In or out of the US?

Hello everyone, during my online search for a...

Hello everyone, during my online search for a Surgeon I ran across RS quite a few times and decided to join. My initial search for a BBL was in the L.A. area. After reviewing a few posts on here I ran across the name of a few docs in the DR. If these prices are accurate ($3k-5k) it's a fraction of the price I would pay here in Cali. Anyone have any reservations about leaving the country? Reviews?

My brain hurts

I've been on RS constantly the last two days & my head is spinning. It's hard to know where to start. I need lipo & bbl and will probably be traveling solo. I'm thinking November this year or late January would be ideal. I didn't have any reservations abt traveling to DR for surgery until my husband brought up some valid concerns. I guess I'm still open to it but I'm now trying to research a few Docs in Florida. I live in California but I doubt if I can get the surgery done out here for less than 12k. Do any of u gals have any advice on starting this journey? Thanks!

Selection process

Ok I think I've narrowed my list down a bit. So far I'm loving what Dr.Baez & what Dr. Duran is doing. I like that they both are giving patients a nice round projection & hips. I'm 5'4" 172, married with 3 kiddos. I have no hips at all and they literally dent inwards where they should be :( I'm not a fan of getting a TT so whomever I select will just have to lipo what they can. I had a hysterectomy last year so I will not be stretching out this stomach anymore with pregnancy. I noticed 2 (significant) differences while researching Docs here in the US versus DR. 1. Recovery seems to be better here. So idk if it's lack of anesthesia experience or lack of better medicine for anesthesia. It is not acceptable to wake up during your procedure. Also, the girls who are reporting excruciating pain for 4 or more days had their sx abroad.
2. (Which is the flip side to #1). The results you get in the DR are incredible! You ladies look amazing!!! It seems like here the work is a little more conservative as far as the amount of fat transferred. I'm not looking for conservative. I'm looking to stop traffic lol. I've seen some work in Florida that was great though but for twice as much.
Oh well girls... Either way, December or January it's on. This gives me plenty of time to learn more from u all. I promise I'll have the hubby take some pics so I can post for u guys.

It's been a while

So I talked with Lian with Vanity about selecting Dr. Fisher. I ended up declining to get a quote because I don't believe he can give me what I want. I've decided to go with Dr. Duran and I will request a consultation from her tomorrow. My husband isn't too thrilled about me having this done but I know he will love it afterwards. I was asked if I'm prepared for all the male attention I'm going to get. I can't answer that question because I've never had someone admire my ass. My face, and my boobs yes, but never my ass. I think the men feel a little insecure with the thought of us having this done. My husband even joked around and said I'm going to leave him after I get the surgery. I 'm very close to both my parents but I haven't even told them abt the surgery. My Father will think it's sinful & my Mother will think it's stupid.
I'm concerned most about post op pain & returning to work with a huge ass. I work @ a hospital & we're all pretty close. If I come in sitting on a yoga mat they're gonna have some questions, lol. If u guys have any clever ideas on how I can transition or what to say to my nosey co-workers plz help a sista out.
Well it's almost midnight so I'm going to try to sleep. I haven't been getting much rest with all these darn earthquakes making me paranoid. If I left anything out or u guys have any questions or need more pics just let me know.


Ok so I sent a request to Dr. Duran to what I think was her direct website. I read that there were some problems with fraudulent sites so I'm not even sure if it was even her real website. When I contacted Dr. Fisher it was through the RS website. There was a box I filled out to receive a free consultation. I don't see that for Dr. Duran or perhaps I'm not looking in the right place. So I had my heart set on Duran but I'm very impatient. Do any of u dolls have a better way to contact her? Snail mail, carrier pigeon, 2 tin cans on a string?
Ok so now I feel like I need a back up plan. Any suggestions? Also, my husband has changed his tune about me getting a bbl. It went from, "You're perfect, u wanna risk ur life for an ass?" Now it's, "Omg so I've been picturing u with this butt I saw on IG".... Lol looks like somebody is coming along.
So anyways... I'm going to start gathering supplies for surgery this weekend. I think it'll motivate me & keep my spirits up. I just want this done. I'm tired of stalking asses before bed every night, lol. The struggle is real :(
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