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Well, I have had my Invisalign aligners for two...

Well, I have had my Invisalign aligners for two weeks... and today, I got the buttons. 14 of them, I think! I had spoken to my hygienist about wanting a better smile....and they recommended my Orthodontist. My hygienist actually had Invisalign and had used him, too. So, off I went for a consult. I was pretty much convinced after the consultation that this was the treatment for me. I had already had a lifetime of hiding my smile, very self consience of my teeth... to the point of always grinning, with my mouth closed, at all times, if possible. I am 55 yrs old and didn't love the idea of traditional braces and felt like it was my thought is that aging is inevitable...and we can do it gracefully, but having a pleasant smile makes it so much better. I have seen "elderly" people with a radiant smile and it's a beautiful thing. I want to be able to smile with abandon. My teeth are crowded, and not so white, my canines are prominant, which I do not like so much. I have an overbite. But, my orthodontist assured me I was a candidate for Invisalign. So, I am beginning my journey.

I am wearing the aligners a minimum of 22 hrs. a day. I only take them out at meal time, three times a day. I brush my teeth after each meal and am flossing once a day. I have had minimal soreness, just the first two days after starting the aligners. And I am assuming this will be the pattern. I took Advil, more out of fear of the soreness and possible pain, rather than actual pain. Now in two days I will start my new aligners (with the buttons on), so I will let you know about any ACTUAL PAIN I may have. So far, it's minimal, very mild. The buttons are not really that noticeable. Even with the aligners off. I do not have them on my front teeth and that helps. I do notice that I have trouble with a lisp. I will be honest and tell you that I had some trouble even before Invisalign, and it is more pronounced. But, nothing I can't live with.

I do not expect a perfect smile. I do expect a MUCH BETTER smile. I plan to have bleaching done after the treatment. I will update and add pictures , as needed.


Southern Sue, This is a great review thus far. I hope you keep us posted as you go through the invisaline process! Your going to get the smile you want. I am going to start invisaline soon, so thanks for the help.

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I have to say, I don't think your teeth look that bad at the beginning. Sure they aren't the picture perfect "Hollywood" type teeth, but I still think they are worth letting them show when you smile. I also must add you look GREAT at 55!! You must have taken really good care of your skin! Anyways, back to your Invisalign - sorry to hear its exaggerating your lisp. :-/ Please let us know if that continues to improve as you wear the trays more, or if it stays the same.

I'm so looking forward to watching your new smile progress!! Congrats on getting started!!

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He was recommended by my dentist and hygienist. She had used him for her Invisalign treatment.

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