I am a 38 year-old mother of 2 that has had...

I am a 38 year-old mother of 2 that has had several surgeries, leaving me with ugly scars and the up and down weight has left me with saggy flabby skin that hangs---YUCK!! I am having a TT and breast lift with Augmentation in 9 DAYS!!! I am so scared/excited/ready.

My surgery date is February 13,2012. Ok, so I am...

My surgery date is February 13,2012. Ok, so I am getting very nervous... I am having the surgery in a week from tomorrow. Today I bought a zip up hoody to wear home and plan to wear PJ bottom with it. I have rally been looking at and investigating the procedure and all the negative is scaring me. Is it really that bad?

I had my final pre op appointment with the PS...

I had my final pre op appointment with the PS today and WOW it has really set in that it is really going to happen. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed earlier but have just gotten happy now. I was not happy to find out that I was going to have to take a shot at home given by my hubby to prevent blood clots but it was balanced out by the use of a pain pump. I guess there is a good and bad to every situation.

Ok so tomorrow is the day!!! I can't beleieve...

Ok so tomorrow is the day!!! I can't beleieve the wait is finally over. I woke up this morning and with the help of my hubby the house got cleaned, then we went to an early lunch and plan to spend the rest of the day--relaxing. Wish me luck.....

So it is day 5 and I am dong pretty well. I...

So it is day 5 and I am dong pretty well. I won't say that I have not had pain or swelling but I expected that. My breasts hurt more than I expected and are very bruised from the lift and augmentation. The PS told my husband that he remove 7.5 pounds from my tummy and I guess from what he said and I have read that is alot. I have swelling below my belly button to my pubic bone, but the binder just keeps getting smaller soon it won't be able to compress me at all!!!! I still need help doing things but my hubby is supposed to return to work in 2 days so I am trying to do more without hurting myself. I still have 1 drain, though I hope it will be removed early next week, its output have decreased daily. I have been eating high protein meals and drinking lots of liquid, I have been somewhat constipated but I expected that due to the use of pain pills. Well ladies thus far this is definitely a WORTH IT procedure. My husband says he can see the handle I am going to be coming.



Okay Y'all I am just over two weeks out and...

Okay Y'all I am just over two weeks out and besides being completely utterly tired of the bra and binder, I feel great. I will not lie and say that I didn't have days filled with depression and frustration but I guess after having 8# cut off and being cut in half that is to be expected. I think I am still swollen and tried on jeans a size bigger than what I wear before surgery but I look great so as my hubby says size/weight mean nothing. my scars are healing well and quickly, the steri strips are still on me in some spots and irritating my skin but I will tolerate that for a nice scar.
I can't tell you that some days weren't horrible but it was definitely worth it.

So I went back to work on day 17 and I was all...

So I went back to work on day 17 and I was all prepared to do a full day and I lasted 6 hours, I was completely wiped out, mentally and physically. I was given the ok to change bras and move into a compression garment instead of the binder, amazing how much better I feel. I am still swollen but can't believe how good I feel and look.

I got the okay to begin walking on the treadmill...

I got the okay to begin walking on the treadmill again and I walked .76 miles in 20 minutes, not marathon speed but it is a start. I feel stronger and better each day and want everyone who is thinking about it or that has it scheduled that it is WORTH it!!!! I have a new confidence and swagger, I can't even tell you how amazing I feel.

I worked a whole day today--woohoo!! I am on the...

I worked a whole day today--woohoo!! I am on the way back to normal. Feel really great and tonight is the first night I can sleep without a bra on!!

Well I had a slight seperation around my areola...

Well I had a slight seperation around my areola and it really freaked me out and I had to go be checked by my PS. He said it will heal fine and said I can't lift anything with my arms-great we just bought a house!! He did okay me to increase the intensity of my walking as long as I avoided any bouncing of the girls. So I walked at an increased speed for an extended length of time. I walked almost 2 mile the last 2 days and I am feeling amazing!!! I will post some new pics soon

I just tried on jeans and they FIT--OMG!!! Maybe...

I just tried on jeans and they FIT--OMG!!! Maybe its time for new pics

So Day after tomorrow is 6 weeks, the weeks have...

So Day after tomorrow is 6 weeks, the weeks have flown by and even though there have been ups/downs, good and bad, I could not be any happier with the results. I was told on Thursday that I could stop wearing the binder and bra all the time--WOOHOO are the only words that can express how that makes me feel. I am supposed to begin taping my scars soon, I wonder how this will look and feel but I am willing to do whatever is needed. I feel really good and can't believe it is me when I look in the mirror!! I hope everyone is doing well and as excited as I am!!

Fayetteville Plastic Surgeon

My PS believes we are on a team and that the results are up to us both.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Hey girl, just thought I'd check in and see how you are doing.
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Great, YOU? I sent u a message
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Hi there,

At this time you can delete photos. You can follow DFW Mommy's instructions and it should work. Do try a new browser. Hope this helps!

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I can delete photos, too. I use Google Chrome and there seems to be no problem.
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I have problems with internet explorer too. I use mozilla as well.
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i have had no problems adding or deleting my pictures. if you edit your review, there should be a "delete" button next to your pics. if you don't see it, try a different browser. i usually encounter problems updating when i'm using internet explorer, so i have to switch to mozilla firefox to update my reviews. hth!
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Hey sassyandready, I'm really sorry to see that you feel negatively about the site. I'm preparing for a MM and reading stories like yours helps with so many concerns. I hope the moment passes and you change your mind. If so, would you mind giving your before and after stats...weight, height etc. Thanks so much and I wish you all the best!
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Here's to ditching the binder and bra!! Still have to post those jeans shot!
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I can't wait until I'm where you are. Thanks for sharing your story. Cheers!
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You look great!! Congrats!
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You must show of pics of you in jeans!! Show off time!!!! You look fabulous!!
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I definitely will!! I even bought shirts to show off the girls!!
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I hope that I can fit into my same shirts. As much as I love to shop I have some really cute shirts and do not want to toss them out. It will be nice not having to wear a camisole under my shirts because the front sags.
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Ok wait I take that back- I have seen most ya'lls afters-SO HOTT!!
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Thanks y'all!! I can't wait to see all of your afters, the world better look out -here we come! Hot mommas!!
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wow hon you are doing great and looking even better than that!!
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Whoa baby, look at you! HOT!
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You look so good!
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Girl.....You look AWESOME!!!! You gotta love it
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You TT looks so good and your scar is nice and low. good that the strips are still on..helps with the tension on the incision. Your boobs look so uplifted and perky. Glad to hear you are healing well and loving your new look. You look AMAZING so happy for you.
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Thank you, it is so nice to have all the support!! Where else do other women genuinely compliment each other!!
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Hi SassyandReady! You look great in your pictures! I'm scheduled for April 12th and very excited. Did your PS do lipo on your upper belly?
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