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Goodbye Batwings! - Athens, GA

December 9th I meet with my PS about my second...

December 9th I meet with my PS about my second surgery. The Arm lift. I went back and forth about wether or not to go through with it, but since healing from my tummy tuck, my huge bat wings really stand out! I realized that I won't be happy with my body until I do this.

I will post my before pics after my consult. Until then......
That is what happens... You fix one area and then you notice the other things that need fixing. That is why I did my whole body. Now my face needs fixing!
Congratulations on your decision to have an arm lift....it really is a wonderful surgery with dramatic results! Best of luck to you!
Hi. Who are you meeting with?

We set a date!

January 30th! Finally getting my arms done. They have been a source of emotional pain for many years. After my TT, I bought a new suit several sizes smaller than my last and I could have gone down another size in the jacket but for my arms. They barely fit in the 10. So with my goal being an 8 or 6 I new I needed to take action.

I have posted the before pics. I really hate looking at them myself, but I realize there are others who need to see this review when making a decision like this. So here ya go....

A few more pics

I am thinking of getting this done also. Your arms look a lot like mine. So I hope you will keep us updated and with pics. I really would like to see how yours comes out. Hope you heal quickly and things go good:)
I absolutely will post updates. I know how valuable these review can be. Preop next Tuesday!
My surgery is scheduled for Jan 3rd and I can't wait to have it done. I didn't loose a lot of weight and have been almost the same weight my entire life. Being 5.3 and weighing approx. 122lbs. But my arms are annoying when buying clothes and I hate it. Some blouses are a size bigger just due to my flappies as I call them and some blazers as well. Lately I dislike shopping for any top and therefor decided this is the time to have it done. I went to 2 different doctors and one had performed my facelift and did a good job but I heard a lot about a different doctor who has a very good reputation and a great team working in his office while the other office has nasty, unfriendly staff aside from 1 RN and the doctor himself. After having consulted both of them I decided to have the surgery performed by the one with the nice staff (for both doctors the reviews show that others have the same opinion about their office staff) and the one I have the surgery perform is also charging $1000 less than the other which also helped in my decision. Next week on the 19th I have the pre surgery appointment and I will learn more. I'm a little anxious about the scars which I didn't have prior to the face lift which should have been maybe more scary due to everyone able to see it but I was very confident and went back to work a few days after surgery. That surgery was on Thursday and by Tuesday I was back in my office after a full face lift and went to work daily after that....so I expect to be back to work by Monday or Tuesday and my surgery is on Friday.

Just a little more than 2 weeks!

Pre op today. All my questions answered. I say now that I will trade scars for these arm flaps. Anything would be better than this! I hope I still feel the same in a month. No backing out now!
Good luck, I'm sure you will be very happy, I love my new arms!

Less than a week to go...

Getting very excited about my surgery. My Birthday is only 3 days before my surgery, this is my birthday present to myself.

Glad there is not as much prep as when I was nesting for my tummy tuck. I will clean the house thouroghly over the weekend and go grocery shopping to get stuff for easy meals to prep for my husband for the first few days. Then I just need to get my meds.

I am going to order my garment tonight, just in case the one I leave the PS office with won't work for under my work clothes.

Almost time.....
I wear a lot of black tops and both garments that I got are light colored. One is white and the other is tan color. If I had know what kind of garment upfront than I would have bought a black one. At the PS office they stated that it was only 2 more weeks that I would have to wear it when I was thinking of ordering another one so I decided not to do it...but that is the only issue I have no until Feb. 4th...ad long as we keep cold weather in Florida I can hide it. Good luck.
Good luck had arm lift done 6 months ago and had a revision done 10 days ago

No more batwings!

My surgery went great! No real pain, although I am on meds . Nothing to report right now. Bandages from elbow to armpit. But I will update again in a day or two after I stop the pain killers.

Ta Ta for now!
congrats, can't wait to hear and see the post op pictures!
Happy Belated Birthday! Congratulations on another step completed :) Glad to read it went well, and interested in reading the updates as you go. Good luck and happy healing to you!
Glad to here pain is not usually great with these things as I have had two the hardest part is sleeping in your back and the itching in a couple of weeks if you have tape over the insicin once it comes off put liquid vit e oil I am doing this on my second go around and the scar is almost obsolete and I am 14 days or do out happy healing looking forward to your updates

Arm lift is not a bad recovery, so far, so good...

The surgery uneventful. No complications. Since this was my second procedure with Dr. Lober and his staff, they went about and beyond to make sure I was not nauseated upon waking. The woke me very slowly, used a patch behind my ear, like what is used for seasickness. The really cool part is I can wear it for several days. This is the first time I have been able to take pain meds with out getting violently ill. He also gave me something to take with it to stop the nausea if i still need pain meds after the patch wears off.

Like I have said before, Dr. Lober and his nurses are wonderful. I felt great when I woke up!

About the bandages. I go back on monday for my first post op appt. I believe we decide on the CG then. Right now I have ace bandages on top of lots of gauze and foam tape. I have only had a little seepage at the top of my right are. Just once and my husband added gauze and tape as instructed. Noting else has bleed through since. But cannot tell if my arms are any smaller. I get the Michelin Man reference now, LOL.

Here is a great tip for comfy clothes for lounging, my nurse told me to take on old sweatshirt and cut in half from the front neck line and down. I sewed a button and button hole for mine, but a safety pin will work too. Very comfy while I have the huge Michelin Man arms. Old T-shirts work great too.

Compared to my TT this is a breeze so far. I really don't need help. I can do just about everything, albeit slower than normal, except for reaching above my head.

I have taken my pain pills every 4 to 6 hours, I will taper off tomorrow or Sunday.

I will post again and post pictures as soon as I can. Happy Healing!

No pain, but my arms feel HUGE!

I am not having any pain, but my arms look and feel bigger that when I started. There is bandaging under the ace bandages and I am sure it is normal to feel this way at this stage. I suppose it is swelling. My hands and wrists are swollen, but not uncomfortable.

So for those that are considering this procedure, I have been able to take care of my self for the most part. My kids and my husband have been with me the whole time, but it has mostly been normal day-to-day.

My follow up is tomorrow. He will look at the incision. I will try to take a few pics before he wraps me back up. I am anxious to see what kind of garment I will wear or will I get wrapped again. Hopefully I am healing well.
Over the next few months your arms may swell it usually quits swelling around six months

Most of the bandaging removed

Ok, today all of my dressing was removed. After an inspection, I was wrapped with just a little gauze and new ace bandages. I can see they are smaller! Yay! But very swollen.

I stopped the pain meds so I am sore today. But it's tolerable. I plan on taking a shower after a nap and I will try to remember to snap a few pics. For now I took a couple with the ace bandages.

Happy healing!
Looks good

Hard to look, but here goes...

Although they look gross, I don't have pain. My husband did call the dr b/c of a low grade off and on fever of 99 to 100. I wouldn't worry since I just saw the doc today but I am nauseous too and am on no meds.
I'm so glad you aren't in any pain, because it certainly Looks painful! What a difference from the before pics :)) Happy healing, hope the fever dissipates quickly.
Looks good know what you mean temp like that normal d/t lymph nodes removed from surgery if you would have gotten a breast lift at the same time you would look like a pumpkin I did for about three week then when the brusing traveled down my arms I looked like a mytie it was neat watching my bruises cause they moved but you look great hope all goes well and temp gets better
All is good. Dr said temp ok. He said come see him today if I want but feeling better.


I have not been feeling well. Seem to have contracted severe cold and flu like symptoms. Doubtful that it has anything to do with arms other than being more vulnerable to illness after surgery.

On a good note, swelling has diminished a little. I will check back soon.

Much healing friends.
So sorry that you aren't feeling well.

Doing good

Hello RS friends

I'm doing much better. Been back to work since Thursday. So busy. Didn't have time to post. I go back to the doc Monday to have my few stitches removed. The tape is falling off in places. I still have a lot of swelling but it has been difficult to elevate my arms and rest. Not having pain, just some mild discomfort. I have taken Tylenol a few times but no pain killers since Sunday ( 3rd day post op).

I still use the ace bandages most of the day. Hoping after the next visit I can switch to my CG.

Other than my short illness this has been an uneventful recovery so far.

I am posting a few pics for comparison.

Happy healing!

Does this look normal??

Take a look at these two pictures of each of my arm pits. The openings are not weeping or smelling (at least no worse than they were, lol).

There is no pain, but do they look normal? Will they close on there own?

I will let you know what the doc says tomorrow.
Mine did not look like that.
Yes they will close on there own my ps left my arm pit like that he called them drain holes I had no drains but due to tension in that area he left open a space I had more of my arm pit done i will no longer grow hair or sweat there cause all of my glands were removed the scar there is wider but flat the scar will need revision under my arm maybe it may lighten
Good to know. I wish all my arm pit hair area was gone. But it is reduced anyway.

All is well

Saw the doc today. Everything looks good. Starting scar therapy. Small openings are closing in my arm pits. Check back in in two weeks.

I will post pics tomorrow after my shower. Long day, headed to bed.

Almost 3 weeks Post Op

Healing nicely. At almost 3 weeks now. Still swollen but doc says I have a way to go with the swelling. The incision is looking good. Sometimes my arms get sore because I forget to take it easy. Moved to CG. Still use ace wraps for longing. The last two nights I have gone without.
Started on scar therapy. Massaging lotion along the incision line only avoiding the still inflamed areas.
I attached the pictures for posterity, lol.

Take care

Wow! Just realized I am only 2 weeks post op!!

My previous post was incorrect. That is very cool. Healing faster than I thought!
Looking good

Swelling and some pain

Weird. I didn't have much if any pain until the past couple days. My left forearm on the inside feels like it is severely bruised. There is no visible bruise, but it is painful to the touch. There is slight swelling, but nothing noticeable. It is actually affecting the inside of my arm all the way past my elbow. It kind of feels like strained muscle, but I can't recall doing anything that would have caused injury. The incision is healing well and only irritation where it rubs clothing. That I can control. I am calling the PC tomorrow to make sure he doesn't need to see me about this.

Take care!
Thank god someone else complains of the same thing I love this site when I had my first lift done this occurred then did the revision am about three weeks out and man my arm hurts the gm irritates it it is sore to touch when I asked my os he said it was the ligaments healing idk but that my arm hurts
Ligaments. That make sense. I also realized that after about a week or so of not using my arms at all, I started back to my regular routine. My work bag is pretty heavy and I was carrying around a bit on Friday. Maybe it is muscle and ligaments. Thanks for the input. Hope your pain goes away soon.
My PS told me to extend my arms - below shoulder height- while sitting down and open and close my hands to get the tendons of the lower arm to stretch back out. These tendons atrophy quickly in the first few post op weeks and the compression garments don't help much either. I try to do this 4-6 times a day and it has helped the discomfort and swelling.

Swollen elbows

It really feels like fluid collection and it is sore to the touch. I am waiting on a call from the nurse. This is worrying me.
Hey there :) just checking in on you. Im 4 weeks today and I believe u are in thursday? Hows the pressure in the elbows? For me it somes and goes . Im still struggling with the underarms being so tight and sore . My incision there is different than yours. I dont ghink he removed enough under my arm so I still have that bra pit bulge :( How are your arms doing ?
Doing good. At 4 weeks now. The healing is going well. Still swollen at the elbows. There is a little stretching under my arms so we think there will be touch ups later. Doc said to wait 8 weeks and we will know more. Happy for now that I am not thinking about my arms constantly. All the incisions have closed and I am doing the scar massage therapy. Maybe it is good yours are tight. Mine do not feel tight and I think he will have to do more.

Swelling is normal swelling

I meant to update before. The swelling in my elbows is slowly decreasing. The doc says there is quite a way to go yet for swelling and to see final results. He wants to wait 8 weeks to determine if i need touch up due to re stretching.
So how is it 9 months out? How do the scars look? Are you happy with the results? Would love to see a picture of how it looks today. Thanks.
How are you healing? Did you get a touch-up? Best wishes
I am having this surgery on Wednesday. your posts really help me to see what to expect. I am also in the Ga area. Just wanted to say thanks.
Dr. Lober, Athens Ga

Dr. Lober and his staff are wonderful! Dr. Lober has always made me feel comfortable As does Christy, Britton, Lauren and Molly. I appreciate every one of them. And especially Dr Lobe who takes the time to thoroughly explain the procedure and answer mine and my husband's questions. My TT results where even better than expected! Christy handled my pre ops both times and is so wonderful. And Lauren who assists in surgery and recovery with Molly are both wonderful! Thank you all!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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