19 Yr Old, Gym Lover. 600cc overfilled Saline Breasts to Match Figure/ Butt - Arizona, AZ

I am a pretty private person, so with that being...

I am a pretty private person, so with that being said my story isnt going to be as elaborate as many of you ladies though i really enjoyed detailed stories and following your procedures. I am 5' 7 135- 140 pounds and in love with the gym. I go 5- 6 days a week (weight training mostly) though it is hard to tell because quite frankly i do not eat healthy. I needed fuller breasts to match my curvy thick figure and bigger butt. I ended up with 600cc saline implant, moderate plus profile, under the muscle and inframmary incision. My recovery was quick and not too horrible. I am just waiting for them to get bigger! I was a 32b and asked to be nothing smaller than a dd.

post op

They look good but just wait till you see the changes they go thru over the next few months! I think you'll be very happy once they drop and fluff some honey so stay positive it's still early!
Thank you :) i appreciate your positive advice
Gorgeous! And you started out beautiful too!

three weeks post op

I have been doing pretty well. I still am in pain and i get shocks in my breasts. I colored all over my picture, what can i say i am an artist lol

goodbye old bra

I tried on my old victorias secret bra that adds two cup sizes for fun. Im so excited i will never have to wear this again!


one month

I cant believe it has been a month! They are still sitting pretty high. It is really noticeable in swimsuit tops. My scars are basically invisible
Looking good!
Thanks! I hope they get as big as yours lol
They look great already can't wait to keep seeing more update pics! I want to get saline and probably big. I'm a deflated 34DD I've nursed 3 kids and lost so much volume. Silicone sounds better but I don't want that leaking. Do u like the way they feel? Have you noticed any rippling?

6 weeks

Well i hit my six weeks. They definitely have dropped quit a bit but i am so sad about size :(... i wanted much bigger breasts and being that 600cc is such a big implant i thought i would have no boob greed. I know its still early but i dont see how they can get much bigger. I will discuss my concerns with my surgeon at my 3 month post op appointment and see how much a revision is or if see if they grow and become perfect!
They are still pretty high in the armpit area and squarish. You have a ways to go. Mine finally rounded out around 8-9 weeks.i wish mine were a lot bigger too. I guess I need to loose some body fat to make them look bigger.
Lol i know same here! Its so hard to lose body fat and i feel they need to be bigger anyways
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2 months post op appt

I talked to my plastic surgeon about going bigger and i am going to do it! I have to wait a couple more months and save up but im hoping to have it done before my birthday in april! He said he couldnt believe how high mine still were and said they need to drop more but they werent going to grow too much. I do not feel they are big enough for my figure, time to start saving up again but for now i am happy. I got measured at victorias secret as a 32ddd
Has he told you to massage them? Might help them drop sooner but I know all PS are dif in their instructions. The goin bigger bug is def a real thing lol :)
Yes but my body is going to do its own thing regardless of the massages. Your new breasts look amazing! Im hoping to get 800cc in the spring
Also what doctor did u go to I'm also in AZ

victorias secret bras

Not much has changed. Im at my 9 week mark. I tried on some bras today and it surprised me to see that they still look high and tight. Every now and then i will feel some discomfort but it must be from me working out. I can not wait until i have some cleavage once they drop more... curse strong pec muscles!
Hi there! Can I also ask which PS you chose? I am looking into AZ ps for my procedure which I hope to have by my 36th birthday this coming April. I am in CO, but looking into options in UT, AZ and FL due to pricing and such. Any info you could provide would be helpful and really appreciate. Also, you look great and from my 2+ years of research it seems everyone else on here is right - you will get a lot more fullness and roundness once they drop further. Good luck to you! :)
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