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Hi i just tried this infrared body wrap today...

Hi i just tried this infrared body wrap today called Thermojet Morfologic.

It is supposed to increase one's metabolic rate and also to reduce cellulite. Im not sure if it works although i hope it does :) I have tried hot blanket before n it didnt work n i dislike that hotness. This thermojet heat is still bearable but main thing is im wondering if it would work. So that i can then decide if i would like to sign up more wraps or should i stop.

Has anyone tried it before and have any reviews to share? Thanks!
How did your results turn out????
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Hi I tried it 3 times with no good results and now the company trying to tell me I won't see a result till after 8 - 10 more. The only thing it did was made me sweat and a rash came because of the heat. No weight lose and only 1/2 inch from my bottom and that maybe causes it was extra hot till it almost was unbearable
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