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Im a 29 yr old Clear Correct user for the first...

Im a 29 yr old Clear Correct user for the first time. I have and over bite with my top teeth jetted more than I wld like. I have no crooked or misplaced teeth. Their straight. I just want teeth pulled back and my top gaps closed. So here is my experience of this product that I pray that works :)
I got my Phase 0 on March 7, 2014.
Phase 0 pretty much is the approval stage. Clear Correct sends the liners to the dentist, u put them in to make sure they fit. If they fit properly then they approve this and Clear Correct will finish making the rest of the aligners. The dentist made sure I was able to get them out and able to put them back in before I left.
I told to go ahead and wear them because it helps keep ur teeth from changing and helps u get use to them and be prepared for Phase 1. They do fit snug at first. I felt like I was ripping my teeth out when I was removing them the first couple days. I had a bad lisp for first two days. It does slowly go away. So make sure u sing away so ur tongue will adjust. I got my aligners at 11am. I dodnt feel soreness until about 4am. My front teeth hurt. You can tame IBU but i didnt. It hurt to take them out and put in first first two days. Then it was fine. Make sure you buy toothbrush/toothpaste for extra places you go. U will need. You cant eat or drink anything but water with them in. That bites but it does keep u from snacking a lot. I have noticed that my mouth gets dry. So drink lots of water. Somewhat helps. The liners will feel funny. Like a different smooth kind of feeling. So make sure u clean ur aligners. U can use toothpaste or just soap and water. I clean mine once a day. My only concern is that my teeth are really sensitive to cold when I drink with them out while I eat. Thats something I have to discuss with the dentist when I go back. Its painful for me so im concerned. But I will look into it. Also with my aligners the top one I had to take a nail file and smooth the top edge. Easy fix.
my next apt is the 27th for Phase 1 (where teeth start moving). I'll keep Thu updated and will do pics. Hope this helps people with concerns and questions. :)

Hi and thanks for starting your review!  Are you planning on posting pictures?  Also, you said "tame IBU" at one point…is that "take ibuprofen"?  I don't know what IBU is otherwise.

As for the sensitivity, I found this question in the doctors's Q&A forum.  It is under Invisalign, because more people use Invisalign, but the premise is the same.  Sensitivity to Cold w/ Invisalign.

Good luck, and I look forward to following your treatment!
Yes im sorry... I meant TAKE ibuprofen lol. If that was my only mistake on my phone then I did great lol. yes on Phase 1 I will be posting pics. I hope this works for me. Thank u for the sensitivity link. I will let ppl know how long that lasts as well.
Wow.  I'm impressed that was from your phone.  There were a few other typos, but we don't worry about that here unless it's really confusing.  LOL!  I have so many typos in my own reviews, and the phone ones are always way worse.  No worries.

Good luck on the 27th!!

My Invisalign Experience

My apt got rescheduled to next week but will still keep posted. Thanks :)
Thanks for the update!  We have a few other active participants in the Clear Correct community, and I hope you have time to take a look :).  Here's a short list:

Bbop (tray 1c or so)
DZappala (tray 4a)
LittleJessica (tray 7 of 16)
Vanessa6617 (new)

If you need technical help (like posting pics or vids) please let me know :D.  I look forward to your next update!

Got Phase 1 today

Went and had Phase 1 put in. My appt was at 920am. Now I am hurting. I havent taken anything but I may later.
Today I got to see my end results on computer. Im beyond excited. My treatment plan is looking to be 11-12 months with a total of 16 aligners. Now on 1/16. In 3 wks I put my 2/16 in. (Still in phase 1). These aligners are moving my top front teeth and my corner teeth on bottom. I can definitely feel it in these areas. My next appt in May 13. I will then get engagers put on bottom jaw area (the buttons). Then I will get my next two sets. So I'll go in every 6 weeks.
I'm sorry you're hurting :(.  But it definitely gets better!  Are you doing 3 weeks per aligner still?  Because then most of the time you won't be feeling pain!
My next aligners go in on April 29. It will be every 3 wks. I find that its very sensitive when I chew food still.
That lasted throughout my Invisalign--I mean that the teeth felt kind of loose and not up to chewing properly.  If it's very bothersome, you may wish to contact your doctor to make sure it's expected and that everything is going as planned, you know?

update on tenderness while chewing foods

Its been a tad over a week and I do feel a lot better when o eat foods. I still stick to The Softer foods though
Glad to hear it's improving somewhat.  I am curious whether it'll go away completely for the third week wearing the aligner, since that's different from most people wearing Invisalign (we change after two weeks, usually.)
my doc said he don't want to move the teeth to fast, which I understand. I would like to make it go faster BUT he knows more than I do lol. I am ok with every 3 weeks. So far I am satisfied.

new liners

I am now currently on 4 of 16. Still Phase 1. I CAN tell a difference in my front and bottom teeth. My bottom teeth were overlapped a tad. Not any more :) I can also tell that my top front teeth are starting to close (gaps). Also during my last visit I got 2 buttons on bottom. They are on my bottom teeth. They are not noticeable at all. I can feel them when my liners are out. I go back June 6 I believe. lol. I will then get 2 more sets. I know some ppl change every 2 weeks but according to my dentist, he does NOT want my teeth to shift to fast. They are already shifting fast as it is. He doesn't want to over do it. Which I am thankful for. I will post new pictures after my next liners.
So far I am VERY pleased.
Three weeks is the standard amount of time for Clear Correct :).  No worries!  So glad to hear you're seeing progress.  It helps with motivation, doesn't it? :D
yes it does :)

At a stand still

I went in last Wednesday to start my Phase 2 (5 pair of liners) but the bottom right side didn't fit correctly. So that saying, my bottom had to be remolded and be sent back for all new bottom aligners. So I'm at a stand still unfortunately. I'm glad my dentist trusted his instincts and went ahead and got me all new aligners. Makes me feel more comfortable with him.
But before all this, he put space in between a couple teeth (so that way my teeth can be pushed back. Better than pulling teeth of course (; ) Nd put 2 new buttons on two upper right teeth.
I have seen movement and improvent in my teeth?
When you say he put space, do you mean he filed space, like Interproximal Reduction (IPR)?  Or do you mean he made space just using the aligners/trays first, and then will move the teeth back together with them?
No I mean he made space between my teeth bc I have no room. My teeth are being pushed back. He did this to teeth in back of mouth. I mean it's micro spacing. I can't even notice. I'd rather have this done that having teeth pulled to just have straight teeth. That was reason I didn't want braces bc they wanted to pull teeth to make room. But yes he made tiny micro spacing. I can tell me teeth are straightening.
So it sounds like he filed a bit.  That's what they did for me to make space.

update :)

I got my new liners on last wednesday (so a week ago lol). I am now on Phase 2. That wld be liners 2A. These aligners are moving more of my front right side. I have felt more pain here than with any other movement. Been a week and still tender. But that's ok bc I am loving my results. I'm finally going to post a pic lol. In the pic to left is right before I got my aligners. And pic on righy is today. (5 aligners later).
WOW, that is a LOOOOT of difference in just five aligners.  Congratulations!  Looking great!
thank u! I am SO VERY excited. I have hated my teeth and smile my whole life. I always hid it and always thought ppl stare at my teeth when I talk. I have had so many compliments on my smile.
I am so glad things are working out for you! I am in need of some CC friends. I've tried posting my own thread on here but no one responded.
Dr Mark Chunn

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