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NEW PICS!!! Hot Beach Body Here I Come! (Drainless TT 7Wks Post Op) - Dallas, TX

So I've been waiting...wishing...praying for what...

So I've been waiting...wishing...praying for what will soon be a reality for me! Nearly 12 years & I'm finally able to have a Tummy Tuck! I'm the mother of soon to be 12 year old twins. I had my twins when I was only 17 yrs old. Before my pregnancy I was a size 3 & although after I was able to get bk to & maintain a size 5 my poor belly never recovered:( I'm 29 now 5'4 & weigh 140lbs. I exercise about 5 days/wk & eat fairly healthy. I'm really happy with my figure with the exception of my tummy. I've tried everything but can never achieve a flat tummy. Im so thanful for this opportunity & for the support of my family & friends. My husband & I have sacrificed a lot & done an amazing job of raising our two amazing children! Everything that I do is for my family so this seems so strange to be doing something so major for myself(I'm sure that many of you can relate) but I'm so excited have the flat stomach that I'd never be able to achieve on my own.

I'm 4 weeks away from my surgery & getting so...

I'm 4 weeks away from my surgery & getting so excited! I'm not nervous at all yet but I'm sure I will be the closer it gets to surgery. I had 2 consultations last week. The first was with an very highly rated top Dr in Dallas TX who had a state of the art office & very high end everything. I loved the atmosphere & staff, however wasn't that impressed with the Dr when he came into the room to do my consult. I don't know exactly what it was but something just felt off to me. I'm sure that he would have done a great job, but I just want feeling it. That afternoon I had a second consultation. This one was perfect start to finish. Dr. Nakumara has his own surgical center which was very clean & had a great atmosphere. The entire staff was very welcoming & friendly. The entire process was very smooth & comfortable. I was so impressed with Dr. N! He made me feel so comfortable. He sat down & went through everything step by step. He took his time & answered all my questions. He was very confident in the results that he can achieve for me. I know that he will do a phenomenal job! I My pre-op date is July 9th & my surgery is set for July 23rd. I'm having a full tummy tuck, muscle repair & hernia repair. I'm hoping that he will do a bit of lipo on my flanks as well but he says I don't need it(although I feel like i do so we will see). My TT will be drain-less. I'm curious if anyone else has had a drain-less TT who wouldn't mind sharing their experience with me. I haven't' been able to find many reviews about this & from what I understand its a newer procedure. I'm still researching on my own but my PS assured me that my TT will heal much better this way. I'm so thankful to everyone for sharing your stories on here! Realself has been such a great resource! I feel like I've been able to learn so much from reading everyone's experiences. Its also nice knowing I'm not alone going through this process. I don't know many other women who have been through a TT so this site has been a Godsend! I'm going to try to add my before pictures with this post.

24 days to go...technically 23 since its 1am. I'm...

24 days to go...technically 23 since its 1am. I'm so thankful for this site & all you awesome ladies for sharing so much good info & your experiences. Im sooo counting down the days! I don't know why but I've really let me diet/exercise routine go lately. Gotta get bk going since I'm only a few wks away from surgery. Although I'm extremely excited about the surgery I do have some concerns:
1.) Results overall
I know there's no guarantees & I'm totally putting this in the hands of God & my PS. I do feel like I made a good choice with my Doc! I'm just hoping he can give me the results I want.
2.) Color/ thickness/shape/ location of scar
I usually hyperpigment so I'm hoping he'll be able to place my scar low enough that it'll not show in a bathing suit or cute panties. I know this will depend on how much skin he can remove. I'll hope to know more after my pre-op. also a little worried about my belly button. I've seen some great ones...& I've also seen some not so good ones which scares me a bit. I think I'll ask to see pics of what he predicts my bb will look like.
3.) going back to work
This is probably stressing me out the most. I hope I'm up to working after 2 wks since my job is physically demanding...there's really no way to predict how that'll be. I guess I'll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it:)
So much to look forward to but lots to think about & research too:)

Yay! Tomorrow is my pre-op & I can't wait! I did...

Yay! Tomorrow is my pre-op & I can't wait! I did more research about my drainless TT since I haven't run across many ladies on here that have had this done I was getting worried. It's called progressive tension abdominoplasty. It uses a special suturing technique that prevents fluid accumulation & ellimantes the need for drains. It's suppose to lessen the risk of seroma, give increased post op mobility, faster healing & less swelling so we'll see. I have so many questions written down & ready to go. I can't wait to talk more with my PS about my scar & BB. I think at this point the results are my biggest concern. I really want my scar to be low & I want a nice flat result with a cute BB so hopefully he can give me that. I'm gonna take a bikini with me & see if he will mark me to show where my incision will be. I can't believe in 2 wks my surgery will be here! Whoot!:)

Had my Pre-0p appt today. I was a bit disappointed...

Had my Pre-0p appt today. I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping to see the Dr but instead I just saw the nurse. Appt started off with me making my final payment. Then I was taken back to do my paperwork. The nurse came in & went over the paperwork with me & answered my long list of questions. Then I changed to take pics. They took my blood pressure & that was it. I was expecting bloodwork & tests ect but I guess they only do that if you have health problems. I was also hoping to get references from prior patients but they said they don't do that. The nurse had her TT done though & did let me see hers. I checked out the before & after pics again. The nurse reassured me that my scar would be low which is one of my biggest concerns. I think I would have felt better getting to talk to Dr again. Did anyone else have a similar pre-op appt? Maybe this is just the norm. Also was hoping for lipo on my flanks. The 2 other PS that I did consults with included this but I was told today my PS would charge an additional $2000 so needless to say I won't be doing that. I'm still excited but I'm just worried that I will have the results that I want.

Called my PS office today to discuss my concerns...

Called my PS office today to discuss my concerns since my pre-op appt left me feeling uneasy. Thankfully I was able to set up an appt next Thur to actually see my PS(not the nurse) & to also get my bloodwork done. This has made me feel SO much better! I asked again about talking to some past patients. They said they would ask a few if they wouldn't mind speaking to me but couldn't guarantee when or if they would call. I believe my PS is highly skilled & will give me great results. I just want to be sure he understands my expectations & that I'm communicating exactly what I want to him. I didn't expect to have to be so assertive but this is MY body & I have to live with the results. If me being thorough means they find me a bit annoying I'm ok with that!

I was able to pick up my prescriptions today. I...

I was able to pick up my prescriptions today. I was shocked at how inexpensive they were. Filled them at CVS & I only paid about $9 total for 3 different meds (got generic). I got a muscle relaxer, pain pill, & and a nasuea med. (my PS does an IV antibiotic during surgery & only prescribes an additional one if complications arise...has anyone else had a similar experience with this?). I'm getting so excited for the surgery! There's only a little over a week to go & I'll have a new flat tummy:) I was surprised to see that I'm down to 136lbs even though I've been a total slacker. I have been eating pretty healthy so I guess that helps. I have one more full day to work then my Hubby & I are going on vacation to Vegas. Wish I could have done the sugery before our trip but I know I wouldnt have been up for all the walking. After surgery l'd need to rest & heal so taking a trip would have been too much! Thur when we get bk to town I get to meet with my PS & y'all please pray for me that it goes well. Super stressed but excited.

Went shopping for our Vegas trip today which...

Went shopping for our Vegas trip today which reaffirmed that I'm doing the right thing by getting my TT. I have a great figure & can wear all these cute clothes but in anything that's too clingy I look pregnant. That's not a good look! I dont understand how my upper abdomen can look so tiny but then the lower looks just plain wrong Lol Im happy with everything else but that saggy pouch has gots ta go!*snaps*

Vegas was A-mazing! Hubby & I had a blast. So glad...

Vegas was A-mazing! Hubby & I had a blast. So glad we went on the trip before surgery because it was sooo much walking. Ugh my feet are still sore! Anyway I got back & had my appointment with my PS. This time they did my blood work & I was actually able to visit with my DR again. He is so wonderful! He reassured me & answered all my question & addressed every concern that I had. I really feel like he understands what I'm wanting & will be able to give me a great result! I'm so excited! My surgery will be Mon & it can't come fast enough! Have to start my stool softener in the Am(I know tmi). I know I'll need it after reading some of the posts on here. Went grocery shopping today for after surgery. I have a 10hr workday tomorrow then Ill be able to concentrate on getting everything squared away. Happy healing & thanks for all the helpful comments & support! This site has been a Godsend!

So today is the big day! I'm only a little over 1...

So today is the big day! I'm only a little over 1 hr till my TT. I'm already at my PS office they're running a bit behind so my surgery has been pushed back till 1. I'm still not very nervous but I'm sure when I get into the actual surgical room I'll be freaking out. They had me take a muscle relaxer for anxiety so hopefully by the time my nerves are going I'll still be mellow:) my husband came with me but we left the kids at home with my step dad who just happened to come into town 1 week ago(talk about amazing timing). The selfish past of me wanted to bring them so I could see them before going back but I know it's better for them to be home having fun than waiting at the dr's office for hours then seeing me all in pain/sedated after. We're staying in a hotel tonight then heading home tomorrow afternoon.
On another note which may be TMI the stool softeners are not awesome.

I made it to the flat side! Thanks so much to all...

I made it to the flat side! Thanks so much to all of you for your support & encouragement! Y'all don't know how much it means to me:) I arrived at the center a bit early & the pre ions surgery took a bit longer than the expected but it worked out perfectly. I got there had just enough time to settle in take my Vallium & then they were calling me back. I was given these compression stocking(not sure what they're called), socks with grip, gown, panties. I had to pee in a cup so they could do a pregnancy test. Then they took me bk to a room where I was given an IV(the nurse got on the 1st try which is hard because I have tiny veins). The nurses & staff were amazing! They were so comforting & compassionate! They really went above & beyond to make me feel comfortable. I loved my anesthesiologist! He actually called me last night to remind me to not eat or drink after midnight & about the Vallium. He came into the room & was so funny & nice. He told me he treats his patients as he would want to be treated & it showed. He also told me that he had prayed for me which I thought was so wonderful!. He explained how the anasthesia would work & answered my questions. My PS let me bring my own panties to be marked in. He is the best! I always feel comfortable & at ease with him. He has a very kind & peaceful way about him. He did my markings & reassured me that he would make them as low as possible.. After that I was taken to the surgical room & they got the anasthesia going & I was out really quick. Next thing I remember was waking up & my husband holding my hand. I walked(all hunched over) bk to the recovery room where I stayed about an hour then we were off to our hotel. Honestly ladies this surgery was a total breeze compared to what I expected! For those of you who haven had yours yet just know it won't be nearly as bad as you think! Just be sure to follow your PS instructions to a T. I've already been up walking several times & I between am doing my leg exercises to prevent blood clots. I've been drinking plenty of water & eaten several cracker. I have a good appetite but am just trying to be careful about the sodium. Hubby bought me Bosten Market kids meal rotisserie chicken(took skin off) & mashed potatoes. I hate half & am full & happy. When I woke after surgery I was in no pain & had no nausea(they gave me a patch which wired amazing,y!. The pain I feel now is just a dull soreness. I did get extremely naseaus a few min ago but it passed quickly . I go bk to PS tomorrow then heading home :)

Everything has been so easy so far with this...

Everything has been so easy so far with this surgery! My pain level is like a 2. Didn't have any nausea till last night. It was crazy because it just came in waves. Happened about 3 different times but only lasted about 5 min. I've been up walking a good amount & doing my leg exercises. Ive even been getting myself up to use the restroom. Ive been eating a little but crackers & ginger aisle have been my best friend! Lol I'm sleeping in the hotel bed with like 10 pillows behind me & one on mt tummy. I get to go see my PS this afternoon. Hopefully everything is good & we'll be headed home.

Post op day 1 has been a breeze. I'm sleeping in...

Post op day 1 has been a breeze. I'm sleeping in my own bed(just using a ton of pillow & a wedge pillow under my legs. I'm very comfortable & it's easier getting to the restroom. My bed is high so I'm using a stool to get in & outta bed. I tried the reclining sofa when we came home but it isn't as comfy. Plus we have family staying with us & I want them to be comfortable & not feel like they're disturbing me. All the family has been so helpful! My Hubby really has been a tremendous help. He's been so patient too:) I went by my PS office for a checkup before we left town & he said everything was looking great. I got a sneak peek when he changed my dressings. It was definately flatter. I cant wat to see how it looks at 2 &4 wks:)I'll go bk to see my PS again in 1wk. I'm so relieved & happy. Hope you guys are all doing well pre-op & post-op!

Hey girls just wanted to do a quick update. So far...

Hey girls just wanted to do a quick update. So far things are going great! I've been getting up like every 2 hrs or so to walk & use the restroom but I'm barely able to go to the restroom....idk what's up with that especially with all water I've been drinking. Has anyone else had this problem? Im sure Ill have some hardcore back muscles from all this haling all bent over,lol I cant wait till my Hubby comes home so I can get a shower. I should also be able to get a glimpse of my tummy & scar even though everything is covered with tape:) I'll have him take a pic too I think the pain meds are really making me drowsy because I'm in & outta sleep & having strange dreams. Lol All in all I'm doing fantastic though. I'm just trying to take it easy & follow my PS instructions. They told me after a week or so I can switch outta my compression garment & into spankx(I guess for better comfort)

Post-Op Day 3: Things are coming along really well...

Post-Op Day 3: Things are coming along really well. I'm down to only 1 med for pain & hoping to get off that by the weekend & switch to Tylenol...fingers crossed. The pain pills give me some strange daydream/mini dreams. It's not bad just kinda weird. I thought my hubby was in bed with me eating cake but then he came outta the bathroom & I was all confused. Lol The only discomfort I'm having is my lower back from being hunched over. (I should have bought a walker or a cane.lol) My hubby helped me shower last night which was wonderful. We put a chair in our shower & our shower head has a hose attachment(I really recommend getting one of those shower heads if u can because it made everything really easy). I got to see my tummy before my shower & I'm so happy with the resultsso far! Dr. N made my incision really low like I wanted & my tummy is actually flay. It's still very swollen & pretty bruised but I can already tell that the results will be great! Couldn't see my belly button since it is covered with a dressing but I'll get to see it Mon when I go back to the Dr. Mon sorry Inhavent added post op pics yet but I will soon.

Post-Op Day 4: I had a mini meltdown today.....

Post-Op Day 4: I had a mini meltdown today...probably more of a 2yr old's temper tantrum.lol I'm admidantly a really picky eater & there was nothing I wanted in the house & my husband(who had already eaten mind you) had to get to work. Normally I'd just go get what I want but I wasn't able to do anything but be miserable. After my pity party he made me some tuna salad & a regular salad & I took a pain pill & went to sleep. I felt better once I got some sleep. After that I got up & took a shower mostly by myself(but still had some help from my husband). I can already tell such a difference in my tummy. It's still very swollen & so are my hips but who cares because the swelling is only temporary. Most of the brushing has gone away so it looks a lot better than a few days ago. I changed the gauze covering my belly button & got a quick peak & it looks great so far so I can only imagine when it's healed. My incision doesn't hurt anymore. The only pain I have is my lower back when standing or walking. I'm hoping when I can stand more upright that pain will go away. I'm just blown away at the difference from before to now & so happy that all my major concers with the scar placement, overall flatness, & belly button seem to have turned out great.

Post-op Day 5: So far it's been a great day. I'm...

Post-op Day 5: So far it's been a great day. I'm noticing I can stand a bit straighter( not straight enough to look normal in public lol). Ive been hanging out at home with my hubby we're watching movies & trying to keep entertained. He made an awesome breakfast for me & brought me lots of healthy snacks(fiber one bars, dole pineapple juice bars, fresh fruits ect)...I'm sure he's traumatized from last time I got hungry & didn't like our food choices:/ anyways I'm still drinking lots of water. Its all I'm drinking no juice or soda nothing but plain old water which normally wold be torture but I think it'll help my results so I'm all about it. Had my 1st post op BM today....all I'll say is praise the Lord!(it wasn't bad at all so ladies don't worry too much when your turn comes just take your stool softeners). I was concerned that it took so many days but I know the pain meds make u consto. I'm really happy with my results even though to most people I probably look like a swollen mess! Lol he made my scar low which was such a big concern for me. I'm glad I pushed for the extra pre op meeting to really let him know what I wanted. My belly button looks like a work in progress but already an improvement from what I had so it can only get better from here. Lol overall my tummy is flat but just majorly swollen but that's to be expected so that's cool. I'm gonna go take a shower then have my hubby take some pics to post with this post. Drainless TT has been an amazing bonus to. I can't wait till the swelling goes down so I can see the real results!

Post-OpDay 6:I went completely off the pain pill &...

Post-OpDay 6:I went completely off the pain pill & switched only to Tylenol which wasnt really a problem during the day but OMG my night was miserable! So for the entire wk my kids have been gone with my Hubby's Step Dad & their cousins on vacation they went to Six flags, Schlitterbahn ect & just came back last night. Before surgery I promised my daughter we would have a sleepover in the living room(figured I'd be sleeping on the recliner anyway& she's always begging to have one) so of course as soon as she came home she was looking forward to it. We got all settled in with our comfy pillows & blankets hung out & then watched tv till like 2am then she went to sleep...after that I tried & tried to sleep & get comfortable but it just want happening. I tried changing clothes, loosening my compression garment, moving in a million positions & nothing was working. I was miserable, in & outta sleep & in a lotta pain. To top it off getting to the bathroom was like being blindfolded in one of those headge mazes(which u know I had to go like 50 times) & then I a nightmare about a giant spider attacking my face...idk I was just straight up trippin! LolI made it till about 6am then I had to ditch her for my own bed.

1 WeekPost-Op: Just had my 1wk check up &things...

1 WeekPost-Op: Just had my 1wk check up &things are good. They called me right back, had me change then removed my tape on the incision line which surprisingly didn't really hurt like I thought it would. It's stung a tiny bit on the left corner but not bad at all. The nurse was visiting with me at the same time so Im sure the distraction helped. It was very quick. They also removed the stitches from my belly button & my incision line. This was the 1st time I was able to see my actual incision( since its been completely covered with that tape). It was so much flatter & smoother than I expected. After that she put some sort of glue(it has a name but I can't remember) over my incision & told me it will protect it & help it heal. The glue is suppose to flake/wear off gradually over 2 wks. That's when my next follow up will be. They also told me that I can stop wearing my compression garment & switch to spankx from here on out. I have to admit this scares me a bit. I feel like the garment keeps me secure & helps less fluid build up. It seems more helpful than bothersome to me. I asked about scar guard or the gelzone garment/silicone strips & they said I can start that after 2 more weeks. Nurse also told me to wean myself off the Tylenol when I can. I seem to need it 1st thing in the morning & after that Im pretty much good to go but we'll see may do a dose right before bed too. I also asked if I can sleep o my side yet & they said whatever is comfortable at this point is fine. Just outta curiosity has anyone tried the marble trick with your belly button? Been reading about that I'm gonna ask my PS about it. Also forgot to ask when to stop taking the stool softener. I'm really over it so the sooner the better ugh! Lol

Post Op Day 8: Wow its been a crazy day! So I've...

Post Op Day 8: Wow its been a crazy day! So I've been feeling really good & building up more endurance with each day but of course I'm still dealing with the normal daily morning soreness & overall all day swelling. Today I got really ballsy & actually ventured out of the house...I took my daughter with & we went to run several errands.
Went by Rue 21 to return a top & got suckered in & ended up with like 4 giant sacks filled with clothes & shoes(couldn't resist the Amazing Sale!!!). So picture me still all hunched over walking around leaning on sales racks frantically grabbing item after item & piling them on my daughter(since I'm not suppose to be lifting...don't feel sorry for her she wears half the stuff I buy anyway). She was covered in a mountain of stuff & could literally barely make it to the register! It was outta control!
In between errands I would take a break in the car recline my seat & drink water which seemed to help a lot! We ended our journey at Walmart which was the worst idea ever because by that time I was freakin' exhausted! I told my daughter I was gonna use the motorized cart & of course she was all mortified trying to convince me that I can just make it by leaning on the regular cart. So not wanting to embarrass my child (& get dirty looks from strangers which I knew would happen) I tried the regular cart. After 10 min I couldn't make it so I had to ask some random worker guy for a motor cart. He brought it to us the only way he could by riding in it which caused my daughter to burst into hysterical laughter then causing me to laugh so hard I cried which made random passer byers think I was in pain(even though i kinda was from the laughing) it was the most awkward situation ever! OMG! I swear I wish I could have recorded the whole thing! To make it worst I'm 29 but look WAY younger with my 12yr old who people think is my sister riding around in the motor cart looking perfectly capable of walking & you wouldn't believe the way people responded. I got dirty looks & comments. I had to explain to one lady that I just had surgery after she stared me up & down for like a full 5 min-awkward. People must have though we were just punk kids goofing off. It didn't help that my daughter literally laughed at me like the whole time we were there
Anyways the only relevant part of that story is that I got a new bodyshaper, Thank you SoontoBFlat for recommending the Walmart brand! I really love it so far. I put a clean tank top under it(plan to do that daily) it fits comfortably & provides just the right amount of support. Its a lot better than my binder so I'm glad I listened to my PS & switched over. I'm going to post a pic of it in case anyone is interested in trying it. It cost $14 at Walmart. Happy Healing All:)

Post Op Day 9: Hope everybody is doing great &...

Post Op Day 9: Hope everybody is doing great & healing well! Today I just completely kicked back & relaxed & loved every minute of it. I did try the other body shaper today. I'm not sure how I feel about it. The crotch snaps keeping it from rolling outta place but it's annoying having to unhook it each time you need to go to the restroom & it seemed a bit too firm. Maybe I'll like it more once I'm not so swollen(I ended up switching back into the Haynes one I posted yesterday which is perfect). Speaking of swelling I know the swelling is normal & going to last for weeks or possibly months but I wonder if a drainless TT causes more or longer swelling. Also Im still very bruised all over my belly. I was bruised on my hips too but those have gotten a ton better. I wonder if my PS did any lipo during the TT on my abdomen & if that's why I have the bruising or if it's from the TT itself. Ill probably call tomorrow & ask some of these questions. All in all I feel like I'm recovering well. I noticed my scar beginning to change now that I have the glue stuff over it instead of he steristrip. Has anyone tried the silicone sheeting? If so what results did u have?

Post Op Day 10: So Im still concerned about the...

Post Op Day 10: So Im still concerned about the bruising & that one side seems to always be more swollen. Called my PS today with a long list of questions some of which they couldnt answer well without seeing me & welcomed me to come by so they could take a look at me but since I live 3 hrs away that just wasnt gonna work. I'm gonna take pics & email those with my questions so they can see what I'm talking about.
Had a good productive day. Felt great getting out of the house. So happy I can do a bit more each day without being as tired. I'm still walking bent which is embarrassing. The lady at the bank was all "did u hurt your back?" & then I was like "no I just had surgery" & she said "oh that's what I figured"(lol she probably thought I got my boobs done. Several people asked me if I did today so I guess they look bigger now that my chubby tummy is gone)

Post Op day 11: Last night was the first night I...

Post Op day 11: Last night was the first night I slep almost flat on my back. I woke up sore as usual but wow was my swelling gone & my tummy flat. I had this awesome definition down the entire middle or my stomach it was amazing. Of course once I started moving around the swelling came. Boooo:/ I also can walk a bit more upright today. I almost look normal now lol and I can walk around for much longer without getting tired. I go back to work fulltime Tue I'm praying by then I can stand all the way upright. I've been doing daily updates but once I hit day 14 I'll switch to weekly then monthly. Hope someone finds these posts helpful:)

Post Op Day 12: Again I love the 1st morning...

Post Op Day 12: Again I love the 1st morning results each day but then immediately begin to swell up. My swelling is mostly in my lower abdomen & on my right side. It's so weird how different my right & left sides are doing! My right side has this lump kinda thing that's always there & the whole side is just way more swollen overall. My bb is still my most worrisome thing at this point because I swear it's shrinking by the day. I'm really going to have to do the earplug or marble because it's getting way too small. My scar is still doing well. Seems like that glue really helped it heal completely flat. The only areas that I have worries about are where the glue came off completely because they kinda puffed up but I put a steri strip over those which hopefully will help. I slept on my left side last night(on an air mattress with tons of pillows). It seemed comfy except when I woke up my right knee was hurting so bad-weird & I was more swollen than normal for the morning:/ the extra swelling could have been from our dinner which eas way more salty than my normal diet. I know all these things are probably normal but hearing that from my Dr will be reasuring. I can't wait to see my PS to make sure everything is good or at least hear from them about my email. This recovery process is just like a rollercoster ride but theres comfort in knowing it won't go on forever;)

Post Op Day 13: Well ladies I guess I'm in "swell...

Post Op Day 13: Well ladies I guess I'm in "swell hell"! I never fully understood what people meant by that but now I do! My stomach is so friikin swollen it feels like a rock. Normally I only have 1 small hard area on my right side & everywhere else is swollen but still soft to the touch. Omg not now, everything below my bb is like touching a wall! Ugh! I've been out of town yesterday & today with family we had chicken last night & fajitas today (both grilled) but way more sodium than my body is use to. I've still been drinking my water but even that's not helping. I haven't done anything to my bb yet aside from daily cleaning with the water/peroxide mixture which is still worrying me. I just want to talk to my PS tomorrow to get the ok before I do anything but I know I'll have to do something cuz its so tiny. I'm just praying all is normal & I'm on the right track for my recovery. On a happy not I've gotten much more feeling back to my entire tummy. It's still numb but I have a lot more sensation than I since surgery:) hope everybody is doing well at whatever stage you're at! In the end all this will be worth it:)

2 Weeks Post Op: Was woken up by a call from my PS...

2 Weeks Post Op: Was woken up by a call from my PS nurse this morning saying my PS was concerned about the bruising in the pics that I'd sent them but couldn't really tell so they wanted to see me in rhe office. Unfornunately I am now home(3hrs away) so I told them I would have my husband take a clearer set of pics to send. I sent those & once my PS was done with surgery he looked them over & they called me back to say that everything was normal & healing just fine! This is GREAT NEWS for me because I've been freaking out thinking my bb is going to heal itself shut(lol it's been shrinking by the day) & my giant swollen right side was bad but he says it's all normal & my bb is looking good & once the swelling goes down it should all look great. I have to stop the hydrogenperoxide/water cleanings & put a thin layer of antibiotic cream in my bb. I'm so releaved! Now I'm just trying to detox from the salt. Trying for as little sodium as possible this wk & tons of water. Hopefully I can make it through the workweek:)

Post Op Day 15:Back to work today! So I know I...

Post Op Day 15:Back to work today! So I know I said I'm only suppose to post weekly drom now on but I just had to share this. I went back to work which was a challenge. My stamina is definitely less. I just made the best of it & took breaks when I needed. I think I'll be fine with work. It's harder to stay on track with drinking water & doing a lot of the things I need to but I'm just going to have to make the time to take care of me. I was so swollen today(as usual). My stomach is hard like a frickin wall which is honestly freaking me out. I started feeling really doubtful & bad about the swelling but once I got some rest & actually looked in the mirror I realized everything is fine & looks normal. Even my belly button is looking better. I just keep reminding myself that it's a process & it's not going to be magically fixed or unswollen tomorrow even though I wish it would. Hope this is helpful to anyone else is going through these doubts & frustrations to know you're not alone.

3 Weeks Post Op: Had my 3 wk check up with my PS...

3 Weeks Post Op: Had my 3 wk check up with my PS yesterday & he says everything is coming along great. I had a long list of questions for him as usual. lol He answered them all & made me feel much better. I was concerned about my right side being more swollen, my bb healing well & my bruising & he checked it all out & said its all normal. Woohoo! He recommended for me to wear my compression garment at least another wk.( I probably will continue to wear it for several more wks anyway since its not a bother & makes me feel more secure) He also wants me to start massaging my scar 2X per day with vitamin E oil & said I can use the silicon sheeting too. Im disappointed that my two sides aren't the same. I'm hoping once the swelling goes down they'll be the same. He showed me the before pic & was saying that one side was slightly different which it was barely but nowhere near what it looks like now. I find this a bit annoying becuase if thats the case they should have told me about that during preop or my consult. Oh well I can do now is wait for the swelling to go down & hope the final result looks more even. He basically told me to eat whatever I want & that the salt doesnt matter that much. Im still going to try to watch the salt since it made me swell even before sugery. I don't go back for another check up for another month. So overall everything is going & looking great. I have much more energy than last week. I'm still swelling off & on but nothing unusual. I can stand up completely straight unless I've been sitting for a long time. Im able to sleep on my side using lots of pillows which is a treat. Im looking great in all my clothes which is exciting. I'll post some pics soon. Hope you guys are all doing great Pre & Post-Op:)

So I really need y'alls help!!! I'm starting scar...

So I really need y'alls help!!! I'm starting scar therapy today. I can't decide between silicon sheeting(Scaraway brand) or Scarguard MD which contains silicon & vitamin e & you paint on your scar daily. I've been trying to research on the internet but both have good reviews so I'm torn. Have any of u used either products & if so what kind of results did u have? Any help u could give would be amazing!

Post Op Day 23:I'm posting some New Pics with this...

Post Op Day 23:I'm posting some New Pics with this update. So I started scar therapy today! This morning & this evening I massaged my scar using BioOil. It was really quick & easy to use so no complaints there. I also purchased Scar Guard which is a liquid you paint on your scar once daily that contains a mixture of silicon, vitamin E, & other good stuff. Its really good from what I've read but will take it back because I decided not to use it. Last I purchased Scar Away Silicon Sheeting. I got all 3 & figured I'd do some research into what would work best for me & decided to go with the silicon sheeting which I started tonight. I cleaned the area with soap & warm water, let it dry completely then cut the strips to fit my scar(cut them in half width wise). You take them off to shower & wash them with soap & water dry & reapply. You have to leave them on a min or 12hrs daily & each set of strips is good to reuse for 2 wks(I think one box will last me 6 wks or so & only cost $19.49 at CVS). I'm going to sleep in them & only take them off to shower & clean them. I will take a pic once a week so we can see if there's any change. From what I read this silicon sheeting is the best option for treating post op scars. I'm hoping it will help with flattening & lightening my scar which is looking kida zigzagy. I also have some pleating on the left side that I'm hoping these might help with so we shall see...

Sorry I've been MIA lately things have been crazy...

Sorry I've been MIA lately things have been crazy busy! Here's a New UPDATE & New PICS! Hope everybody is doing great & healing well:) I cant wait to catch up on all yall's stories!!!
4 Weeks Post Op: I can't believe its already been a month since my surgery! Things are pretty much back to normal now. My energy levels are great. I can work all day like I use to before surgery without getting tired. Awesomeness! Unfortunately I'm still dealing with the swelling. Some days its SO bad that my stomach look lopsided & freakish lol then others I'm hardly swollen & I can see definition in my abs & everything looks nice & symmetrical(mornings are the best times for me to sneak a peek). I'm still doing the scaraway silicon sheeting & the biooil for scar therapy. I massage my entire stomach bb & scar with biooil & I wear the sheeting 24/7 with the exception of taking it off to shower & wash/dry it. My scar is looking pretty good. Its a lot flatter & softer than before so I guess its working. I'm going to have to do a lightening cream though since I always get hyper-pigmentation. Knew this would happen though so no biggie. I stopped using the bodyshaper this week & I mostly wear dresses & yoga pants. I'm too scared to wear jeans yet. My tight jeans+a numb stomach=problems:/

7 Weeks Post Op: Wow I can't believe tomorrow will...

7 Weeks Post Op: Wow I can't believe tomorrow will make 7 wks since my surgery! I added some new pics with this post. Somehow I lost track of the weeks & thought I was just at 6wks. lol The time has flown by! I've been doing great & everything is pretty much back to normal. Of course I'm still dealing with the swelling & my stomach is still numb. I have some sensation back but not a lot. I can sleep comfortably on my side(have been for probably 3 wks or so). I don't wear the bodyshaper at all anymore but I am still doing the silicon sheeting for my scar. Its a pain in the butt hopefully it'll be worth it. Overall Im very happy with the results...keeping in mind that Im still swollen. I know that the more time passes the better I'll look.Tomorrow I'm starting bk to my gym routine. I'll start off taking it easy walking on the treadmill & doing legs & arms. I can't wait to see the results in another 6-8wks after working out & can't wait to be able to run again. Happy Healing Guys :)

Feeling amazing after my 1st workout! Walked for a...

Feeling amazing after my 1st workout! Walked for a mile then jogged for 1/2 a mile & did some weights. May not seem like much but Wow I've come a long way from barely having enough energy to get from the bed to the bathroom! It felt really weird to be jogging again. I thought I'd swell up a lot after but I haven't. Best of all I didn't have to worry about my belly gigglin' as I ran cause it GONE! Whoop:)

2 Months Post OP: Wow I can't believe its been 2...

2 Months Post OP: Wow I can't believe its been 2 months since my surgery! I'm loving my results so much at this point & for the most part I'm back to normal. My energy levels are 100% & I can do everything I did before surgery comfortably. So ladies that have just had surgery hang in there & know it gets better if you're having a hard time. I'm still dealing with the swelling especially when I do too much at work or around the house. The swelling is mostly in my lower abdomen though. I am still really numb all over my tummy. I'm sure it'll be a long time before that improves. I was able to sleep comfortably on my tummy for the first time last night & it was heavenly!!! I didn't sleep that way all night but being able to lay comfortably on my tummy was amazing! I'm back to working out but taking it easy doing cardio & light weights(will be a while before I'm doing Insanity again lol) I'm still using the silicone strips for scar therapy & also using the biooil all over my tummy, to massage my scar & on my BB.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I decided on my doctor after doing tons of research! I looked at countless befores & after pictures, searched through page upon page of online dr reviews & did in office consultations with 3 different doctors before I decided to go with Dr. Y. Anthony Nakamura. He & his staff are amazing! I felt comfortable with him from the beginning! He sat down with me & explained the process in detail, & answered all of my questions. I was impressed with his work & very happy with my consult. I know I'm in great hands with his 20+ years of experience & I feel confident he'll be able to give me the results that I'm looking for!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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wow ,great story.been researching for a long time since 84 lbs lost!i work with a 94 yr old man but theres no lifting .just daily cleaning shopping laundry etc .same as id do for myself . need to be able to go back asap after surgery . would love drainless .any difference?im in ny and havent found anyone who does this. any new pics?
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Drainless was amazing! My ab muscles are so strong that they didn't split during this last pregnancy even though they split the first two. The recovery was great, tummy looks great. I'd say go for it if you find the right surgeon. :)
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Ps, just posted some new pics. Congrats on your weight loss!
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Didn't mean to take over your thread Beautychick. You look awesome!
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Wow! you look amazing! I am also doing the drainless tt in Dallas, and my husband and I will be driving 4 hours on the road. I read you are 3 hours away from your ps, how did you handle your drive home? Did you stay overnight at the surgical center?
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Hey, yes, I stayed overnight in the hospital...my surgeon required it. I was free to go home the next day, and then I returned for post op appts. If I had a question in between appointments, I would email, call, send pics. It was great. Indy is actually 2 hours from here, but if you find the right surgeon, even if you have to stay in a hotel a couple nights, it's worth the inconvenience. :)
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Sorry, I replied like the question was directed at me. Just throwing in my two cents. I think it's totally worth it!
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i'm having a drainless tt too, which initially worried me. Looking at your pics has eased that anxiety a bit. Would love to see some updated pics of you.
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You don't know how good it is to read your story! I'm having a drainless tummy tuck in 5 1/2 months and was getting a little worried when everyone video dairy on you tube was a tummy tuck with the drains. Your stomach, belly button, and scar look amazing! I know it's been awhile since your surgery but do you have any updated pictures? I have 4 children, youngest being 4, and work full time so if you have any helpful tips to make my process go as smoothly as possible, it would be greatly appreciated!
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When were you able to stand all the way up straight?
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Did he cut all the skin above your belly button? You and I have twin before-TT bellies. I have stretch marks below the BB and about an inch above the BB. I'm scared that I may not have enough skin to get a full tuck.
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Thanks for your posts, you look awesome. I also had a drainless TT with the same PS and love my results. I am going through the swelling now and also freaking out about my belly button. Reading your posts helps me know what to expect.
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Thank you for such detailed and encouraging posts. I had a drain less TT yesterday and am now looking for information on healing because I have to go back to work as well. Your pics are great - you have amazing results ( although I think you looked good in before pics too).
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Wow! Your waist is so tiny now! You look beautiful :)
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You look stunning! Oh my goodness- I don't even see the scar!
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Awh thanks Swirl I'm doing the silicon strips on my scar & I really think they help a lot. When I don't wear them for a few days I can tell the difference!
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Your body looks amazing. Your surgeon did an amazing job...keep up the good work you look great.
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Thanks Proudmommy:) I'm so much happier & more confident since I had my surgery! I love that I don't have to stress about how my belly is going to look when I choose my clothes for the day.
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u look great
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Thanks SaintJoseph I'm so swollen today. I swear every time I eat Mexican food I swell. Lol every single time...doesn't stop me though. Good thing I'm getting my gym time in;)
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You're welcome & thanks for that info. Some people say bio oil is no good so I was curious about it.
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I like the biooil for massaging my scar but to me the strips work best for helping it heal nicely. I tried mederma scar gel for a bit & it seemed ok too.
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Congrats on your results. How is the bio oil working for you & how often are you using it?
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Thanks Bootiebeauty78 the bio oil seems to be working good. I just use it to massage my scar & bb one a day. I do put it all over my belly too to help moisturize it. I think the silicone strips are helping the most. They keep a little pressure on the scar & help make it soft & smoother. I will probably still have to use a lightening gel on my scar to help it fade.
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You look great. Excellent choice with your Dr. I wanted to know if you got lipo as well. I am about the same size you was before your TT and I think I need lipo but my Dr doesn't think so. You results look amazing so I wanted to know was it just a full TT without lipo or with lipo.
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