New Boobs. Waka waka! I believe the real healing has begun! - Ashburn, VA

So I'm a little delayed in getting started with...

So I'm a little delayed in getting started with this. Today was day 7 post op, but if felt more like a day three to me. And my story begins.....

So, I started Phyical Therapy around April for my shoulders and back. They said I had Thoracic outlet syndrom. They worked and worked and about 2 months later concluded that I needed a breast reduction because that was causing my shoulder problems and that it wouldn't stop til I got some of that weight off.

We had some time restraints because we were gonna be moving in September. So around June I had to get a move on. I met with the PS and was approved for the surgery about 4 or 5 days later. We scheduled the surgery for August 8th and I barely had any time to really wrap my mind around what was about to happen.

I've had a lot of problems with allergies and other stuff lately so I was a bit concerned with adding something so big as the surgery and recovery. I'd done some research so I really wanted the PS that was was referred to to do the surgery before I left this area.

He was pretty nice and made it seem like it would all be pretty simple and easy. For some reason though it has not really seemed that way to me. Maybe I'm just a wimp, but today's pain level is doing this to me.

Before my appointments with him I would search this site and gather questions, but once I got there the questions would escape me and when his 15 minutes was up he seemed pretty serious about ur appointment being done.

So I guess on day one of of my review I'd just like to share that If you are just starting this journey and are a bit of a worry wart, with low pain tolerance, and maybe have had recovery difficulties in the past please don't stick with a surgeon that doesn't make you comfortable or make you feel like you have adequate knowledge for your recover after surgery. I'm certain I'm getting better, but I do feel a bit silly calling with questions everyday..

So tomorrow, I think I'll work on sharing my lovely surgery story.

Oh, one more thing, as not to seem like a big party pooper. I tried on a dress yesterday that would have taken all kinda contraptions to get my old boobs up and these new babies were sittin high.

Why hello there. I felt a little better today. The...

Why hello there. I felt a little better today. The under incisions are still the worst and the drainage oh my! I can hardly take it, but if that means the swelling will go down it's okay.

So back to surgery.

Surgery was scheduled August 8th at 2:30. My husband and I got to the hospital at 1:00. I was rather anxious. We registered and were taken back. They started an IV with some saline and left me to hang out for a while. Around 2 the nurse came in and said that the doctor was running late on his last surgery. I was a wee bit disappointed because I'd been working all hard to mentally prepare myself. So I ended up lying there, super hungry, until about 4:45. That's when my doctor came in, answered a few questions, and marked me up. I still was shocked at where he said he was putting my nipples. Crazy. I'm so not accustomed to them looking outward and not downward. After that 2 anesthesia techs came in and put some margarita in my IV. Around 5 they wheeled me to the operating room. They helped me move to another table. The fella put a mask next to my face and said here's a little oxygen. The last thing I remember was waiting for them to tell me to countdown. Next thing I know I was trying to get a deep breath with a breathing machine on me. I felt like my chest had been lit afire. She said I was all done and needed a bit of help breathing. They finished the nebulizer, and kept telling me to take a deep breath. Every time I'd take a deep breath the pain would hit again. What a dilemma!

Before I'd had the procedure they said that I'd be in post up for 2 to 3 hours to wake up and get comfortable. I guess since I got started so late they were kinda ready to get me out of there. I woke up around 8:30. They called my husband in, gave me some pills and sent me on my way. I actually asked the nurse that was feeding me sandpaper crackers to please not send me home in such pain but she said my pill would kick in. Whatever she was shooting in my IV wasn't helping much. The other nurses were asking her if they could go home and I could tell they were trying to close up shop. So with my pain at a 9 they sent my husband for the car. I can just barely remember the ride home. I actually was kinda excited about my wheelchair ride to the car. I don't remember it, but I know that it happened. We got to my sisters house around 10pm. She had dinner for me and ice packs ready.

As the night progressed the pain intensified. I kept waiting for the vicoden to make my world awesome and it never happened. Around 3 or 4 am my sister gave me some aleve. THAT is what eased me a bit and I finally went to sleep.

Fast forward to today, day 8. I feel like I had surgery. I have lot's of drainage happening. It kinda freaked me out cause I was planning on my incisions being healed by today. I don't know why, but that was all planned out in my head. So I've been ice packing my sides which are really swollen and my under incisions that are pretty red. I'm gonna invest in some of this arnica that I keep hearing about.

So before surgery I prayed to make it through. Now that I made it through I gotta remember to be grateful and pray for quick healing. I have to admit I've been a grump. Even though they are still swollen and oozing my new boobs look lovely. Did I already mention that they took 6 pounds?! Nooow, If I could just stop eating up all this food that these wonderful church mates keep bringing over I won't put those 6 pounds somewhere else.

Day 9 Today was a good day! I didn't wake up...

Day 9

Today was a good day! I didn't wake up feeling like I'd been beat with a bat. The bottom sutures are still a pain. But the sides that were super swollen are feeling a bit better. Ice packs often seem to be helping that. Let's talk compression. When I got out of the hospital I had Ace bandages with velcro and a touch of gauze under it. I continued to wear that for a few days and attempted to switch to sports bra around day 5. I woke up with THE worst pain from it pressing on my bottom incisions. So I switched back to my Ace bandages that I kinda destroyed from all the washings. A friend of mine taught me a nifty trick to not get them dirty all the time. Now I put on a muscle shirt and then put my bandages over them. That way the muscle shirt catches all the gunk. But I absolutely have to have compression right now. If I take two long showering or trying clothes on to look at how amazing my new boobs look I'm in agony. It's like they aren't ready to hold themselves up yet. Ok, let's talk about gunk....(some of you may want to skip this part)

I know I've said it, but I really mean it. The drainage reallly grosses me out! I can just smell it and I can't change out my dressing often enough. I had a friend of mine check and she said it seems normal, but these last couple of days I have had to change more. I called the PS office and they said it's normal. I'm a big girl too so I don't know if that has anything to do with anything, but i'm just about ready for this part to be done. Day 9 and draining like crazy. I'm glad my surgeon doesn't do drains, but I needed a warning about all this. If my boobs didn't still look so lovely I'd be really concerned.

So today I went to the movies. IT wasn't bad at all. When I did finally stood up I was a little sore, but it wasn't bad. I moved around a lot more and didn't feel quite to injured. I'm certainly glad about that.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Day 11 Hello! I hope everyone is doing well!...

Day 11

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well!

I kinda just accidentally posted this in the comments...... whoops

I'm starting to feel a bit better. I think it's helping that I'm getting out of the house a bit more. My first post-op appointment is Tuesday, and I can hardly wait! I'm hoping that I'm on schedule with the healing process and things are going as they should.

Okay. Here's what's been happening. My left breast is still reallly oozy. I have to change my undershirt 3 times a day. I just changed, and this time I've added a pad to see if that helps. I'm starting to love the new look. My favorite part is when I put an undershirt on and my nipples are actually pointing forward! It's amazing. My husband is really happy too, though his only involvement with them are wrapping my ace bandage around me.

Still the worst of my pain is the lower incisions. Gosh, I can't wait til they are healed. When I get up in the morning is still the worst. The incision still feels new to me. My sister said they look a lot better than last week when she helped me.

I'm starting to lose some of my super-glue. That's kinda scary cause I don't want my boobs to fall apart. I'm certain from the stitches, that I feel with every movement, that that won't happen though.

Oh! I just got some Arnica. I started taking them yesterday. I'm still really swollen and I have some new bruising so I figured it was time to give it a try. I called my doc yesterday and he said it's okay and it's good that they are draining.

Hmm. I think that's it. I'm gonna go make dinner for the first time since surgery. The movers are coming in 3 days. It's gonna be a busy/interesting week. New pics to come later.

Happy Healing everyone!

One more thing, I can't wait til I can hit the gym. Though, I'm loving the new smaller boobs, I do miss the way the old ones hid my stomach! Yikes.

2 week post op. So today is makes two weeks...

2 week post op.

So today is makes two weeks since I had my surgery. Yesterday I had my post op appointment. My only trouble still is those bottom incisions. I'd been having a little trouble with the look of it and I was pretty unsure if it was infected. I went to the doctor and he said the problem was that the glue had not fallen off and it was stuck in there. I actually thought the glue was still holding me together. He took all the glue and some popped sutures out and I'm hoping that the bottom incision will close much faster!

There are some parts that are just white and it totally freaked me out. He said it was the dermas healing and everything looks good. He also said I can keep calling him all the time. Which I will!! I think I needed like a 5 page pamphlet of what to expect and more on how to take care of myself afterwards. His staff is quite patient and kind so I don't feel completely crazy about my daily call.

So yesterday the movers came. There is nothing harder than moving out of your apartment and not being able to bend or lift more than 5 pounds!! It's just crazy annoying. Sometimes you just reallly wanna tackle things yourself.

Lastly let me address my pain situation. Because those bottom incisions are still open and leaky I think that's not helping with the pain. I still wake up feeling a little battered. I still have to take pain meds everyday. I try to not take them and try to be awesome like those ladies that feel no pain and healed in 2 days, but it's just not the case for me. I attempted to wear a bra yesterday. After about an hour I was in torment! So I just have to keep with my ace bandages for now.

I love the new look still, and I'm so excited about cute bra's and new cloths!

Day 15. So I'm still trying to recover from...

Day 15.

So I'm still trying to recover from overdoing it again. We are moving away Sunday,and I'm debating on seeing my doc again tomorrow just because of all the painful pulling. I wonder if I popped a stitch or what. I'm hoping that just relaxing for a couple of days will get me back on track. Yikes, who wants to leave their surgeon 2 weeks post op?!

Not much to talk about. I'm going to order another bra. I really want to wear one cause these girls don't like ANY movement. and they don't want to stand on their own. My 46 sports bras that I got press into my open incisions. Do they make bras that go down to your belly button? I need one.

Hello all. I've been missing a few days. ohhh the...

Hello all. I've been missing a few days. ohhh the busyness. We got moved out of our apartment and now we are headed cross country. My left side that's opened a bit has been a bit annoying. I gotta say an antibiotic sure woulda made me feel a lil safer. Anywho. I just emailed pics to my doctor and I'm doing all that I know how to keep this thing clean. Dial soap, gauze, Kotex when the gauze burns, changing it a few times a day, sleeping, and drinking water. I think I could work on my diet a bit more. /Also, I'm certain I did way too much last week. Well it's a new week. Let the healing continue. I know I'll definitely be trying to work this stomach off when the healing is done!. Now, If I could just get this thing to stop burning.

Hello all. Today I am at 3 weeks post op. I'm...

Hello all.

Today I am at 3 weeks post op. I'm going to update my routine a little bit.

I have some wound seperation. It looks really freaky and bloody, but I keep hearing that's a good thing. So for that I just bath with dial soup. and wear a thin kotex over it.I was doing gauze, but there's just too much drainage. I clean it up and change the padding about 3 times a day. I wish I new more of what to make it heal faster, but my doc says it will heal and not to worry.

My scabs are starting to come off in other areas. That's kinda crazy looking. I wonder if the taping that some ladies are told to do would have been any help to me. The super glue is still around my right nipple. I'm surely not pulling it off. I'm waiting patiently for that to come off on it's on. I don't wanna pull my areola off with it.

I'm very far away from my doctor now, so If I feel the need to get seen I'd have to go to the er. I'm trying not to do that since I have no fever or chills. Just bouts of anxiety. I think even just having an antibiotic would sooth me a lot so I can be certain there's no infection.

So basically that bottom incision is still a beast. When I get up in the morning and bend to get up I feel extremely sharp pains. I still have to hold my breasts down a lot cause it feels like they aren't ready to stand on their own. My right side is doing well. The left side is a bother. I can't reach because there feels like a stitch or needle or something just poking the happiness out of me.

I'm hoping by the next few weeks everything starts closing up more and healing to were I can actually see the healing and not my insides. eek.

I think that's it. Later ladies!

So I'm at urgent care now. He did NOT like the...

So I'm at urgent care now. He did NOT like the look of this. He said the flesh is warm and there could be significant scarring because of how much it's opened up. He's giving me an antibiotic and saying to get set up with a new surgeon in my next destination asap. Give it to God, Give it to God. Gotta remember that or my saddness about this lil hiccup could be rather overwhelming. Sooo, what's the best oil for after i heal up? Thanks for the encouragement to get checked out.

So I'm at urgent care now. He did NOT like the...

So I'm at urgent care now. He did NOT like the look of this. He said the flesh is warm and there could be significant scarring because of how much it's opened up. He's giving me an antibiotic and saying to get set up with a new surgeon in my next destination asap. Give it to God, Give it to God. Gotta remember that or my saddness about this lil hiccup could be rather overwhelming. Sooo, what's the best oil for after i heal up? Thanks for the encouragement to get checked out.

Hope it's my hormones making me discouraged and...

hope it's my hormones making me discouraged and not the gaping holes under my breasts and the fact that my scabs keep sticking to my bra or ace bandage leaving more open wounds. Maybe it's the fatigue. If they would just close up, stop having hard spots, and stop oozing I'd be handling this recover a lot better. My docs nurse called back yesterday and said it'll be fine. Everything is fine. Just be patient and you'll heal. Not easy to hear that when there's so much pain an goop.

I'm looking forward when i can know for sure that this surgery was worth it. Any healing tips you guys?

Please excuse my last depressing update. These...

Please excuse my last depressing update. These open wounds and drainage were really getting the best of me. They are still there with some big reallly hard spots near the wounds. I'm still hopeful that the antibiotics will help the drainage finish and allow the hard spots to go away. A friend of my sister's that is a nurse and has also had a breast reduction says for me to find a doctor when I get to California. She seemed kinda concerned about the hard spots and said to keep up with my antibiotics. She said all this could probably have been avoided if I hadn't just been superglued together with the stitches. Some tape probably would have been nice. Another part opened up on the left side. Its okay cause it was actually getting really hard to clean with it just partially open in that spot.

My ace bandage ripped of a scab near my nipple. That felt like the last straw to me. Everything kept sticking to it, and it kept getting bigger and bigger. I finally figured out that I can put a pad on it and as long as my ace bandage isn't too tight it won't stick. I'm going to just start taking it easier with less reaching and moving.

So now I clean them, put pads under both breasts and wrap them up again. Sometimes I wear a sports bra, but lately I've been switching back to ace bandage when I can. Only problem with that is the sometimes push the pads too far into the openings.

Protein and leafy greens. I'll have to switched to that. My current, traveling and depressed because I'm oozing diet is NOT helping anything. Of that I'm certain.

So I'm back to being hopeful that I will heal at some point. there was a section that as open that's scabbing over. I've been told that I'm probably going to have significant scarring. At this point I can are less about scars. I just won't them to close up and heal up so I can be normal again.

no pictures today. I feel like they are a bit gruesome.

So I've made it from Virginia to California. When...

So I've made it from Virginia to California. When asked, my surgeon said I would be fine to travel a few weeks after my surgery. Now, I'm not so sure.

Now that I'm here I've got to switch my insurance to this area, and hopefully I can get checked out soon. I'm back to having a lot of things sticking to the wounds. I've read that someone was told to use wet guaze then dry over it. I wonder if that would work. The sticking is painful! Hard spots persist, swelling persists. Really scared for any scabs to come off. I don't think I can handle another opening.

I'll post pictures. Beware, they are gross. Advice is welcome!

4 weeks post op today. I never ever thought...

4 weeks post op today.

I never ever thought that after 4 weeks my breasts would be swollen and bursting at the seems. so now I have to work on getting the swelling down.

I'm still on the clindamyacin antibiotic, but the hard spots persist. I am finally in some lodging where I can be still for a week. Today I got my insurance switched so either tonight or tomorrow morning I'll be able to be seen. If I go today then I'll have to go to the er. I really don't wanna do that. I've had negative experiences and don't want them doing something crazy. If I go tomorrow I can just walk in and be seen by a primary care doctor. I'd much rather do that.

I emailed my surgeons office again. I've decided to stick with that instead of call cause even though they are kind I still end up feeling kind of silly and they really offer no help. I thought I'd send those gross pictures and more words and maybe I'd get a better response.

That kinda worked. The nurse emailed me back and said they would order some Xeroform, which is a type of dressing that will keep things from sticking and allow the wound to heal at the same time. I'm completely unsure of why in the world it took my wounds getting this big and me constantly harassing them for them to offer that to me, but I sure do look forward to getting it. I'm just hoping it'll be able to find me here in the desert.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for commenting and not making me feel like I'm crazy. I feel like this is all my fault. I really did research my doctor and he has great reviews. I can find NOTHING online negative about him. If he's so great it has to be my fault right? I guess I could have taken a clue when he was a bit short with the consult. I also really didn't like that post-op wasn't til 2 weeks after surgery. By two weeks post op things were already opening. Friends advised me to go to wound care or the er. Instead of going I called my doctor who said there's no need to go there, you'll heal, this is normal, I've done this thousands of times. So I trusted him, moved away, and now I have nothing but concern at what the doctors will do when I go. Will I have to have surgery to have them drained? Will they try to restitch something? Is there going to be a lot of poking and prodding to add to my existing pain and discomfort? I don't know, but I'm so nervous and a bit sad.

Anyway. I'm glad I have no fever. I want it to stay that way.

Seeing the doctor soon. I'll let you know what they say.

Finally got help today! They didn't make me feel...

Finally got help today! They didn't make me feel stupid. They showed me how to bandage this stuff. They checked for infection, and set me up to see a general surgeon to be sure all is fine. I almost cried a little. She also sent me home with a bunch of dressings to use before I get the xeroform that I have to order.

Hello ladies, Today I saw the general surgeon....

Hello ladies,

Today I saw the general surgeon. He was so attentive. It's really a world of a difference. He actually said that he doesn't want me to use the xeroform. He's rather dry it out more and gave me some Calcim Alginate Dressing. It looks like felt. He dressed the wounds with it today. I found it made things a bit more bloody. He wants to see me back in a week and expects it will look better by then. There's another seeping part under this flaps my PS gave me. I've been scared to lift the flab on the side there cause I didn't wanna pull anything else loose. He treated it with some stinging painful stuff cause it's a little inflammed. Man I'm going through gauze and pads like crazy over here!

Why hello. So today was my first day using the...

Why hello.

So today was my first day using the Calcium alginate dressing. I didn't not like it. It's like felt and is supposed to turn gelatinous when wet. It doesn't stick a lot, but it is crazy itchy and gets stuck and everything is all bloody again. I think i'll give it the week, but I still have to contact the surgeon. the irritation under the fold on my side gave me lots of trouble today. It burns and no amount of cleaning, gauze or anything really soothes it. my only solution is to ice it cause at least it distracts for the crazy itchiness.

Okay I have a couple questions for you.
What kind of creams are you all using for your scarring? I'm doing Kelocote for the areas that are all closed up.

Did anyone have any hard spots?

I'm focusing on diet a bit more and getting closer to doing the healing diet that I found of the breast health website. So if anyone out there has some healing tips or advise they are surely welcome!

So something miraculous has happened. It must have...

So something miraculous has happened. It must have been sometime in the last 3 days. For the first time since August 8th I wake up in the morning, get up, and not feel that upsetting stabbing feeling at the lower incision line. I mean I usually would mentally prepare myself for the pain when getting outta bed or off the couch. So hopefully that's gone forever. So yesterday I saw the surgeon again. I never like the Calcium alginate he had me using. He said everything looks about the same, maybe a little better. So now ihe said I can go ahead and switch back to whichever dressing method I prefer. I still have large open wounds. He's saying they'll probably look better in a couple weeks. I've gone ahead and set a goal to have the wounds healed for Thanksgiving. I know that sounds kinda crazy, but I think that might help me a bit to just. Wait it out. Prayerfully they'll be closed before then, but if not I'm CERTAIN they'll be healed by Thanksgiving . The areas near the areola have started scabbing over which is lovely cause having so many open spots was a bit stressful. The doc also advised to eat lots of protein and get lots of rest. So I'm living a life of meat, xeroform, gauze and naps. :) I may unpack a box a day in out new house, but that's about as far as I get. Thanks ladies for listening.

Gosh, I'm so sleepy, but there are soo many words...

Gosh, I'm so sleepy, but there are soo many words in my head.

So, I danced today. That's random I know, but it's like a miracle. I've not danced in 6 weeks. In my head I kinda think that I'm Debbie Allen. So today, when I was in my kitchen doing a little jig I realized that I'm feeling better. I have almost no sharp pains. I can sleep on my sides again. That alone is like the most amazing blessing from above. The only pain that I feel now is pain related to the wound separation. The dressing being stuck or my sports bra pressing in can get a bit annoying and, at times, painful.

As far as the dressing I'm now doing the wet to dry method. I soak some Telfa with Saline, pack it in, and then cover with gauze. I've only been doing that couple days, but I'm almost certain that I can see a difference already. My pictures are gruesome, but I wanted to see if I'm the only one that can see a difference.

So there's an area up top where a stitch is piking through a scab. I'm hoping that everything can still heal okay with that stitch there. It's too short for me to trim it.

Okay. I have huge boobs. When I look at them now, I'm like dang, how much bigger were they before!! It's like I can barely remember my old girls. They are softening a lot now too. Like no more solid formation on my chest. I've got real chi chi's now. They swing to the side a little when I lay down, but they don't land in my armpits anymore when I'm on my back.
At this rate I think I'll really make it to my Thanksgiving goal!

I'm getting a lot of rest now too. I almost feel bad about sticking boxes in the guest room and closing the door, but the surgeon here on base said to rest a lot, but I'm gonna listen. Seems like I just really needed to be able to just lie down somewhere and chill. Also having someone that really cares, listens to everything, answers all my questions and actually takes the time to educate me and make me feel comfortable has reallly put my mind at ease. I think getting rid of the stress factor of it all has played a major part in helping me to actually getting back to healing. Praise God.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, and comments, and listening to my whimpering. I know there's been lot's of whimpering. This has definitely been the biggest challenge of my life.

I kinda don't like the was it worth it question...

I kinda don't like the was it worth it question.

Anyone else has the urge to sell all your old clothes and start anew?

Anyway, Hiiii everyone! I'd decided not to update until I saw the surgeon again. The wet to dry method has changed my life! Things are healing so much faster. He seemed shocked and amazed at the difference from when I last went in. He said to just keep doing what I'm doing. He had to snip so stitches. Last week I had a realllly long stitch that I had to trip. He said that it seems my body does not like them and instead of them dissolving they are spitting out. Girls, I'm thinking I just might be looking better at Thanksgiving that I was even thinking.

So I have to shop for my dress for the Marine Corp ball. This is going to be soo different from any other time ever! I even already have my strapless bra, it's a miracle.

I do feel like I have massive breasts. I wonder if they are going down anymore. Four more days and I'll be 2 months post op. Madness. That first 5 and a half weeks were reallly tough, but it seemed like just one day everything just felt a lot better. Like it all just happened suddenly. Still healing, but I'm feel so much better. Now I have to by some miracle scar fading cream. Thanks ladies!

So the new boobies are looking good. I think I'm...

So the new boobies are looking good. I think I'm ready for some new bras. I've no idea what size I am. I've just been wearing my same ugly sports bra's and on of my moms granny bras. After trying on my 44dd underwire bra and it being too big, I'm thinking it's time for the sizing. Everything is closing nicely and there is a bit of scabbing. So the new thing is spitting stitches. Well it's been happening, but I normally can't feel it. There are some on my left side that started trying to poke our that were hurting like crazy! i thought I'd over done it from moving boxed and furniture. My husband asked if it could be a stitch and low and behold when I ran my hand against the area i could feel a stitch trying to work it's way out! Part of it came out. I pulled a bit out and part of it broke off. I can feel more under there, but it doesn't hurt nearly as much. I tried to squeeze it a bit to make more come out, but that's pretty risky i'd say. For the most part things are going really well though.

I have a funny story to tell you. Last night I needed an ice pack for the achy area with the stitches. I ended up falling to sleep with some frozen California blend veggies on my side. This afternoon when I went to make up the bed I noticed a huge yellow spot and was very confused, as we have no pets or children. Then I found the bag of veggies, thawed and partially opened.. Bad idea guys. Never do that. Just don't do it. really bad idea.

Happy healing ya'll!

Why hello all. After being contacted by one of our...

Why hello all. After being contacted by one of our dear realself sisters about her sad experience with the same doctor I had I realized it's time for an update. Something to show there is hope after the pain and madness.

Over all I am a lot better. For about a week or two I had virtually no pain. At that point I started sleeping on my sides and my stomach some. Shortly after that when my stitches started coming out more and quite painfully I had to go back to sleeping on my back more. When the stitches started coming out near the break down I didn't feel them. When they started coming out under the armpit jowls they woke me up out of my sleep! So I've been having some soreness under the jowls with those stitches, but it's not too bad.

I also had this opening happen near the left side wound. It was way strange. I was scared I was getting another break down, but it opened and some white stuff came out and now it's healing back up. I hope that was a one time event. I have to stop living in fear that things will start breaking down again. I've noticed that when I'm feeling really good and start reaching and doing more I do get some pain. So I try not to limit myself too much, but I also realize I still have to take it easy some too.

I'm so glad things are finally closing up and I'm feeling a bit more human. Still not feeling the underwire bras yet, but that will come. I'm still a little swollen on the left side especially, but not nearly as bad as before. I'm starting to think maybe he just did that side bigger.

I think that's about it. Oh, one more thing. I'm so glad that at this time I'm unemployed. I don't know what I would have done if I would have had to go back to work. It's been a looong process.

So today is 3 months post op! I have some...

So today is 3 months post op! I have some questions. Considering my stumble along the way I don't really know what my 3 months post op should be looking like. Anyway, let me start from what's been happening the last month or so.

So everything is pretty closed up. I will occasionally get an open spot with a little oozing. I actually had one spot open and some white chunky stuff came out and then it closed right up. That's all on the left side. That's the side that opened the most, is bigger than the other, and generally has given me the most trouble. Right now everything is closed and I've been working on finding something that doesn't burn when I put it on for scar treatment. Actually if I use shea butter it feels okay, but the Palmers vitamin E oil burns and itches. Has anyone else experienced that. I cant tell if it's the oil or if I'm just not ready to work on scar treatment on those lower incision areas.

I still have a little soreness. It's not too bad tho. It's mostly from sleeping. I've started flipping over and sleeping on my stomach again. Not good! The only other real issue is the thick scar that goes around the lower incisions are actually sore. Like the scar hurts. Strange. There's still a little bruising on the upper incisions.

For the most part I'm good. This surgery wasn't an instant cure for my back, but I'm still kinda glad that I did it. My only wish is that I'd waited for a better surgeon.

I hope everyone is well!!

Omgoodness. I just traumatized myself a little bit...

Omgoodness. I just traumatized myself a little bit looking at those pictures of when everything was all open. Gosh. Terrible. I hope everyone is doing well and healed well.

I'm all closed up. I'm not having an stitches splitting. My only remaining troubles are the actual scar tissue hurts. If I wear an underwire bra too long or sleep on my stomach it hurts. Also if I sleep braless on my side when I wake up they hurt a little as well. Aside from that they feel okay.

They definitly feel like real boobs now. They were sitting really high and pretty before. They've fallen a bit. For a while there I actually thought that they had grown back. I mean I'm actually a DD now. I called my doctors office and had them send my before pictures. I can assure you that they have not grown back! My boobs were huge. One of these days I'll scan that picture in. They were pretty darn big before.

Okay so my other issues are the scars. A few months ago I tried to use the Palmers oil and I had issue with it burning so I just left that alone. I'm going to start back up soon because my scars are pretty large and dark.

Okay, question, have any of my other big girls out there had some little self esteem issues because of a large belly? I mean, I've had this spare tire for years, but I've never seen it like the way I do now!! Yikes. I've surely been hitting the gym.

So here's the full story, my boobs are smaller, my belly looks bigger, I prolly should lost more weight first, I hope my scars fade quicker, and I got so cute tshirt bras!!
Ashburn General Surgeon

I chose this provider by looking at the list that my insurance allowed. He had great reviews and great pictures. I'm certain that when I'm finally done feeling they are going to look fine. Though I was given an after care sheet I still feel as though I should have been given more specific instructions as far as after care. His ability to help after things went off track seemed to be very limited. It seems that he is very confident in his work, and often times he does good work, but in cases like mine where everything is not okay he didn't seem to know what to do. Not even a little bit. His staff is very kind. He is nice, but not good with putting me at ease and making me feel like I know what I'm doing as far as caring for these incisions. I would not go to this doctor again or recommend him to anyone else.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow, you Had quite a time. Glad you are healing finally. My surgery is in 21 days.
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i was glad to see ur post!!! its nice to see ur girls are completely closed up. u must be relieved now that things can be more normal for u. what scar treatments r u using right now???? the palmers sort of stung me too so i switched to bio oil then got pimply bumps on my girls so i am now using medera. so far so good for that. happy healing hon and so glad for u to be better!
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Hey Twisa - been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing so I'm glad you updated. Don't know if this will help on yours at all since I didn't have openings, but my surgeon gave me scar tape to put on - So have I have worn that on all the incision lines for the last 2 weeks and change it every 4 days. I actually like having it on - seems to keep things safe and connected, especially while sleeping. I haven't advanced on to cream yet - I'm only at 3 weeks. You look so much better and I hope it only gets better and easier from here on out. Thanks again for updating and glad to hear from you. Hope Cali is treating you well!!
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Is the tape to help with scarring or just with keeping things flat? I do have a few areas where the scars feel raised. I would love to be able to do something for them to flattened out. Cali is good! thanks for checking up on me!
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I had my BR on Sept. 4 and had the same problem with my scars under the breast. I used Burt Bees Diaper Cream. I know it sounds crazy but it took away the pain and redness.
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Thanks for the tip! It's kinda crazy to me and some days I feel like I have new bruises.
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Hey TwisaP I read your story and I really feel for you. Why did you give your ps 3 stars? I would change that, you shouldn't have had to go through all that. I think you should have had drains attached and been kept overnight at least to be monitored. I've never heard of glue. Nor have I seen it used in the you tube videos of surgery I've watched. I'm glad things are better but it's appalling that you're still oozing. Did you want to be smaller than you are? I'm happy for you that you're feeling better but I want someone held accountable. It's not your fault.
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Hi! I would love for them to be the same size. The size is okay. Especially considering my body shape. I originally had a nicer sounding review The stars kinda even out. if you notice when it comes to the things that really matter he has just one or two stars. In the wait times and payment process he has more stars and that's why it averaged out to 3. I think thats part of the problem. They are like a well oiled machine, but they have no heart! Thank you for saying that it's not my fault. That is something that I actually struggled and fought because I thought I must have done something wrong for things to have gone so wrong. Ultimately I was very disappointed with the doctor and the hospital.
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I only asked coz you used adjectives like huge and massive in your updates. I'm glad you're happy with the size. In the latest picture your boob looks so much better. Would love to see you in your Thanksgiving outfit :)
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omg twista what a diffference!!!! im so glad u are so healed up. i know it was a bumpy road and u were in pain. plz keep us posted. my scars are very sensitve too. just take it slow the treatments as that scar tissue is sensitive. happy healing!!
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Same to you! That scar tissue is making wearing a bra a pain. I'm hoping I'm not gonna mess up anything with my extended bouts of bralessness.
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yeah i agree about work! omg if i had to work even now at 4 weeks today id be in trouble! its still very tender and i can only imagine how much more swelling we would have if we were working all day. bless all the girls who had to go back to work!
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twista hope ur doing good this week. i was checking to see if u had a chance to update yet lol. happy healing hon!
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Why hello!! Thank you so much for checking in! My camera is a little out of order, so I've been waiting til I can get some new pics before I update again. I'm pretty good. Still clipping stitches and minor pains. I had a couple spots open up, but nothing as bad as before thank God!!
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thats good twisa. so glad its so much better. those stitches are bugging me too. i have tons of them everywhere lol. pretty soon it will be over and u can play with ur son the way u want. until then its rest and healing for us still in recovery. and bless u as i know u have had so many hurdles these past weeks. hugs
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TwisaP, I would love to speak with you because on September 26, 2012 I also had a breast reduction done by Dr. Mountcastle in Ashburn, VA. The surgery did not go well from the beginning from what my home nurse is telling me (YES HOME NURSE)!!!! I have to be seen once a week for wound care. Dr. Mountcastle has not explained what went wrong and my nurse is saying the problem started during surgery there was nothing I could have done to prevent what hs happend. I have open incisions on both breast with the left breast being the worst (skin breakdown from blisters) and will take longer to heal. I am dissappointed and trying to fight depression. I have been doing all I can to care for my wounds but, it's taking a toll on me mentally. It would nice to talk to someone that has been where I am and can provide some advice.
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Hi Yada! I'm sorry to hear that you are having a hard time. I sent you a message and you are welcome to email me! Up until now I figured that I was just not a good patient because I've not seen anywhere where anything but good has been said about Dr. Mountcastle. From the very beginning I didn't not like my experience with him, but I went along with it. Did you have your surgery at Inova Fairfax? My experience there was horrific. Please contact me and let me know how you heal. I have to say the wet to dry is what really worked quickly for me.
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Yay u can tell ur looking better!! I feel for ya as its so hard to wait for things to heal. Ur body just wants to take its time. But wow how good u will feel in few more weeks when all closed up and ready for those gorgeous bras!! Good luck and Plz keep us posted! Happy healing :)
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Twisa - You look SOOO much better. I am so glad you are healing now and you will look beautiful for the ball...Good job nursing yourself back.
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Hi Krissy! I've been wondering how you are healing. I've never heard of Solugel. I started with xeroform, which is a petroleum based gauze. Then I was switched to some felty stuff. After all that it was really still just a bunch of raw open flesh. I decided to just give the we to dry a chance and I really saw a difference the next day and it's been just getting better since then. Happy healing to youl
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Your healing is amazing! I am in similar shoes as you are - have a wound separation on my righty which will be stiched together again. Not sure if this helps you but I was advised to put Solagel on my wound - which looks similar to yours-and then put gauze pads on it..Doc told me Solugel is better than Vazelin so if I have trouble getting Solugel then I should try Vazelin ... Arnica definately helps bruising - I use that all the time when doing sports - it is very good for muscle recovery and warm up as well. camomile is also a good anti inflammatory agent - it is not as good as antibiotics once the issue is there but it has a nice soothing effect. My doc told me to keep the wound area rather moist then allowing to dry out so I am going through the Solugel tubes like crazy :) I was not told to let my breast air and I have not dared to go braless since the surgery - of course showering excluding..but I will try that :) Really hoping things will continue to improve for you
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Gosh, and nice new layer of skin sound amazing! I am seeing the surgeon here on base and he's been so patient and helpful. Anywho he said that when I see him in two weeks he's certain that it'll look better. From the looks of things he is correct. I didn't get that white stuff cut off though. Where are your pictures?! I see the surgeon on October 1st for more followup.
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Right Sized! Can you tell me more about your experience with wound separation and what's worked for you?
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I had separation at the "T" junction (where the incisions meet) under both breasts that didn't seem to want to heal. My surgeon cut away that thin layer of white skin that was covering them (from your pics, it looks like your doc did that also). I just cleaned them everyday, and I only had bandages (band aids really) on them for the first couple of days. I did try to lay down and dry and get air as much as I could, but I didn't really have a lot of time for that. After about two weeks, they both finally scabbed over. The one scab fell off by itself revealing a nice new layer of skin, and the surgeon removed the scab under the other breast on Thursday, and it is 99% closed. Be patient and let them dry out and get air. You should see slow but steady improvement. I assume you're still seeing the doc on a regular basis until it heals?
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So glad to hear you're on the right path and getting closer to being able to check the "worth it" box. It's been almost 10 weeks since my surgery, and my last opening is finally just about completely closed. I'm constantly being amazed at the ways in which this surgery has made my life so much better and made me so much happier. You will soon be having those same feelings!
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