One month PO! :) Side by side pics

So I've gotten a BA two years ago and now I'm...

So I've gotten a BA two years ago and now I'm ready for a BBL. I'm not going for a full BBL but I'm just getting a lipo on the sides of my abdomen, flanks, inner legs and a little bit on the outer legs and knees. Then planning of having fat re injected but only on the outer layer of my buttocks, on the top part. 200cc on each side.

It's not a full BBL and my PS said that I just have to take care of this like a lipo, I will have to sleep on my tummy for 20 days, and I can sit but I plan on treating this like a BBL when I sit.

I consider myself a skinny person. I'm 5'2" and about 110lbs, even 105lbs on a good day (mostly during the summer). I wear the smallest size on everything, but I always wished a smaller waist and a slightly larger butt. Nothing wrong with having a huge shelf butt, but that's not my thing. I just want enough to fill up my pants and not have them sag in that area by the end of the day. :)

My friends have no clue about my lipo because I told one friend and she thinks I'm absolutely crazy for even considering this. She says I'm skinny as is and I don't need to go through a major surgery.. but I'm determined. I know it will hurt, I will bruise and I will be miserable for about a month but if I could do the BA I can do this!!! Especially since the BA was so hard to sleep on my back for a month!!! I usually sleep on my stomach anyway.

So!!! a small summary of myself.

Slightly pear shaped, with a breast augmentation 275cc silicone mentor mod+ over the muscle.
measurements are roughly 33.5" 25.5" 35"

I just want a smaller waist and a slightly fuller butt!!! My measurement would probably end up being the same after the lipo/butt augmentation because I am only getting fat injected on the upper part of the butt... and only 200cc on each side!!!

Just wondering why my review is not being posted?...

Just wondering why my review is not being posted? I'm so eager to see what you all think of me and my current body. The profile bikini pic is at my best during the summer (I somehow lose appetite with all the heat) and the other pics are from me in winter.. ugh, flab everywhere.

So.. my lipo is one month away and I'm so lazy I haven't done my bloodwork yet. I will probably do it this week!!

Hello, first off, welcome aboard! :)
I think your boobs look amazing, fits your frame, and your skin is flawless, reminds me of that of a baby.
I think that what you are aiming for would be would give you the results that you aspire, I can somewhat see what you are talking about in the flank area, but to me,it just doesn't look like you're going to have enough to obtain your results, (you must keeping mind that 20-30 of the fat will more than likely reabsorb, but then again, there is a girl who had a full bbl with just 250cc's per side on here.
So Your dr. Did not ask you to gain any weight prior to having your procedure??
Tons of typos, hopefully you can read through it lol sorry

Ok so now I'm officially a bit scared. The doctor...

Ok so now I'm officially a bit scared. The doctor is amazing, and he did a great job on my BA. But now I'm freaking out. He also got rid of a hypertrophic scar on my back due to tattoo removal. He is truly amazing. But I feel he doesn't have much patience?

I asked him how much and now he said 2.5 liters. I'm scared!!! I mean, I am bloated because I got my period yesterday (sorry if TMI). So I am really bloated but still. I told him my concerns and I told him I want a nice figure, NOT to get rid of a lot of fat and then suffer trying to maintain the lipo by being on a diet forever and ever.

He did tell me to stick to a diet when I'm post op and NOT working out. And then I can work out as usual and it should be fine. It makes me a bit uneasy. Perhaps pre op jitters, I think I got these before my BA.

Less than a month away for my surgery. Lipo is exciting, a lot of people are telling me I'm crazy for getting this done, that it's unnecessary but they haven't lived with this little fat pocket their whole lives and they've never had to experience proportionally fat legs. I know my legs are not fat but I'm not happy with them!! I'm not happy with my waist either.

I told my therapist I'm getting a lipo and she wants to talk about this next time I see her, in two weeks. We'll see. I'm getting the lipo done no matter what. I've had this idea longer than the BA and I want to get a smaller waist and thinner legs...
Hi and thank you for the compliments! The doctor did not ask me to gain weight. Sadly my bikini pictures are of my skinnier self. I miss that!!
The general idea is to get the lipo and the fat grafting would be the plus.
I've seen pictures of a girl who got the same procedure done in Argentina as well with 200cc and another with 150cc and I love it!
I just want a little plump back there :P
I don't look as flat in clothes but naked... Sigh
Oh ok! So basically you're going for lipo to clean up a few areas, and why throw the fat away when you can use it to improve another area...I agree! I think you will look splendid! Can't wait to see your results :)

I just got back from bloodwork and cardiologist....

I just got back from bloodwork and cardiologist. My cardio results look beautiful, the drawing is so symmetric lol. Doc said I'm perfect and good to go. Great!!
I have my preop in two weeks. Surgery date is October 15th, so I have less than a month to go!!! I'm a bit scared that my doc said 2.5 liters but we will see. I told him I don't want to end up TOO skinny and then go through hell with food/workouts to maintain the lipo. I'm at a very normal weight right now, and a bit plump for my usual weight to be honest and losing a bit is fine but losing a lot it's NOT ok because I am not one to diet and I don't think I want to!! I do pilates and I walk a bit but that's it. I want to be able to maintain my lifestyle and not gain weight. Like right now. I gain a bit in winter lose a bit in the summer. That's it!!! You see my pictures at my skinniest and my fattest. I just want a smaller waist and thinner legs. Not to lose weight! I don't care for the number on the scale, I just want my dresses to fit better.
So, a lot of people think I'm crazy for going through with this. Yes, I might be on the skinny side but I do want a thinner waist and thighs. I respect everyone who decides to go through something like this unless they are stick skinny and I am NOT stick skinny.

Anyway, rant over and now onto other issues. I am going to go get this surgery done alone. I already agreed I will hand my wallet and phone to my PS and the rest will be in a duffle bag waiting in the room. I may have someone visit me for like an hour and I want to stay in the hospital overnight so as to have nurses taking care of me.

And I will be home alone for a week after that.
I just wanted to say you have really pretty skin and a beautiful frame.
Thank you :)
It is too bad that you will have Nobody over there to give you support. but you will get much support from the ladies here. Because regardless of your weight you are getting a bbl and we are all here for that too. I am 5'5 128 and ppl tell me I do not need it but I have been living and dreading my behind since as long as i could remember. When I post my pics you'll see. But good luck to you on your journey and hope things go as smooth as possible

I received a whole lot of bad energy from friends...

I received a whole lot of bad energy from friends when I announced this yesterday. To the point I got mildly depressed and considered just listening to them and cancelling the whole thing. I get so frustrated when they start bashing me like that. I wish I had not said a word. Plus they could not stop talking about bad results. I mean, really?!?! Does everyone get bad results???
Friends and fam can sometimes be very unsupportive but what's most important is that they support what ever your final decision is no matter what the out come may be. Unfortunately that's not always how it works. I would advise you to cancel your trip because of how others may feel. What's most important is your feelings and you being comfortable in your own skin. I am a lil worried that your going alone. You don't have anyone at all able to go with you or be an emotional support during this process?? There has to be more than just haters in your corner.
correction-hi Lola! (ugh auto correct)
You have to live your life for you and not anyone else. People will always have something to say, good or bad. Let them talk real friends want you to be happy no matter what. The power of silence and positive thinking is amazing. Listen to your heart and let that positive energy come out. Don't let anyone keep you from your dreams.

I have my preop tomorrow and i'm still feeling a...

I have my preop tomorrow and i'm still feeling a bit down because nobody supports my decision. I am a bit scared to turn the surgery down at this point to be honest. I don't even know WHY I would be cancelling other than I'm letting other people influence my decision?
I want to get this done, while i'm still young and single. I want to do this for myself, to look better. I am not looking to look like a Salama Girl. I want a tiny lipo and a tiny bubbly butt
I know the risks of the lipo. I do. I know I'm skinny. Plus I started running and it's made my butt a bit perkier. I may lose some weight on the legs eventually if I keep this up. I am not so sure about flanks. Should I wait a few months before I make this decision? I don't know...

I just took full body pics and I do look a lot...

I just took full body pics and I do look a lot fatter than those pics

Will upload in a few hours I am on my phone and it won't let me

Posted pictures!!! Deleted the old ones as those...

Posted pictures!!! Deleted the old ones as those were from a nicer angle and I looked way skinnier than I really am
Hey girl! Just wanted to tell you not to listen to everyone else, if you feel like you need this and it will make you feel better about yourself, then go ahead and do it. The only thing that concerned me from your plans is you being alone the first week, i have not had it done but from what i've read here and heard from friends, it is a HARD RECOVERY! You should hire a nurse, or get a family member to help you out since your friends aren't supportive of this. Other than that, I am sure you will look amazing! And I hope you keep us posted. Good luck!! xx
@RawMou Thank you so much!! I am going to surgery alone, stay overnight at the hospital, and then go home to my parents which is why I'm not worried :) I do wish someone would come to the hospital with me but I definitely do NOT have my parents support on this one and I have a male friend but I feel bad asking...
These are better the ones from before you looked really thin...I think you have a good amount to give you a nice butt!

I decided to postpone my sx date and joined a gym...

I decided to postpone my sx date and joined a gym instead. Now, after about 6 months, I've decided I want to get just a lipo!! no BBL. My body looks better now, since I've been working out, but I'm still wanting to have a more toned body.
My sx date is March 19th, and I'm done with the preop. Meeting the doctor again tomorrow for my final preop and it's ready!!!
good for you, faster and shorter recovery time Good luck !!!
Thanks!!! I am two weeks away from sx date and all I need to do is wait now. :)

I am NOT getting BBL!! Can anyone please change...

I am NOT getting BBL!! Can anyone please change this to another section? So, I've changed the doctor, now set the date, and I'm one week away!!!

Getting excited and a little bit anxious. The only people that know about this are my mom and my boyfriend. He will be with me on sx date.

I've also scheduled lymphatic massage and ultrasound sessions. I heard this work lots, so I will be going 2 x week. This lipo is getting pricy!! I hope it's worth it.

Some of my concerns are:

1- Does the skin get loose after the lipo? Will I have flaccid areas? Currently, the back of my legs are a bit flaccid. Not sure if it's the fat or if it's that i need more excercise lol.
2- What am I supposed to expect AFTER the surgery? How long until I can be normal again?
3- Will anyone notice? Will I be needing new pants? I'm not taking much out, just contouring my body a little. Clothes will definitely fit different, I can't wait to see results.
4- My compression garment is the smalles size but it does NOT compress enough right now!! I feel it's not as tight as it should be. Doctor says I need to make it smaller but not sure. Perhaps I will just wear a spanx on top, I do not want to mess with that garment.
5- I will be getting my period a few days after. What a pain!! But what can I do...

So!! I am taking arnica everyday now. I hope bruising is minimal but I can only hope. I bruised really badly on my BA.
All my friends say the same! Just do it! You would deff benefit from Lipo and I e heard minimal horror stories! Can't wait to see your post op!!! Great review!
Thank you! It's so surreal! My ex date changed to the 22nd by the way, only five days away! I'm excited, it's been a long journey And I'm lucky to have my bf to help me through all of this. He totally supports my decision
You are soo lucky!!! These will be your longest 5 days!!!

Lipo is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm excited. Time...

Lipo is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm excited. Time went by fast!! I am dreading the first few weeks to come and to be pain free again. But I think I'm ready! I still have to buy the meds. But I've been taking arnica and I've been eating lots to make sure the doctor takes as much as needed.
Wish me luck girls!!! I will post again after I'm in my new prettier self :)

The old pics are from September. I feel I may have...

The old pics are from September. I feel I may have lost some weight since then

Lipo done! I'm back home!! Took pain meds and...

Lipo done! I'm back home!! Took pain meds and feeling great. 10lbs heavier but that should go away soon!! Doctor took 2000cc out
I already see the slimness!!!! #woot woot!
Thanks! My pants are super tight, however I can feel a difference on my waist proportionately!! I'm happy :)
oh you look so cut in your little garment! lol sending healing prayers!

I'm feeling normal today! Woke up with a slight...

I'm feeling normal today! Woke up with a slight lower back pain probably because I had to sleep on my back and I'm a side sleeper
My calves are much less swollen than yesterday, I am told to drink one gallon of liquids a day so perhaps that's helping. I'm also told to walk at least 3 miles a day
I am proud to say I have only been on ibuprofen! No nasty pain killers for me yay!!!!
I'm taking antibiotics and that made my stomach hurt a bit yesterday so added some pills for stomach lining.

Other than that, I'm doing great, my ankles are cankles LOL. I'm still swollen, took a shower, washed the garment and rolled on a towel to dry. Slightly dried with a hair dryer and it was ok putting it back on.

I'm wearing an xxs size garment and its not too tight. I guess I'm a small person LOL

I am not ok to drive but only because of my soreness all over but I can ride a car no problem! Also, almost no bruising!! Arnica is the best. I've been taking ten little balls each day for about two weeks. I remember bruising so much with my ba so took more precautions this time

I'm rambling so much lol. Just want to make sure I share my experience like you all did to help others!!

I looked at my swollen self and love the shape, so I can't wait to see the final results!!

Oh, and I did drain a bit again today so I will probably have to wash my garment again when I shower tomorrow.

OMG my flanks are even more bloated now. I can't...

OMG my flanks are even more bloated now. I can't wait for then to get skinny again!!
Going to sleep soon, took a total of two doses of 400mg ibuprofen (that's 4 Advil total for the whole day)

Pain is completely bearable

Vajayjay is swollen. I drank one gallon of water and peed like a mad woman

My pee no longer smells funky like medicine

And I feel so much better walking. I still have cankles, my feet and hands are almost back to normal

Sleeping with two pillows under my legs this time, hoping to have at least somewhat normal legs for work tomorrow!!

It can only get better from now on :)
Lol your silly! I hate when my pee smells funky too! It's the antibiotics I think!
I think you're like me. Just wanting to even out some areas. You will be so happy after the swelling goes down. Can't wait to see your progress!!
I can't wait either!!! I took off my garment today and it was smooth and nice. I did swell a bit today but I know it will go down for sure! I just need to be patient

Wow! A LOT of the swelling is gone! No painkillers...

Wow! A LOT of the swelling is gone! No painkillers at all today, just my antibiotics, arnica, and emergen-c.
Had a doctor's appt today. He said everything is good but I need to alter my compression garment because its not tight enough and they don't make them any smaller
I wore spanx rights on top of the GC today and that was much better
I might do the same tomorrow
Going back on Wednesday to get the stitches taken out
He also said to cancel my lymphatic massage tomorrow but it's too late for that so I will still go and ask her to be gentle
I'm getting massaged Tuesday and Wednesday
My incisions look pretty red to me, can't wait until they start healing

And I'm starting to bruise a lot. But it's ok, it will go away in about 5 weeks

What sucks the most is the warm weather. I get so hot when I walk or during the day!!

Other than that, post op is so much easier than a BA!!!

Doc warned I might start bloating or swelling again, but I'm trying to keep a low carb lifestyle and no extra salt just in case. Seems to be working so far!!!

I'm loving my new shape and can't wait to show it off!!
Thank so much for all your regular updates! I'm getting similar areas so I'm really interested in your progress. Also - I had NO idea about the vag swelling side effect! As soon as you mentioned it I was off googling....eeek! Guess that will be something to look forward to....not! lol Oh well, I think for both of us it will be worth it....can't WAIT to see your pics as the healing progresses =)
My pleasure! This site has helped me so much this is the least I can do!! I had no clue about the vajayjay either. Until I read it here!! I would love to take pics and post but to be honest there isn't much to be seen. I would rather wait until I am back to my normal weight and can take better pictures. My shape has changed. I may be a bit bigger now but I look smaller in the areas I got lipo. I mean proportionately!! My legs don't look as big and my waist looks smaller. I'm happy!! Skin looks good and I have no bumps
Pics!!!!! Lol:) glad your 3rd is awesome!!!!!!!! Plus no pain killer! Your tough! Lol

So far so good. I woke up, had a smaller waist,...

So far so good. I woke up, had a smaller waist, the swollen belly is almost gone. Got my period last night and I did #2 for a second time today (one day 1 post op, the other one today. Sorry if TMI but it's necessary info LOL)
I wore a spanx because the GC is no longer tight. And I wore my jeans on top. The spanx is NOT tight on my legs, so I'm definitely the same size I used to be... with a smaller waist... at PO day 4!! WOO HOOO!!!!
I cannot wait for the swelling to go down.
Pain wise, I'm sore, but it's tolerable. NO painkillers yesterday and I'm aiming for the same today.
Going for my first lymphatic massage today. Will update more later!

Lymphatic massages are the best!! I almost fell...

Lymphatic massages are the best!! I almost fell asleep. And the cool gel she applied cooled me down so much! I feel renewed. Next session tomorrow! Yay!!
Can't wait for more pics!!!!!! Yey ;)
no pain for massages ??? oh wow .!
Some soreness. Especially on two incisions when she pushed the skin the other way A lot of numbness. But overall feeling quite great!!

It's official. My garment is too big. Had stitches...

It's official. My garment is too big. Had stitches taken out
Currently wearing spanx leggings size A and those are tighter
I hate pulling up and down for bathroom but will try to wear this one on top of the other or alone as much as I can as it compresses more
And try to alter the other one

Got a second massage today and it feels good! Some of the numbness is gone

I'm starting to really believe I have very high pain tolerance. I feel so much better than with a BA!

Massage therapist told me she sometimes has patients with bumps and usually those get better but I have no bumps at all and this means I got a great lipo. She also says I'm still swollen but not as much as her other patients. Ladies. Arnica, walking lots and tons of water as well as a low carb lifestyle helps!!
Hawttttt!!!!!!!!! I wishhhhh!!! Lol :) you deff looked like u bust ass in the gym!
Thanks!!! And it keeps getting better!! Both the doctor and masseuse told me I'm still very swollen so I will be smaller!! Woo hoo!! :) I have not measured myself before surgery but I did measure my waist and it's huge LOL. Still, my shape changed, and I'm a happy camper
It's still very early. Your results get better each day. I'm 6 weeks post op and seeing changes every day. Some minor lumps appeared at week 2 but they are gone and I'm soooo happy!! You look great. You are so tiny and will get even smaller as you heal.

Hi! A little update today. So I've been wearing my...

Hi! A little update today. So I've been wearing my normal clothes as of post of day 4. My jeans feel loose where the fat was taken already. My compression garment needs altering ASAP
And I've been walking like a mad woman! And low carbing. That helps!!
I have not weighted myself but I would assume I'm at my normal weight already since I have no problems with my clothes. The only problem is finding COOL clothes for this HOT weather LOL
My two week check up is next week. I can't believe I feel so normal in just one week! Woke up with almost NO swelling on my belly and flanks. It's getting better!!
It's been getting smaller and then it starts getting sore towards the evening.
And I do have slight back pains when sleeping from sleeping on my back. I can sleep anyway I want but that's the only position that doesn't touch any incision so I guess I do that and then I get uncomfortable

Want to wish everyone a happy Easter!! Stay fabulous!!
Hey, happy you are doing well!!
Thanks! Walking, drinking lots of water (at least a gallon) and eating low carb helps I swear
U look taller than 5'2"

I don't have much to update really. I've been...

I don't have much to update really. I've been sticking for a low carb diet for the most part, walked at least 3 miles a day and tried drinking a gallon of liquids a day.
I'm feeling great. I wake up super skinny everyday, with swollen flanks still. By the end of the day my legs are swollen too but not badly, just a bit.
my Compression garment is definitely too big. Having it altered this week!! Spanx tights are great for waist compression, wearing those for now
Life is good, recovery has been a breeze. I do have some numbness and a little bit of pain but I'm totally convinced that I have high tolerance to pain.
I may post some pics tomorrow when I wake up and I'm at my skinniest!! :)
My compression garment is also tooooooo big. It slides down as I wear it. I find Spanx and a couple of other items not tall enough to come up under my breasts where I'm still swollen from the Lift/Implant and lipo of the upper abs. And where they sit, it presses on the lumps and hurts. I'm calling today to see if they can tell me what size my garment is (it wore off in the first wash) so I can get the smaller size. Funny how we become used to something that annoys us also! Looking GREAT!
Hey!! Did you change your nickname? Anyway! I agree my spanx is not tall enough for the upper abdomen Glad to hear all is well. I agree with the CG. It's a love hate relationship!
I did - I'm sorry... it was the *jmpgop*.... The spanx digs in to my flanks. :( I wish the CG wasn't falling down. As I'm walking around, it'll slip down about 6 inches! HAHA!

I had my two week po check up this past friday....

I had my two week po check up this past friday. Doctor said it was all good. My scars are looking good, I can definitely see my new shape, my regular clothes fit differently now. The waist area is bigger and the legs are not as tight. Doctor said I would be getting smallER so I'm excited.
Also, scars are looking great. I was so scared about this. My doctor told me to only use alcohol on them but I used cicalfate. I swear by this scar cream, it's truly the best.
I have stopped wearing my CG about one week ago, and only use spanx leggings because those compress more. Doctor said it's fine but I have to compress for a full month, so that's two more weeks. Spanx leggings only compress the top part of the upper leg and up to the flanks, but that's fine for me.
My waist seems to have lumps by the end of the day, depending on what pants I wear, but it's all good again in the morning. I do not seem to have anything wrong, and the doctor said it was all very well.
Also, I have no more soreness in the afternoon like I used to. I'm a little tiny bit sore but that's completely bearable and I feel almost 100% normal again.

Hey Same Day Surgery Twin! Have you lost any weight from your post surgery weight? How much fat did he take out? Does your doctor have you massaging your areas yourself yet?
Yay!!!! Supper glad to hear your doing great!!!!!!!!
Thanks!! how is your search for a surgeon going? Going to your review now!!

I will technically be 3 weeks PO friday. I don't...

I will technically be 3 weeks PO friday. I don't have much to say, other than I look good, tried to take comparison pictures but you cannot see much. Perhaps I should have someone take pictures for me, because when angles change, you cannot appreciate results
Clinically, I'm great. I almost have no soreness or pain. I do have bruising but that's normal
I'm also eating quite healthily, low carbs, lots of fluids, and walking tons. And getting lymphatic massages twice a week.
I don't have much to update, perhaps with new pics at the one month mark?
You are doing so well!! Can't wait to see your updated pictures.
I also have lumps in my waist by the end of the day... im assuming thats normal?!?!
Yes!! They disappear when I wake up. Even if I do not sleep with a garment. I will be one month post op friday

I am finally one month PO! I stopped using my...

I am finally one month PO! I stopped using my spanx last week and did wear to go to sleep. At this point, I am skinnier than before I got the sx. My clothes fit better. They are not as tight LOL.
I am still slightly sore on the flanks. My legs went through a couple days being sore at night when I stopped wearing the spanx.
My skin seems to need some tightening. I am still going for lymphatic massages. Massage therapist says I don't need it anymore but I like the treat.
I don't need new clothes or anything, I just look better in whatever I have. I can't go any smaller anyway. Still, my SKINNY size 24 jeans do NOT fit. I used to be 10lbs lighter when I bought those and I don't think they will fit. Maybe in the winter, when the swelling goes down and I'm finally seeing my 100% results.
I've been bad and eating carbs. Trying not to overdo it though. :)
I notice major swelling when I eat salty food so trying to stay away from that as well.
I'm happy with the results so far. They are not perfect YET but I can see I'm getting there!!
I do wish my legs were skinnier but that's how my legs are. I can't complain! Definitely an improvemet from what I was.
I may want fat injections on my back next!!! :)

Just wanted to add I am 4 weeks PO, will be ONE...

Just wanted to add I am 4 weeks PO, will be ONE MONTH April 22nd :)
Hi There! Just curious of your results. I had my flanks and inner and outer thighs done recently and was wondering how long it takes to see some final results to your legs. I know I am still soar and swollen but want to have a idea of when results will come! Thanks
How are you doing Hun?
hey girly so you only had lipo at the end?
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