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Realself is the best of everything an internet...

Realself is the best of everything an internet site should be. I have read and researched on it nearly effortlessly. I am having a Biltmore Lift, midface and neck lift with eyelift on Sept 11th st Dr. Harley's in Asheville NC
I Read about Lilygirl and renaissance lady on realself and realized how much they helped make the decision. So here is my foray into reviews. I will be adding updates along the road to recovery.
Am leaving my island home on Seabourne air for Puerto Rico and then on to Atlanta and Asheville with my first appointment tomorrow for initial visit.
Wish me luck!
My photos are without makeup btw
Anxious to see how it goes for you. I bet you will absolutely love it. Mine is scheduled for October, so I will be checking back to see how it is going. Good luck.
Thank you we are both going to have an adventure
Sandyle, Where are you having your surgery?

Sad eyes soon to be Smiling!

Hello again, arrived yesterday evening in Asheville, Christie from TLC picked me up and took me my hotel - slept like a baby. And this morning up early for Susie the owner of TLC to pick me up brief me on what exactly they do to take care of Dr Harley's patients and drive me to my appointment.
Dr Harley is soft spoken who listens to what I have to say first, answering questions completely and giving me his opinion of what will yield the most natural results. He has no hard sell. Juanita is helpful also and I meet Kelly his nurse. I decide on the Biltmore lift, midface and neck lift under local anesthesia with an upper eye lift and filler injected into my "puppet lines" which recently have turned my face into a frown at rest. Loss of volume from aging and gravity!
Susie gets my rx filled for me and sorts out what my preferences are for my upcoming recovery at the hotel. I am so ready to do this now! It was definitely worth the extra time and flights.
Wish me well I'm off of aspirin and will start taking arnica Montana and adding pineapple and fresh blueberries daily.
Wow, that sounds like you are getting the royal treatment. That is nice that they are taking care of everything for you.
Am happy to see your post,have not yet booked but have had a consultation with Dr Harley for similar procedure and its all I can think about..When , recovery and anxious to loose my tired look. Am happy for you.
I was Soooooooo glad to meet him in person - I know I will be in the best hands. My Aunt said to me, Babygirl (I am Babygirl to her always regardless of my real age,) Just once, for a change - Please Yourself! So, I am.

Travel pillow check!

One of the items I was told to buy was a travel pillow
This one was the foam microbead squishy with ultimate
Twistability LOL and it was crazy cheerful. Had to get it...
Keep us posted and wish you the best! From what I have been reading he seems to be a very good PS.

I was asked why today

One of the two persons who know what I am doing -asked me why I was doing a biltmore lift.
I said "Gravity is a powerful force."
Visiting Dr Harley and seeing literally hundreds of "before and after photographs" on his ipad, was amazing. They ALL looked real, simply as if it was a great day, they looked relaxed, happy, beautifully themselves. This was no cookie cutter barbie doll imitation assembly line. This was artistry. I am looking forward to looking the best version of myself.
Ps I wear glasses this is me with my glasses on the other photos were close ups to show the areas affected by gravity
Hey Carib, Did you get the pm I sent you last week?
Hmm, I sent again. Maybe check your profile to see that you're set up to receive private messages.

Buying spree

Have arnica Montana tiny little pills to dissolve under my tongue
And pineapple and blueberries in my refrigerator.
Not to mention ice packs and a couple of gel cool eyemasks
Am packed and soooooo ready!
Only 12 days to go!
Looking frwrd to It keep us posted!!
I think you look great with glasses. They add style. Can't wait to see your results.
Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Looking forward to following your progress :)

5 more days

Counting down the days like a child waiting for school to let out for summer and sweet freedom!
Have read and reread reviews and am excited. Packing is problematic though - am going to three states on a month long trip and am trying to sort out how to pack the minimum so I don't strain dragging around airports with suitcases! Which is a no no after facial and eye surgery! Any tips?
Best Wishes!
Remember, lifting and bending is a "no, no". For some reason, twenty pounds sticks in my mind. Will someone be with you for the first 48 hours at least? Lilygirl
I have TLC for you the first two days - will be extra careful! Thanks Lilygirl

One day post op!

I am done and this is 24 hrs later!
Can't wait to see more photos. By Tuesday you will be feeling much better...5 days post. Cemlaw was 2 weeks ahead of me, she was my "shinning light" to follow. She's 20+ years younger and healed much faster; her post helped immensely. Lilygirl
Eyes are Soooobso No no other paint
Hey Caribe...It looks like your dream of a smooth beautiful neck is a reality! Keep us posted and take care.

side views 2 days out

Slept most of last 2 days and most of today! Some pain around my eyes the first night and some pain in sideburns today. All controllable with oral meds. Again Ice is my friend and TLC inc is a lifesaver Have bee told the two worst days of recovery are probably 3 and 4th day...
Hey Caribbean...Hoping you're doing well!
Me to interested in seeing your eyes..hope you are getting more comfortable day by day
Caribbean, Have you taken any front facing pics that show the eyes. Almost none of Dr Harley's patients posting on RS have had eye work done. Looking forward to seeing his work from different angles... :) grace

Day three photo's

Brace yourself the eyes are spectacularly bruised and remember no make up and I had upper and lowers done. I am Exhausted today, just slept and slept and then would you believe it slept some more. Staying in a hotel with TLC for you, well it has made me feel pampered, taken care of, lots of laughter and they do all of it from picking you up at the airport on. If I am sleeping I hardly know they are here, unless I need their help. I can already tell how much improved my neck is!

Day 4 chin incision

It doesn't show much now, will be nearly invisible when it heals and the stitches are out.
You don't bruise like I did! You look great!
I am still taking arnica tiny pills Eating blueberries or pineapple and Eating 80!grams of protein a day I add chocolate flavored whey protein powder to plain greek yogurt and pretend it is a rich dessert! Because getting enough protein in is hard for me and I drink 2 liters of water a day hoping it helps all were tips on real self except for my yogurt protein desert with walnuts on top Hope this helps ! Thank you for the complement!!!
You must be so pleased with your neck! I was surprised to see the lower eye bruising...thought you were just having the uppers done. Did you decide at the last minute to have the lowers done? Glad TLC is there for you.

Close ups of eyes

Two photos of eyes
Post upper And lowers
Caribbe, How was your experience with the local anesthesia and after 5 days are you now able to take care of yourself? The eyes look very symmetrical and that should make for a great result. The midface lift you mentioned several times pre-surgery that you were having along with the Biltmore lift...did you not end up getting a mid face lift too?
I consider the mid face and neck lift to best describe what the Biltmore lift is. I needed 4 nights of help. I am getting the sutures out tomorrow!
And after stitches are out are you cleared to fly home? Any dry eye or other problems at all with the eye surgery....you really are one of the few to post a pre-surgery/post surgery of his eye work so am curious about how the eyes have been feeling this first week out. Thanks for helping others get more informed..grace

day 6

no makeup bruising seems to be getting better!

Durablend Makeup

and my eyebrow pencil and a lipgloss,
though if you look closely the surgistrip tapes still
there between my eyes - glasses cover a a lot!

I went out yesterday

TLC for you is the company that makes it possible for people like myself to fly thousands of miles and sort out everything from lodging to meals and 24 hr care as needed. Susie is the owner and she took me out to lunch and I felt so comfortable. No one stared, and yes I still have tape on my my face and bruises - yet for 6 days out from surgery I am
ecstatic! I feel so lucky to have Dr. Harley at Biltmore Plastic Surgery and TLC. It has been an adventure.
Hi your neck looks great cant wait to see once completly healed. does 6,900 includes TLC charges or is that separate
I spent $6900 for my Biltmore lift and separate charges for my upper&lower eye lifts and TLC charges separately I also had radiuses fillers in my marionette or puppet lines. SO GLAD I did it.
Looking So Happy&Great!

Stitches gone!

Took about three minutes
One tiny pinch and done
Still have chin tape and on my ears tape on earlobes

Eyelid scars

One more of eyes closed
Your eyes look excellent, I think he did a perfect job.
Thank you so much - I am so grateful and happy -
Your eyes look super..

A little makeup today

I am a bit tired thought I had lost my passport and was frantic yesterday! Stress is a beast.
Thankfully all is well an passport was located! Photo comparison between day before surgery to now 8 days later
Your eyes rock, you look lovely
Thank you! For just a week out I am so happy!
Are you Happy with your results?

9 days

Used cover up on under eye bruises
I stay as low salt diet as possible and only drink water! Hope that It is helping !
Caribbeangal, you are healing wonderfully! I know you're happy with your results! Thanks for the pictures!! Lilygirl
May I ask which technique was used for your lower eyes ..are there stitches and where. Thanks Kim
I can not feel or see any lower stitches I was a bit tight feeling the first two ekes or so at the lower inside rims from swelling which is completely gone now

Just before eye tape came off two days ago

My eyes are healing well
You look fantastic! So happy for you. When do you return home? Your eyes look great; I love your neck and face. Lilygirl
I have to go home end of the month but not to work until the 8th! Thank you for all your encouragement.

Stomach flu is a BAD thing!!!

Am hoping my chin incision will hold, had a bad case of stomach flu and was miserable - that kind of heaving and straining is not recommended 10 days after a facelift!
Could keep nothing down for 12 hours so I am worried I did damage and hopeful I will be fine at the same time. Will call Dr. H in the morning if it doesn't look better.
Here are photos of my eyes makeup free
and my chin which is a bit lumpy right now sadly
Sorry to hear about the stomach flu. :/ UGH! I hope you feel better ASAP. This too shall pass. Literally,i know. No pun intended. But you are looking great.

Chin scan is fine!

I am relieved that nothing seems to be a problem and I feel better - who knew a stomach fly could cause such panic? LOL

Chin scar

So glad you're feeling better Caribe! What a stressful time that must have been for you!
Thank you am doing much better!

In make up!

you look amazing :) Your ps did such a Great job!
thank you - he is great!
YW :)

Eyes 13 days out

No makeup

Hello again!

It is just 15 days post biltmore lift and eye lift. I am extremely happy. This is the me I remembered seeing in the mirror before a a year of losing loved ones left me aged and sad in appearance all the time.
I have a list of things I think were extremely helpful if you are considering a Biltmore lift.
TLC either get TLC For You, who are professionals and amazing seriously they spoil you and the food is customized to what you want. OR have someone(s) who will cater to you completely and help you the first 72 hrs. You are paying for a specific result, make sure you get the after care you need for the best possible result!
OK and to buy:
Arnica Montana, the little pills
Arnica Montana, the clear gel for bruises
A cute travel pillow is essential GET TWO! one will get icky from bacitracin and you will want a new one after the first week
I used pillows under the mattress -between the mattress and box springs - as a wedge to keep my head up
I did not ice much, just the first 24 hrs - for some reason the icepacks made me uncomfortable
I bought large Lands End Oxford mens shirts and washed them and used them as nighties the first 4 days. They are soft cotton, roomy, cover you up well and no worries of anything catching on your neck or ears when you change because they button up the front. (I actually bought my shirts on ebay and then laundered them)
Dermablend makeup was well worth the investment for bruise camouflage
I now am using Mederma with sunscreen 30 daytime
and silicone strips for scars at night.
I have no visible scars on my eyelids
and my chin scar is fading daily
the ears are a bit pink but fading also.
Thank you for reading,

a better no makeup photo

only slight bruises left
You letter better&better each day. :)
You are so kind thank u!
I meant you look better&better,sorry i had a dumb moment. You are welcome :)

Bruises under eyes almost completely gone!

A little lipgloss can do a girl a world of good, the
bruises are continuing to fade.
There is the oddest sensation in my ears, not painful,
just an extra awareness of them. I wear glasses and they
have been mostly numb since the surgery. The nerves must be waking up.
I also have to say the me derma feels SO GOOD on my ears now where the incisions are.

the other ear

Not bad for 58 years old is it?
Hey Caribbe: Hope you have a great trip back! I'm sure you will be smiling a lot, because you look fantastic. Thanks for the list. Do you like Dermablend as much as I do? I always thought it would look heavy, like pancake makeup, but it doesn't. I think it is some of the best foundation I have ever used. I have some that matches my skin perfectly and I still use it all the time as foundation.
You are gorgeous! I re and read you review and it was so helpful hopeful real and sweet thank you
Can't wait to hear what your family and friends say! Have a safe trip home. I think one of the most important issues with one's surgery is self-esteem. Your smile tells it all! Lilygirl

Before and after

Just a comparison
Honey, you look marvelous. I'm interviewing doctors and trying to decide. I'm so scared. How did you know who to pick?
It is worth it! I understand trying to decide who and how is a decision only you can make. I chose Dr Harley because he was everything I wanted and I visited his office and did not get a hard sell - it felt comfortable and right And yes I was realistic I do not look 23 years old I do look fabulous for me at 58, rested happy and young at heart just what I wanted . I looked for plastic surgery board certified Experienced at the technique I wanted I did not want any surgery besides facial surgery So I wanted a specialist in head and neck Who could do just that I flew from the Caribbean to Asheville NC Because the doctor I wanted was there I found him in New Beauty magazine Researched him on RealSelf.com I also needed her afterwards and TLC for you was the company That could care for me in my own hotel room after I had to weigh money and experience and travel You know most woman put themselves last on the list After work family and community This was my time I hope you take time for you too!
So pretty! Love your new look...you look fantastic! Lilygirl

Scars slipping away

Ok I was never a great beauty - Still I have always felt happy to be me and knew I could be pretty nice with good make up! When gravity starting winning and I had everyone asking me if I was feeling bad it was awful. Now I look happy and my outside reflects how I feel inside. Even the bruises under my eyes are going fast - it is less than a month and a bit of makeup covers them easily!
And my hair covers the fading scars by my ears
These are the latest views.
The biltmore lift and eyelift were money well spent!

Ps the neck lift photo

I have complements on my haircut and losing weight and asked were I bought my makeup since I got back - I was away 3 weeks in all - I did cut my hair and I did lose 10 Pds - that is not why I look better - though I just smile and say thank you! I told my daughters and they were so sweet- I was a little worried and it went well. And if you are considering this
Do it for you
Do it with TLC or help and pamper yourself for once
Yes it is money - spent on YOU
Yes it is vacation time - for YOU
Yes it is a bit awkward and uncomfortable in the short term
And It Is Worth the money the time and the effort
I just saw the new hair cut&style :) Love the update! Cheers to You.
Thank you - it is fun tobhaveca new haircut
Yes,i love playing with wigs :) I don't like cutting or coloring my hair or highlights. Natural long&black,people think my hair is a wig,lol.

Normal Feeling is back!

My neck and chin have normal feeling again - the numbness was gone when I woke up. No pain just feels like my neck LOL
I kept thinking it might feel slightly numb always - and then it was OK
My eyes have felt fine since about 10 days after! Life is good.
Fantastic! Love your low cut top. This time of the year, I would start wearing turtle neck tops. Not anymore..., It's nice to show our necks. You look beautiful! Lilygirl
I love that - here in the Caribbean I lived in scarves now I don't and No turtle necks for us!
WOW! I didn't get feeling back in my chin for months. You're one of the lucky ones :)

Just worked a 12 hr nightshift in ER

No One Asked me if I was Ok
Or tired - because I didn't lol sad and exhausted! Back at work 28 days post Biltmore Lift
And at the end of the shift A little of my eyebrow pencil survived!
Am tired and my face feels a little tight - was not paying attention and ate some salty popcorn oops!
Still - so glad I did it!
Ahhh...so happy for you. You look great even if you're exhausted! Dr. Harley is the greatest!!! Lilygirl
I have been so encouraged by your lovely results an advice and comments - thank you!
You look so very happy - you have that huge smile that says "I am no longer hidden inside" but out for the world to see. Your journey to be the best you can be was very nice to read. Much happiness to you.

Eyes update

All bruising is gone and my eyes look like they did when I was 30!
Dr Harley is amazing - kjust be careful me deems in you eyes stings! I got some in my left rye last night ouch


Mederma in your eyes will sting
You look so young! Amazing how it changes the face shape so slightly with such a striking result, fabulous!

40 days post lift

Halloween is coming and this is a little update
All my concerns over scars and in 40 days My chin scar is nearly Invisable
The ears are faded already
And my eye scars are hidden in the crease of my lids
Reading cemlaws posts about her lovely results and her trip to Italy has me planning a trip next year!
Lilygirls kind comments and beautiful results kept me hoping when it was such a big decision
I am so glad to have read their stories and of course Renaisanceladys too! All gorgeous funny smart women

Lipgloss only

This is my update
Yes I know I need eyebrow pencil
I just think if you see my face without makeup you have a real idea of
What I look like in person
You can see the result of Dr Harley's work
I have been amazed that Renee Zelwegger got such bad press for being
Beautiful and 45!!!
What she did is working and I am impressed
Aren't you too?
Thank God I don't have that kind of scrutiny
I don't have to tell anyone I don't want too
After all this was just for me LOL
Exactly! So glad I'm not in the public eye, it's brutal. Hypercritical. You look so young and fresh and your eyebrows are fine! Mine are almost invisible on the outside part, actually talked to someone about permanent makeup last week ;) All I wear is sunscreen, and eye and lip pencil (non existent lips, my face is monochromatic lol).
I knew there would be an upside to not being famous or infamous! My friends think I look good and the rest can just wonder I haven't thought about permanent eyebrows - it might be a good idea And thank you for the complement

6 weeks Super close up

Biltmore lift done at 58 years old
no makeup except lip gloss
Upper and lower eyelid surgery done
Fillers for my puppet/marionette lines
Lovely! What a great result, you are obviously pleased as punch. Who wouldn't be ;) Congrats!
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Juanita has been extremely patient and helpful in arranging a long distance consultation and appointments that are convenient for someone commuting from the carribbean. Also arranging go for me to connect with Suaie at TLC for You, Inc. as I will be in Asheville at a hotel alone post procedure and will needed TLC AM SO HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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