20 Year Old Dreaming of Being a C-cup! - Ashburn, VA

I've wanted breast implants ever since I was a...

I've wanted breast implants ever since I was a little girl, obsessing over the MAGIC performed by plastic surgeons on shows like dr. 90210. I've been researching breast augmentation a lot in the past year and I'm thinking about getting the surgery when I turn 22 so I can get the silicone implants! I know thats another 2 years away, but its important to me that I gather as much info as I can before going under the knife! I've never had a cosmetic surgery done before, and while many of my friends & family roll their eyes at my dreams of having boobies, I am 100% sure that its something I most definitely want to do ASAP! That being said, I'm excited to share my journey with this AMAZING community of open & honest women who are planning on BA or have already gone through it! I've seen so many beautiful pictures of results that make me even more excited :) I am currently 5'9, 135 lbs and a whopping A cup.. (I haven't yet mustered up the courage to post "before" pics as I'm still feeling strange about posting those kind of pics on the internet- perhaps in time I will feel more comfortable!). Anyways, I want to be a mid-C post procedure, & I am definitely leaning towards under-the-muscle placement & inframammory incisions. I plan on having children and don't want this surgery to affect breastfeeding. I haven't yet decided on cc's as I'm still learning about them.. maybe you guys could give me some suggestions? I'm so glad to have found this site & I can't wait to begin my journey!

Some wish pics... :)

So one of my favorite hobbies is looking at before & after pics from different plastic surgeons.. any of you ladies love it as much as I do?! Lol it's like window shopping for a new pair of tatas- how fun! My dream plastic surgeon is Dr. Kim from Beverly Hills. He has tons of before and after pics on his website, all of which are incredible. He's so skilled at achieving the natural teardrop look. I've also watched his videos on youtube, which make me love him & his results even more! Unfortunately, given the fact that his procedures are so pricey and he lives across the country, I may have to settle for another surgeon that more realistically fits my life. Regardless, his results are lovely & certainly ones I always go back to when dreaming up my perfect boobies. I've also found a few other results from different surgeons thanks to loveyourlook.com- I recommend that website for photo browsing, girls! At this point I'm starting to think that i love the way 300-400 range cc's look. Given my frame (5'9, 130lbs, 34B cup) what do you guys think?? any suggestions?

Found my breast icon!

Thanks to a fellow realself user, I found pictures of the perfection that is Hannah Polites. No clue who she is or why she is famous, but her breasts are exactly what I am hoping for my end result! Anyone know what size she is? Or can someone take a guess? They are perfect!

Thinking about money scares me

How do all you other 20 year olds afford such an expensive investment?! I'm in the middle of my undergrad college career & I still have grad school to attend after college. I'm stressed out about how I will ever find the funds to pay for my surgery. I've spent so many years researching & coming to the serious decision that a BA is for me & now that I know 200% that it WILL happen, I just want it to happen already! It sucks that money is the only thing holding me back :-( my parents are paying for most of my college so I doubt they would help me out at all. Winning the lottery would be SO convenient right now, haha. I feel like as soon as I make any money I have to spend it right away on rent, groceries, etc. I've never felt so broke yet this is the time I wanna drop 10k on a new rack.. Lol I hope my bank account will someday make it to there!!

What I DONT want....

I already know full heartedly that a BA is for me. But I am a very picky person in all aspects of my life, and a mediocre boob job will definitely top that list of things i will NOT settle on. I've seen so many wonderful before & after pics, but I've also come across some that I'm not too fond of. Again, i'm picky so I don't wish to offend anyone!! It's simply my personal taste. The biggest thing I want to achieve with my BA is NATURAL results, & unfortunately some that I've seen (in my opinion) just look way too obvious. Here are some pics of results I wish to avoid!
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