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Realself is the best of everything an internet...

Realself is the best of everything an internet site should be. I have read and researched on it nearly effortlessly. I am having a Biltmore Lift, midface and neck lift with eyelift on Sept 11th st Dr. Harley's in Asheville NC
I Read about Lilygirl and renaissance lady on realself and realized how much they helped make the decision. So here is my foray into reviews. I will be adding updates along the road to recovery.
Am leaving my island home on Seabourne air for Puerto Rico and then on to Atlanta and Asheville with my first appointment tomorrow for initial visit.
Wish me luck!
My photos are without makeup btw

Sad eyes soon to be Smiling!

Hello again, arrived yesterday evening in Asheville, Christie from TLC picked me up and took me my hotel - slept like a baby. And this morning up early for Susie the owner of TLC to pick me up brief me on what exactly they do to take care of Dr Harley's patients and drive me to my appointment.
Dr Harley is soft spoken who listens to what I have to say first, answering questions completely and giving me his opinion of what will yield the most natural results. He has no hard sell. Juanita is helpful also and I meet Kelly his nurse. I decide on the Biltmore lift, midface and neck lift under local anesthesia with an upper eye lift and filler injected into my "puppet lines" which recently have turned my face into a frown at rest. Loss of volume from aging and gravity!
Susie gets my rx filled for me and sorts out what my preferences are for my upcoming recovery at the hotel. I am so ready to do this now! It was definitely worth the extra time and flights.
Wish me well I'm off of aspirin and will start taking arnica Montana and adding pineapple and fresh blueberries daily.

Travel pillow check!

One of the items I was told to buy was a travel pillow
This one was the foam microbead squishy with ultimate
Twistability LOL and it was crazy cheerful. Had to get it...

I was asked why today

One of the two persons who know what I am doing -asked me why I was doing a biltmore lift.
I said "Gravity is a powerful force."
Visiting Dr Harley and seeing literally hundreds of "before and after photographs" on his ipad, was amazing. They ALL looked real, simply as if it was a great day, they looked relaxed, happy, beautifully themselves. This was no cookie cutter barbie doll imitation assembly line. This was artistry. I am looking forward to looking the best version of myself.
Ps I wear glasses this is me with my glasses on the other photos were close ups to show the areas affected by gravity

Buying spree

Have arnica Montana tiny little pills to dissolve under my tongue
And pineapple and blueberries in my refrigerator.
Not to mention ice packs and a couple of gel cool eyemasks
Am packed and soooooo ready!
Only 12 days to go!

5 more days

Counting down the days like a child waiting for school to let out for summer and sweet freedom!
Have read and reread reviews and am excited. Packing is problematic though - am going to three states on a month long trip and am trying to sort out how to pack the minimum so I don't strain dragging around airports with suitcases! Which is a no no after facial and eye surgery! Any tips?

One day post op!

I am done and this is 24 hrs later!

side views 2 days out

Slept most of last 2 days and most of today! Some pain around my eyes the first night and some pain in sideburns today. All controllable with oral meds. Again Ice is my friend and TLC inc is a lifesaver Have bee told the two worst days of recovery are probably 3 and 4th day...

Day three photo's

Brace yourself the eyes are spectacularly bruised and remember no make up and I had upper and lowers done. I am Exhausted today, just slept and slept and then would you believe it slept some more. Staying in a hotel with TLC for you, well it has made me feel pampered, taken care of, lots of laughter and they do all of it from picking you up at the airport on. If I am sleeping I hardly know they are here, unless I need their help. I can already tell how much improved my neck is!

Day 4 chin incision

It doesn't show much now, will be nearly invisible when it heals and the stitches are out.

Close ups of eyes

Two photos of eyes
Post upper And lowers
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Juanita has been extremely patient and helpful in arranging a long distance consultation and appointments that are convenient for someone commuting from the carribbean. Also arranging go for me to connect with Suaie at TLC as I will be in Asheville at a hotel alone post procedure and will needed TLC.

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Caribbe, How was your experience with the local anesthesia and after 5 days are you now able to take care of yourself? The eyes look very symmetrical and that should make for a great result. The midface lift you mentioned several times pre-surgery that you were having along with the Biltmore lift...did you not end up getting a mid face lift too?
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Thank you for sharing photos I think you are healing super well and your eyes look good and will look reall y amazing in no time
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Already on your way to looking great! Everyday gets better. You look fantastic for 4 days post. Thanks for the photos. I've not seen his eye surgery because I'm not a candidate for that. Yours look very nice. Lilygirl
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Healing nicely! :)
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Glad to get a chance to watch someone progress with Dr H's eye work. Considering it at some point too.
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You must be so pleased with your neck! I was surprised to see the lower eye bruising...thought you were just having the uppers done. Did you decide at the last minute to have the lowers done? Glad TLC is there for you.
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Looking good! Be patience....rest, rest, rest.... Lilygirl
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Thank you I will keep my feet up!
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Hey Caribbean...Hoping you're doing well!
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Me to interested in seeing your eyes..hope you are getting more comfortable day by day
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Caribbean, Have you taken any front facing pics that show the eyes. Almost none of Dr Harley's patients posting on RS have had eye work done. Looking forward to seeing his work from different angles... :) grace
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My surgery was done at LSL in Ft Lauderdale,Fl. I had my upper and lower lids done 2 years ago with a different doctor in Miami. (I wish I have done them with the doctor that did my surgery now but that is another topic:-). What I got done now is my neck and laser on my lower lid. My eyes are still a little red as expected but are healing nicely. I have been taking pictures daily and will post them soon.
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You look great! I had my neck done 10 days ago. I am wearing the compression band almost 24/7. I started the heat/massage treatments couple of days ago on the neck area. I will be posting before/after photos soon. I am still swollen a little bit as expected. The incisions on the face by the ears are healing so nicely that when my mom who saw me for the first time yesterday asked me in what areas were the incisions I couldn't help to laugh.
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Mt2014, I still have some swelling on my left side of face. I think it's because I sleep on my left side. Trying to change this but I continue to wake up on my left! How do you do the warm massages? Tried to post this on your site but couldn't. Would love to see pictures. I'm at 5 months post. Lilygirl
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The doctor told me to massage my neck in circular motion and apply heat. He told me to start with the neck and 2 weeks after surgery I could start on my face
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Congrats!! You are healing nicely :)
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You really are healing nicely.
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Thanks so much for the update and pictures, you look very good!
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You look amazing! The worst part of days 3 and 4 for me was earlobe pain. I was driving on the 4th. You'll do great! :)
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You look great! Only going to get better! I remember the blue ink....!
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Can't wait to see more photos. By Tuesday you will be feeling much better...5 days post. Cemlaw was 2 weeks ahead of me, she was my "shinning light" to follow. She's 20+ years younger and healed much faster; her post helped immensely. Lilygirl
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Eyes are Soooobso No no other paint
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Hey Caribe...It looks like your dream of a smooth beautiful neck is a reality! Keep us posted and take care.
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Love the sunglasses!
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you look awesome wondering if you are in much pain..
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