Mommy Makeover Scheduled for Feb 4th 2011 - Arkansas

Mother of four kids ages 11,9,6, and 1. I have a...

Mother of four kids ages 11,9,6, and 1. I have a lot of stretch marks and loose abdominal skin. have wanted to have this done for years ,but have been terrified after seeing what a friend of mine went through after her tummy tuck! I honestly was afraid she was going to die from pain and the infection!

So, I have finally got the nerve to do it. Scheduled Feb 4th Full tummy tuck, love handle lipo,breast aug revision (going bigger), and full thigh lipo. Does anyone think this is way too much to do in one surgery?

Uploaded my before pics!

Uploaded my before pics!

Getting really nervous as the time nears.

getting really nervous as the time nears.

Getting closer And really worried.

getting closer And really worried.

Went for a pre-op appointment today! Surgery has...

Went for a pre-op appointment today! Surgery has been scheduled 4 days earlier now for February 1st. Full procedure will be; implant replacement with 600cc high profile implants,t-mastopexy,liposuction of flanks, and abdominalplasty. I have to go in a double weeks and get CBC and chest x-ray prior to surgery.Still real nervous but starting to get excited about the results.

Only 15 more days! Still nervous but after looking...

Only 15 more days! Still nervous but after looking at my pics today kinda getting excited. Anything will be an improvement? I've been working out everyday,taking my vitamins,and eating right. I've never had so much ambition on a diet but making sure I'm health and recover well for surgery has really got me motivated. Wish it was tomorrow so I could stop stressing.I am wondering how much weight I will gain in the weeks after surgery .I've worked so hard and I so don't want to gain this weight I've lost back from laying in bed during recovery. Also when did most you ladies get back into ur pre surgery clothes and they fit looser after surgery?

11 more days....

11 more days....

Well, one week from today this body will be...

Well, one week from today this body will be different! I'm at the point now where I just wish it would hurry up and get here. I have to go this Friday and get my CBC , chest X-ray ,and pre-register at the surgery center. Then to see my PS for my final appointment before surgery next Tuesday. I have so many questions to ask him I may scare him away from doing my surgery. Lol... I've got my mother coming to stay with me for a week after surgery so she should be great help. I'm not the best patient, so I may run her off! I'm stressing cause "aunt flo" is suppose to come visit the day of surgery. Im not looking forward to that with all the other body stuff I will have to deal with. I have so many questions.......

Was anyone prescribed a blood thinner post op to prevent clots?
How bad is the swelling?
Will I gain weight in the days after surgery?
When will I be able to get into my pre surgery clothes again?
How bad will the pain be even if I have the pain pump?
Will my stretch marks that he can't remove appear larger since they will be streached out?
When will I be able to make it out of the house?????????????????????????

I could go on and on...

Only 5 more days now! I go to the doctor and...

Only 5 more days now! I go to the doctor and surgery center both tomorrow for pre-op testing , pics and of course to hand over $15,000,OUCH.... I will let you know how that goes

Well 4 more days. Went to PS for pre op today and...

Well 4 more days. Went to PS for pre op today and then surgery center for pre registering and tests.PS appointment went well.I have to be at the surgery center Tuesday at 7:30 am he said surgery will start about 9:30. They better give me something to relax when I get there or I will be a nervous wreck for that 2 hours. He estimates surgery to last about 6.5 hours.

Breast he said he will try to do the lolipop lift but I still have some excess tissue at the bottom may have to do the full inverted t or anchor lift. He said he will reduce the size of my areola and do an internal bra procedure to keep them implants from falling. remember,I want them high. He order high profile saline implants at 560 cc that can be filled up to 675.

Tummy, I will have a pain pump and two drains put in. Also getting lipo on flank area.

Got 6 prescriptions,oxycodone,stool softener,vailum,blood thinner injection, nausea med, and nausea patch for pre surgery,also got some stuff to wash with prior to surgery. Lots of written instructions of course.

Dr said when I wake up breasts will be in ace bandages and tummy in a binder. I will wear that till one week later when I get my drains and pain pump out, then I transition to the one piece binder.

Pre op stats Height 5'4 Weight 137 Waist...

pre op stats
Height 5'4
Weight 137
Waist 30
Hips 40

Well, Made it through surgery. The surgery took a...

Well, Made it through surgery. The surgery took a little longer than anticipated (7 hours). PS said he filled the implants to 660 cc, took off about 2 pounds with lipo, and muscle separation was worse that he thought. When I woke up had some nausea of course. The pain has been very tolerable so far,and to tell u the truth I don't even notice my breasts and lipo area. Stomach burns and feels like I worked out really hard. Still in hospital bed, catheter in! He said I will be able tot go home tomorrow night. I'll update more later. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

It's been 4 days... I took some pics and I...

It's been 4 days... I took some pics and I will post them in a bit but I can't stand up straight so it looks funny. I wish i would have taken a pic right after surgery,cause i have swelling now and look larger.Pain is still better than expected. My incisions burn,hurts to get up and down, and drains are annoying.I would at this point do it over again in a heartbeat. I'm curious about the drains? How much did y'all drain and what color was it? I'm day 4 ,it's still bright red and about 100 cc outta the left drain and 50cc outta the right drain daily. I don't have hardly any bruising from lipo. Still have dilated pupils and blurry vision which dr told me was probably from meds or anesthesia and will go away. Can't wait to get my drains out and see the scars with the tape of. I pray it looks good. Oh and I don't remember if I said before or not but the dr said I had 4 inches of separated muscle in there and I can already see the vertical line of definition in there. Yay

Went for one week post op today. PS was really...

Went for one week post op today. PS was really happy with how fast im healing and how well I am getting around! Yay
Drains were taken out,didn't feel a thing, and all steristrips were removed and replaced with new ones. PS gave me a new one piece garmet to wear 24/7 for 6 weeks. He said i still have alot of swelling and it will probably get worse before it gets better.

1 weeks stats
weight 137 (still)
waist 27
hips 38

I'm almost 2 weeks post op and I'm wanting...

I'm almost 2 weeks post op and I'm wanting some of you ladies to give me scar treatment advise. I want my scars to heal as light ,flat,and thin as possible ( as we all do)!
I have bought every scar lotion, tape, oil,and creme known. Now what do I do with them? My dr said all were great but didn't specify the sequence and weeks to do what. When I had my breasts done the first time,all I did was use paper tape on the incisions around the areola for 3 months to keep pressure on the incision ,and had scars you couldn't even see. I know this surgery was a lot more evasive and the scars are wider so I need some advise. The last two weeks I've been just using the steristrips, now that they are falling off I'm putting scar guard on them and covering them with paper tape once a day.... Have to admit the scar guard burns in a couple of places... Help me out here...

Posting 2 week post op pics. I will take the 3...

Posting 2 week post op pics. I will take the 3 week pics today and post them later. I dont have any pain just mainly swelling these days. Weight is up 5 pounds now. Uhhh

I posted my Implant progress pics from the last 2...

I posted my Implant progress pics from the last 2 years...

3 week post op pic posted. Feeling great these...

3 week post op pic posted. Feeling great these days. Still get real tired by the end of the day and swollen, but pain is pretty much gone.Yay

4 weeks post-op today! Yay..... Decided to...

4 weeks post-op today! Yay.....
Decided to reward myself and go off my low calorie diet for the day! Bad idea, ate way to much and now my upper abdomen is swollen and I am miserable! Lol,that is what I get,I guess. So im gonna wait a couple days to post my 4 week post-op pics and take them later. I don't want to scare the crap outta you ladies.
Im still feeling really good and scar looks great, but seems to be getting redder this week!

Photo Update

Well I'm five weeks post op and still very...

Well I'm five weeks post op and still very happy with my results so far!
Breasts are not sore at all... scars seem to be redder lately but I hear that's from blood flow and healing at this point! I do have some unhappiness with the incision underneath the breasts? They are very long, but dr said I had to get rid of a lot of skin under there to get them higher! So I'm ok with that. These scars also seem to have stretched a little in width but I think that's cause my implants were so large! My vertical scar looks great so far, there is a little stitch sticking out that I'm waiting for to go away so I don't have to go to the doc to have it removed! My areolas are a little uneven but hey I can't have perfection.
Belly button I have had no problems with, just can't wait for scar to be less noticeable.
Tummy tuck has been so good thus far! Have to admit I hate the swelling but my scar is very thin and finally laying completely flat! Still have some stretch marks but I knew that was gonna be the case.
Lipo, thus far not thrilled with it! I really can't tell a difference!
All in all! I'm very please! I guess I just need to be more patient with the swelling and my scars healing!

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks post op,Yay!!!!!!! I'm...

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks post op,Yay!!!!!!! I'm finally about 90% back to myself. My engery level is great, and no pains at all! Swelling has improved so much for me,it onlybegins to appear around 6pm from the day,when I wake up it's gone! Finally began hitting the gym again but I'm taking it easy ,just elliptical for awhile. Word of advice, your period will be late! I think the surgery screwed with my cycle. My breast have hardly dropped,which I like cause they were never too high! Honestly I wish they were higher. Seems my scars are a bit redder these days but doc says it from healing! Still totally happy I had it done and would do it over again in a heart beat, but I may woul have skipped the lipo, cause thus far I see no difference.
6 week stats
Weight 135
Waist 27
Hips 36
Breasts at( nipple) 39

Photo Update

7 weeks yay! I'm feeling great, back to working...

7 weeks yay!
I'm feeling great, back to working out 5 days a week and weight down 4 more pounds,still have some mild swelling at the end of the day.... So happy I did this it's life changing! My friend says I have a glow about my face now,lol
Breasts- have healed good, no pain just some itching on the lift incision on the sides of my breasts. One nipple seems a bit higher than the other and one breast a bit more squared, but I noticed this with my first set of implants also! I wonder if it's from always holding my 22 pound son on that side of my hip and my chest muscles are firmer over there ,idk! I do the silliest things to try and correct it,I try to lift him more on the opposite side, I try to swap which side I sleep on every night because for the first 6 weeks I only slept on my left side! I don't sleep on my tummy anymore cause I'm afraid that will make my breasts drop! My husband says I'm silly that he can't tell and he's the only one that see me naked ( except u gals) but I want perfection! Lol
Tummy Tuck- so happy with it,my scar look like a small pencil line it's so thin and flat! I do have one pea sized lump under the skin near the incision line that's a little sensitive, I'm sure it's a suture! Belly button looks good, just wish the bullseye scar around it would hurry and fade!
Lipo- still see no difference from before, but I hear swelling from that takes a long time to go away!
All in all I'm thrilled I did it and would do it again tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be 8 weeks! Gonna wait till April...

Tomorrow will be 8 weeks! Gonna wait till April 1st and take 2 month post op pics! Yay , I have really seen an improvement in my scars and their color over the past week! My PS told me to be patient, I guess I should have listened! I do have one areola a bit larger than the other, but oh well, I can like with it . hope everyone is doing well, best wishes to all!

2 months post op.... Well I've made it to full...

2 months post op....
Well I've made it to full recovery pretty much! Everything feels and looks good thus far, still a bit of abdominal swelling at the end of the day! Started back to un- restricted workouts this week! Wow I was sore! My trained was amazed at the inches I had lost on my waist and hips!maybe the lipo on the flanks worked better than I thought! Idk, I really don't see much difference in the lipo areas! Totally thrilled with results and ready for scars to fade

Photo Update

Have to say to everyone thinking about doing it,...

Have to say to everyone thinking about doing it, do it! This was an amazing experience and all the ladies on this site are wonderful! I'm sure I've saved many phone calls to the plastic surgeon from this site! All my questions have been answered here! I want to thank everyone so much for all their help! I'm 2 months and feeling great! I ran 6 miles tonight and felt totally refreshed afterwords! Swelling these days is very minimal! I know there is never perfection so I do have some complaints! The lipo so far I don't think was worth it, but he also only removed 1000cc from my flanks so maybe it's just not as noticeable to me! Idk... I'm blessed with my tummy tuck and belly button scar, but wish my breast lift and implant scars were not quite as red, hopefully time will change that. If it don't ,oh well! Whose gonna see it besides me and my hubby and of course you gals! Lol

Photo Update

11 weeks post op today! Doing great, scars don't...

11 weeks post op today! Doing great, scars don't seem to be as red this week,except for after I workout! This week I have noticed a stitch that hasn't dissolved under the skin near my tummy tuck incision! What should I do about that? It kinda feels like a small hard knot but u can't see it! All in all, everything is great! This has been such blessing for me and I love to see everyones transformations!

Photo Update

Need some help!!!!! Anyone have any advise on...

Need some help!!!!! Anyone have any advise on swimsuit tops for 34 DDD-F size implants that have had a full lift! Can't do the triangle cause it shows my scars on the side!

3 months post op! Everything is good! Swelling is...

3 months post op! Everything is good! Swelling is few and far between and minimal! Breasts are great except I got some hypertrophic scaring under them and around my belly button, but I can't complain! Having a hard time finding swimsuit tops that fit........ Still so glad I did this and good luck to everyone else.

Photo Update

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girl/momma! you look fantastic. I just had my first baby and Im so depressed with what i look like now. im 29....i had 34DD that were uneven and now they are 36DDD and so saggy and uneven. I hate my tummy...and i just HATE myself... overall would you recommend the lift,high profile implant and tummy tuck? I love your results. How much did it cost?
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What did you do to minimize breast scars? Would love to see pic of you now that you've totally healed. I'm seeing majewski soon!
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Wow your scar line looks great! Would love to see updated pics! I go for my surgery in a few weeks & my height & weight mirror your stats!
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You look absolutely amazing! I hope to have the same results as you... I'm getting there. I can't wait to work out so that I can have ABS, before I had my procedure I was around 110, had done so many crunches, so muscular, but couldn't see any abs cause my muscle wall was cut so much for the c-section! You look amazing - KEEP IT UP! Also, could you look at my pictures and tell me how much smaller you'll think I get, I can't predict how much is due to swelling.
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Hi, I'm a mommy of four also : ) Your before pics, body type, story and workout ethics, are very similar to mine. You look AMAZING...Seriously! My transformation date is next month...I'm on pins and needles... I hope my experience and results are comparable to yours. Congratulations on your new bod!
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Hello, You look amazing!Can you tell me where and who did your surgery. I live in Oklahoma and am making a list of PS to consult with. My email is Thank You!
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Nevermind....;) I see his name now. You still look AMAZING!!!
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How are you doing??? I haven't seen you post for a while so I thought I would say hi! Hope all is great on your end!
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how long and how bad was your recovery? you look great.
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Mommy of 4- first of all, if you lose 10lbs you will disappear woman!!! Haha I think you look great! I just had a revision on my boobies (BL and switched implants) victorias secret measured me as a 34D but closer to a 32 band size PRE revision. I got a 34DD for post surgery and they fill it out nicely. But I heard that VS bras run small. Is that true? Also from the time you first got your revised boobies, did you stay the same size post op? I mean, if I'm wearing a 34DD now and it's not even fitting right bc of the swelling, once they drop and settle, do you think my bra size would change? What did you wear post op? I'm in a sports bra now bc the wire was putting too much discomfort on my under breast incision. Sorry for all the ques!!
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Haha! No I won't! I have an extra ten pounds in each thigh! Lol
Ya I can't wear any of victoria's bras! They stayed the same size as right after surgery but have dropped a little. I didn't want mine to drop much so I wear an underwire bra all day and sleep in my sports bra! The dr did tell me with this being my second set up implants and having a lift that they would not drop as much as they did the first time! I hope so! Want them high and tight! Hahahaha
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hey girl,
trying to oder a bra online... did you end up with a 34D?
i cant find a 34DDD
which is what i really need..
can you please help , lol ;)
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Yes! I'm a 34 DDD also! I buy Le Mystere no 9 collection in a 34f that is equal to a 34 ddd
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girl they are all sold out in that size.. thats crazy!!!!
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Dillards and Macy's carry the Le Mystere bras! Go there and you can find one that's not the no9 collection! I have a few Le Mystere bras that are the regular bras not the number nine and love them also!
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Did you google scarlet hybrid Le Mystere bra? There are a bunch of different online stores that carry it! Fresh pair ect
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Hey mommyof4!! Haven't talked to you in awhile! When is your trip to Jamica?! How have ya been? I was wondering when u did do ab workouts did you notice any bulge from it? I am 10 weeks PO now and last week started doing some crunches (even know I was told to wait till 12 weeks ) but now I have this bulge above my BB??? Also do u still wear your compression garment? I was told a few weeks ago that I didn't have to wear on BUT by choice still do...I feel as if I am going to POP if I am not wearing it??? Oh did you ever do the BB marble trick?
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June 15thh is my trip! 4 more weeks to loose 10 pounds! Lol
I've stopped wearing my compression garment all together but I still have a bit of swelling after I work out! I did at first notice I had swelling in my upper abs but that seems to all be gone now. Yes, I do the marble trick also and it really works, seems to hide my scar better now cause my belly button is more of an innie
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OMG!!! You look amazing!!!
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Thank u so much
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New me....Im 13 weeks post op. I seem to be 2 weeks behind everyone else on recovery times so Im hoping in another week or two I'll have less swelling. Im not flat even in the morning, its kind of depressing to tell you the truth. I heard it can take a year to see full results so Im trying to be patient but its hard. I know I should be so happy but to tell you the truth Im not. I want my breasts redone, and ps says I need more lipo on tummy, but wondering if I'll ever be happy. I need to post some new pictures and get your feedback. I'll try to do it this week.
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Spinmama...I am 9 weeks post op (as of yesterday) and still am swollen! I swell more after I workout or if I done a lot that day! Its worse at the end of the day...I wake up flat...then as the day goes on I get more swollen!! I can't wait till this ends! I heard that it can take from 3 to 6 mths!! Of course we all heal different so some many take longer then others (that will probably be me:) How far along post op are you?
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PS You looking amazing:)!!!!
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Hey I know this wasnt a question for me, but I'm answering:) YES I am VERY swollen after working out and hate it. It helps to wear something tight around your waist (I found a corset thing at walmart that works well and isnt too uncomfortable) Im curious if you had lipo after your tt? My ps wants to go back in and do some touch up but Im really nervous about it. Thanks for letting me jump in your conversation:)
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HI Mommy of 4 I wanted to ask you do you get swollen after you work out ? because I do ! I hate it DO you feel the lipo helped, I still feel a little pain in my love handles from the lipo. I wonder if thats normal ?
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