Any Experiences with Radiesse for Lip Augmentation? Help!

I had the dermal filler, Radiesse, injecteded into...

I had the dermal filler, Radiesse, injecteded into my lips after seeing that my plastic surgeon's office offered it. I have not had this before yet I had collegen 5 years ago for lip augmentation and had a good experience. It cost $1200.00 for the procedure and I was counseled that there was the small possibility that lumps could form. Being a person that is easy going and who wasn't expecting "perfect and symetrical" lips afterword, I prepared myself by telling myself that I was prepared to live with a few small lumps if they were on the inside of my mouth and it did not interfere with my talking, smiling, Meanwhile, I researched Radiesse on the internet by going to the website and reading about the positives and how natural it was and there was a "small percentage of people who developed small nodules in the lips when used for lip augmentation". I considered the procedure very carefully and felt educated and prepared for my upcoming appt. The day came and I had the Radiesse injected into my lips with no problems other than the usual uncomfortable experience that follows when someone is injected with a fine needle multiple problem other than that. All was ok and fine until I started noticing small lumps at the injection sites. I messaged as directed and went about my daily life. Now, here it is 2 weeks later and I have 3 extremely large nodules on the inner areas on my lips... two on the bottom right and left inside of the lip that are white in color and 1 on the upper right area of my lip. The bottom Right and upper Right nodules are very noticeable when I am talking and definitely scary looking if I attempt to smile. I feel like I have "flexible pebbles" in my mouth and my teeth catch on them when I eat. I did go back to the plastic surgeons office 1 week later because I called them and told them my concern with the nodules/lumps. The staff member told me the importance of massaging firmly by pressing down on the nodules after icing them for 2 minutes and rolling them between my thumb and index finger. She even show my fiance so that he could make sure that I was using the right amount of firm pressure. She said to do it for 5 days and I would notice a difference. Well, I did this very diligently for the five days. I iced,massaged, and re-iced my lips 3 times daily as instructed. She told me that she spoke of the possibility of small lumps forming. A new problem cropped up after my massaging regimen. While firmily messaging my lips, the pressure must have caused the skin to become so tight in my lips when I pressed down on the lumps that is caused tiny "eruptions" or pimple-like bumps to develop on the outside of my lips...the same color as the white radiesse filler! Now, not only do I have big lumpy nodules but I have to contend with three small little areas that look like pimples or whiteheads. I am going to call the surgeons office tomorrow to see if they can see me the same day. I am an educated woman that had seriously considered my decision before getting this done and did not "jump into" this decision. I am a health care professional and know that cosmetic procedures end up perfect every time. I felt that I prepared myself as best as I could with the information that was made available to me. I don't know whether to "live" with these lumps that could last a year or longer or what I can do. The staff member said that I had the option of getting them "cut out"...ouch. I don't know if I want to risk that for something that is temporary...a long temporary. All I know is that it is affecting me as my job requires me to interact with patients and families. I don't want my patients to think I am afflicted with a contagious disease when they see the nodules. As I said before, I was prepared for small lumps and assymetry, but not so much that people noticed me and ask me "what wrong with your lips and why do you talk like you have pebbles in your mouth". Any opinions or suggestions? I would truley appreciate it.


Have you asked the plastic surgeons office about possible procedures such as a non-ablative skin treatment would decrease the lumps? I am a laser technician and one of the treatment contraindications for a ND:Yag 1064 non-ablative skin treatment is dermal fillers. The laser treatment will increase the filler absorbtion rate. I know that Radiesse is calcium and that may not have the same reaction as hyaluranic acid, however, it might be worth asking.
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Hi ClumsySteph, I am a Cosmetic Dermatology Physician Assistant and I thought it would helpful for you if I shared my experience with Radiesse. I've had a lot of training on dermal fillers and there are several products out there that are used for temporary lip augmentation. Radiesse is NOT one of them. Every Radiesse training and seminar I've been to has explicity stated that Radiesse should never be put into the lips. The reason being that large lumps and bumps can occur a few days after your treatment (such as what you explained). I don't like to talk poorly about other practitioners, but it seems as though the plastic surgeon you went to hasn't had much training with Radiesse (if he/she did, they would know to never put it in lips). My advice would be to seek out a second opinion. Really, your only options are to wait it out, or have them "cut out." I'm sorry for your horrible experience. In the future, I would recommend a hyaluranic acid filler such as Resylane or Juvederm.
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CORRECTION TO MY FIRST POST...I stated that I was a health care professional and know that cosmetic procedures end up perfect everytime....I meant to say that they DO NOT end up perfect everytime. I am sorry for this typo and would appreciate any feedback about the lumpy lips and white spots. Thanks again.
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