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I'm 33. My appt is June 23rd. Starting to get...

I'm 33. My appt is June 23rd. Starting to get nervous. Getting some lipo for my sides and then the TT. I have loose skin from pregnancies and I'm ready to bid it farewell. Will post pre/post pics at a later time.


I also wanted to mention that I have a giveaway going if you're willing to send me video of yourself (one pre-op and one post-op) talking about your surgery, how you feel, how you came to the decision, etc. The goody box includes Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy, ScarAway Silicone Sheets, Montagne Jeunesse facial masques and Colgate Wisps.

Send me a personal message if you're interested!

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Looking forward to seeing how it all goes for you. Please keep us updated!! And buh-bye loose skin!

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Lastnight I started freaking out alittle b/c it's coming up and secondly....I've been reading not so good stories...have to stop doing that.

Loading a photo taken last week.

Loading a photo taken last week.


I had my TT w/ lipo on June 1, 2010. So far so good... The 1st couple of days are the hardest but as long as you take your pain meds you will be ok. Sleeping will be difficult but the pain meds knock you out!! My biggest complaint is the constipation after my surgery (it was horrible)I thought i was prepared by taking stool softeners several days before surgery but it didn't work and I tried everything to make my self go to the bathroom after the surgery but nothing worked. On day 5 i was desperate so i finally tried Milk of Magnesia and it worked!! It's pretty gross tasting but it's worth it. I take a little in the morning and a little at night before i go to bed. I wish i new about this before my surgery it would have saved my husband several trips to CVS buying me everything to try!!! Good luck!!!
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That's good to know! Thank you for the 411! I feel like you can not be too overly prepared! I got some sleepaids my dr I'm hoping that will help. Whew...when I think about makes me very nervous! Did you have a pain pump?
I would love to do the video...but I do not have a video camera. My husband and I are a little behind in the times. While everyone was getting DVD players.....we were still going strong w/ the mighty "VHS"! Oh yes...we caught a hard time about that! What do you do w/the videos after you get them? Have you had any cosmetic surgeries? I notice you reply to alot of posts. It is enlighting to see someone w/ a passion of encouragement.

Take photo out

take photo out


It is totally normal to be anxious but it will be ok! You will be amazingly happy in the end. I am eight weeks out from my TT and could not be happier. I will say that the first two weeks are the hardest but it is worth it and does get better each day. Here is my advice to you based on my experience. 1. Rent a hospital bed for the first two weeks. You will be glad you did for getting up and down. 2. Take your pain meds every four hours to stay on top on the pain and eat good protein because this will help you heal. 3. Start taking Milk of Magnesia once a day starting the day after surgery. Trust me on this one. You do not want to get constipated and full of hurts! 4. Have someone massage your lower back a couple times a day. It will be sore from laying in the bed and being hunched over. This also get better after a couple of weeks. 5. Stay positive and know that feeling a bit blue, frustration pain and swelling are all normal and will get better. 6. Swelling was my biggest problem so don't try and do too much. Lay down and elevate the legs when you feel this coming on. After I was up for a couple of hours the swelling would start. Just take it easy and it will get better. Ice packs for about 15 minutes also helped. But dont place them directly on the skin. Make sure you use a thin towel. Even after eight weeks I still get some swelling but this is normal for up to about six months. It is better each week. If you are ble to take three weeks off work please do so. I personally don't think two weeks is enough. Also don't try on your jeans or weigh yourself for the first three to four weeks. This will just frustrate you due to the swelling. My doctor told me that I did not have to wear the compression garmet 24/7. The thing really hurt me so I did not wear it all of the time. Basically I wore it if and when it felt good. I found it more comfortable to wear when I was up and about but for sleeping could not stand it. Keep us up to date and just know it will be worth it in the end.
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I'm sure renting hospital beds aren't cheap. But I did borrow my gma's walker(Door Prize she won) to help me get around the first 2wks...go easy on the ole' back! Bought the Milk of Magnesia! On top of that. Got me a couple massues! Already got some sundresses borrowed to go along w/ mine! So no jeans! Thank you for the advice...I will keep everyone updated!

Wags, I just sent you an email about this before I read your reply. Sorry about that. I'm a moderator here at RealSelf and I'm all about encouragement and trying to make the Tummy Tuck/Mommy Makeover communities helpful, informative and supportive! I have had two rhinoplasties, but no tummy tucks or mommy makeovers (though I'm tempted after seeing some of the results here).

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Yes so far b/c he and his staff are very friendly and b/c they take the time to make me feel confortable w/ all my questions

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