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I have finally decided to get the Smart Lipo...

I have finally decided to get the Smart Lipo procedure performed on my upper & low abs, back, & flanks during June 2012. I have always had an athletic build; I've participated in sport since my teens. Even when I was at peak performance, I have always carried a few extra lbs in my mid section. Finally, I have decided to address this area. I am excited & nervous at the sametime. I cant wait & I will update you all throughout my process. My doctor name is Brett A. Campfield, MD. (Clinic: Laser Aesthetics Body & Wellness)


Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Please keep us updated with your progress!

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Ok, so I am having mixed thoughts about my...

Ok, so I am having mixed thoughts about my procedure. Well, in choosing the right doctor.....1st let me start by saying I have seen my current docwork & he has done well. However, I have been viewing plenty of other ppls reviews/pictures on this site & I am really liking Dr. Mendieta results (luv his work); he's seems to be great at sculpting curves. I am also liking Dr. Stanley Okoro, MD in ATL., mainly for his overall sliming results. The only things is.......I've already put down my 20% down payment + paid 2.5k towards my procedure & they do not give refunds (bummer).

Plus, another reason I am having mixed thoughts, is because I haven't seen enough pics of ppl w/ my body type + I am wanting a more sculpted look, rather than just going flat.

I have a doc appointment coming up soon; I will ensure I share my concerns/wants w/ my doc. Plus, sometimes in the near future I will also share some before pics; although, I am kind of nervous due to the fact this is the world wide web :/


Thank 4 providing this great website :)

I've finally posted some before pics. I had a...

I've finally posted some before pics. I had a follow-up Pre-Op visit w/ my doc yesterday. My thoughts have eased a bit....just a bit. I've asked to see more pics, however, due to privacy reasons they were able to show me additional pics. One of the nurses stated that's why it's so hard to advertise, because no one wants anyone to know they've gotten the operation. I plan to lose another 10-12 lbs before my operation, so I can be pleased w/ my results. Hopefully, I do not experience any sagging after the operation; I think I have a good amount of elasticity in my skin & I currently don't have any cellulite. I am suppose to follow up w/ a massage therapist today to book my 1st post op message. I've heard it's suppose to help w/ drainage & lumping. Does anyone a disagree w/ the post op messages? Also, I've decided only to get my Upper/ Lower & Flanks done. The doc & I think I have much upper back fat. However, he stated he will go up a little bit on my back for blending purposes......What do you all think of this?

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BTW....... Im 5'7.5 tall 188 lbs Waist: 36...

Im 5'7.5 tall
188 lbs
Waist: 36 inches
Age: 29


Hi. I will be using the garment you can see here: http://hold-inn.no/index.php/catalog/product/gallery/id/7/image/7/

It is imported to Norway from Colombia. During my procedure I will be treated with something called Eximia. After the operation I will come back for 5 more Eximia treatments. I cant believe its only 5 days away:-)

I am waiting for realself to post what I have written and the before pictures I put up.

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My doctor will be using both smart & tickle lipo during my procedure. I checked out website you ordered you garment from, but........I can't read the different language, lol! However, I luv luv the way the garments seem to fit. Plus, those jeans were nice, as well! Keep us updated w/ your progress! I'm excited & nervous at the sametime.
Hi, Anita! Wow, that's great! I be looking forwarded to hear your about your experience. Are you taking any supplements pre/post op? What type of garment will you be wearing afterwards & will you be doing any messages afterwards? You have to post pics of your pre & post results. Good
Luck :)
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Ok, so I had another visit yesterday; my procedure...

Ok, so I had another visit yesterday; my procedure date is official & approaching soon. I must say that I am a little nervous & pray to God I get results that I will love love w/ no complications. I'm a little scared, because I just started reading all the negative reviews some ppl have experienced, but Im trying to keep thinking about the real life visual work that I have seen my doc perform.

So, the nurse gave me some pre op instructions. Here's the direction I've been given:
* Take antibiotic meds night & morning before op
* Arrive at 730a (eat light breakfast- toast & juice)
* You may take prescribed meds Halcion 0.25mg night before to help rest
* Wear loose fitting comfy clothing
* I will be given an compression garment after drainage has stopped (usually 24-36 hours following op)
* No shower or bath day of op & only showers until incisions are completely healed
* Must have a person of age sign for your discharge & drive you home
* Make follow up appointment to see doctor 48 hrs after op
* They also offer after hours support
* Dont take any fish oil supplements a week prior to op; may induced excessive bleeding

Let me know if your doc has given you the same or different instructions.

To be honest w/ you all, I haven't told anyone. don't want to risk telling someone & they unconsciously tell someone else that I do not want to know. So, I am purely relying on my REAL SELF pals for support......who better than someone who has experienced this op. The count down begins.........


Hi Kooni!!!! Thank you so much for following up :) Reading your response has eased some of my concerns! I want to have realistic expectation, while being very pleased/ happy with my results. You right......I have so many questions, this is a big event. I've lost more weight since Ive posted my before pics ( when I was 216 the nurse said i would be please w/ my results if I did so. I am going to update more pics soon. I agree w/ you on monitoring eat habits & maintaining physical exercise after is key to maintaining & even improve results. Again, thank you so much for following up! Check your Inbox.
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I just wanted to give you my 2 cent regarding Smart Lipo. I come back to this board from time to time and I must admit, I may not have done it with all of the bad reviews I have been seeing. In my opinion, it was the best money I've ever spent. Now, I'm saying that based on what my expectation were. I'm 33 with 2 boys, my youngest son really did me in. I was maybe 125 before I got pregnant and gained almost 70 lbs. (I'm 5'3) My first son was born premature so I didn't gain much nor did I get any stretch marks but with this second baby....I got sooooo big and it looked like a cat jumped on top of my belly and went CRAZY! So, with that being said, I just wanted to look BETTER! Is my skin smooth, No, but it wasn't smooth before I had Smart Lipo. But it isn't sagging neither. Would I wear a bikini, No, (I have, but its not my preference) but I wouldn't have worn one before neither. Am I ok with what I see when I look in the mirror, Absolutely! I love the fact that my stomach is flat and I have no muffin top. It's doesn't look like it did when I was in my early 20's but I'm ok with that. Do I look sexy as hell in my clothes, YES....I didn't before! What does my husband think...He LOVE it! (Men!!) Also, me deciding to have Smart Lipo was the beginning of a life change...I exercise on a regular basis and I eat right (no fast foods, no soda, no snacks....pretty much anything that taste good is out...lol) I look small and petite but I still have my womanly curves. You have to do this in order to maintain, you can put the weight back on...in the same places!

Also, I had a friend that had hers done maybe a week or so after me and she was never satisfied with her results...we went to the same doctor but she didn't get as much done as I did. She looked good for a while but then she started putting the weight back on! She always compared hers to mine and she said the doctor took out more "fat" on me than he did on her. (We went to the same doctor) In my opinion, she didn't change her diet very well.

Oh, and you MUST wear you garment! I wore mine forever but I was a little OCD lol! If you have any other questions which I am sure you do; you are more than welcome to call me or send me an email but remember we are in the same area...lol, joking!
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Hi Renewmesoon...I ordered my garment from http://designveronique.com/cgi-bin/ic/dv2/853H.html You will see it is very similar to the one that Anita recommended only you can order it in the US. You start off with the zippered one right after the procedure...then as the swelling decreases, you can order the non-zippered which is a half size smaller. They have other styles too, but I choose this one as I prefer to wear my own bra.
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I went in today for my LIPO Shot & I followed up...

I went in today for my LIPO Shot & I followed up w/ the nurse concerning potential patience referrals & I was told that they could not disclose this information due to HIPAA LAW :/.Most of their nurses are pretty good about follow-up. However, if you have questions that you would like to asked, it will be better to ask while at the office vs via phone (the follow up is much faster). Well, thank God for this website; I was able to locate individuals who previously had this procedure done at their office.


There was such a bad ridge under my belly button that my doctor had me go in for a second surgery at his request. I have to go see a plastic surgeon to get it fixed because when I had follow up appointments with my doctor, he suggested more procedures for more money. I have an extremely petite frame and I wasn't looking for a miracle, just some post baby correction and this was Not it! Im in WA state or I'd definately meet you for coffee! I'll download my pictures and post them ASAP.

Ok.......So, I am counting down! I officially have...

Ok.......So, I am counting down! I officially have 6 days until my surgery! I am excited & nervous at the same time, in which I have been for awhile. I've been working out twice a day & monitoring my eating. I'll will post more pics of mynweight lost results on Monday night, before my Tuesday morning procedure. I am thinking about taking a trip 4 week post procedure........What do you guys think of that?????? Is it too soon???? Thanks for the support :) I haven't heard from the clinic since my last weeks visit; I'm going to follow up w/ them in the morning, just to make sure I am clear on any actions that need to be taken prior to my surgery.

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Oops....Excuse me, for the previous spelling &...

Oops....Excuse me, for the previous spelling & gramma errors! I should proof read more often.....I am always in such a rush!

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So, I spoke w/ the nurse at the office & she...

So, I spoke w/ the nurse at the office & she stated that I would be ok, if I wanted to take a trip 30 days after my procedure. She stated, that several patient have taken trips 2 weeks post procedure. I guess I will have to see how I feel. Im getting more excited as the days wind down :)


Hi Renewmesoon. I think as long as you did your research, and you are going to see a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON, not a cosmetic surgeon, who has plenty of experience you should be fine. I feel that for some people who didn't get the results they wanted, either they were expecting the doctor to mold a super model afterwards, or they didn't do their research and didn't see a plastic surgeon to get the procedure. I am 16 days in, and everyday I wake up, my swelling has tapered and I get even happier. Good luck.
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So, looking forward to my op tomorrow! Currently,...

So, looking forward to my op tomorrow! Currently, I have been take arnica pills for the last 5 day to help reduce any bruise & swelling post procedure. Also, I've purchased some bromelain supplements to take post procedure, it wil assist w/ inflammation, swelling, and bruising. I'm have also been lowering my sodium intake & increasing my water?


Happy Healing! Get better soon!
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Glad to hear it :-) The first week is exciting but can be a bit rough at the same time. So get plenty of rent and wear that garment! I finally posted pics myself, so take a look when you get a chance.
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Hey Renewmesoon - Just checking on you!
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Hi girlies! I finally have my laptop & I am...

Hi girlies! I finally have my laptop & I am excited to share my experience. Today is officially day 6 post procedure; I have included pics from 24 hrs, 3days, 6days post.

After my procedure I have been really watching what I eat: I have been eating nuts & trail mix (no salt), vegetables (no salt), veggie omelets (no salt), Healthy chips (110 g sodium), protein & veggie shakes, Low fat cookies/crackers/cereal, & approx. 10-12 glass of water per day. Started taking arnica pills 7days pre-op & plan to take them for the next 3 weeks. I started taking 1000 mg of bromelain on day 4. I haven't experienced much bruising at all.

Day of procedure:
I was given meds, he started at approx. 9:30a & I was done at approx. 1p. They took pics & I got on the scale & I was 10 lbs lighter 179 lbs to be exact!!!!!! The only time I felt any sharp pain was when he was on my back flanks & belly button area; but it wasn't terrible. Doctors & nurse care was excellent; they were consistently checking up on me. I went home & laid on my stomach & went to sleep. He took out 2 liters of fat.......WOW & I can tell the difference!

2nd day:
I was really sore, like a really really hard workout. The pain after the procedure wasn't as bad as I though it would be; it was bearable. The most difficult part was probably getting in & out of the bed. I even went for a ride w/the hubby & to the clinic so the nurse could help me change out my pads & wrap/bandages. As you can see from the pics I still had lots of fluid to drain. I drained for 3 days, but very light on the 3rd day.

3rd day:
Still really sore, but better. I went to my 1st follow-up w/visit the nurse; she was very pleased w/my results. She said, I still had some fluid build up around my belly button & side flank areas that will go down. She took some pics, helped me put on my garment & I was on my way (BTW: This was the 1st day I wore the garment, I was wrapped in ace bandage the last 2 days). I went to T. J. Maxx & Whole Food afterwards; I drove myself. Still a little difficult to get in & out of the car. At this point I am only taking Iburprofen.

4th day:
Much better...! It's much easier to stand than sit or lay. I started wearing a corset over my garment & it really helps w/ the pain & soreness + it helps me keep my back & tummy straight, as well. Went out for a walk w/the baby & hubby. I am experience more soreness in my back today.

5th day:

Went to church & soreness is getting better day by day. I feel I was a little bit more swollen today. However, I am still tracking on my diet.

6th day:
Back to work Monday! Much better....still sore & numb. Each day gets better & better, swelling seems to be down a little. I feel it's much easier to mover around, but I will take it easy.


Absolutely...swelling will come and go. One day you will feel extra tiny...the next you will feel Huge! It's only day five so no need to worry yet, but as always talk to your doctor on your next visit just to be sure. Until then, make sure you are wearing your garment and following the instructions they gave you :-)
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This day 5 for me, I think I have increased swelling. Is that normal?
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Hi Juli, Spare Tires is correct. During your 1st week swelling is normal. Try decreasing your sodium intake, as well. I've been on a very low sodium diet. However, I ate (2) 100 calorie pringles yesterday & later on that night I experienced an increased level of swelling; but, the next morning I felt completely flat. Also, swelling is all that bad all the time. Swelling is your body's natural defense used to heal itself after a tramatic experience such as surgery and/or injury. Keep us update w/ your progress. Hope you start to feel better :)

I'm am 9 days post procedure today :) I haven't...

I'm am 9 days post procedure today :) I haven't been taking an meds for the last 3 days.

Yesterday, was my 1st follow up appointment with Dr. Brett Campfield. It was so funny......when he opened the door he was like, wow, you are really wrapped up. I had on my compression garment, corset, and a tank gridle. He said, you know you only have to wear one of those, right....the tank will be enough if you like. I love wearing the corset, because it provides the best support in my back & it lessens the pain on my tummy when I touch or massage it.

For some reason onside of my body likes to swell more than the other side......weird. Well, Dr. Brett tried see if he could drain fluid from one side of my belly button area, nothing came out. I'm sure it will go down, because it's my whole side....even my private area :/. The swelling in my belly button area has gone down quite a bit. I asked him was how much will my side flanks go down? He said, I am still experiencing quite a bit of swelling & as time go by I will really happy. My tummy is a lot flatter, than before :) I can't wait to see the end result. The doctor gave me a prescription for ibuprofen. He said, I may need it when my numb areas wear off. I may experience a slight burning sensation under my skin.

When, I was leaving out, he said are you still using that elliptical? I said.........am I clear to workout & he said yes! I was so thrilled; because that means I can eat more:) It is not easy trying eat just 1200 calories a day to lose weight. I am going to see if I can start off w/ 30 min of elliptical training. I'll let you all know, how it goes :)


Omg!! I wish my belly looked that flat!! I still dont look as good as u lol
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You look so good
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Thanks for a detailed review.
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Dr. Brett A. Campfield

Dr. Brett Campfield was excellent. He was always open to answer any of my questions. He is an experienced cosmetic surgeon & he has conducted this procedure 2k + x's. The patient care was a +, the doctor & nurse asked me how I was feeling throughout my entire procedure. They provided me w/ the senior nurse cell # for any after hour emergency issues. The morning after the procedure the nurse called to follow-up to see how I was tracking post procedure. We were concerned about changing out my pads & wraps/bandages due to my soreness & being able to wrap the area correctly, she offer to help. We hopped in the car & she change out my pad & wrapped me back up once I arrived at the clinic. Once you decided you want to book an official procedure date, you are expected to put down 20% & the rest isn't due until your surgery date. You get 3 free consulation w/ the doctor and every consultation after that is a $50 charge. Their wait times are excellent; I was always in & out during consultations & any office visits.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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