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I'm in my 60's and do 5 hours of pliates...

I'm in my 60's and do 5 hours of pliates reformer workouts per week, 5'5'', 125 lbs, married with no children. My decision to have a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, bumper to bumper even surprised me. Time, gravity and menopause in my early 40's were the culprits to breast which had not changed size but had lost much tissue, fiber and their abillity to point North. My tummy tuck was actually a skin removal since no muscle tightening was required (all those hours of Pilates paid off) and this procedure was performed on Christmas Eve, 2011.

My husband and I had last minute guests for the holidays who had to cancel and when my doctor had a cancellation, I was happy to be the fill-in. The tummy tuck was an easy operation, done under local anesthesia since there was again, no muscle involved. In about three days, I felt like really good and never looked back. The tummy incision was basically placed over my 1999 hysterectomy scar and, while it does run the length of hip to hip, I hardly notice it not because it's not noticable but because I'd rather look at it than hanging, loose skin that no exercise under the sun was going to improvie. My belly button is once again a "smiley face". One month later, I returned to the same doctor to have Allergan Natrelle Saline 350cc, left and right, areola incision breast augmentation.

My request was that he find an implant that would just refill my sagging, seemingly empty boobs. The following four or five days after BA surgery were again surprisingly pain free and then the "internal" med wore off and I didn't want to keep taking my pain medication and switched to extra strength Tylenol. The dreaded "morning boobs" arrived and were a real 7 or 8 on the pain meter. Finally, day 8, I got up after a no sleep night, took a shower, shampooed my hair and just sat in the shower with warm water running on my breasts. When I got out of the shower, I felt much better and this morning ritual was reenacted for weeks, because it provided relief. My doctor explained that so much fluid is draining to the bottom of the breasts and even some women experience a bloated belly. It made sense to me but it doesn't make it "kinder".

I bounced between "to bra or not to bra" because neither was comfortable for any length of time. Finally, settling on the wonderful Spanx body (torso) suits that are very, very lightweight. These Spanx provide just enough support to snug the breasts and comfortable enough to sleep in too. At about 3 weeks, I really got brave rolling off my back and slept on one of my sides, albeit positioning that breast carefully so full weight wasn't resting on it.

When I first approached my husband regarding my idea of a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, he was extremely supportive. That being said, when it was time for the BA, I did wait until he was traveling because I knew that "down time" was probably going to be longer than the skin removal from the tummy. A cousin drove and to my doctor's or and then new breast implants were inserted in a little over an hour. I'm now six and half weeks post op. My right breast in minutely smaller than my left and my doctor has offered to add Saline fill to the right one after 3 months have passed if I'm not happy with my final "look".

As of right now, I'm thrilled to have had the tummy tuck and the BA. Yes, I'm older than most who would even think to have these surgeries but a few upsides are: my breast implants will in all likelihood outlive me so I'll probably never have to pay for a second BA and secondly, and I'm able to see my toes again over the loose, saggin stomach skin and today they are painted Chanel Red!


Hello Peridot,
I'm 19 days post op and starting to feel like myself again. The recovery process was a bit slower than I expected, but in all has gone well. I'm really happy that I had my BA done and would do it again any time. It looks like you got exactly what you wanted and you look great!
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I think Dr. Hamel is excellent. His practice is devoted to making available procedures that are done under local anesthesia and that is the primary reason for the difference in price. He did three procedures for me since the first of the year: The first was my tummy tuck in late December, then breast augmentation in late January. I had a mini-face lift about six weeks ago. I'm absolutely happy with everything! I live in Asheville now but was an Atlanta native for years. My Atlanta girlfriends have paid incredible amounts for the same surgeries that I had through CLC/Dr. Hamel. I don't have any affiliation with his office other than being a satisfied patient. Please feel free to ask any other questions. I'll be happy to answer. Good luck to you and all the best, Elise
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Hi, I live in NC and I looked up your doctor. I am very interested to get a smart lipo from him, it seems that his rate is very competitive. I cant find too many reviews of him, and he offers too many procedures and I am not sure what's his expertise...Would you recommend him? Thanks
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Dr.John Hamel

Dr. Hamel provided a high skill level for the two procedures that I wanted performed. Being an Atlanta native, I've met a number of surgeons who could have done these operations. Dr. Hamel is located in my home city and that was important to me as well as his reputation. While beginning the implant surgery on my right breast, he discovered a cyst and reassured me, removing it and calling me as soon as the lab report came back benign. I've had several follow up visits with him over the last almost seven weeks - as often as I felt the need to have him check me. Probably just wanting to show off my "old-new" boobs. Yes, I'm very happy with the work he performed and proud of myself for saying "yes" when a lot of women wouldn't even understand why anyone my age would consider these two elective surgeries. For breast cancer patients and there are many my age, it made me humble to understand even a small part of the high fences they must get over to restore their breast appearance. Hope some of you find this of interest and I wish all of you the best with your surgeries, whatever they may be!

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