are you still satisfied with his work?
I start shopping for m breast reduction too and I saw dr. pittman and dr. Parker both looked really good. I wanted to know how did you ended up payin $7500.
Dr. Pittman

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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