Feb. 4 Breast Augmentation 360cc's - Asheville, NC

Hi girls! I had a breast augmentation on Monday,...

Hi girls! I had a breast augmentation on Monday, Feb. 4 and would love to have some input from some others that have had this procedure. It's always great to have someone to talk to that can relate to your situation. I have saline implants, submuscular, crease incision, 360cc's. It's day 8 of my recovery and I am much better than I was last week. My chest still feels really tight and it's hard to do things that I normally do: clean house, do laundry, take the dogs out, go to work (I work at a daycare). I am becoming a bit overhwelmed with how long it will be before I can return to doing the simple things that I enjoy. Would love any and all comments on the healing process that you can provide! Thanks bunches :)

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I added a photo of how the girls look on Day 10 of...

I added a photo of how the girls look on Day 10 of recovery.


Congrats!!! I am getting my boobs March 20th and was wondering what was your starting size? And what profile you got?
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Thanks! Congrats to you for your upcoming surgery! My starting size was a 34A. I always wore padded bras and would sometimes consider myself a small B. I had proportional breasts, they were actually full with a nice tear-drop shape because I haven't had any children to compromise their shape :-) I will try to find a picture to post with a bathing suit top on to give you an idea of my prior size. After talking with my PD we decided moderate profile plus would be the best implant profile for my chest size. I have a very narrow chest but I was afraid that if I went with high profile that I wouldn't get a natural look. My PS agreed and said moderate profile plus would be the next best option to get the forward projection I wanted. Feel free to ask anymore questions, I'll be happy to try and give you an answer. I know how many questions I had going through my mind before surgery lol!
I am considered a "34b" in Vs sizes but I'm sure that would be smaller in any other bra lol.. I am looking to be a 34d/32dd.. What's your height and weight? I'm 5'2" and 107 and I don't wanna look top heavy with mine :/ I love the shape of yours tho with the mod plus.. So far my ps has said HP but ill wait till my pre op to hear more about why he threw out HP at my consult lol I think mod plus would give more of the closeness (I don't want a big gap) like yours

Hey girls! It's now post-op day 14 and I am amazed...

Hey girls! It's now post-op day 14 and I am amazed at how far I've come in just 2 weeks from my surgery. My recovery has progressed beyond my expectations and I couldn't be happier with my new breasts! I think resting A LOT and doing practically nothing the first week played a big part in my recovery going so well. As week two began, I started trying to regain my routine each day. Today, I cleaned my entire house with no soreness and no exhaustion followed. I can pretty much say that I am back to 100% myself. Those first few days, I thought it was going to be a long process getting back to normal, I guess I was just overwhelmed at the tightness and soreness that I exeperienced at first. I will be happy to share more info if anyone has any questions! Hope everyone else is doing wonderful as well!


Hey gf! I had my. BA Feb 8th. I feel great just still tight :) I had 600cc silicone-gummy bears- HP under muscle. Mine will take longer to drop and settle. You look great! :) Enjoy the new girls!!
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You can look through my profile and pics :) I know 600 sounds like a lot but I am 5'11 athletic built so worked for my frame :)
Hey countrygf! Thanks! I'm loving my new beauties lol! You look great as well :-) 600cc's doesn't look as big as I had pictures- it fits your body frame well! I think I could have went bigger but I have a very small frame and didn't want the boobs to overpower my figure lol. Keep in touch throughout your recovery process!

Hi everyone! Today is Day 21- Post-op for me! I am...

Hi everyone! Today is Day 21- Post-op for me! I am completely amazed at the progress I have made since Day 1! I have no pain and for the most part no soreness at all! When I wake up in the morning I feel a tad bit sore for maybe 5-10 minutes and after that, the girls feel amazing! I am so happy that I decided to do this for myself and cannot express the happiness I feel when wearing my clothes and seeing how they fit me now. I feel so confident and proud of my body now. I urge anyone who is considering a BA to certainly go for it. It will make you a happier person and you will love the results. My breasts are dropping a little more and getting a more natural feel- it feels as if they have always been a part of me- which was not the case in that first week lol. I go for my one month PO appt on March 1 and will post more info that my PS gives me afterwards :-) If any of you have questions- feel free to ask! Hope everyone is doing great and healing beautifully!

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Well, I can't believe it but I am already at the...

Well, I can't believe it but I am already at the one month PO mark TODAY! This month has flown by and I have grown to love my new assets more everyday. It's amazing to see the change that has occurred over this past month. I never expected them to feel so natural one month out. They are softening up nicely and I feel absolutely no pain now. I am still numb in a few spots but that will most likely get better over the next couple months. I had my one month PO appt last Friday and my PS took my sterry strips off my incisions. I couldn't believe how well they have healed. She told me they looked amazing and will be invisible within a year, as long as I don't expose them to too much sun. I have to keep SPF 30+ on them when I tan. I was told that I could resume aerobic exercise if I would like, just no heavy lifting for another couple weeks. Also, one month from today I can wear an underwire bra again. But, after wearing these comfy sports bras over the period of two months, I'm not sure how that's gonna feel lol. I have been wearing these bras from Aerie: http://m.ae.com/aerie/browse/product.jsp?productId=9791_3186_144&catId=cat4130065
They are extremely comfortable and feel practically non-existent! Hope that everyone is healing wonderful and for those of you getting closer to your surgery date, feel free to ask questions! I am going to post some pics of how my incisions look today!

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Realized that my link didn't work for the sports...

Realized that my link didn't work for the sports bra that I prefer and highly recommend. I will post a picture of what it looks like. You can find it on Aerie.com under the sports bra tab, it's called the seamless bra :-)


Thank you so much for your post. I live in that Asheville area and have just recently started the process of narrowing down the PS I would like to meet with. It looks like Dr Stern did a great job. I will contact her office today to set up a consult.
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Your results look super awesome!!! Totally loving them. I hope mine turn out like yours!
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Thank you!! I haven't updated my profile or pictures in a while. I have been enjoying my new assets this summer ;-) I will try to upload some newer pics soon! When is your surgery? Let me know if I can answer any questions for you...I know that I had TONS of questions before and after my surgery, I'm here if you need me :)
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