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I had silicone implants for a year but had to have...

I had silicone implants for a year but had to have them removed due to complications. I was left a deflated 34B with some asymmetry. I had been thinking about natural breast augmentation for awhile and I'm hoping to fill out my breasts a little more and to go up one or two cup sizes.

I am very excited and a little nervous to have this procedure done! I wanted to share my story with everyone who is thinking about someday having this procedure done themselves. I have been wearing the Brava system for 3 days now. I have to wear it at night because they are WAY to big to be work under clothing in the day (think Madonna cones) I have been wearing the domes for about 10 hours each night. For those of you who don't know what Brava is, it is like a suctioning bra consisting of two domes that create pressure to help your breast tissue expand and develop blood flow to this area. This is important to make room for the grafted fat and to help in survive.

Its been pretty uncomfortable to sleep in, especially if you sleep on your side or stomach like I do. However, I am getting used to it, and I like the way my breasts look after I take it off in the morning!

I will be traveling to IL for my surgery, and I will keep all of you posted as I get closer to my surgery date at the end of December. I will post before pictures soon. Feel free to ask me any questions!


Hi PurpleLake! Good luck on your surgery! I've been researching this procedure for about 4 months now. I haven't actually scheduled my surgery yet because I haven't found a doctor that I trust to do it (a doctor that is within 500 miles anyway so I'm preparing to have to travel for it) I'm sold on the procedure itself but have come to the conclusion that it's all about the doctor who performs it that will make all the difference. I'll be following your progress. Thank you for your post! Good thoughts are coming your way! PS - I do have a question - does BRAVA make your breasts or nipples tender? I've also read that it can expand your nipple so it looks like you have larger nipples (a reason a doctor gave for his professional opinion for not recommending BRAVA). Are you experiencing any of this? I've read Dr. Khouri's entire website and I'm totally sold on using BRAVA. Dr. Khouri also just published a book about natural breast augmentation - you can buy it off his website - but it's a little pricey. I just ordered it yesterday and I'm so excited to get it!! Good luck!!
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Hello ANewImprovedMe! Thanks for your message. I think its possible that your nipples can expand with Brava, but its too soon to tell (I have only used it for 4 days). But this can also happen with breast implants too if your skin is being stretched. I guess it depends on many things, but I haven't seen significant changes in my nipples. It hasn't made my nipples tender, but rather the areas where the domes seal to the skin (especially right by the armpit area, can be slightly tender in the mornings. I think it will get easier as time goes on. I'll post pictures soon!
I'm hoping I'll be wearing the "Madonna bra" sometime early next year, even if it does mean bigger nipples or whatever. :) The end of December will be here before you know it. Good luck!!! Keep us posted! :)

So I've been using the brava system for almost two...

So I've been using the brava system for almost two weeks. I really hate wearing this thing! It's itchy and uncomfortable. I developed a rash and some blisters in my cleavage area, and boy was it painful. I tried calling a brava coach but nobody called me back, so I used a bandaid to cover the open sores while wearing the domes. This was the only way to help the wound heal. The redness is slowly going away. Also, I am noticing it is getting harder to get a seal because the domes are losing stickiness. This worries me but hopefully they will last for at least 4 or 5 more weeks. Otherwise , I am noticing a slightly more fuller look to my breasts. I can't wait till the 27th.

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I read the informed consent today which lead me to...

I read the informed consent today which lead me to having a minor panic attack! I got really scared when I started reading about lumps, cysts, and calcifications. The last thing I want is a pebble like feeling to my breasts. Luckily, the nurse Sherry called me and calmed me down. I feel a lot better! Note to self- Stop Googling!!


Can't wait to see your results. I will be starting Brava after the first of the year. I am really looking forward to it , Madona cones and all. Did you have to have any mri's or other testing before you started Brava?
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Are you doing the fat grafting after brava? I didn't need to get any MRIs I think that those are more for patients that have had breast cancer. Good luck with brava! It's not fun, so glad to be almost done with it!
Yes, I am doing the fat grafting after brava. I read about the lumps also but I thought if you massage in the shower each day maybe that would help. I going to ask my ps about it and see what he says. Good luck on the 27th. Can't wait to see your results.

My surgery is in a few days now, I am starting to...

My surgery is in a few days now, I am starting to get really nervous and having second thoughts.. I have to wear brava 24/7 for the next 3 days up until my surgery. Hoping for the best


Nervousness is normal. Just keep looking at his beautiful before and afters and thinking "it's my own fat". Good luck!
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Tomorrow is my surgery, I can't believe it's here...

Tomorrow is my surgery, I can't believe it's here already! Chicago is freezing btw, way colder than I anticipated.Anyway I met with Dr Placik and his staff today, everyone was so nice! We decided that I would have lipo on my hips and a little bit on my inner thighs. I don't have large amounts of fat to harvest so Im hoping that he's able to get enough from my hips. I will update tomorrow after surgery.


Lots of luck tomorrow. Will be looking forward to your next post. It shows me what I have to look forward to.
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I had my surgery today. I woke up really early,...

I had my surgery today. I woke up really early, got to the office, and took some meds the nurse gave me. I started to feel woozy withIn minutes of taking them bc I was on an empty stomach. Next thing I knew, bam! I'm waking up from surgery. At first I had no idea what was going on or where I was, but then I felt pain in my breasts and remembered. I also started feeling really really cold. I was shivering so much that it was actually hurting me bc it caused my pec muscles to clench, not fun. I had to focus on not shivering which seemed to help. The pain isn't terrible but it's no cake walk either. I equate it to being really really sore after a workout. I had about 1000 cc removed from my hips and 100 c from each inner thigh. I had around 600cc put in my right side and around 400 in the left. The Staff said it turned out great, which I'm happy about! Everyone was so nice and comforting, which makes this experience so much better. I can't tell what the brusing is life bc I have a compression garment on and I'm marked up with purple marker. I'll have a better idea on Monday when I go in for a follow up. Until then, no shower :( Also, I want to note that I am leaking from the liposuction sites. This is a mixture of the tumanescent (spelling?) fluid, and bodily fluid, so I'm using a towel as I lay right now. Luckily I'm wearing black sweatpants. I recommend this to anyone planning on getting lipo. ok well I'm really tired so I'm going to watch some movies and probably pass out. Feel free to ask me any questions! Oh yeah, my doctor also showed me pictures of myself during the surgery, it was really cool!


PurpleLake, Thanks so much for your post. I am going for the fat transfer Jan 3rd. Any words of advice? I've been wearing BRAVA since Dec 4th and am so ready for this to be OVER! I am wearing BRAVA 16hr a day now and will start 24 hours a day for 3 consecutive days in two days. Any thoughts or words of advice that you can tell me? Any pearls of wisdom? My doctor is in Florida and is part of the clinical trials for BRAVA and AFT. I was a 32B/34A to begin with lots of skin from my 3 kids. Thanks for your posts. Let me know how you are doing and I look forward to your pictures.
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Hey there! Congrats on your surgery! I was really nervous too, but everything will be alright. Advice I have for you is the following: wear dark colored sweatpants because your lipo sites will leak and could stain any light colored clothing. Drink a towel to sit on in the car. My leaking wasn't that bad but it's good to be on the safe side. Also, make sure you have a bottle of water and some wheat thins for afterwards because you might be hungry and it will help with the nausea. Drink a lot of water and try to eat soup later in the day because it will help you not feel dizzy. I suggest walking the day after surgery to help get the blood flowing, I find it helps. Just try to get lots of rest and have lots of pillows to make you comfortable. The pain isn't bad and it gets better which each day. Also, you will want to ice your breasts after surgery so getting some ice packs will help. Good luck on your surgery!
Also, if you aren't allowed to shower for a few days like I am, get some baby wipes! I've been using them to clean off

I am 4 days post op today! I feel much butter pain...

I am 4 days post op today! I feel much butter pain wise since the 1st day after surgery. I find that I don't need any pain meds, although I do get very tired easily. I had my lipo stitches taken out today and the compression garment came off, OMG, my hips are SO TINY!! They took out 1000 from each side, not 500 like I previously thought! I had 650cc in my right and 440 in my left. My breasts are still massive and swollen. I am very bruised, although it subsides every day. I can't even fit the brava domes on, my the doctor office says that this is okay and happens to some patients. I have to wear a compression garment or spanx for the next few weeks. I can't believe the difference in my hips. I will post pics later. Also, I finally get to shower today! Thank goodness.


Happy New Year!! Thanks so much for your updates! Congratulations! It sounds like a success so far! Are they worried at all about not being able to wear the BRAVA domes yet? Will you have to wear them when the swelling subsides? What a great way to start a new year!!
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I am almost a week post op today. I feel alot...

I am almost a week post op today. I feel alot better and am back to work! My hips are still very tender though and its annoying to sleep. I have so much bruising in my sides and legs! I hope it goes away soon. I haven't been able to fit into my BRAVA domes yet (I have extra Large wide domes) but I will try tonite. I'll post more pics soon!


Congrats PurpleLake! You look great and I am so happy you are feeling good! I hope you have good retention! I have surgery tomorrow for the fat transfer and I have to say that your posts have kept me positive and much less worried about the procedure. Rest up and keep on posting!
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Best of luck on your surgery! I'm sure it'll be great! Make sure you drink lots of water and gets lots of rest, it really helps
PurpleLake . . You look amazing already and its only been a few days. I can't wait to see your results after the swelling goes down. Do you know how much your ps anticipates you will retain. I have actually read where some women have retained 100% of the fat injected. I can't wait to start the Brava. I will be calling my ps in a few days to get measured so the domes can be ordered. I can't wait.
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Its been 2 weeks from my surgery and all of the...

Its been 2 weeks from my surgery and all of the pain is gone. Most of the bruising has faded and the swelling is down. I was able to go back to the gym for some light exercise a few days ago! My breast size has gone down a bit but they are still pretty big! I'm told I'll know my final size in about 3 months, so there is still a ways to go, but hopefully they won't shrink too much. I do feel a few lumps, mostly under my right breast, but I'm told this is normal and will resolve itself. They have softened up a lot too, and it will only get better in time. I will post again at a month out.


Hi PurpleLake87, your results look great! Regarding the before photo you posted, what the pre-brava start or was that take during the Brava sessions? Thanks for Sharing!
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Looking good, PurpleLake :)
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I am now 5 weeks out from my procedure. I feel...

I am now 5 weeks out from my procedure. I feel great! The injection marks are fading and the size has gone down, but not too much. I currently fit a 36D from Victoria Secret. My breasts are full and I love the way they look! My hips look great but 2 lipo injection sites on my hips are still healing and are red. All bruising is gone and I think the swelling is pretty much gone as well. Lumpiness is almost all gone is well. The feel so soft! I am currently very satisfied with my results would recommend this procedure and my doctor to everyone, he really is skilled at what he does!


Thanks for your review. How is it going now? Any changes to the breast? Are you still happy?
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Hi Purple Lake. My God are those after pics? You look fabulous!! Do you have implants also? I have had fat grafting and was told there is only so much they can inject at a time because you take the chance of hardening. Your body will only accept so much. Also to get to the degree you have gotten would take several sugeries. I must say you look like a double d. Did you do the Brava System after the surgery also?
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hi Purple Lake, thank you so much for sharing your journey. I am researching Dr's for gat grafting to boobs and am looking into Dr. Placik. I am from Boston so would be traveling to see him as well. If you don't mind answering, how did you manage consults and after care. Also if you were willing to travel why did you not choose Dr Khouri in Miami. Thanks again for sharing your journey
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Hi everyone! I am almost 3 months out, and at...

Hi everyone!

I am almost 3 months out, and at this point the doctor says what I have now is my final size. My breast size has gone down slightly, but they are still very big! I am wearing a 36 C/D depending on the bra. I have no lumps or unevenness. My lipo areas look great, although 2 of my incisions sites have been slower to heal. I bough this cream called Biafine, which is working wonders to heal the incisions wounds. I will post pics later today!


It has been almost two years since my fat grafting. I was determined to wear my Brava as told for the times and strength which was all outlined for me. I can tell you that any doctor that tells you that you will gain even one cup size is NOT telling you the truth. The cells harvested for injection will most likely die when it gets injected to the breast area. Then you are left with calcifications. Read the release you sign very carefully prior to your decision. I didn't get it until the day of surgery and by then I had committed myself to the fat grafting and I never thought it would happen to me. Well it did. Sure I can tell you I have pictures of how great my breasts looked right after the surgery but by six months you could barely tell. They were just swollen in the beginning. I just recently had to have one breast with the size of a golf ball and the other the size of a half dollar removed. It was attaching itself to the muscle and it was so very sore. It was hard as a rock and pressing against my skin. Mammograms are more difficult to read correctly even with an ultrasound. When I went to see my doctor a week after the removal she sat me down and told me behind the balls she removed she found some cancer cells. I was lucky to find a doctor who worked with me and was able to take them out but there are a lot of doctors who won't do it. The only way you are going to get to a bigger size is to continue to have the grafting which is only going to cost you more money. For the amount of money I spent, not to mention the cost of having the calcifications removed, I could have found something which would have made me feel a hell of a lot better. Please don't do it. Read the doctors statements if they are honest with you they will tell you it is not a procedure that has been perfected yet.
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Its been a long time Deb. I'm so sorry you went through everything you did and ended up having so many problems. It's been almost 15 month since I had my fat transfer and am having a 2nd transfer on july 11th. I'm having it done again to better correct asymmetry. I to have some lumps, they aren't the size you had, I can feel them just under the skin. I'm hoping they will go away. Did you get implants again? I will keep you in my prayers.
Did I respond to you? I thought I did but then didn't see it on this site. Its very confusing. No no implants, I'm staying natural now, just don't have the funds to do it. The fat grafting set me back as it was. Yes my doctor wanted to do another fat grafting but even then $4,000.00 was not an ideal amount for me. And he said he may have to do it again to get the size I wanted. My breasts are just not worth that amount. I'd rather spend it on something else at this point and there are going to be medical bills which will need addressing. Hey if I have the gene, I can have them off and get implants per my insurance. Right? Well I wish you all the best on your July 11 transfer!
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After doing a lot of research (especially on this site) I came across Dr. Placik's photos of his results with fat grafting breast aug. I was very impressed, and after consulting with this staff, decided to move ahead with the procedure.

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