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I'd been contemplating a Mommy Makeover for a...

I'd been contemplating a Mommy Makeover for a while, and most of the image searches brought me to I have an occasion I wanted it for, and he worked me into his schedule immediately. I was excited. After that I was prepped for operation, and waiting for it Dec 31 NY eve! He did my follow up Jan 2, I was/am extremely pleased with the results. I love!!!! my breast lift (so does my husband), I am still healing from the tummy tuck but day 9 and I'm feeling human (a little hunched over), but even back to my job (but I work from home, so no commute, and I can do it from the recliner, and a makeshift desk). I'm extremely happy. I will post before and afters. 

I had to run to my second post op apt when I wrote...

I had to run to my second post op apt when I wrote earlier today. Couldn't update with pics or finish properly, am updating now. My stats age: 37, 2 kids, recently lost about 60 lbs, really missed my full breasts and always wore girdles for tight fitting outfits. I'll keep you posted.

So far the only hiccup has been a blood blister, it freaked me out initially, but I called their office around 8 PM, got the answering service, and Dr. Repta himself called me back about 5-10 minutes later. He really again left me feeling well cared for, and at ease.

Just had my apt today, said the blood blisters are common probably irritation from the tape, and he showed me how to dress them, and gave me some antibac gauze or something if I get any more. He removed my drain (didn't hurt a bit), removed the tape from my breasts, and he says I'm healing really well.

I have another appointment Friday. Anyway really happy, and glad I've done it, really excited I'll keep you all posted.
You look amazing!! Your proportions look great. Did you also have an insert put in or just had a lift? They turned out great! Also, how did you lose your weight? Ive lost 40 but still have 40 to go and am having problems losing more. So happy for your great results. Keep resting....
how much did this run you if you don't mind?

Hi All, 15 Days later, all week been feeling good...

Hi All,
15 Days later, all week been feeling good. Tape all off, started using scar guard cause they're all healed enough. All the blood blisters are gone or easy to pick off. Still not standing up straight, have another follow-up with the doc tomorrow Wednesday 1/16/13, last Friday 1/11 he said I should be standing straight by now. Overall though seems to be getting better each day, but still really tight. I do sleep in my bed again though for the last 3 nights, I prop up my legs with a pillow so it's not so tight. I can now cough, sneeze, laugh without excruciating pain, and the swelling seems to be going down. I'm driving again, still can't pick up my 4 yr old or have her jump on me, but soon, I miss that. Have a few stitches coming out ones hurting under my boob.

Anyway lots of positives, just feeling human and really excited about my figure, OMG I'm a hottie! LOL, tried on a spaghetti strap dress the other night, no bra... now that's exciting! Anyway uploading some pics for you. Enjoy.
You look amazing!!! Congratulations! You actually might try NOT using the pillow under your legs. That will help with loosing that tightness and standing upright (or so my PS said! LOL!). I admit once I started stretching m legs out in med and when I am sitting with my legs on the ottoman) it really has helped with tightness. Congrats again! You really look fabulous!
Before reading your post this morning I removed the pillow last night. I guess it's just slowly stretching it out, and stop being such a wuss ;). I've got another follow up this afternoon, i'm going to work on it all day. I noticed the other day when straightening up the house I was standing up straighter afterwards, so it seems like movement helps. Maybe I'll take my dog on a walk around the block today, poor thing needs one, has had about as much exercise as me since the surgery.
LOL I feel like such a cow lately. I miss running! Heck, I miss grocery shopping to be perfectly honest...LOL!

Had another post op appointment yesterday. I did...

Had another post op appointment yesterday. I did take the dog for a walk, still not standing straight up, but have been reading lots of posts about that... and it seems normal. I was taking my Diazepam trying to get my stomach to loosen up a little, however I didn't see much improvement because of it, and I didn't realize how tired it made me, I was driving my kids around and I have to work! So I stopped taking it. I'm just gonna give my body the time to do what it needs to do and do my best to relax and slowly stretch it out. God's gotten me this far and it's been more and more a blessing everyday.

On a whole other note, I treated myself yesterday and went lingerie shopping! Never had such a good time in a dressing room (check out the pic!). Love my body, and my bra size seems to be (at least in that bra) a 38 D, a D and perky, OH YEAH! LOL. Anyway blessing and love to you all. Good luck, I'm loving my PS, more and more each day :D.
You look super amazing! And you give me HOPE! Same stats more like
I went to OA about 20 years again. Id forgotten about them. I may look back into that after Ive healed. Thanks for the good suggestion... :)

Hi All, I have updated my pics from 2/1 and 1/15...

Hi All,
I have updated my pics from 2/1 and 1/15 updated, in love w/ my breasts! Bought some expensive (but seem to be worth it) scar sheets for the boobs and my tummy scar. Seem to be doing good for my healing. Have been taking acetaminophen almost every 4 hrs for quite a few weeks. Keeps the muscle spasms at bay in my tummy area. Standing up straight now, but took me about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks, had me a little worried at first, but then read all the posts here and online and its not that uncommon it seems.

Anyway, past all the worst, really happy with the results, my surgeon is brilliant and I can't thank him enough!
you look amazing love how low your scar is! congrats doll!
Did you have liposuction of the outer thighs and flanks ?
Did you have liposuction of the outer thighs and flanks ?
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I did a doctor search and I found Dr. Repta here, I really didn't know if I was ready but after much consultation with friends, family and even spiritual advisers I decided to go for it. Once I made the decision it went so quickly. I met Dr. Repta for a consult, he is very personable, immediately made me feel trust and ease. We discussed my options, he gave me his opinion, I told him what I was looking for and I didn't know when I wanted to do it, that was right before Christmas, after the holiday I called back to find out when he was available. I think Dr. Repta is a genius! Would recommend him to anyone!

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