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I was very very skeptical after reading the...

I was very very skeptical after reading the negative reviews of injections under the eyes. I waited quite a while before making the jump. I have had deep tear troughs for several years and they were driving me crazy, since I felt I was too young (28) to look so tired all the time.
I researched under the eye issues and found restylane to be the best option. I consulted with my dermatologist and made an appointment. I was still really scared because my under eye skin is very thin...however my injector didn't seem worried at all. She had done many injections before. She instructed me to start taking arnica 5 days before the procedure and several days after to reduce swelling and bruising. I went through with it and I must say I a, very pleased.
My procedure was yesterday, and I've had very minimal swelling, and almost no bruising! It looks great, much better than before. It wasn't very painful, and didn't take long.
I was very cautious about my aftercare, I iced for 6 hours After, and some today. I have taken it very easy and haven't exerted myself just to be on the safe side.
I honestly feel like I had the best possible outcome and I think it is because of the arnica, icing, knowing what questions to ask (thanks to this website) and having an injector who didn't put it in too superficially.

I will update as I get further along.

One thing that has been troublesome, I had a major major headache this evening, but I cannot 100% attribute it to the injections. I'm not really sure.

Where did you have this done? I live in Cary, NC. Thank you.

Its great to hear that the injections under your eyes went so well! How much arnica did you take at a time?


The headache hasn't come back...so I assume that...

The headache hasn't come back...so I assume that it was just a fluke.

My injections are still going strong...I really love it. I have a follow up today with the doctor to see how she thinks it went. I will upload photos soon!

Thanks for filling me in on the dosage you used! I'm glad to hear the headache went away. Those can be the worst!!

I took 5 pellets of 30C Arnica three times a day....for about three days before and three days after...works like magic!!

Here are some pictures. I had my follow up...

Here are some pictures. I had my follow up yesterday and they said my before photos didn't save!!! But I found some old pictures that might be able to show my troughs.

Also, I had a little leftover so she put some in my nasolabial folds. Looks good!!

wow looks great ! :)
Hey Amanda, can I make a request and ask if you would be able to post a photo of yourself from far away as well, similar to the first and second before pic you have up? Sometimes the results are better seen from far away as well. Thanks so much!
What is the arnica for?
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