3 weeks post op with PICTURES...feeling good!

Hi gals...I am a 37 mother of 3 via c-section. My...

Hi gals...I am a 37 mother of 3 via c-section. My boys were both over 9 lbs and my little girl was a "tiny" 8 lbs 4 oz. I have the "c-section shelf" and loose skin. I have worked out for years...run, pilates, yoga, strength train and nothing rids me of my pooch. I also discovered I have the infamous rectus diastasis, where my muscles are considerably separated. I am estatic that I finally will have the stomach I aim for, but I have to admit, I am super nervous!

Welcome to the community!   You are going to be loving that new tummy soon and will be bikini ready by summer.



I'm scheduled for Jan 9! Nervous too! I had 4 c-sections and have that hanging skin also. I run and workout and nothing helps. Just worried about the pain and waking up after. It's almost here and I'm ready to get it over with! Everybody says its worth it!!
I completely agree...everyone says its worth it, which I'm sure it is, but I'm nervous. A friend of mine just told me today that she is NOT good with pain, but didn't think it was that bad. Maybe because everyone prepares you for the pain?! Either way, we're doing it right?!

So although I'm apprehensive to post pictures, I...

So although I'm apprehensive to post pictures, I am going to. If only to have something to look back at after the surgery and hopefully see a drastic change. I am 3 weeks out and pretty ready! I am nervous about the down time and my daily life. My youngest child is only 16 months and still needs/wants her mommy quite a bit. I am hoping that between my mom and mother in law, I will be okay...I have "coverage" for two weeks following the surgery and then I'm on my own. My 8 year old son is on board to help with his baby sister too. Crossing my fingers it all works out!
You will love Dr. Placik and his staff. I'm 9 days PO and am loving my results and the staff. Everything is moving right along and though I'm still a little hunched, if I had a little one, I think in a couple more days I would be able to handle things myself. Luckily I don't, my littlest one is 16 years old! Any questions you might have about anything, feel free to message me! Good luck!
Good Luck. I'm sure you will have great results. :)
Good luck hun.

3 days out and the pain is manageable. I do,...

3 days out and the pain is manageable. I do, however, have the worst nausea and have a hard time keeping anything down. Not fun with a sore stomach!
Hi there, we had our TT on the same day. I too am a little nauseous. I still have my patch behind my ear, and I have been able to eat. The pain is definitely there, but since I was planning on it being the worst pain imaginable its not as bad as I thought. Hope you are feeling better soon!!!
Hi i had 2 large baby boys to and 2 c-sections...hang in there with the nausea i had it terribly for 4 days then it went. I couldn't eat for 5 days just a spoon of rice. Day 7 i was back to normal eating.So hopefully it will pass Soon for !You will feel like a new women at day 7! Every day gets so much easier. Its worth it, you will see a drastic change.
Thank you Shelty for your comment, you have given me hope! The nausea had gotten WAY better today, thank God!

So I'm now on day PO...things get a little better...

So I'm now on day PO...things get a little better everyday. My nausea is gone and the pain is getting better. I'm trying to only use the prescription pain pills at night and just use Tylenol during the day. I have some pretty painful constipation and I believe its because the pain pills. I got my pain pump out Monday and saw my stomach for the first time. WOW! Although I am very swollen and brusied, I was estatic with the results. I can't really believe that its my stomach! Plus, the skin is so tight (and still pretty numb). I go again to the doctor on Friday (day 9 PO) and hopefully get the drain out. I accidentally let it fall in the shower this morning and it pulled pretty significantly, so I will be glad when that is no longer a worry! Walking around pretty well, just tired and really enjoy sleeping :) I'll post pictures soon.
looking forward to seeing your after pics
I was 5 weeks as of Monday and I'm feeling pretty darned good. Started doing cardio again and it isn't wiping me out! I still have soreness where I had my muscle repair, but all in all, my tummy feels pretty good. I have itching on the ends of my incision now which to me indicates healing. Glad you are feeling good! Keep resting, you'll need a good week of lots of rest. At least for me, I was able to get up and do little things at 2 weeks and it just got better from there. Little set backs from pushing myself a little too hard, but we all heal differently. I hope your nausea goes away! Thanks for the update, I keep watching!

So I am 3 weeks post op today. Feeling a little...

So I am 3 weeks post op today. Feeling a little better everyday. I did have a scare over the weekend and thought I had popped a stitch. Actually, I didn't even feel it, but my husband noticed blood on the side of my shirt after we got home from dinner on Saturday night. I put a bandaid over it and was fine until the next morning when I took the bandaid off to shower and dark (rust colored) blood came oozing out again. We went to the emergency room, but luckily my surgeon's nurse called while we were waiting and told us to leave the ER. (I later found out that quite often, ER doctors may open up your incision again. Better to be safe than sorry I guess, but my PS said it wouldn't be necessary).

Long story short, I went into my PS office on Monday morning and it wasn't an open stitch, but a seroma. Honestly, it doesn't hurt a bit. My PS drained it in the office on Monday using a cathedar and then bandaged me up. By later that day, nothing was draining anymore. I went back today for a follow up and he drained some more. It may be from doing too much. I have three kids, including an 18 month old, that obviously need constant care. My husband works a lot and travels, so I am on my own for at least 12 hours a day. I also attempted to get back to the gym...which I am now forbidden to do until at least next week.

Still, I can't complain. Like I said, I'm really not in pain. Definitely swollen by the end of the day and ready to lay down, but nothing unmanageable. I am encouraged by my results so far and know things will only get better!
You look fantastic! I'm so glad the nurse called you while you were in the ER! Saved you time and money! I'm sure you were scared! Glad it wasn't anything too horrible and that it was able to be taken care of! I wish I was as flat as you, but then we have different builds! I am so happy with everything Dr. Placik did for me and I'm sure you are too! Relax as much as you can and happy healing!
Thanks dragonfly! I completely agree...everyone on Dr. Placik's staff has been awesome. I was scared, but luckily after speaking with Shari, I felt much better. I'm so jealous that you are back working out...are you so glad? I went on the treadmill today, but only going at a 3.0 pace. Still, it felt good to do something! Have a great weekend!
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