Post Op Breast Augmentation (Surgery 10/26) - Arizona

So I am now 5 days post op. Definitely did not...

So I am now 5 days post op. Definitely did not think my breasts would look the way they do (not upset). I was worried the night before surgery since I have never had any previous surgery or have ever been under anesthesia. The day of surgery it was literally so easy and it really is true, it hits you then you wake up and all done waiting in recovery. The first four days all I could do is sleep. Lay propped up on the couch with a lot of pillows and wake up to take meds. I definitely am excited for the end result and know it will take time. Mobility in my arms is more today but very limited to front and some side movements. Laughing absolutely hurts!!!

I originally was a 34B larger in my right breast about 30cc's. For my surgery I chose saline, it was placed submuscular through the inframammary fold with smooth rnd mod plus profile. 500 in left and 475 right overfilled to 535 and 585. Seriously have help the first four days, in my experience, it was needed and nice.

So today 11/02 I had my 1st post op and it went...

So today 11/02 I had my 1st post op and it went very well. Just like my PS said not to be nervous of the four boob which is my implant sitting super high. He was telling me how he released a lot of the tightness in my lower pole of my breast since I have " thick dense" tissue that's tight. He said this will allow the
Implant to drop to in time give that nice supple look. I am not allowed to wear the bra for two weeks only the ace bandage. No more meds except my antibiotic and now ibuprofen 600 mg 3x daily for 4 weeks. He showed my spouse the massage I have to start doing 3 times daily for the next 6 weeks to remind the implant where it needs
To go. I'll post the video we recorded of the doctor doing the massage on me. So I have to do the massage for 6 weeks till my 2nd post op on Dec 15. When I had my spouse did them at home I literally broke down it hurt soooo bad. My smaller breast, left, hurt the worst and I'm sure it will get better the more frequent it happens. Beauty is pain right. I'll be posting updated photos maybe next week so that any women in my situation or who are thinking about breast augmentation can have a first hand account.
I'm so glad you've shared your photos. It's so nice to see what a few days post-op looks like. Most photos are the before and the after, after... like when everything has dropped into place.
hi there, i just had mine done as well on the 24 oct...had stiches out today and im so very happy..i wasnt in much pain at all..look scary at first as they sit up so high and our swollen..every day gets of luck.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience on RealSelf! Your implants look like they're still super high. They should start to drop before long. Let us know what you think as you continue to heal!


Today I am 9 days post op and have been doing the...

Today I am 9 days post op and have been doing the massages my doctor rec'd and my hubby and I have seen a change for sure. My areolar complex is much higher now whereas initially they were pointing completely south. So very happy about that. My mobility in my arms is way better but now able to strain myself still since can induce more swelling
I've been told I have dense breast tissue also, had to get a repeat mammo because of it. I guess I will have the same look that I did when my breasts were engorged. You're coming along fine!

Already 19 days Post Op and so far so good. Pretty...

Already 19 days Post Op and so far so good. Pretty much have full mobility in my arms and can finally sleep on my back for the past week. I can also do the massages myself and am being very aggressive with it. Have to massage 3 times daily 3 different locations on each breast 15x. I have also started my mederma since I have noticed new stretch marks underneath my breast. I am still icing my breasts in intervals and still taking 600mg ibuprofen 3x daily.
Super funny, I took the "girls" out for the first time a couple days ago and I caught a glimpse of myself in a reflection and even though theyre still high I love them. i love seeing myself with cleavage :) so anyone going through this or will be going through it, have no worries, your nipples do lift once the implant begins to settle. I also feel the difference more than seeing it (if that make sense). the change is super subtle but you can definitely tell. Still super happy!!
Hi ladies, I am interested in your conversation. I was told after my surgery that my peck muscles were quite dense/strong. I do what I can to stay fit but I do not regularly work out. I can carry two lugs of peaches with no problem (44lbs) and can carry 3 if needed.
I am still riding high, in my opinion, but would like yours. I will attach pics tomorrow. I am having to lay down on my chest to help soften the pockets.
I thought the pain was just like when your milk comes in, I think having kids first made it easier, the muscles had already been pulled and pushed..I got up to a DD while I was nursing..went back down to a 34b after losing the weight. I'm 5'4, 115..
Crazy, I was told no ice at all.....can I ask, did u have kids yet?

Today is officially 1 MONTH!!!!! HURRAY!!! it has...

Today is officially 1 MONTH!!!!! HURRAY!!! it has seriously felt like forever. Ok now to the boobies.

They are settling and I can see and feel it. They can jiggle more (haha) and have gotten way more soft. I can go to work and wear lower cut shirts and people have complimented me on how nice they look (co workers and patients) People think im wearing a great push-up bra as for the reason my breast are a bit high.

I have still been massaging three times daily on three spots on each breast 15x each spot. My spouse and I have seen more suppleness is the lower breast. There are no more scabs on the incision and they are just overall softer.

My arm strength feels like its back. I want to start working out but am afraid since I dont have Dr's clearance.

As of the 15th of Nov I started back on the bra and am still wearing the strap. My nipples are no longer hyper sensitive. Last week i felt lower back pain. I dont know if its from the change in posture (more upright) or me sleeping weird. We shall see.

I hope that they continue to settle as they are still high. Oh yea I am still doing ice when I can (sleeping, relaxing at home). I have new pictures posted as " 1 month" so you can see the difference
Great progress. Congrats!
yay. so great to see they are finally falling into place! I am getting mine done on January 5th!! Can't wait :-)
Congrats!! Jan is coming fast!! I
Know that I would do it all
Over again for the feelings and co fidence I have gained and am
Excited for your upcoming journey!! Make sure
Ur expectations are realistic
Is thorough with u. Have you Chosen the implant
Type ??

Nov 30 is officially 5 weeks post op and I am very...

Nov 30 is officially 5 weeks post op and I am very happy with the progress. I keep sometimes thinking I should have gone bigger but they havent settled yet so right now its a waiting game and am very happy. they continue to get softer and easier to massage. have three more days of Ibuprofen and still wearing ace and Ice ( occasionally ). Massaging still 3x daily and in dr recmd bra. the beginning of week 4 i started trying to sleep on my side and it is slowly getting comfortable, i still need a pillow behind me so that the pressure is alleviated. Laying on my tummy- yea tried that and not comfortable in the breast region even with a very comfy squishy couch cushion pillow. trying to lay like this feels super strange since i feel the foreign object, like its so hard to explain. kinda like your laying on those $2.50 rubber large bouncy balls at walmart except much harder rubber.No stomach yet :( . I am however ready for working out. Started squats and then will try sit ups with spouses help for support. IN two weeks i have my 2nd post op at 7 weeks. So far still doing good. Updated pics at 5 weeks are below

Seeing more curve and suppleness in the lower part...

Seeing more curve and suppleness in the lower part of breast :)

I think I'm going to have about the same cc's you have. What size bra are you wearing now? Thanks!
Sorry it took so long- i also need to post new photos cus now theyre amazing looking and feeling. I am now a 36 DD
So happy I found your pics today, I had a MM on 12/15. My left breast was a lot bigger then my right, so I got a 240cc implant in the left and a 450 cc implant in the right. Two days ago I lost it because the 240 implant settled right away and that boob looks fine. The other implant is still very high and I was regretting even having it done since it just looks like my boob problem became a bigger problem. BUT everyone keeps telling me it can take 6 months for them to drop and fluff. SO I am holding out hope this 450 implant drops. AND I am doing the darn massage/pinching thing 5 minutes 5 times a day to the right breast. ITs frustrating because once I go back to work I don't know how I am going to find the time. Thanks for your story!

So today is April 19 2012 and I am 6 months post...

So today is April 19 2012 and I am 6 months post op. they are AMAZING!!!!!!! I absolutely live them and am
Thankful for the wonderful staff at Dr lilles office and Dr Lille!! I do 1 massage every other day 10x per breast. I am a full 36 DD and love how the size fits my frame. I will post new photos in a day or two
They feel very natural and move very natural
Wow, that is AM-A-ZING how much they changed from the beginning! Your results turned out great!
I would love to see the new pictures.
I did a surgery myself 2 weeks ago and my breast still didn't settle & doesn't look the most natural.
They look phenomenal! Congrats.

so i completely forgot to post an update since I love my breasts so much

literally by december they settled and looked and felt natural- they are so soft and the scar is barely visible. I will take more photos in the next couple of days! Definitely worth it
I cant wait til mine stop looking so stiff, great results!
they will get soft and move like a natural breast-the doctor told me to massage three spots five times each every day- i did 15 in each spot which i totally recommend. Mine literally looked amazing two months after surgery and I loved them then and love them now. I can honestly say every day since the surgery I look at my breasts and always think of how much I love them!! bra's fit well, my breasts are even and very soft.

1 year 7 months later

Super super sorry for no pics for about a year.....but i can tell you that in December of 2011 they already looked amazing. Dr. Lille did such an amazing job matching a size that I was happy with but also matched my body. Stretch marks are literally non existant- i tried miderma for about a month and did not feel the redness of the stretch marks being reduced or alleviating my stretching skin- I changed to Bio Oil which for me worked wonders!. I felt and saw results after 1 application. I still use Bio Oil on my breast every day after my showers. I also rubbed the oil (like a deep tissue massage) on m scars and they are almost invisible. I am a 36DD and cant be happier! I love love love love my breasts!
Your BA TURNED OUT AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE GIVEN ME SO MUCH HOPE FOR MY BA! If mine look anything like yours, I will be the happiest girl alive. Where can I send a photo to you of my current breasts? I want to see if you agree they are similar?
Had a breast enlargement and nipple lift on mon 3rd june 2013. Im still in agony, keep getting sudden stabbing pains in my chest, my boobs feel like they are about to explode. Ive got severe back ache and have trouble sitting down and getting up. I cant even manage to get dressed alone. My breasts are so high up and look deformed, im really depressed and deeply regretting my decision to get them done.
Im so sorry that your having those feelings. I do hope you know that they will settle with the help of rigorous massaging over time. I had to wear a strap above my breasts for a little over a month in conjunction with massaging them. The nipple lift was an option 1 doctor said I should have- I felt that I didnt need it since I like the position of my nipple areola complex (looks more natural the way they are than raised, in my opinion). It is a personal decision though. Im sure you feel like your implants are right where your collar bone is- i assure you they will settle- I wish I kept posting monthly photos-2 months after surgery they looked phenomenal. The stabbing pains I had were my nerves- they felt pinched and I would randomly feel them when I started massaging 1 week post op. If you can-try heating/cooling pads for your achy back and try to lay on something soft in an upright position (yes it is uncomfortable to sleep upright) but this too will pass. I hope my journey and my photos encourage you to stay positive and reassure your decision for augmentation. Mine initially were seriously ugly- the end result once time allowed the doctors magic to work was/is amazing. Keep me updated on your journey!
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so far my doctor has been amazing upfront and Honest Absolutely love the Dr I went to. Great personality and very comforting. Best experience!!!!!

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