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Hi- Let me start by saying "I'm absolutely...

Hi- Let me start by saying "I'm absolutely petrified". I have been really physically fit my whole life (fitness trainer 15 years). I had 2 C-sections 1.5 years apart. I got back to working out as soon as my Dr. cleared me after my 2nd delivery. My belly was pretty flat around that time so I had no reason for concern. However, as I continued my belly seemed to be getting larger! I had no idea what was wrong. I saw my OBGYN about it as well as a gastro Dr. who performed a colonoscopy to see what the problem was. They found nothing. So over time I sort of self diagnosed it as diastasis recti since I could feel the split when I tested it. It wasn't a huge split, but it was there. I stopped ALL working out and began a new targeted workout plan solely with the intent of repairing the diastasis. I did this for 5 months and saw almost zero improvement. The final straw was when I threw my back out for the first time ever and spent a month seeing a chiropractor a massage therapist. It was my chiropractor who told me that the diastasis has probably healed all it was going to on its own and that I might think about having it repaired because my back is having to compensate for my abdominals. Having it repaired sounded GREAT! I immediately booked an appointment with the best PS in my state and have already been to that appointment. It was a week ago...and have I mentioned how absolutely freaking HORRIFIED I am now about this?!!! After looking online and realizing how major this is Im Not sleeping well at all, And I don't think of myself as a big weenie. I'm just struggling with whether or not this is the right thing to do? I love my family so much, I can't bare the thought of something happening. Can I just live with it and be careful and NEVER work out again and have no core strength for the rest of my life? Well when I put it THAT way...HELL NO!!! But I find myself trying to be convinced that I can just to avoid this surgery. I look at all the pix I see online and most of the women you can see that they visibly need it. But mine isn't so visible. I'm still a pretty small person, but I am not working properly anatomically. I guess I really fear waking up and looking like Frankenstein and regretting feeling like I just came from a butcher shop and looking like it too!!!
Well there is my introduction! I will have my husband take some pix of me tonight and post them asap.


Just wanted to clarify what I meant by "most women look like they need the surgery"
That sounds AWFUL and it's not what I meant!!! I just am saying that I don't have much loose skin to remove. I think most of my issue is more internal so it's hard looking in the mirror and being pretty happy with myself and then CHOOSING to come out of surgery looking far worse...
Just wanted to clarify :)

It's a God thing...

I'm wondering if very many others out there are battling with this dilemma? I suppose I have to get the abdominoplasty to heal my diastasis. So that is not an issue in this regard, but the breast implants?...I'm having some trouble with this one. Although I am not totally happy with my breasts, I'm sure God is since He made me this way. I am very spiritual and my life IS my Christianity. Is there anyone out there who is having this fight within themselves about disappointing God with this decision?
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Yes. My twins are almost 18 months and I'm in great shape except for my diastasis recti which forced me to stop doing the workouts I love, as they made my tummy larger. I did the Tupler technique. It helped, but I'm not willing to wear that splint any longer or do those exercises forever while avoiding everything I love. So, my MM is in July. I'm a born again Christian and will be getting BA also. I don't believe that Jesus will look down on us at all for it. Yes, He made us like this, but we were also made with all kinds of other spiritual defects and He loves us completely as we attempt to fix those issues with His grace and guidance. I feel that if I used my breasts for the wrong purposes, I may have an issue disappointing God. But, God is looking at our heart. I believe that as long as we keep focused on Him and don't get obsessed with worldly things, we won't disappoint Him. Thank God for the grace we've been given.
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I completely understand where you are coming from! I have been an avid gym rat for several years and I also was not completely over - weight but have had 4 kids and had the pooch and saggy boobs! I am soooo glad I chose the bl/ba, tt w/ muscle repair and lipo..I am 11 weeks post on Monday and love it!!
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Oh wow how I wish I could fast forward and be 11 weeks post!!!! How are you feeling? Are you still swelling? Do you think the scar will be all worth it? When do you expect to be 100%?!
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It was a little rough after my setback at 2 wk post..I went through A LOT of emotional ups & downs! I feel great in comparison! I am still swollen but it has definitely gone down and will continue to go down for the next several months! My scars are great and yess completely worth it!! I ran a 5K 2 wks ago and am easing back into lifting weights so I'd say I am 80%!
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So glad to hear its goin so well! Can I ask why there is so much swelling it seems with everyone? It seems like everyone swells for like a year!!!!!! Why? And aside from eating very little sodium is there any way to get around it?
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I believe it's just like any other surgery, it just takes time. With the tt, we are almost literally cut in half, nerves severed and given a new belly button. Because it is so invasive the swelling just takes time to go down. Early on I asked myself those same questions and have just accepted it as part of the procedure! I would also say keep hydrated with water. It makes sense that we should flush out our system and keep it moving!
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I understand completely! I'm not a big person but after 3 babies (1 almost 9 lbs and I'm only 5'2" tall, I have diastasis. I'm active and work out but I've got "the pooch". I've never had major surgery. I'm quite scared to say the least. I wonder if I'm making the right choice. I have lower back issues as well. I love my family, but the choice is to go through with this to improve my quality of life. I'm having surgery July 23rd.
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