Cheek Implants As You Age

NO CONS. Their appearance is concerning me twenty...

NO CONS. Their appearance is concerning me twenty years later. Did it to make the structure of my face better as I have a very thin face.

I had cheek implants almost 20 years ago. They have been great in giving my thin face some structure but as I am aging they are becoming more and more prominent. I think as I lose fat in the rest of my face, they are staying the same. The surgeon did not put large implants in because he wanted them to look natural. Is this common, and are they easy to remove and replace after all this time?
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This dr. was kind and informative. he is now retired.

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Hello Selida, did you finally have your cheek implants removed ? Did you replace them with something else ? Can I ask you at which age you had them put ?
Thanks in advance, I hope everything's going fine for you whatever you chose to do.
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MiaVi, can you please be more precise ? Why do you suggest us not to cheek implants ? can you tell us your story ?
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So would you advise against cheek implants for a thiry-one year old female?
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Hi Rachel, I had hereditary flattness and some eye sagging that led me to ask about cheek implants. I consulted a few different surgeons and one suggested using a filler such as juvederm instead of an implant. She mentioned having to do revisions because the implants can shift a great deal. However, this requires constant maintenence and money. The surgeon that I did go to performed a midface lift and lower bleph. I am becomming happier with my result as the healing progresses, but for a number of weeks I wished that I chose the former. I would suggest going to a number of reputable surgeons and find out what your options are. This website is also a great resource (as you know). Take your time with your decision. Good luck!
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