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To those interested in breast lift...

to yoyo11, and others interested in breast lift and /or implants. here are the photos i promised. i will see if i can get a side view and before photos. i am nearly 5 feet 4 inches and weigh about 125 lb, with a small frame. ( in one week i will weigh back to 122 --- i gained some weight, but intend to go back to 120.)

i just had mastopexy and augmentation, and it is 7 weeks and i am happy.
i had 325 cc silicone, moderate profile ,implants. the choice of moderate profile for me by the PS was perfect sometimes it is the profile that makes all the difference.they fall differently with each type. it has to go with the body type also.

the PS was great and chose the right size for my frame and chest measurements. i also told him i was a c cup and did not want to be one speck bigger, in fact that was MAX for me. so he knew my preferences.

my old saggy breasts just filled the bottom of the bra cup, and it was a lightly padded C cup, just to get the shape in clothes. i used the use the blank space on the top of the cup to hold my cell phone, notes, etc - a nice little pocket! However with my new breasts, it fills the top of the bra cup also, which is lovely but took some getting used to, because i am heavier. That is, 325 cc implants weigh a total of 1.5 lb of extra chest weight. i am now used to it, it is 7 weeks. i am enjoying my new look!

i have wanted this done for so many years, but i feared anesthesia, feared loss of sensation, and was not down in weight so i knew it would be a waste.
finally after losing weight, ( 27 lb) i did it!! wow! i wish i had done it before.

MY scars are fading fast! i cannot believe it is looking so sensation is back!!
He also made my areolas the way i wanted them. mine were very large, and i felt if i got too small, i would not feel like me. i told him to use the biggest template he could, and he did, and for me they are perfect since i feel like me.

For me, the size is perfect. I am built lower breasted and so the underneath of my breasts grow out of my chest lower than most. in fact, the right one grows out lower than the left. that cannot be changed. it is very little and i do not care. it is me. so the new breasts do the same. i sit lower on the chest than most. when i wear clothes, even low cut tops, it is just suggestive. if i wanted the top of my breasts to show more, i would need a push up bra, but i do not. i still fit my old bras, the 36 C. i fit the entire cup now. i love it.

I just posted photos of my old saggy boobs. Voila!...

i just posted photos of my old saggy boobs. Voila! Quelle difference!
I will take some more updated photos of the new ones and post.

Today i tried to take updated photos. i will also...

today i tried to take updated photos. i will also try to get one in a tank top or halter dress if i can.

Just posted new bra photos. i just went to...

just posted new bra photos. i just went to Intimacy store to ask her to check my bra i had purchased from them last year. it started to not feel right to me. my hunch was correct, i was popping out of the top incorrectly. she said first that i should not pay attention to the european sizes they have. they are very different from US US calvin kleins and target store other bras (name unknown) were 36 C,and my european one from intimacy last yr was 36D. yesterday i was fit in a nice bra, an everyday type, lovely, at 36E and another one that was a push up style at 34F. Believe me i am not E or F in our US sizing!! the push up bra has no lower cup cushions, it just pushes up via the construction of the bra. . i am forgetting about letters and numbers in bras. i am just wearing what works.

update at 11 weeks-HAPPY

I am now nearly 11 weeks post-op. I have stopped dwelling on my breasts as much. When i leave the house, i do what i need to do, and i have most of the time when I am not aware at all of my breasts. That means they have healed, so they are doing very little to remind me. I still have some feeling of dropping forward or heaviness when i do something such as touching my toes, but not as bad as before.

BUT when i get up in the mornings, i never pass the bathroom mirror without LOOKING at them, admiring them, and just plain adoring them.And when i get dressed, I am very aware of what i choose to put on and how they look.

I do enjoy being able to choose my look that day, depending on if i am going to work or not. Today i wore something so demure and one could not even see the breast size or anything on top even though it was scoop neck. Saturday i purposely put on the push up bra with the lowest top I could find, and i loved it.I am still not used to the look I have in the gym - I have breasts. I am not sure I like that. I am used to working out looking quite a bit flatter.I have yet to put on a dance leotard. I am not ready for that.I love going out looking feminine and with my beautiful sexy girls in a halter top dress.
My girls are now what they will be. They are very soft and pliable, and yet perky, and I think a bit smaller than they were when i wrote at 7 weeks. But ...maybe it is just my imagination.....
Sometimes I wish I did not grow out so low down, because the upper part would be more puffy, but then again maybe i would not be able to have the lighter smaller look when i choose to. i know that sounds wierd to many women, because most want to be bigger looking all the time, no matter what they are doing, and I admit I admire their looks in the photos.
MY mastopexy scars are looking very good, and I will post photos of them soon.
I am very happy with my look, and soooo glad I finally did it!
TT and face next!


I know i have been absent for quite a while. i have been busy with my TT. that is on my other site. so here are under the breast pics of the MASTOPEXY SCARS-- i am very pleases so far. i did some scarinex but not diligently i admit. now i am getting scar away silicone strips for the TT scar, so i think i will use them on the breasts also.
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

My PS was awesome. He knew what i needed and understood what i wanted. i have no complaints at all. I recommend him .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look awesome.
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amazing result!!!!!!!!
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Great idea on using the silicone scar strips for both your breast lift and tummy tuck scars. Thanks for the update and photos. Your before and after photos are truly amazing. So happy for you!

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             you look goid
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violet 1234 thank you! i am happy with my looks. it is right for my size and my lifestyle! i can make it look really "up there" with push up bra if i want to. i admire your looks also! it looks great on you!
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              thank you emn
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You look great!!! I love your new bras...gorgeous :-D
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thanks! the everyday bra is super comfortable and goes everywhere with anything, especially to work. the push up one bothers me, it is 34F(european), and i am really 36, so a bit tight at the band, but starting to loosen up, but the part that bothers me is the strap---i will bring it in and see what they can do. intimacy has a seamstress and it is free. because right now i cannot wear the push up bra for too long.
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What is your bra size (US)? I was trying to look up the covertor but it listed UK sizes the same as ours and other Europen sizes in single digits so I'm a bit confused lol. Have you tried the bra calculator on sophisticated pair? It's pretty accurate. What about the push-up bra strap is painful?
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i did that calculator, but will redo it later today, since i am now down to what i will be with no old bras of 36C are too small. the push up bra, which btw has no pad on the undercut, but is made to push up the way it is cut, has straps with the adjustor clip that seems to sit on my shoulder bone, when i put a little pad under it, the pain subsided. at first i thought it was too tight, so loosened the straps. but i think it is the clip, i will take it in and let her look at it. might have to give it back i have 30 days.
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i re-measured according to that site. if SNUG, it is UK 32E AND US 32DDD/F but if MODERATELY SNUG OR SLIGHTLY SNUG it is UK 34DD and US 34DD/E so i see now that my breasts have settled and i am 12 weeks post op, my old bras 36 C is pushing too tight. even the intimacy bra from europe i bought last year at 36Dis too tight. my new regular daily bra is european 36E but this calculator states it would be 34DD. i might go to nordstroms next time to see bras. but intimacy has a bra i really like, the one i got last year and i might when ready go get that one in the next size, whatever that is.but they are pricey,that one is 105.i am not splurging now, need to save for my other procedures.
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Oh wow, we're the same size! That's too cool ;-). As you started out a B, you had a good 200cc more breast tissue more than I did. So it took me 700 CC to catch up lol. I too am searching for the "perfect bra." I'm not quiet allowed to be in an underwire yet, but hopefully soon. I will let you know if I find a brand that I really like :-). I know Chantelle is a very nice brand and Panache sports bras are wonderful! I spent about 70 on that sports bra a few months ago, and unfortunately cannot wear it as it's a 34 D which equates to a 32DD :-(. I wish there was somewhere to sell gently used undergarments. I hate wasting money lol
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but you look so much bigger than me! we cannot be the same size ! how odd.i was C but it was only due to the loose skin. it was not inside fat content. so my fat was probably a B size. he cut away loads of skin, as you can see. and had to reduce the right side way more. i bet there are many women on this site who would love that panache bra--after all, we do have used clothes stores. yes,, it is a bra, but in good shape and hardly worn. no harm putting it out there.
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Oh that's right, sorry I had your stats off. My memory has been MIA lately with the allergy meds I have been taking lol. Hmmm, I do have HP implants which do give a lot of upper pole fullness and can look a bit larger maybe? It's also possible that I'm a bit bitter than 32DDD as the muscle is still a bit tight (thus holding onto the implant). That's an insane thought! That's very true about the sports bra, I might just do that! I think my other bras I'll wash and donate to a local women's shelter :-) It would be nice to get some $$ back for the more expensive items though. I'm curious to see how Nordstroms sizes you. I bet in a comfortable band size (not the super snug fit) you truly are a full 34DD/full 36D. That's a perfect size! Nordstroms has some beautiful things and I wanted to buy everything when I was there Saturday. It took serious self-control. I LOVE shopping so I felt quite proud of myself for only spending $70 lol.
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Your results look very good. They look natural
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thanks! I love the natural look! just looked at your post. good luck and congratulations on doing what you want, regardless of other people.
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Thnk U emn, I'm looking fwd to it regardless of what ppl say
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you look fantastic! and thanks for the advice :)
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thank you!
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You look great! So happy for you.
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thanks! just posted more, and will get those halters and tank tops soon. going for lunch next monday, taking my" girls "out again, so maybe my friend will take some photos for me. ultimately, i think we will all be happy, it just takes time to get thru the healing. and buying some new tops helps.
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Retail therapy!!!! I can't wait to see your next photos.
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I just saw your new pics! Nice looking bras. You are looking great!!!
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I just saw your new pics! Nice looking bras. You are looking great!
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You look fantastic!
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