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Mother of 2, breastfeed both 18 months. Want my...

Mother of 2, breastfeed both 18 months. Want my pre-baby breasts back. Always had full DD breasts and now sad, droopy skin!

It is the calm before the storm kind of day. I...

It is the calm before the storm kind of day. I was nervous, about 2 weeks ago, but today - READY. I am at peace with my cc sizes and know to trust my Dr. that I will not be too big. I am so thankful that I have a supportive husband, mother and friends. Thanks for all the other posts, been very helpful with details and encouragement.

Ok. Here we are 1 day postop and feeling great. ...

Ok. Here we are 1 day postop and feeling great. First reaction after sx was feeling the stinging/paper cut type pain where the incisions are. Today, went to post op and checked everything out. Stopped at the store on the way home, spent about 15 minutes walking around and now feeling/looking swollen and tight. Word of advice - keep meds in and don't over do. Icing everything as we speak.

Day 2 post op. Going to take it easy, with not...

Day 2 post op. Going to take it easy, with not too much walking today. But feeling good, surprisingly not much pain. Haven't had to take a pain pill every 4 hrs. Will see how I feel at 6 hours. Swelling has gone down on top and no real hot feeling anymore. Really loving the shape and look of my girls! So glad I did this. Now time to heal all areas from anchor lift. Can't wait to try on my bikini top!!!!

So far off my pain meds and just took some tylenol...

So far off my pain meds and just took some tylenol. May need one tonight before bed but so far so good. Have a post op scheduled for Wed so will see progress of healing and swelling. Here is a new pic in bikini top, still very swollen.

Ok post op went well. Leaving tape on until...

Ok post op went well. Leaving tape on until Friday. Learned how to "move" implant up and over so no capsular contraction since I am under tissue. Don't want scar tissue to form too tight around implant. Officially off pain meds, just tylenol here and there. Have not taken anything today - day 6 by the way. Still swollen on right side more than left as of now but other than that everything going good for less than a week out. Hardest thing to adjust to is getting used to having a chest again or boobs! The feeling of full, heavy breast on my chest is new too. But as time heals scars, it will also help in getting used to having a chest again. Will post a pic in cami. I think they look fabulous in clothes right now and can't believe I won't have to wear a bra. Been wearing one since 8th grade!!!

Had my one week post op yesterday. Everything...

Had my one week post op yesterday. Everything healing like it should, tape removed and put back on for one more week. Practiced the "moving" technique - must say that is somewhat uncomfortable, but getting better everyday. Still having some swelling more on right side than left but I know that is a temporary thing. Just want everyone to know how wonderful it feels to be without a bra and have beautiful perky breasts! Only one week out - this is surreal!

I just realized I never put any of my info so...

I just realized I never put any of my info so ladies could compare. I am 5'5" and 145lbs and went with 475 cc mid profile mentor gel implants.

6 weeks out and totally back to normal. Feel...

6 weeks out and totally back to normal. Feel great and look just like I wanted. Can go back to my normal workout routine! Hooray!!!

Vacation 05/2013

Vacation 6/2012

Current "Girls" Picture

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My Dr. was just wonderul and did an excellent job.

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I am planning to get 400cc gummi bears over the muscle w/ lollipop lift. I was wondering if you have any regrets going over the muscle? My concern is the weight of the implant looking saggy, like the breast tissues isn't enough to hold it up. You look awesome, but I noticed in your last pic that your arms where up, so can't tell what they look like relaxed. I am doing my before pics today, so I can share my journey. Thank you so much for sharing yours. I think being educated on all options helps make a better choice :)
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So far yours are the only ones that I've found that closely resemble what it is I'm looking for in shape and size. I enjoyed reading your journal and am glad you posted so many photos through the process. I'm curious what your lift scars look like now that its been a year and a half. I cant really see them in your updated photos but its more because of lighting and direction of the photo. I hope you dont mind me asking. So happy you are happy with yours and I hope to be getting my mommy make over in the next few months. Thanks
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They look great!
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Ur breasts look great! What cup size are you now? And how easy/difficult did u find it to sleep? I , too, am going for a breast lift with implants (along with my bbl )
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I have not put on a bra since the day of surgery over a year ago so I really don't know what cup size I am. I would estimate 34DD or 36D depending on the bra. I sleep fine but the first couple of days I did sleep in the recliner with pillows on the side to brace me. Hope this helps and good luck. Will be the best thing you have EVER done for yourself. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new girls!!!
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I just realized that I am the same height and weight as you! minus your fantastic bod! I love your size but my doc is going under the muscle and is wanting to go with 200or250 I am a34DDD though. what's your opinion? looking at yours with what you have I was dancing on 250 but now thinking maybe 300 I don't have t to be as big.. but want the upper pole fullness
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Great results! I wanna know what everyone else wants to know ☺ What size and scar routine?
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475 cc mid profile Mentor memory gel
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Hi I am wondering what cc you went with. I am getting ready to schedule my surgery and am contemplating what cc I should get. Thanks
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Try different sizes in a bra with your natural tissue to get an idea of how they will look. That was the hardest decision to make. Your surgeon will be a good judge of sizes too. Use his expertise as well.
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I just saw your recent pictures All i can say is NICE JOB!!!!!!!!!
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Your results are amazing and perfect for your body! What scar treatment did you use?
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Wow you look amazing! Our before pictures are a lot a like. I'm getting close to the same size of implant that you have so seening your results makes me so thrilled! 7 more days for me!!!
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Really !!! 11 more days for me!!!! :)
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I just noticed your surgery was in 2012! I thought it was this year! Lol so after 1year how are yid they heal well? Do you have à recent pic that you can post?
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Im writing with my phone...doesnt work so well..I meant your scars..did they heal well?
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Yes I can post a recent for you. The scars have healed like my body deals with scars. I think each person will be very different from the next and it is hard to say what you will look like. This was the hardest thing for me to accept going into to surgery. I did not want to "scar" my body and felt like I was changing "me". But after what my body became and what it looks like now... I would do it again tomorrow! I guess what I am trying to say is don't worry about the scars. It is simply AMAZING how different you will look and once again the confidence you will feel. But I will get my hubby to take some recent pictures tonight so you can see.
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Thank you... That's encouraging!! I think the same way you did before your surgery... The feeling of changing "me"... But my surgery is in 11 days, I,ve been wanting this for so long, so let's do it!!!!!
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just posted a few bikini pictures. Not the best but you can see how natural in a bikini top. Will take some tonight in a cami - which by the way is my new bra. I have not worn a bra since March 9, 2012!!!! It is amazing that I used to wear a 34DD or 36D depending on brand everyday and now I just throw on a cami or wear nothing at all!!! You will do great. So excited for you. Oh, and by the way my girls have a very natural look. My husband says they look exactly the way they did before kids! I think so too!
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Wow you look great!!!! What size are you wearing now??
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Your doctor did a wonderful job!!! I will have my BL/BA on July 16... My breasts look exactly the same as your "before breasts".. I'm a saggy 36D (fullC in fact).. My PS suggested me to have my procedure in 2 stages, which I refused. Since I'm tall (5f10), he said my implants would be saline under muscle 450cc.. But I'm afraid it would be too big for me!! I'd like to know if you're satisfied with your implants' size and if you feel it's too heavy?? Thanks
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I am completely satisfied. They look amazing and feel like my old breasts. It is like I turned back time and I now have my original girls back before kids and aging/sagging. I have always been used to a full D to DD so very used to the feel or weight of them. However now I don't have to wear a bra. Which by the way is AMAZING. I am under breast tissue and not muscle. I am curious of why you aren't just under tissue if you have a C cup worth of tissue to implant. Also have you considered mentor instead of saline?
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Theres 2 ways of putting the implants: under or over the muscle...yours must be under the muscle, meaning at the same time under breast tissue obviously. And to answer your question, mine wibe Mentor salinimplants.Mentor is a brand. Did you mean silicone?
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No mine are not under muscle. They are under the natural tissue I already had. So technically they are over muscle but under tissue. That is why they look so natural. Will post you a new recent picture. But mine are Mentor but they are the "gummy bear" texture, called Memory Gel.
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gbgirls I have been following your story for a while now. Especially because I am scheduled for a BA + BL with Dr. Humphreys at the end of May. Just curious if you let him choose the final size for you or if you made the ultimate decision. Did you bring in pictures to any of your consults to help him visualize what you wanted to end up like? Your pictures look great! I only hope my result is as good. :)
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