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I Need Help Deciding to Go Forth with a Breast Lift! - Arlington, TX

I am a 29 yr old single mom of two kids. I had...

I am a 29 yr old single mom of two kids. I had beautiful perky breasts before kids, but then I stretched from a 32C to a G when I was pregnant, and they stayed at a 32D cup but very saggy. I am so self contious in a bikini top bc I have to keep tucking them in, and if I lean over they wrinkle up..nasty! But, when I am with a guy they say they are not that bad, and I don't need one. I have decided if I get one it's going to be just a lift, but is it worth it and should I do it!? I just got my taxes back... $6,000. Should that be enough and what do yall think? Should I go ahead and do it? I've been considering this for 5 years and have had 4 consultations, all being breast aug's, not a lift.


I live in Arlington too, and I just went to Dr David Godat in Dallas for full TT and muscle repair. My results are amazing, but he specializes in something called an internal bra that I talked to him about and when leaving his office there's something about breast augmentation special for 3700 right now. I've seen his breast patients and they look amazing, plus I LOVE his staff. The drive from Arlington is about 25 min with no traffic, but I definely suggest to check him out. :) I'm trying to convince my hubby for a lift and lipo at the end of the year once healed from my TT. Happy searching
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I'm 27. No kids, but lots a lot of weight over the past few years. Your boobs remind me of mine. Very pretty and rather large, but no fullness. I am about to start my search for a surgeon. I'm doing the surgery. I'm ready. Good luck to you.
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Your boobs look almost 100% like mine. I am scheduled for Surgery on Sept 19th. I am having a BL/BA. what did you end up deciding to do? If you had surgery I would love to see after photos!
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My boyfriend designed his office long ago and he is an artist... a greasurgeon! Suggestions are definitely accepted!!

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