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Botox Lower Eye Injections - Squirted into my Eye!

I like the effects botox has because it makes me...

I like the effects botox has because it makes me look rested and less forehead wrinkles. I have had about 6 treatments over the past two years and I have experienced drooping in one eye twice, but it was easily fixed by injecting more botox into the necessary area. I really like the relaxed, well rested look it gives me.

I had botox injections around my lower eyes. When the nurse pulled the needle out some botox squirted into my eye. I wiped the eye and splashed it with water. The nurse assured me that there are no side effects. I am not feeling very assured. Please tell me if this is dangerous to my eye? Will I have side effects?


There should not be any side effects from a little botox dripping on your eye. It only works when injected directly into a muscle. Plus, the botox is diluted in normal saline which is similar to eye lubricating drops, so don't worry.
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Thank you! I haven't had any side effects.
Hi... I just had botox for the first time and the botox dripped into my eye and i am freaking out!! I'm glad to hear you haven't had any side effects. How long has it been since you had the botox drip into you eye? Thanks, Sally
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