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Can't Wait to Get my Tt - Astoria, NY

Will be going for a tummytuck december 19. I had...

Will be going for a tummytuck december 19. I had both my boys very young so my stomach was always flat. But now at 35 I had a baby girl, fast forward a yr and my stomach still looks like I'm in my second trimester and I hate it. So I decided to endure the pain of a tummytuck and finally get it done during xmas break.

Before Pics in 8 days and I will finally go thru with this Yikes!

So I will be going for my surgery in 8 days and Im excited and nervous and worried about my recuperation Im a mother of three and now my hubby will have to do it all, I know sitting at home doing nothing is gonna drive me crazy but I have to get plenty of rest if I want to get the best results.

Things to buy preop?

Today I will go get my comfy pillows and neck pillow too I heard that will help since initially I will be sleeping in a chair that reclines a bit for the first few days. I will also get a stand up tray for my food and meds, I think I have everything else. If anyone knows of anything that really helped them out post opt please let me know I heard pineapples or even pineapple tea helps with swelling so I will try that and I have also read I should start drinking stool softner pills a couple of days before TT but my doc hasn't said anything. One thing Im not happy about is me having to stop my birth control pill, its gonna be a pain in the but to get my cycle right and get back on those post op. :/

I did it!

After surgery my pain level was a ten now that I'm home its a five. I will see the doc in the am so ill get to see my scar. Ill post pics
As soon as I can walk without hunching over.

8 days post op.

Feeling btr. Walking around still a lil hunched over though. Sleeping btr. But I cant wait to be able to sleep on my side again. My tummy feels super tight I try my best not to sneeze cough or laugh out loud. My husband has been a great help I couldn't have done this without him and I am very happy with my decision to do this. The first 4 days were the worst but after that it gets btr. What I dont enjoy is the swelling but it comes with the territory :)

little bleeding is this normal?

Hi all. I went to the doc today and he said all was well and I will see him again on the 12th of jan. Oh yeah and I still have to wear my c.g. 24/7. But I just notice bright red blood on my shirt I looked and there's a little part on my incision where I'm bleeding. The spot was the size of a quarter I called the doc he said to put gauze over it and loosen my c.g. and that this isn't uncommon when one takes the tape off which I did today. Has anyone experienced this?

in hospital for 5 days

Jan. 1st @ 2 am left to the hospital with a 103 degree fever. My blood pressure was way low then high. I had a severe case of cellulitis on my wound and down my legs. They were monitoring very closely I was in a very very bad state. I had the in house trauma surgeon ,cardiologist, infectious disease doc and regular doc checking on my twice a day. They were worried that the infection would get in my blood (sepsis) but it didn't they treated me with a bunch of IV antibiotics and Sunday night the released me. I prayed a lot and came to the conclusion that if I knew that this was going to happen to me I wouldn't have done this. But upon reading this does happen to about 10% of ppl who get this surgery. My PS called me on a daily spoke to the house doc but never came to see me. I would not recommend this doc. He is very very uncaring. I have never had a visit that's lasted more than five minutes. $ is all he cares about. But thank god I'm okay at home and I'm about to go see my regular doc.

New Pic, loving my tiny waist.....

So its been almost 5 weeks now and I don't feel any pain Im heeling well but I still feel sore after sitting at my desk for awhile then getting up and I can sleep on my side. My doc says I can start the silicone strips next month I cant wait because the middle of the incision is pretty clear but the sides not so much. I sneezed about 2 weeks ago and heard something pop but I checked everything looked okay and I wasn't in pain so I didn't make a big deal about it. For now Ill take it easy in late Feb. I will start working out and will finally be able to pick up my toddler, I have missed that. :)

Cant stand CG garment ;/

Oh yeah Im still wearing my spanks from morn to night I hate them but its a must I refuse to sleep in them though, do any of you guys sleep with your cg garment on?

New pics, week 6, :)

Im 6 weeks post op. And feeling good I am sleeping on my side and doing pretty much everything I use to do except any lifting. I still haven't started the silicone strips my doc says I can start next week and I cant wait because my scar is way dark. Im happy I did this even though I had a scare with that staph infection that had me hospitalized and on bed rest for a week. I have lost 8lbs and Id like to loose 6 more. But if I don't I'm fine staying at the weight I am now which is 141.
Englewood Plastic Surgeon

This docs bedside manner is zero. He us short very matter of fact and just plain uncaring. I feel rushed in each and every visit I've had with him which each one lasted less then five minutes. I feel all he cares about is $. I wouldn't recommend at all.

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1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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hermosa. chica. absolutely beautiful lil flat sexi stomach. waist etc. love handles eres no mas ahora(i said are no more now!) feel great to wear"normal lil clothing fit etc. i know your loving the new you. question,how long was you asleep for? and again u look absolutely beautiful. adios.god speed 2 u. ~certifiedflatsexistomach~
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Wow, you look great! You might find that after the swelling goes down more you might weigh less! I haven't even attempted the scale yet at 2 weeks post op. I'm scared, lol. I'm still pretty swollen.
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Hi, we had our procedures on the same day. I've been wearing my CG 24/7 until last night when I slept for the first time without anything. Since I didn't notice any more swelling in the morning I'm going to keep it off at night from now on but continue to wear it during the day until bed. I don't go back to my doctor for a couple of weeks...how much longer is your doctor saying you have to wear yours? Mine hasn't said :(
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Last time I saw him which was almost 2 wks ago he said to continue using it. He never said use it at night but I'm surprising he wants me to use it 24/7. I have been seeing him every two wks. But last time I saw him he said in a month. Did you have a drainless tummytuck?
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I had 2 drains. He didn't tell me I could go without it at night, I just did because I was so tired of being so uncomfortable. I'm praying when I go back he tells me I can be done with the CG. When I see him again I will be around the 8 week mark so surely not much longer wearing it :(
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Hi Darlene and Kygirl, I had my surgery the same day as you both ! And I still wear my CG 24 hours a day. I dont go back to see him untill Feb 18th now....and when I saw him the other day he didnt even mention it. With the swelling I still have, actually worse then before, I cant imagine not wearing it. But hmmmm, I may have to try leaving it off for a night and see how it feels. kygirl, did you like sleeping without it ?
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Hi DJW. I do like sleeping without it. It was kind of weird at first though. Haha, I used to look at your pics all the time to compare my swelling and healing because I thought we had a similiar before tummy and I have a small crease at the bottom of my belly button whereas yours is at the top. Mine has gotten a little better since I started sleeping without the CG so I have hope it won't be there forever. I'm sorry about your swelling but on the other hand I am glad I am not alone because frankly it worries me constantly and sometimes I feel like it will never end. I think you look great by the way :)
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Looking amazing! I can't wait to be able to pick up my toddler again also.
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Thanks, I went thru hell but I can officially say it was worth it. :)
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Ohhh sweetie, so sorry to hear about your ordeal. Hope you get well soon. Its already a long recovery process to I cannot imagine adding to it. Stay positive and strong. In the long term (I know it's hard to think of it now) - but you will be happy with your new self. This is a bump in the road, but you will overcome it.
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Thanks. Im taking it easy this week because monday its back to work . Your right about that bump in the road more like a gigantic rock. But I agree months from now when there's no more swelling I will be looking great. So right now I say this to shall pass.
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u look great! Did you have a hernia also?
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Thanks and no hernia thank god
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Yep, I had some bleeding too when I took the tape off. Lasted only a half day I think.
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Welcome to the flat side!!! You look awesome :-)
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Thanks. I enjoy reading your updates they are very informative. I hope my recovery goes smoothly. I'm 11 days post opt and still walk a little hunched over and i can't pick up my daughter yet that kills me...but I was able to sleep on my side for an hour or so last night and I'm able to stretch some while in bed. I'm going back to work Jan. 13 so that's 3 1/2 wks of recovery I really do hope I'm walking straight by then oh yeah and I know what you mean about the swelling specifically the pubic area swelling HATE IT. But this to shall pass :)
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I went back to work at 2 1/2 weeks and I was waling straight. I hunched for awhile when I would get up from my desk, but that only lasted a few moments. I also didn't pick up my kiddos (twin boys/2 years old) for 4 weeks. That was tough, but I was not going to mess with that muscle repair. No way was I going to go through this surgery again! LOL! Sounds like your recovery is going great!!!
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Oh that's great to hear I'm sure come jan 13 ill be walking straight too. Aww 4 wks until you were able to pick up your twins that so sucks that means I still have 3 1/2 to go. My husband has been doing all of the mommy duties and now my daughter doesn't want anything to do with me the little stinker that's okay I'm kind of enjoying taking a break.
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You are going to look amazing, happy healing!
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Thanks. Just saw your last pic your looking great yourself. This homebound recovery thing is driving me cuckoo can't wait to go see the doc tomorrow even though it'd 30 degrees Lol. Happy healing to you too
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Thank you! Eeek 30 degrees! Lol! Well good luck at the doc.
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You look so good...Congrats on your sx...Happy healing!!
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Thanks and you look fab as well. Happy healing.
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Wow, you look amazing! Can't wait to see your updates in a couple months when your swelling is down a lot more!
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You and me both. Thanks. I see your just days away good luck and keep us posted. Like I said the first 4 days were very hard but it gets btr day by day.
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