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I really want to post this to get some feedback...

I really want to post this to get some feedback and advice I wont hold any feelings back, Here's my story, I was surrounded by friends who always had bigger boobs then me so it led me to wanting bigger boobs and at being only 16 till about 19 I was set on wanting bigger boobs. So after high school I did it thinking I knew what I truly wanted BIGGER BOOBS! I went from a 34B to a 34D to DD, Saline under the muscle and i'm pretty sure around 400CC's.

Now i'm in my 20's almost 2 years later the boobs look natural and are very pretty just I feel now being a a little older, (Crazy how much you can change over a short 2 year span) I truly do not like them and feel regret. Since day one I regretted it and have never really been too happy with them, I mean getting your boobs done aren't you suppose too feel amazing and love them! Me not so much, I talk almost all the time with my boyfriend how I wish I never did it and if I could go back and in time I would stop myself. Boy did I learn a life lesson! I always feel really sick and grossed out thinking about what I did to my healthy body and it makes me feel sad and depressed. I'm just getting sick to my stomach now writing about it on here, They are heavy and it's not that comfy to sleep at night I now can say after writing my feelings on here that I miss my old small boobs. They were perfect with noting wrong but a stupid teenager feeling like she needs to look the best! Now I wish I just loved myself for the way I was and never thought about getting Plastic Surgery at such a young age! Now anytime someone says how they would love a boob job I try to be the other voice of reason by saying "DONT DO IT! Love yourself and your body the way you are!" maybe if they hear that it could possibly change their minds but who know's because I was so stubborn and didn't listen to anyone!

Now I feel torn, because I feel stuck with these big boobs, i'm scared if I explanted they would look very saggy like I had 10 children when I have no children and have never breast fed obviously, and thats not what I want. I want the closest looking thing to my old breasts I'll keep the stretch marks because they are a scar of a life learning lesson that I can share with others. Please someone give me some advice I truly need it and would love to hear from some of you ladies if you felt this way at all, and if you truly DO NOT REGRET getting them removed. Because I don't know who I can talk to anymore. Thank you so much for listening to my story!

- A Yong person.

As the days go by I can't seem to get comfortable....

As the days go by I can't seem to get comfortable. Trying to be comfy at night to sleep seems almost impossible! I'm always uncomfortable laying on my sides/ stomach, anything! Could it be because there too big? And looking at my pictures I posted and in the mirror I truly see they are saggy! They shouldn't look like that! I don't know what I did wrong? Just makes me want these things gone even more! But I have no money to do so, sadly just need to wait :/

So I haven't been on here in a while, I needed a...

So I haven't been on here in a while, I needed a break to clear my mind from always thinking about, recently they haven't bothered me too much but really I've been thinking about how nice it would be to have small boobs again all I see is small boobs in magazines and all around me and it makes me feel somewhat uncomfterbul. So confused!!! Humm,

I feel like big boobs just aren't for me. It was a...

I feel like big boobs just aren't for me. It was a fase that I'm going to have to deal with until I have money to remove them,

They just feel so heavy tonight!

They just feel so heavy tonight!

So Im pretty sure I want them removed, and I'll be...

So Im pretty sure I want them removed, and I'll be happy but it's hard when you have family telling you your going to be very upset and hate the way they look after. Advice please!

I'm sure I'm not alone on what I'm about to ask...

I'm sure I'm not alone on what I'm about to ask but I just like to hear everyone's story's because it relaxes me :)

So summer is coming around soon and last year I hardly ever went into the pool. being at my boyfriends house I was always too embarrassed to go swimming because I didn't want his family to know. I see all these cute bathing suits that are in the stores and I feel I can't wear them because I'll look stupid in it with these big things.
so what I'm asking is we're any of you ever feel like this?

So today I got the chance to feel someone else's...

So today I got the chance to feel someone else's implants and she felt mine and I came to find out my implant is either leaking or has deflated over this time that would explane why they are saggy! I'm so pissed at my doctor! Just mad in general!

Days go by and I keep feeling horrible everyday on...

Days go by and I keep feeling horrible everyday on what I did to my body, eh I wish I had smaller boobies again!

My depression is getting worse my visit to the...

My depression is getting worse my visit to the doctor yesterday really triggered it, it just brought back memories and my anxiety is bad, I stayed home today because I felt sick last night and this morning. Has anyone felt that depressed over boobs?

So my mom and dad finally truly see how sad and...

So my mom and dad finally truly see how sad and depressed I am, and my parents offered to pay for the procedure after I Finnish school, I'm happy but feel guilty at the same time because I told my mom I wanted to pay for and she simply said you will pay me back in time, I still feel anxiety and not too sure why. And for some reason they are sore and hurt a little tonight not too sure why? Thank you everyone for your love and support :)

All I can think about now is setting a date and...

All I can think about now is setting a date and getting them out! I'm too excited to even know that they will be gone. Hopefully if I wear tight sports bras after they are removed they will bounce back lol

I want these fat balloons gone lol, I hope I will...

I want these fat balloons gone lol, I hope I will be a size B just small :) because I know they have been streched out but I'm hoping if I wear like 2 sports bras they will shrink

I'm learning what my fears are, and they are going...

I'm learning what my fears are, and they are going under the knife again and the after appearance I think we're all scared but can someone give me insight.

Has anyone who has had their breast removed from a...

Has anyone who has had their breast removed from a size D -DD have they gone down in size? Like anyone who was a small size and went to a D or DD has you breasts gone back to smaller size?


I'm still wanting these bags out! They are too big!!!! DD's no thank you, I'd rather be smaller. You don't need big boobs to be beautiful!

Been sick

hello everyone I've been so busy being sick and dealing with other issues I haven't had time to post on here. Well to kinda fill everyone in I had surgery on Friday for endometriosis and they removed small little bits of it. I've also been sick from this new medication I was taking so I haven't been on it in almost a week now and I'm so happy without it! I got so sick from these pills, now I'm fighting the anestisa in my body trying to have it come out which it won't! So if I don't have a bowel movement by the AM ill be going to the ER. So that wraps that up other than that I did make a joke about my boobs at surgery "is there a plastic surgeon here while I'm under" lol trying to lighten my mood that morning well I hope all is well for everyone :)

Side view

I still miss my tiny boobies lol

Feeling down

So it's Saturday night 9:22 and as I was unchanging I got very self concous about my boobs knowing that I can't fit into a 34 D bra and only DD's fit I still do not feel comfterbul in my boobs and I'm not sure if I ever will I'm so scared of removal because of what they could look like after. I wish I never got them because now my body will be ruined no matter what I do! Feeling depressed over my boobs!

Feeling down


I finally contacted a few PS and ill be waiting for their calls or emails. I'm not having surgery and I'm scared


So recently my breasts have been sore when I lay down on my sides which is weird. But I've been coping with my boobs and learning to like them and maybe a few years down the road ill remove them.


Has anyone else had problems getting comfy with their implants? Because recently no matter how I sleep, on my sides or stomach my implants hurt. As I write this now laying on my side my implants seem to hurt, like I get a pain in my side and just can't seem to get comfy. Has this happened to anyone?

Doctor visit

Today's the day I go see my original plastic surgeon and ill finally have the courage to ask about implant removal!

Half a year

So from the visit with my doctor he gave me some prices which were not bad at all! Myself and my Moyer decided by next summer we will do the procedure so ill have all this time to really think about my decision to remove even though as of now I want them gone! My doctor and myself plan on doing it in his office under local anastethic and removing the whole implant so I won't be left with bags! So let's see what will happen with in these next couple of months

Implant free?

Ladies now that you have explanted can you sleep without a bra again? That's the one thing I miss most about not having these nasty things is being able to sleep without some sort of support. I'm so worried about after, I feel like I completely ruined my body with these things! Is anyone sleeping without a bra or sports bra now your implant free? Please reply!!!!

Hoping to explant soon!

Hello ladies it's been so long since I've posted on here, I needed some time away to clear my head to make sure that the removal was what I truly wanted, and it still is. I'm planning on going through with the explant this year. My doctor told me my boobs would go back to a size B which makes me super happy! I'll be doing it in office with local anesthetic so I'll be awake! Well ladies I'll speak to you all soon!
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Ur awsome. I feel the same way and I just got them. Along with a lift. I was mutilated actually by my ps. Its ony been a little ove a week but omg look what he did to me.
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Please give it some time, to settle and they do take about a good six months till they look is pretty is the doctor say they will but you have a whole family on here who is here to support you
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Even though mine are kind of floppy, I sleep quite comfortably topless.
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After 12 years, being an original A/B cup, on 8.22.13, I got my implants removed. I had 450ccs, which made me a FULL 'C' cup. I never had any problems with the implants, they were in perfect shape, it had just been long enough & I wanted them out. I am 31 years older than you, and in my 2 week follow-up, my surgeon was amazed by how much my breast skin has shrunk back. I may still need to have my nipples lifted, but, again, with the massages I've been giving my breasts, they look better. It's been approx. 6-7 weeks now, and my breast look pretty good now. I was told by my surgeon on my 2 week visit to start massaging my breast vigorously 2x/day for about 15'. I've not done it as much, but I have been doing it and I've really been seeing major improvements in my breasts. I've been sleeping on my stomach since about 3 weeks after surgery. Take them out, you're too young to have so many regrets. Your skin should shrink back, but, if they don't, you can have a breast lift.
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Do you feel like your "pockets" are or have gone away? I have never had any issues with my implants either, and truthfully they still look great, I just don't like what they represent to me. Plus they are heavy and hinder my workouts... Thank you for you posts.
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Pls. clarify what you mean when you say 'pockets,' I'd like to answer your inquiry, but I'm not sure what you mean. Thanks.
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When I the Dr put in my implants, he created a pocket for them. This allowed them to move a bit, look more natural, and avoid capsular collapse(forget exactly what that is called) I am also behind the muscle, so I am not sure if that is a reason as well. I hope that makes sense... Basically when I lie down, and my implant shifts, I have a bit of an indention in my chest.
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Yes, my implants were under the muscle, but, I never had any problem with implant shifting from side-to-side. However, you say you were a 'B' cup who went to a 'DD' cup, so, that's different from my 'C' cup. But, regardless of everything, you've only had them 2 years, while your skin is stretched out, you should have more than enough youth and elasticity in your skin for your skin to pop back.
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I think you will be so happy if you decide to have your implants removed. You are very young and have had them such a short time. Your skin will bounce back quickly. I had mine for 15 years, and I feel I look almost the same as before I had implants now, with a few added scars :) I have never been happier I had them removed. Sleeping on my stomach is a blessing, along with getting massages, and buying clothes that fit well. Everyone thinks I lost a lot of weight, which is a plus! I regretted my implants immediately, but still kept them in for 15 years. I wish I had had them taken out immediately. I would of had 15 years of not dealing with them and the physical / emotional problems that come along with them. Good luck to you, whatever your decision!
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Tiff55.. Do you mind if I ask how large yours were? I have had mine for 13 years, and they are 425/455cc's. I want them out so badly, and am just a little concerned how much the skin will sag? I have nursed 3 kids, and I am worried about pancakes hanging to my belly button. I was very small before like an A cup, so I hope they shrink up considerably.
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Yes girl! I get to sleep naked every night :) on my side, on my stomach, on my back... All without those "bowling balls" I used to carry flopping, shifting their weight and making me uncomfortable in almost every position.
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I just read your story and wanted to tell you that I felt the same way.....never really happy with them and wished I had never had the implants! Don't be hard on yourself, it does no good....just keep reading others stories, compiling information and listening to your heart. The women on this site have been wonderful to me and this site gave me the information and support I needed to feel safe about going ahead with what I knew I wanted...removal. I'm three weeks out tomorrow and I can't believe how great I feel, I was worried like you about how I would look and I wanted to go back to how my little ones looked before implants. I gotta tell you, I remember never liking the shape of my breast not just that they were small and I actually like my shape after explanation better than before I got the implants ! I put pictures up to help others so feel free to check them out they are still new but I'm very happy...keep in mind, I had mine for 22 years. Take your time, you will know soon enough. :]
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Honestly... stretch marks are no biggie, most girls have a few on there boobs, or else where, and if they don't now, they'll have them after pregnancy. They're super normal, and fade to nearly nothing as you get older. As far as your boobies, girl you got this!!! I know removal seems soo scary, but I'm two weeks out, and it literally feels like the whole thing happened months ago, the relief is unreal, I instantly feel like I'm back in my body. Your boobies will look great, try not to drive yourself nuts! Things are going to be more than okay, I hope you get what you want, and get to remove soon! Good luck with everything!! xxx
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Hey Young person, I think you should probably take a glance at my reviews. I was extremely large and carried a lot of volume. I know exactly how you feel about your boobs pulling your bra down, not your bra pulling them up. My back hurt, I couldnt sleep on my stomach, they became achy. I didn't realize how much extra weight I was carrying. The shear weight of them caused them to move in the pockets which changed the position and actually changed the position of my nipple. It was terrible. I removed mine about a week ago and I am already in love. I stare at all the beautiful cute bras and bathing suits I can now wear, and no kidding, i look 10 pounds thinner now. Let me know if you have any questions because I can totally relate to your experience. I was 475 cc's in each breast by the way.
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Hi Young Person! I'm a not so young, but young at heart lady who just had her implants out and a lift after 23 years of feeling like you do. After reading your entries, it's pretty clear you are depressed and not happy with those implants. I just wanted to say that you shouldn't worry too much about how you will look after they are out because you will look fine. You are young and you haven't had them in very long. Just think about how a woman's body recovers after having a baby! I've had 4 kids and I still have a pretty flat stomach! I think you will recover you natural shape and you will love yourself! I wish you the best of luck as you wrestle with this decision!
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I think you are being very hard on yourself. I am much older (44), finally decided to do something that was for me (boobs), thinking they were what I really wanted. I've always envied others who had nice boobs. I got them three months ago and hated them from day one. Heavy, uncomfortable, tight. YUK. I just couldn't get used to those hard balls on my chest. I had them removed. Best decision I ever made. My boobs have snapped back and look almost like they did before. I went from a small 34B to a 34DD and back down to a 34B. I have pics on my review. I think it just comes down to thinking about what you want to live with for your lifetime. I knew that I didn't want to live the next 40 or 50 years feeling the way that I did. Implants aren't for everyone. I have friends who just love theirs and they look great with them. It's such a hard decision to make. I felt so much guilt telling my surgeon I didn't like them because he did such a great job. But I had to do what was best for me. I know in the end, you'll follow your gut and do what's best for you. You may decide that you really love them and you may decide to remove them. Either way, listen to your heart. It's a lot to deal with. My anxiety was through the roof. I'm only 6 days from explanting and already feel a sense of relief. You don't have to decide today, but talking with others who have gone down this road is helpful. Talking with your PS about what your outcome may be is also helpful. You're young and your tissue is very pliable. You may have a wonderful outcome. I wish you the very best and I look forward to following your journey. Feel free to ask any questions you would like to know more about. We are all here to help. Take care.
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When you are unsure, I wouldn't push making a decision. Its safe that way. Give yourself time, the right decision will come to you through reading, listening, and gathering information. You have been through a lot, and its a lot to cope with. Rest your mind and body, and you will come to a decision soon enough...wish I could give you a hug....xoxox
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Thank you very much! :)
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Your comment gives me relief. I had my BA about 3 weeks ago and I have been regretting it every moment of the day. However, I feel so guilty for spending so much money, for putting my family through misery (with my moodswings) and for trying to feel better doing something so superficial. I realized that the only thing I need is health to care for my family. (sigh) I feel so confused at this point....
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We are all here with you, what ever you decide you are not alone!
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Hello Young Person, I feel your indecision as I too am with implants I no longer feel they fit my life. I've had them for 18 years and accepted the discomfort of neck spasms, clothes not fitting right and feeling fat and even getting fat. One of mine has deflated so here I am going nut to decide to replace and stay on the PS gravy train or get them out accept my asymmetry and small chest (A to a D was a C when I was younger) the weight changes have kept them growing and sagging especially the 1 which deflated and had pstosis to begin with...the other is what I fear the one which never developed once that implant goes I may be in great shock. I do know what I don't want ...I dont want more surgery for replacements revisions ect or to wait till I'm 60 then what does everthing look like with the years of weight sagging. I'm 41 the skin will not be great but It will only get worse from here. I don't want to spend money on this, I hate the idea that the recommendations if I want a smaller implant is making a new pocket and getting a lift OMG all the manipulation and cuts in my body - WHY would I do this. For a perfect set of tits! What is perfect is not real what is real is perfect! You are young and smart to think of this now. I have some comfort in knowing after I remove... I can always go back and get them again if I really can't deal...good luck with your choice we are hear for support and please don't hesitate to ask me anything PM or here :)
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Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! I will keep you all posted I try to as much as I can, I just can't come on here as much as I'd like too or I tend to get sad. But I will message you for sure! Thank you :)
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Hope you're doing well! Still planning to go forth with the removal?
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I'm doing ok. Still thinking about it a lot! I just have hundreds of emotions going through my head like having the money for it, and how my boobs will look after and just being scared of going under
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I know. I'm going through the same issues! I am 23 and got my implants only 5 weeks ago. Having them removed next month. I understand completely when you say you feel like your body is ruined no matter what you do. I feel the same! I feel like my body is permanently tainted. But you know what? There are so many women on here who remove and look awesome! Even ones that have had their implants for YEARS. I try to remind myself of that by looking at their pictures every day. Aesthetic results aside, you're going to feel so much more comfort physically by being in your own skin. No more heavy implants!
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