Artefill Artecoll Lumps

I did this after i noticed my laugh line being...

I did this after i noticed my laugh line being more pronounced and i thought it would be great to remove them, the doctor i think injected outside the actual lines so now the lines are more pronounced. I hate my results 'cause not only that but i have lumps where they injected.

I am hoping there is now a way to dissolve or safe surgery to remove . I heard that if i remove some tissue will go with it creating pocket, since then i have read there is procedure for culturing fibroblast from my self then injecting back to fill said pockets and even the wrinkle laugh lines themselves might go away.

Can someone advise some opinions, i realise specifically each case is different , i just want opinions of the ideas involved.

I had diluted kenalog 10 to lessen artefill overfill in jaw and cheek areas. The result was pretty good. Would do it again, but only by a doc who is well versed in the procedre.
Keen to get artecoll removed from cheek, however afraid it might get worse.

I had kenalog injections for increased tissue build up from artefill. Will the artefill growth come back after kenalog leaves the system?

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