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I'm trying to find a doctor in US,how is not gonna...

I'm trying to find a doctor in US,how is not gonna make may body as a Frankenstein with all this scar, I have done 2 times my Brest implants in Argentina , the first one I got capsulation the second in 2009 I got this huge asymmetry boob and nipples ,my body never adapt to the implants I want them out.

Do you have friends or family in the US in a certain City or State where you would want stay to do your explant? If you have a certain place where you want to do surgery then people might have more surgeons to recommend in that area. Capsular contracture, asymmetry, tightness and weight - removing implants is a huge relief. :)
One of the best explant surgeons in the US is Dr.Lu-Jean Feng in Cleveland , Ohio. If you google her name you will find her web site. You can contact her by phone or email and they will respond quickly. Hope this helps....good luck to you.

I'm looking for some surgeon who makes breast...

I'm looking for some surgeon who makes breast implant removal and also breast lift peri-areolar incision instead of lollipop.
My breast and nipple became too big ,I guess skin will be so saggy after the breast implant removal,I visited two surgeon in Beverly hills Ca, one of them really famous he even has a TV show , and he offered me to fix all my problems including make a chin augmentation plus put more fillers on my face,he acted like a sales man, is ridiculous.
I also visited another in Baltimore who offer me to put fillers also . They all tried to convince me to make several implants instead of suggest implant removal,arguing that removing the implant would make me look horrible .
I'm so glad and happy that I found this forum were they are so many people in the same situation were I'm.:)
was your removal not worth it? do you like your results? You marked not worth it for removal so just wondering.
By the way, there is a lady in the explant section, I can't remember her name but she had playboy nipple pasties in one of her pics, (shout out if anyone knows her name) she used Dr Pousti and had really brilliant results, just like she'd never had implants.
I implanted and explanted with dr Pousti...he IS awesome.
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