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47 Year Old Got Lazer Lift Which is Lipo of Lower Face Jowls Neck -Arizona, AZ

Had the lazer lift 5 weeks ago i look like a...

Had the lazer lift 5 weeks ago i look like a monster, one side of my cheek is all bumpy and has 6 indentations in it will this get better in month to come or will I look so bad the rest of my life help someone has this happen before, when I call the doctor I have to go through his assistants and it sucks, since it takes weeks and months to get a hold of him:( I am so unhappy I am so ugly with my face I don't think the doctor was detailed with me I feel miserable. I hope they call me back and the doctor sees how bad my face is and they repair it or at least let me be seen in public,.

This is side of neck that was burned

This ate lines on face


I just want to say the doctor finally responded to this issue and I am very pleased, The Doctor seems to care and wants to take care of this problem he truly seems genuine. When things go wrong and your body does react badly which did happen you have to want to fix it and allow healing in all areas. I am just hoping that allowing fixing the problem will work, just want to feel and look normal again.
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I am to upset to give him a review I read his reviews says he is good, but he ruined my life, I am a teacher and my boss is a stuck up but, I teach kids with disabilities and they are not treat fairly, I was planning to look so good and confront my boss to give the kids a nice room and good bathrooms and a nice place for them to learn and have more opportunity to grow, I love my students they are stars!!! Just nobody gives them the time of day since they are disabled:( Wanted to look good to confront my boss and say move us since my boss is so into looks:( i look like a monster now and there is now way in hell I have a chance to confront him

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Yes I had a mini lift and eyes done..he ruined the left side of my face, my ear looks deformed and it puckers up. my left ear was infected for quite awhile, I still have redness all over that side. My eyes were large and cat shaped, mind you WERE, not they look like soccer and I cannot wear eyeliner because they buldge up In the middle. He is a sweet doc but bedside manor sucks. NOW I have to pay to get this re constructed.
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I responded to u I am sorry the doctor was nice to me and I do communicate with him he said he will fix it the damage and help. But as I said at this time I'm in pain I am currently responding to u in the hospital my scm muscle is damage from the probe he used on my neck and the suction damaged a nerve I am in total pain I am losing movement of my shoulder the dr here in hospital said that I have damage they want to stop my uncontrollable twitching I can't seem to stop my clavicle and shoulder both indent the doc told me that's permanent and my assessory nerve that's on the scm muscle on my neck is causing a paralysis that is why my right side is so weak and I have the twitching. I am beside myself I hav no idea what to do i don't want to live like this I just want to go home and sleep and never wake up from this nightmare I am so upset I had no idea please just send me. Blessing that I can heal that is all I ask for please
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I am so afraid of another procedure but I kno I hav to giv this doctor a chance to explain to me what he did wrong I feel he was too rushed!!
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confront him, walk in that office like I did. It looks a little better but my left ear is still looks deformed and he was not to even touch it!
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I'm sorry to hear that but didn't he try and fix it? He seems very sincere to me I hav just come to understanding my face is ugly and he offered to help! that currently not the problem I have extreme pain I haven't been able to sleep I am seeing a pt, orthopedic and they both referred me to nerve specialist my scm muscle was damaged and nicked by the laser now my clavicle sticks out and my shoulder has an indent and i am becoming weak on my right side it is so painful that it has even gotten hard for me to wash my hair:) they both beliv it is some type of nerve damage I am just hoping this pain will stop it hurts so bad I hav uncontrollable twitching to my right side its not the twitching its The pain just want to feel normal so badly yes I would like my face fixed which doctor was nice seemed very caring i communicate with him and offered to fix it! But I really want more than anything for the pain to go away first and be able to wash my hair without pain:( I just hope and pray I get better this pain is miserable i just want to live normal without pain!!
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I'm so sorry to hear this. Will be praying for resolution. Stay diligent with your dr until u get it.
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Im so sorry to hear about your results..how long have you been waiting for a response
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I have been calling and sending pic to the office just really bummed, I finally went to the walk in clinic today cuz I'm in pain and they told me my skin was burned they beliv a layer of skin was burned and in time those lines will go away. It is the side of my neck Whr all the pain shoots up:( I know I went to a good doctor that gets good result and just dissapointed I had to be the one that got burned:(
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Awww :( me 2..but the procedure requires or entails rather removing the top layer of skin or was that the mistake made?
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They beliv at the walk in that it burned underneath skin that is why it is so damaged and I have red lines. It is very hot to the touch and very pain full the did of my neck is Whr the most pain is the lazer was suppose to suck Thr fat and heat and shrink the remaining fat and build new collegian. I will try and send pics put on the side of my neck I hav blisters up and down my neck and it hurts like hell!!
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Wow thats horrible I seen your pics.I know you want what you expected but your still beautiful :)..if he doesnt respond soon take it a step further
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