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CPT Thermage - Face, Neck and Eyes ( Total Tip Plus Eye Tip) - Asia

I am turning 31 and simply wants to slow down...

I am turning 31 and simply wants to slow down aging. I can see fine lines under my eyes, my jawline is no longer as defined and the apples of my cheeks seems just a little lower than in my mid twenties.

I had very bad side effects after the procedure. MASSIVE SWELLING, scabbing and a little blistering. I was under propofol during the treatment. TBH, I am perfectly fine with all these. I just want results. I am an Asian and we are quite extreme when it comes to what we will do for the sake of beauty. :p My doctor did tell me I will swell and it IS going to be painful thus the propofol. When I woke up ..I did feel intense heat at my neck area. If you have accidentally scalded yourself before you will know what I mean. You have removed yourself from the source of the heat and is running cool water over the injured parts, but u can still the heat burning up. But it was just short of unbearable. The heat went away after two hours.

My doctor used up to intensity 8 on my forehead.
And between 5.5 to 7.5 else where.

FIRST picture - right the procedure. Scabbing and swelling. Redness plus little bumps.

SECOND - Second day after treatment. Massive swelling.

THIRD - PRE treatment. You can see how bad the swelling is.

I know what I am going through us not typical but I am still calm at the moment. .. crossing my fingers.


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I'm extremely shocked by how high the settings were. I had 3.0 on face, forehead and jaw, 2.5 on neck with a total of 1200 pulses with very little pain and no burns or swelling and great results. No medication needed. How many pulses did they do total? Where did you have it done.
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Would love to see how it turned out. Glad everything worked out for you!
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