2 Weeks Until Breast Lift and Augmentation! Yaay - Arizona

Hello I'm new here and excited and nervous...

Hello I'm new here and excited and nervous I'm scheduled for a lift and augmentation on the 16th!

I'm a 41 year old Mom and feel like now is the time to finally treat myself to this enhancement. I've dreamed since a teen to have larger breasts and after nursing my baby I feel like I could really use this procedure. I just look forward to my clothes fitting better and being a sexier version of myself.

I would love to hear results of ladies who have been through this or who are also waiting anxiously as I am!! I hope to continue to blog my entire journey with you.

Ok so I had a great dream this weekend that I had...

Ok so I had a great dream this weekend that I had my surgery and saw my new look and was thrilled in my dreams cannot wait for reality.

I wish I could fast forward time and be on the road to my recovery. I think I would not be as anxious if I did not lead the lift too. Two and one half hours of surgery is a lot but after trying on the implants a few times I knew in my heart there was no turning back.

Last week was a relief in that I told my family what I'm doing. I knew they would be concerned and not totally supportive but at least it has sunken in now and we can talk about it and they will all be here for me through recovery. I know they just care and so cannot understand my choice .

My hubby and I cannot wait to go clothes shopping for me afterwards. I can't wait to wear a bikini top!! yahoo! Only 10 days to go!!

Ok ladies I'm so glad I finally did this. Im on...

Ok ladies I'm so glad I finally did this. Im on day two since surgery and doing well. I won't lie I'm hurting and sore but amazed already by my new cleavage! I make sure to stay on top of the pain by taking. Ed's every four hours. My husband is a great nurse to me. It felt great to shower today. I'm not very hungry but am drinking lots of Gatorade. Will post before and after pics soon.

So worth it a dream come true to have the...

So worth it a dream come true to have the voluptuous shape I always wanted. I'm fortunate to have my husband caring for me like a queen. I'm still needing pain meds on day 3 but looking forward to being off them soon so I'm not so sleepy all the time. Today all my incisions look great already healing well thank God. I think if you are wanting to do this you should go for it as long as you have help to care for you and do your research it's so exciting.

Today went really well at my 6 day post op appt! ...

Today went really well at my 6 day post op appt! Only a week ago tomorrow I was on my way to surgery. I'm so happy I did it! I cannot believe how fast I'm starting to heal. I am loving the new me.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since my...

Tomorrow will be two weeks since my lift/augmentation. I feel soo much better. I'm moving around so much more and feeling great about it. I put on a t shirt (tighter fitting one) today for the first time and WOW I feel so awesome. My breasts are still really high and they do hurt I'm not going to kid you, I'm still sore but did finally drive on Monday and it hurt but today was much better.
Tomorrow I'm getting my stitches out, cannot wait to add some pics here.

March 1, 2012 - TWO WEEK ANNIVERSARY!!...

Well, it's now two weeks since surgery. All went very well at the Dr yesterday. I'm healing well and can start the scar cream now. I'm moving around almost back to normal schedule in life but cannot lift and vacum my house etc., but my hubby and parents have been helping me which is so nice. I was even up to preparing a dinner the other night since I do enjoy cooking. I'm glad I can now take Motrin I have been off pain meds for awhile now. Motrin helps the soreness for me. I'm wondering if I will get my period ontime or if this surgery will throw me off?

WEEK 3 I'm feeling good. Just a tight feeling...


I'm feeling good. Just a tight feeling on the scars under my breasts but I'm using scar cream 3x a day. I feel a slight "sloshing" feeling sometimes when I bend to the side. It's not a bad feeling just strange. I'm glad to hear that is normal. It's not like anyone else can hear it but it just was strange. Still so worth doing this!!

I can't believe 4 weeks have gone by. I am very...

I can't believe 4 weeks have gone by. I am very happy with my surgery. I do feel sore still. I do not hear the "slosh" noise anymore. I mostly am sore under my breasts. I also am scared if people hug me too tight LOL
I've been very active this week. I do like how when I try on clothes I can fill the tops much better.

Hello!! I'm so excited about shopping for bras. ...

Hello!! I'm so excited about shopping for bras. I finally caved and bought a bra after only wearing camis for so long. It's been about 3 months since my surgery. I'm love shopping the clothes fit so much better. I pretty much fit into all my clothing just fill it in better. Especially strapless tops. I went to Vegas and really enjoyed going dancing and wearing a very low cut dress that I would never have been able to wear before (and with no bra) whoo hoo! I just turned 42 last week, I feel great!! I only have one more check up with my PS and that's it. It's been an awesome ride!

Hello. I have one more appt with my Dr and I'm...

Hello. I have one more appt with my Dr and I'm all done. Yesterday went well. I noticed I'm feeling so itchy where my scars under the breast are. I am putting Mederma on but all must still be healing, I suppose I have to be patient all has been great but the itchy feeling is so annoying at times I just want to scratch. Some say that is the skin healing. All I know is today I wore a dress I could never wear it sat in my closet for 2 summers and today I felt great it in because I had something to hold it up on top ! LOL ;)

Well, here I am a little over a year after my...

Well, here I am a little over a year after my surgery and I'm still so happy I did it. I've healed really well. I continue to use Mederma since I had a lift and have scars that remain but lighter all the time. I need to post more pics to show myself a year later. I think now I'm so used to them the DD doesn't feel big at all to me. Meanwhile, just a year ago I was just dreaming of these!!! Maybe I'll go a little bigger if I need surgery in the future for them. ;)
Dr John Ward

I feel my surgery went very well I followed all my before and aftercare instructions and am uncomfortable but it's what I expected since I did research and followed blogs on here and my my doctors office really explained it all

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Oh my gosh the pics! You look great, Christine. Glad everything is going well for you :)

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Mackenzie, Thanks so much how sweet of you! :) I'm glad all is well and just in time for summer and bikini top LOL ;)
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HI Andie, so glad you enjoyed my review. I'm glad to hear from you. Sounds like you are doing well. I"m so glad to share info on my surgery, finding peole on here helped me so I'm glad that someone can read my story and find it helpful. That's excatly what I wanted. I will post some new pics soon I figure I'll put my bathing suit photos on there I took a before in a bikini top but have yet to do the "after" pic in a swimsuit.
Oh fun Vegas will be awesome, it was really nice to wear fun tops that I used to have to wear WONDERBRAS to fill ;) Now I hardly wear anything just cami tops. The Genie Bra is in Bed Bath and Beyond and they take the 5.00 coupon! You can't beat that for two bras!! Have a wonderful time in Vegas! post pics when you are up to it ! Christine :)
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ps when I said I hardly wear anything I meant BRAS LOL not that I walk around as a nudist LOL I just love the freedom to not need a bra to lift my breasts is what I meant ;)
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Christine! This was a joy to read!! I recently had a BL/BA on 5/17 and can relate to everything you wrote up through your first week so I'm hoping my next few weeks will be similar to your recovery! I haven't heard of the Genie Bra but after hearing you and the others speak of them I'm going out today to purchase. I am a 37 year old mother of 2, 5'8 185 lbs and previously wore a 38 C bra although I rarely filled it out (had to wear the padding to look proportionate). I had a full anchor with a Natrelle Moderate 397 cc in the left and a 490 cc in the right. After a week the right is still sitting pretty high so I'm wearing a strap as much as possible to push it down. It's still sitting a bit under my armpit.
Your results look amazing!! I'm also going to Vegas at the end of July and am looking forward to wearing some cute tops and dresses without having to worry about wearing a bra that "enhances" my chest!
Please continue to post pics if they change (I've read that they continue to settle over months) etc as I would like to follow the timeline of your final results!
Have a great summer :)
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WOW Christine, you look awesome!!!!
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Thank you so much you're so sweet!!
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Enjoyed reading your story..I just turned 42 last week and my surgery is coming up in 10 days. hope all continues to go well for you
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Hi Wendi, oh how exciting 10 days!! I remember how excited I was. It's so worth it and Happy Birthday to you! If you have any questions or need any support before, after please email me. I joined here before my surgery and it helpe calm my anxieties so much. It helps to hear other people's stories too so you know you aren't alone. I wish you the best. Let me know how you do! :) Christine
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Hot mama!!!
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Thanks that is sweet you look like a hot momma yourself ;)
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I cannot wait until I can try the Genie bra. Sometimes when I move to the side I can feel that something is really in there, it's not a bad feeling just differen't I'm sure I'll be feeling lots of things tomorrow is 3 weeks! It's so true what you said once you open up to people they start sharing how they would like to have surgery. Today I felt proud as I walked around the store with "the girls" LOL and I've caught a few people noticing them, they are so high and proud LOL I'm enjoying the cami tops and I'm still using gauze to protect my nipples I'm still too sensitive to go to just band aids on them.
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ps I wonder if you buy the Genie Bra in Bed Bath and Beyond if they will take the 20% off coupon, I heard they sell them in there.
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Yep! I used my $5 off coupon, which made them $15!!
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I was really concerned about that movement feeling too, because I always had it in my left breast, but not at all in the right. My PS was correct, of course, and it went away after about a month. 5 weeks now and I only occasionally feel it when I'm turning over in bed.

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I'm afraid to stop sleeping on my back. I'm at 3 weeks today. When were you able to sleep on your side? Thanks. christine :)
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AWesome!! Thanks!!
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I finally added a pic if u get time check it out more to come :).
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I started sleeping on my side after two weeks. Wrap your arms around a fluffy pillow, and make sure the arm underneath is above or below your boob so you're not pushing it inward more than necessary. The pillow really helps though, I can't side sleep without it, even now at 7 weeks! 

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Hmmm I started my period the day after surgery, but I am on the pill so very regular. Didn't have an issues the next cycle either.

If anything, I would think the shock to your body would make you start sooner, but that's just un-medical personal thought.

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I haven't started massaging yet, I feel like I need to I feel like my boobs are made of cement still they have softened somewhat but tomorrow at my 2 week appt will ask my Dr if I can start I (and my hubby) are looking forward to that park ;)
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The massaging might make you sore for a few days, but after a while it just starts to feel so good! Doing it right now... lucky for the people across the street :) I love that your husband is excited too. I know my boyfriend doesn't mind helping out. It's part turn-on and part his nerdy brain being so impressed with the fact that there's an implant in there. 

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Hello! Started the massage AHHHHH wow it's so great and my hubby was completely on board with helping me with that LOL I'm enjoying wearing my clothes again, I'm looking forward to shopping for Vegas soon! What good timing to have these new "twins" to show off in Vegas I mean what a fun place to wear some really cute tops that I used to not be able to fill! LOL ;)
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Oh yeah! If there's one place to flaunt it and not be ashamed, it's Vegas. Besides, you know you'll probably have the most natural looking boob job of most the women there ;)

I'm going in May for wedding and am also looking forward to wearing some stuff that is hard to pull off in Seattle :)

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