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I have always been unhappy with my saddle bags...

I have always been unhappy with my saddle bags since being a teen. It was one of my dreams to get my thighs and my knees shaped.
I have may be 2 dresses in my wardrobe, and no shorts at all, because I just couldn't wear it, though I can't say I am too ugly or way too fat. I actually went down from 156 lbs to 123 and then back up to 136 in 2 years. So I've been constantly working on pursuing good shape and body that I want.

At this point, after I worked so hard on loosing weight and earning money for lipo, I thought I was ready for it. I was dreaming about getting it done for many years and then few more years I was premeditating on getting it done and then I was really thinking for another year when and where I will get it done.

So I've done it and now I am not sure if it was worth it and I will see the results I so much dreamed of.


Thanks for sharing.  Don't worry about your results right now, you are a long ways off from seeing them.  You will have swelling for quite a while.  Are you still experiencing a lot of pain and soreness or is it going away?
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Hi :) I can already see some results and I am excited! I still swell, but less now. Also I noticed that right side flank looks bigger than the left one, I saw it only after my first post op and I think the doc saw it too, because she was checking that side more than anything else, but she didn't say anything (may be not to make me worry). I read, it could be seroma, or may be just swelling more than other parts, so I am not stressing too much, just waiting this month out, it will be more clear after. I still get annoyed with pain and soreness at times, when I am tired and more irritable, but everything is getting better I think, my bruises are much less too. So I'll post some updates later on. Thanks for asking :)
That's great!  You might just be healing differently on one side versus the other and that is why one flank is larger.  Looking forward to your updates :)

My right side is bigger than the left one...

My right side is bigger than the left one, and I am not happy with the inner line of my thighs. It is straight and there is bulging area right above where my "knees" area was done.
Overall I look slimmer, but I still wouldn't be confident to wear skirts, shorts or I don't see the point of everything then.
Will see my doc by the end of the month and will see what she says.


Just reading your review and I'm going to have mine done the day after tomorrow so was wondering now that it's 4 months since how do you feel and hows your results?x
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My results are visible. There is a big improvement. I can't say it is what I expected (may be I expected too much). Unfortunately I had to have a revision in June. My doc is responsive and understanding whenever I ask questions or have concerns, can't say the same about the rest of the stuff. Last time I was there, the nurse told me I was too "thorough". I probably will have to have another revision in January, because my right outter thigh is obviously bigger. Anyways, I don't regret I did it. It improved my shape overall and I do feel better about myself. But then all the pain, scars, time and money spent on the other hand.... Good luck! And be through with them as to what and how you want, be very scrupulous to the markings and ask all the questions. I will post pics soon.
I'm sorry you have to get a revision, I was hoping everything would even out for you as you continued to heal.  
Dr Millicent Odunze

I didn't go to too many places, haven't checked the prices or multiple reviews, I kind of already settled with the institute I picked in my mind few years ago. I was disappointed on the day of the consultation. It was not thorough, was not very informative, many things I've learned afterwards and some of them I should of known before, it could make a difference in my decision on areas, and my healing. Everybody in the office is super nice and sweet, but didn't feel genuine and approach didn't feel personal. I kind of felt like one of the many that come there and it was not a big deal, as if I was buying some groceries. I am an out of town patient and first time ever having any kind of surgery in my life. A lot of things were not told on time and preparation (blood work, taking or not taking supplements, settling down on areas) didn't go smooth. Though again, everybody in the office was super nice even when I got upset with them. I wanted it done so much, I closed my eyes on everything. The doc didn't seem too personal as well, but I read some great reviews about her and she looked confident like she knows what she is doing. So I forgot about all the small details that add to a big picture and got it done. The procedure itself was painful. Lots of pain! I don't know if I wasn't numbed enough, or not sedated enough, but at some point I tried to push them away. They took 1800cc out of me. I leaked a lot afterwards. It was a good idea, that I got a hotel instead of staying at my friends apt, because I bled the whole bad and all over the bathroom. The doctor called my friend at around 3 am to see if I was ok. That was nice of her on one hand but on the other made us think, that something went wrong during the procedure that she felt she had to check on me at 3 in the morning! I bled for a day and a little more on the second day. I was in bad pain for 2 days, today I am only sore especially when changing positions from sitting to standing and opposite. I am almost completely blue from bruises from the waist to my knees and the swelling is bad. I came into the office today, because they forgot to offer me to buy a cream from scars, I remembered only today. And today, 3 days after op, they told me I could actually have taken some arnica pills to reduce the swelling.....Ohhh I wish I knew that before the surgery, like it says on instruction to the pills I should of taken it before the surgery!!! Anyways, it is done, the money is spent, time is spent, I hope and pray, the result will be desired and I will be able to update my review to a more positive one later on.

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