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I had Laser Lipo 3 weeks ago. I was not overweight...

I had Laser Lipo 3 weeks ago. I was not overweight ( I weighed 126lbs) but wanted a smoother contour without the annoying lovehandles. I expected the lumps and bumps, but I have a swollen buldge above my bellybutton that stings and is very tender to the touch. My Doctor told me at my one week checkup that everything looked normal, but now that 3 weeks have gone by, Its really bothering me and I don't know if its normal or a seroma. I don't go back for two more weeks. I feel like my belly looked better before the procedure. Can anyone tell by the photos if its normal or should I be concerned/

3.5 week update: Today, my right side is more...

3.5 week update:
Today, my right side is more swollen than the left side and it looks like Im leaning when I stand.. Its looks really funny in the mirror. I hate what my stomach looks like right now. I know it takes time, time, time...... my lumpy stomach is starting to turn yellowey green I guess from bruising. I think that's a good sign but DAMN my tummy looks gross. it feels like there's little soft ping pong balls all aound my belly button. God, will I look normal again?

I keep trying to stay positive... it makes me feel better when I read about other people having issues with the lumps and reading that its pretty common and usually resolves itself. For anyone considering this procedure, its definately not a quick fix. I'm gonna try to post a good monthly photo so people can see how long it takes for your body to transform, (although everyone heals differently) and hopefully mine heals like I want it to & I get a bangin body... what I paid for. Dr. Mountcastle you had better not make me hate you:) don't let me down, man. fingers crossed!
These are all completely normal for this time period. These will all go away in the next few weeks. My personal pledge is to help you however i personally can and be there for you as your doctor day or night. so please call me with any questions. my office phone rolls over to my cell phone (703-858-3208) after 530pm up till 830am every single day and all weekend long as well. i am here to help you through the healing process....

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.

Hopefully with a little more time your stomach will settle down and you'll start to see results. Do you have another follow-up planned with your doctor?

Yes, I go back March 14th.

1 month update... Well I'm still swollen and...

1 month update...

Well I'm still swollen and lumpy... but I'm feeling a little better about my stomach. The buldge above my belly button had got better, but its still hard. trying to massage for 15 minutes every night. My right side is still bigger than my left side and thats what's bothering me the most right now. I hope I'm not going to have uneven hips. Not sore or tender anymore. Still wearing my garment 24/7. I feel more comfortable with it on. I start to get sore if I don't wear it. Is it true one side will swell if that's the side you sleep on? I do favor my right side for sleeping so trying to sleep on my left.
Ok I am not sure if it makes you feel any better because you are still in the "healing process" but I can tell from the pictures you uploaded that the "love handles" are definitely gone. So stay positive. 3 months minimum until you see results remember? ;)
thank you for the reassurance :)
you may also contact me via email at or via the phone number mentioned before (703-858-3208), day or night or if you need to come in any sooner than your next visit, please come in so any of your questions might be answered.

So its a little over 2 months since my procedure....

So its a little over 2 months since my procedure. My swelling has gone down quite a bit, but I still have hard spots around my belly button. I've noticed that I swell up if I do any kind of strenuous activity, like work out or do yard work. I also swell if I get in my hot tub or eat salty foods. When I wake up in the morning I look better than when I go to bed. I'm still having my doubts. My scars are my main concern now. I'm using scar gel twice a day, but I may not wear a two piece this summer if they don't lighten up. I'm posting new pics. Also, my lovehandles are still kind of numb and very itchy. Its annoying, but I can live with it.
Looks good after 2 months. Did you have any massage done?
Hi VirginiaGal! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm about 2.5 weeks post op and feeling so nervous and doubtful but trying very hard to stay positive and have trust in my doctor. I don't think that anyone truly prepares you for how long it takes to recover and what you go through in that time. Now that it has been 3 months, do you have any photos that you can post as an update?
I am 2 mo post op and i experience similar hardness and swelling after a work out. I was told to massage those hard spots to break them up. I still feel the burning and stinging sensation above my belly button. I too are lumpy and am flatter in the morning and bulging through out the day. I know they say 6 months for maximum results. I am still experiencing pain and can not yet run.
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