Been on This for a Year Just Looking but I Made My Mind Up!

I have five kids and a husband. I have been taking...

I have five kids and a husband. I have been taking care of my family for the last 15 years and now I think it time for to take care of my self. I have been on here for about a year looking at all the BBL on here looking good after ya ll bbl. I have been get all kinds of quotes from ever where I will post the email and quotes! Is to have a hour glass look. Some of this Dr are high as hell but I can get what I want for less. one told me $12,000 that is to high. HELP MY BBL SISTER! But I WANT TO SAY ONE DR TOLD ME I COULD NEVER GET LIKE THAT. THAT S MESS UP! I WILL NOT BE LETTING HIM BE MY DR.


Thank you for your email. Please accept my apologies as I haven't had
time to catch up with my email. Thanks again for your
patience and for sending us your pictures this way is easier for us to have a
virtual consultation and in order to give you a much more accurate opinion and

Something that I want to let you know is that the estimate is based on your physical needs and according to your body type.

Also you will need to have an important liposuction in the waist and lower back to define your waist line, I can see that you have extra skin also in your abdomen and I am strongly recommending an exteded tummy tuck. This would improve your figure in an optimal way. I will be repairing the abdominal wall that is protruded and get you a flatter abdomen.

If you are interested in fat grafting in the gluteal area. I am
using the micro fat grafting, for this technique I use low pressure syringes in
order to keep the fat cells the safest and to transfer them inside the muscle;
this is mostly to avoid the absorption, and this is because in the muscle there
is a mayor blood flow and the cells survive longer, there is an absorption of a
20 to 40% of fat. Also i wanted to mention, is that the top quantity to be injected into
each gluteal area is 900- 1200 cc of fat in one session, or up to where your skin
allows us to do so, because the tissues sometimes won't expand and may
compromise the blood flow in the area.

Your Estimate will be as follows:

Extended Tummy Tuck 3000
Liposuction, lower back, and waist 1800
Fat grafting into the buttocks 550
Discount -900
S. Facility 1100
Anesthesia 550 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle and epifoam 140

Post op medication 125

Lymphatic mssages (2) 80
Total 6445 usd

Dr. Campos


Hey my sister how have you been? Havent been on in a min because i have been trying to work to get this money together for my surgery. Was in a group for my dr but i guess I wasnt doing are saiding what they want to hear but it is ok. If anyone can help me get thing together by tell me where some of ya ll went together ya ll things for surgery it will be a big help and thank you. And I need to lose 20 pds so help!!!!!!!!!

I got my date and dr.

I just got my date yesterday 01/24/2014 I cant wait to be a doll of dr Duran.


Just so ready

I haven't been on for a min but back now. Had surgery on My left beast. But I'm ok now. Just had to take of something . I start getting some of My stuff for surgery. I will hit ya ll tomorrow be safe and God bless all the dolls .
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@ REAL NO 33, hi their just showing your page some love, I to am a new orleanian, was having my sx in
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DR, but ran into a few issuses, so I'll be headed to miami to dr salas, gd luck will follow your journey. Be blessed doll. Sorry my finger hit button before I was finish typing.
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Did you find a recovery house yet? I've heard of the "Real Recovery Armonia" in Santo Domingo from other RealSelf users who got their BBL done in the Dominican Republic. I personally haven't been there though.
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I need help to found a recovery house for me and my mom, sister.
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hey what did duran quote you
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for a tt and bbl and lipo
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I Pm you
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Yea are u going to get this do by who and where and how much
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6-7ish is my budget and I'm going to Duran maybe
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Girl go i love her work and she is so nice and helpful
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New orleans but i live in Houston tx
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ok ...i live in new orleans im like i wonder if that n. o stand for what i think! lol
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good luck on ur journey ! where are u from
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whew girl!
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Im going to Dr. Pantoja in less then three weeks. We have similar shaped ass, so you should see what he does for me. Im getting extended TT, full back, thighs, arms, flanks liposculpture. And i just decided to get the BBL too. Im super excited to be going to him, he has had some amazing results!
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good luck and i will be checking out your results. best wishes!
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Good luck and be blessed let me know how it go's
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Look at Dr. Lagrasso he had a special $6000 for the BBL with total lip, anestheisa and everything besides massages included. I am going to him November 4th
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Thanks for all the info sis!
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Have you looked into other recovery homes in Tiajuana?I know there are a few that are cheaper than beauty care. Theres, club medical,and was considering Robles for a hot sec but alot of girls say she's too conservative with the fat grafting.
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Now I called Dr Robles Assistant Laura and she was very helpful and yes she has been checking on me and answering all my questions that I have. And she answers all of my text and calls! I try to call Dr. Yily but couldnt get in touch with her are her assistant. And Dr Cardenas Assistant Fatimeh has check to me to but I may not be going with her because I dont want to pay 200 to stay in the recovery house each night that 2000 for 10 days. And she wants you to be there for 14. That is to much money to pay. And I m bring my sister, my daug, my mom and my second mother with me there because that a girls get a way! And that is money I can keep in my pocket so they can have fun. So I know Im going to the Dominican Republic!
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Now I am down to three Dr Cardenas, Dr Yily, Dr Robles because I like the bbl sister on here that have done they surgery all ready. But they all are good so help. And plz let me know what to bring and if someone is going in June 2013. and where they are going and what Dr.
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Ok I have picked four Doctors to have my surgery with I need my BBL sister to help me to pick. Dr.Cardenas, Dr. Yily, Dr.Robles and Dr.Pantoja I like all of them. But when I add up everything one price is 6671,6690,6225 and 7257. But I want the best one that can help me to got that shape I will be having my around the summer. So if you have had surgery with one of this Drs and they were good to you with everything let me know!
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