Didn't Want Braces; Worried I Was Overcharged for Invisalign

I have crowded teeth on bottom row,and didn't want...

I have crowded teeth on bottom row,and didn't want braces and iron wire running across my mouth. I wanted a better smile and teeth. I have like vampire teeth on the bottom and I hate it.

I wanted to know if I was overcharged for invisalign. I just them put in on yesterday. I was told I have the comprehensive package, which mean I can get 2 additional refining trays, if my teeth are progressing/straighten as expected at 14trays(7months), for no additonal fee. I current have 14 trays for 7months. In which I started 1 tray on 1/19/10 and I am expected to be complete by 07/20/10, and the Total cost is $5500. Does that sound reasonable? I see some people have post where they have 24 trays for $5000, and I only have 14 trays for same price. I guess I should also mention it also covers all dental visit, which if all goes as planned, I only have to go back to dentist 2 times. And that would be in March & May. Just want an expert opinion, because I feel like it's over priced.
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I paid $7000 for mine, 18 monhs with 14 top and 18 bottom. Includes the permanent wire retainer that is going behind my teeth. And all of the visits, pictures, impressions, xrays that are being done. So far, mine seems like the most expensive on here.
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My understanding for Invisalign is that the orthodonist pays a flat fee for trays 1-12, and another flat fee for trays 13-24, 25-36 etc. So if you have 14 trays or 24 trays the cost to the orthodontist is the same. Just like any other business, they add their own fee for visits, profit margin, etc. I got mine on Jan 12. I have 24 trays and paid $4550. I got quotes from 2 other orthodontists and one wanted $6500! Most orthodontic treatments include all the visits and the retainer at the end. I have 2 other friends that got Invisalign and they both paid over $5000 for theirs.
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