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I'm 29 y/o no kids. I'm 5'2",...

I'm 29 y/o no kids. I'm 5'2", Highest weight was 256 currently down to 151. Im not quite to goal, but am able to maintain my current weight. Absolutely cant wait to see my belly button again!

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6-7-2011 Only 8 days to go! Had my Pre-OP apt...

Only 8 days to go! Had my Pre-OP apt w/my primary today. Not required but I went for my own peace of mind. Had a EKG/physical and everything looks great.
Feeling a bit nervous about the pain, my PS only prescribed Demerol. But he says its all i need.
I am having...
TT (not sure about Muscles as he will decide when he gets in there)
Lipo of Flanks, Waist, Inner/outer thighs, and knees.
Originally I was only getting TT But figured what the hell get the icing on the cake =))

I will be sure to update photos, as all the other ladies here have helped me, Thank you!


Congrats on your weight loss! That's awesome. Looking forward to seeing your after pics. Your big day is almost here!

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im short too haha our surgery is the same day!! im so excited good luck to ya!
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Good luck to you as well, keep us posted! Your gonna look great!

4 DAYS TO GO! Trying to get everything in order....

Trying to get everything in order..
Im starting to understand other that feel like they are "nesting".
I am starting to feel a little guilty about all the $$$ being spent on this, but Im sure once I see my final result I will feel better about it.
I have decided NOT to get lipo of my outer thighs, after reviewing others pics I have decided I will keep my more shapely outter thighs.
I am very lucky.. My BF of 9 years has been very supportive. He has been with me throughout all the ups and downs of my 105 lb weight loss. I know he loves me just the way I am, but understands I want to feel good in my own skin.
My first week of recovery I will be staying w my mom, my BF isnt good w blood and wounds. So I don't want to traumatize him lol. My mom is also amazing and is even paying for half of my surgery.


Wow, you weren't kidding when you said we had the same stomach!!! Oooooh can't wait when we get our TT's on the same day!!!!
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Am I normal? Today I stood in front of the...

Am I normal?
Today I stood in front of the mirror and just cried, sobbing a uncontrollable cant breath cry.
Getting rid of this stomach has been a desire of mine for 10 years. I have gained and lost 100 pounds twice,up down up down up down. a vicious cycle. This time I WILL NOT be gaining it back.
I cried thinking of the freedom from constantly pulling up my pants,tucking it in, worrying if ppl could see it, and trying to find loose shirts. OMG I'm going to be able to wear low rise jeans!
I really wonder what I'm going to think about with all the free time that's going to be in head?!?! I feel like in just a few days I'm going to be free!!!!
Ive worked so hard! I run 3 miles a day and i wont be thinking about my bouncing stomach.
Plus the fact that I will actually be taking my shirt off in the bedroom w my loving man of 9 years! i cant wait to lay in the bed w him and allow him to touch my tummy, currently a "no go zone" lol.
I bet many tears of joy and relief will be in my near future. A new more confidant woman is right around the corner, what a relief!


Sarahbug, you have worked hard for this and deserve the best tummy you can have! I can relate to the losing/gaining and there will be no more hiding of tummy, and the clothes you will be able to wear will be mind boggling. For me, it is no more 'elastic' waist pants or shorts. NEVER again. It's fun going into a store and not even knowing what size you are after TT and swelling subsides. Best wishes on procedure and recovery and look forward to seeing your posts on how you do!
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HI Sarahbug,
I know all about the NO touch zone...lol. My poor husband just doesnt get why I am like that about my tummy. I just have felt SO embarrassed about it. I felt I always had to hide it all the time when we are intimate and I hate it when he even comes close to touching it. It will be so freeing to not feel that way anymore. I leave tomorrow night to stay over night for my surgery first thing wed morning. I just cant believe it's this close. Are get getting any sleep at night now? :-)
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I think it will def. be a welcome change to our relationships! Luckily I have Xanax so I have been getting sleep, I know with out it I would be struggling. I have to work through tomorrow so Im very thankful. Wed 7am for me.

12 hours away. I am Absolutely freaking out!!!!!

12 hours away. I am Absolutely freaking out!!!!!


Hey Sarah bug. How are you doing? How did your surgery go? I'm home, beginning the recovery. so far so good. I had no internet for a few days but I have it back so I was really excited to hear from everyone. :-)
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Hope all went smoothly and you are going to be soooo happy!!!
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Thinking about you. Everything will be alright.
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Hey ladies! Im 7 days PO and finally posting...

Hey ladies!
Im 7 days PO and finally posting I've been at my moms where the Internet is so slow. I am posting now from my iPhone so forgive me if it's a mess.
The day of I was scared as hell. The first 24 hours PO were pure hell as well(mainly from nausea/throwing up).but every day it gets better. Yay!
Hopefully my drains will come out on Thursday as they are a pain. I'm feel pretty swollen but not sure how much of it is swell considering the pre OP shape of my tummy was wayyy different.
I am very pleased w my results. And will be posting pics as soon as I get home.

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Day 9- Drains came out today! Not as bad as I...

Day 9- Drains came out today! Not as bad as I worried it would be. The nurse was great and pulled both at once. A little burning but it only lasted about 10 seconds. Then after giving the drain holes a couple hours to close, I got to take my first shower in 9 days! It was the most amazing shower ever!!!!

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11 days out today. Tried on pre op jeans and they...

11 days out today. Tried on pre op jeans and they are tight. Then against what Ive read and been told I weighed myself, and I'm actually down 8lbs! Woot! That made my day/week! Took a little walk on the boardwalk, sat on the beach.


Can't wait to see your pics!
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Today Im on day 12 & off meds YaY Tylenol...

Today Im on day 12 & off meds YaY Tylenol only, so I was finally able to drive home from my moms. Sooo I took a pic and posted. Its evening so I'm swollen plus I ate mexican (it was worth it lol)so Im pretty swollen, but i am still in love with my result. I have lost over 100 pounds, and have even lost 8 pounds since 2 days post OP. 256lbs down to 145 I'm so damn happy! I haven't weighed this little since Middle school! I cant wait to get back to the gym, and back to my running, and Stairmaster. I know without that belly in the way nothing can stop me!
Hope all my June 15th Surgery sisters are doing as well as I am!


You look great(even if your swollen)! Congrats on your new flat belly.
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Thanks Ladies! Im so happy and thankful!
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9 days for me I'm dying!!!

Today is the first day I've had a appetite, I...

Today is the first day I've had a appetite, I feel like I could eat a horse! Good thing I feel full after about 1/4 of what I used to be able to scarf down, Definite BONUS!

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So I took my garment off for a shower and my scar...

So I took my garment off for a shower and my scar is looking lifted and majorly puckered. I have tons of stretchmarks but i knew they would stay going in.Im feeling a little worried. will the puckering go down even with the stretchmarks? Im hoping this is just a stage of healing. feeling booooooo.


WOW!!! You look awesome!! Enjoy your new tummy!
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I have read on this site (answered by a doc) that it DEFINITELY will go down with time. My gosh . . what a difference ! Look great girl!
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It's Official, I've lost my...

It's Official, I've lost my mind!

Today I went to my weight watchers meeting and then my 2 week checkup today and everything looks good. My PS promises my scar will be beautiful in a year.

I dont know if im going through some after surgery stage today but I'm feeling nuts!
I have had long beautiful hair (always between mid back to butt)for at least the last 15 years (Im 29). On my way home I heard a radio station talking about Locks Of Love (hair donating for children with cancer) and I decided to stop at my hair dresser to see if she had time for me. I knew she was going to be against it, so i went prepared with a lie. HAHA I get there and told her I lost a bet and HAD to cut my hair. VERY Unhappily she tied my hair and cut off 13 inches dry!!! Other women in the place were gasping (LOL!)Then she washed and cut off a few more for style. I left the place shaking in disbelief! I can not believe I did this, it was probably a pound of hair.Its for a great cause though. I'm feeling a little empowered. Any one else done something crazy after surgery?!?!


major improvement! great job on the weight loss you are looking great with that flat tummy! =)
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Hey Sarahbug. How you feeling at 3 weeks? Your looking GREAT! Hope your doing well. :-)
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Hi, girl! Just checking to see how you are doing. Your tummy look awesome! Congratulations. Thumbs up to the new you!
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Thanks Ladies! Yay! Day 24 today. Im feeling good...

Thanks Ladies! Yay! Day 24 today. Im feeling good and upped my walking to 1 mile today. I only have 8 more days off before go back to work, and I'm really not feeling it. Oh well,gotta pay those bills.
3 days ago I started massaging my scar and applying a cocoa/vitamin E butter.My PS says its more about the scar massaging not the product itself.
My week 4 appointment is in just 4 days and I hope I get the go ahead for the gym. I miss my gym so much!
Its crazy how the change to my tummy has elongated my frame. Since my TT I really want to work on my arms. Hopefully I can tone my arms and they will tighten up on their own!
Glad to see all you other ladies are doing well TTYS!


I thought the same thing about my arms too...lol, seriously I was trying to work them out without weights. ha ha. Ah well soon enough right? Way to go on walking. wow thats a nice walk. You should be proud of yourself.
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I walked 2 miles today! YaY! Hopefully Im saying yay tomorrow morning haha. I feel like i look a little square/big on top, like a body builder. =/ hopefully the next 10 pounds I loose will come from there instead of my breast or butt like the previous 10!
You're looking amazing! Had TT June 16, swelling is still terrible! I'm with you on the arm workouts, I was thinking that same thing about a week ago! Funny how we get one thing 'fixed' and move right on to the next...but the energy and excitement from everything you have accomplished, you should be proud!
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Word to the wise... If you get a TT or Lipo and...

Word to the wise... If you get a TT or Lipo and are in need of a compression garment consider getting it done in cooler months! Its 96 degrees + humidity today and the heat is terrible! I will probably have the highest electric bill ever this month, but thank goodness for Air conditioning! Hope everyone is staying cool =D


lol, your awesome!! I hear ya on the weight loss thing. I feel I need a good 10-15 to loose too and tone up and all that FUN stuff. But you are looking SO good Sarahbug!! And your going to get even more healthy with your walking. It will be so fun to see our transformations as they unfold. I have such a hard time with food. I just want to eat way too much and I'm trying so hard to be good but I eat to feel better emotionally and thats always been my problem. So trying to be good to make sure I dont gain weight. That would be a nightmare!! Your are doing so great though, way to go!! :-)

I'm at day 28 and really feeling great. I was just...

I'm at day 28 and really feeling great. I was just thinking about everything and how reading about others experiences has really helped me have a awesome recovery.So here's my pay if forward, hope it helps some of you out there!


***** Copy and paste this link - its a WONDERFUL resource

***Stuff to have on hand***
Med's and Garment from Dr.
Some kind of stool softener
Arnica montana Gel
Whistle/Bell (help!)
Non slip Slippers/socks
Hand Mirror(So you can check yourself out)ha!
Hair brush, Hair ties
Baby wipes ( No showers for who knows how long!)9 days for me!!!
Flashlight (New body+med+Need to potty+ DARKness = disaster)
Large Soft Cold Compress (20 min on 40min off) NO Ice
Unscented Maxi Pads (Good for oozing)
Straws (for drinking laying down)
Neck Pillow
Wedge Pillow (i hated it, others love it)
Extra soft sheets
3+ Blankets (for chills)
Books, Magazines, Games, Movies

*****1st week you WILL need help. The first few days are SO uncomfortable(pure hell) but remind yourself its only a few days for a lifetime of confidence!
*****Leaving the hospital & post OP attire i wore a tube top bathing suit cover up (so comfy!)
*****If pain scares you keep up with medication. I took a dose as prescribed every 4 hours for the first 5 days and recorded it on paper- without giving additional discomfort a chance to get me. If the meds aren't enough/not agreeing w/you do not hesitate to phone your PS(Plastic surgeon).
*****There shall be swelling (unless your crazy lucky)! Be prepared, and not disappointed. I defiantly have mons pubis swelling in the evening causing a "ken doll" look, its just where my fluid likes to go, thanks gravity! Oh and it could last a while.=/
*****Take your stool softener!!!!
***** I had a terrible time relaxing enough to pee, and was freaking out cause I couldn't. My mom suggested I stand in the bathroom leaning forward against the counter & put a flexible cup between my legs. I thought she was silly but tried it... I found the position I could relax in and went that way probably the first 3 days!yes i went pee in a cup, lol! thank god I didnt have to get a catheter put in like some other ladies on here!
*****Buy/collect every pillow from the house for your recovery room, it can take some serious trial and error to find what makes you comfortable, but when you do its a relief.*If you have a hyper pet be sure to keep a pillow on your tummy, they will surprise you!*
*****be sure to have plastic sheeting or trash bags to line under your sheets, this will protect whatever couch/chair/bed you can get comfy in. Don't want to ruin anything w/body fluids. This is especially needed if you have lipo.
*****Hunger may not exist the first few days. But you must eat to heal. Protein! Have a lot of food choices to find what agrees w/your tummy after anesthesia. The first 5 days I lived on ice water, watered down apple juice, egg salad (1 hard boiled egg w tiny mayo no seasoning), cheerios, and tortilla chips - In VERY small portions.
*****Eating Pineapples/lemons really does seem to help w swelling for me... its worth a try!
*****Drink tons of water, staying hydrated really helps healing, swelling and constipation. it also helps with the suggestion below this one.
*****And my #1 suggestion is GET UP! my doctor made me get up every hour the first week PO(even in the middle of the night! I had to set a timer!). When i tried to cheat and wait 2 hours it was so hard to get up, thats the only time I would REALLY be hunched over. getting up taking a 30 steps looses you up, and for me was like pain management. Ive never had any of the back pain I read so much about on here.

Im sure there are lots of other tips but these are the best from me!!!

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1 Month 1 day PO today. I was feeling great but I...

1 Month 1 day PO today. I was feeling great but I have to go back to work tomorrow! 8 hours on my feet Im not looking forward to it. Resting up!


Excellent new pics. What a difference a month makes!
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I live in aa county...
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Looking good, can't wait tom see hownimlook in a month. Ihope I feel a lot better for sure.
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So I have been back to work for 2 days now. No...

So I have been back to work for 2 days now. No major pain- just tired. Walking 8 hours on a hard floor and no sitting is killer! Thank goodness today is my regular day off. Today I am doing NOTHING.


Looking GREAT!!!!!
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Your new pics are fabulous. I cannot believe the difference in your body. You must be overwhelmed to see yourself in the mirror.
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Thank you so much for your supply list! I am off to prepare myself for my day with your helpful info :) Much appreciated.
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Well im now 7 weeks PO and feeling great despite...

well im now 7 weeks PO and feeling great despite some swelling. Ive been back to work for 3 weeks, and feeling almost back to normal. Im back to the gym, and even already jogging but just one mile at at a time right now. Running totally causes my stomach to tingle once I stop. Im also back to the interval training on the Stairmaster. Im not really doing any weight training yet it seems to cause major pain, so ill work myself slowly into it!
Im so happy i did this it has totally changed my life! Hope all you ladies are doing well!


Hi Sarah, I can't thank you enough for posting your updated pics of the swelling from morning to night. This is exactly how I have been too. I'm kind of thinking that my belly is coming back. It's hard to believe that we can get that amount of swelling in the space of maybe 12 hours. Seeing you have made me feel so much better though just to know i'm not going through this alone.
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Yes its crazy! I should have taken them from the side as well.
Hi SarahBug, I want you to know how much I enjoyed reading your story and how much better I feel. I too have no kids and I too lost my weight on weight watchers. I'm in the Northern Virginia area. I live alone so I am going to spend the first few days after surgery at my mom and dads. Boyfriend is going to help once I get back home. I have my surgery on Aug 30th. You look fantastic!
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Well today I was walking through the store i work...

Well today I was walking through the store i work in and noticed a box of hula hoops. I havent been able to hula hoop in years, my rolls made it impossible! I grabbed one of those hula hoops and i can do it!!! I hulaed for quite some time, till someone caught me and i felt silly. But I swear it was a wonderful day =D


Sarah, I don't have kids either so was wondering, did you have to have a lot of muscle repair work done?
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I had muscle repair. My PS understood why i was doing this before having children, alot of the before pics on here are what i was hoping for as a after! lol. He said the only difference I may notice is carrying higher during pregnancy, but said it has a lot to do with being a shortie. I would just be sure to discus it with your PS.
But after reading yours i see prego wont be an issue -=)But I needed muscle repair because I carried a lot in the middle before loosing all my weight, my muscles were damaged.

Hey ladies Things are getting back to normal! I...

Hey ladies Things are getting back to normal!
I am 8+ weeks and been back to the gym full impact for 2 weeks. Jogging a mile a day, and about 1 hour of additional cardio. I have been doing leg/butt exercises as well squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg press. Im not allowed to do AB's till 3 months Po like Grace. But I am feeling great!
I have posted some pics that are A.M./P.M. to show swelling.I should have taken a side view as that really shows it! It can be annoying but even the swelling is better than what I had before.
I love my new tummy, now I can actually see what I'm working with! It does make me notice other flaws, but I do my best to ignore the impulse to obsess over a new "part". I am inspired to exercise harder and eat as clean as possible.

Anyone else getting a little annoyed with the extra attention? I never have had problems attracting the opposite sex, even at 256 pounds i had a pretty face and Generally Im a sweet person (sorry if that sounded conceded, but Im not!). But now the over the line comments have dramaticly increased since getting my new waist. Really where the hell do men get off thinking they can say whatever they want? Its disgusting the way some men act. The girls at work get a kick out of it, men literally tripping out the door looking at me. But I'm embarrassed. A man yesterday when I was leaving a coffee shop made some long mmm groan and when I said "dirt ball" he said "I'm Sorry you just got it exactly like it should be". For real who the hell are you!?! Who gave you permission to comment on my temple?! Its really starting to piss me off. These have really been the only moments I regret having my surgery.
Sorry for the rant But I'm sure you ladies can relate


Men can be pigs that's for sure! But on the flip side you must be looking like some sort of wonderful to be making that much of a fuss! ;0)
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I am not laughing at you but I love how your description in your recent update..LOL

Some men have better tact than others in the compliment department.  And then there are those who my friend calls social idiots.  

All you can do is hold your head high, smile, be proud of what you have done for yourself, and keep walking.   Most men just really appreciate a beautiful woman but some express it better than others.  A simple smile and hello would work, and yes we can do without the moans and groans.  

Please don't have any regrets about what you have done.  

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Lol yes Kimmers I was feeling pretty pissed off yesterday. Social idiots is a perfect description!
At least the inappropriate comments help us weed out the dogs. I will hold my head high and be proud, thank you =D

Went to Happy hour and really over did it. Way too...

Went to Happy hour and really over did it. Way too much wine, lobster tails & sushi. Blown up like a BALLOON! Salt lovers beware.


That's crazy sarah! Men are so stupid sometimes!
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Hey Sarahbug! :-) You are looking so great and good for your for being so good at exercising like you are. I agree, men can be such dogs. I honestly cant say I have had men do that to me but if they did I would be pretty ticked and embarrassed too. Good on you for standing up for yourself. You must be looking amazing though to be getting that reaction. I've honestly never had that happen to me before or after my TT. I feel like I dont look very well yet. I still have too much swelling to see that big a difference. I'm so happy for you that your doing so GREAT!! Way to go!!! :-)
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thanks =D Obviously these arnt high quality guys lol

Wow its been almost 5 months since i have updated!...

Wow its been almost 5 months since i have updated!
Im feeling good. Still have tightness especially after sitting for a long time. Im back to my full workouts and doing well. I still swell mostly hormonal times. But I have a "shelf" above the incision line, and feel like i coulds pop!
I started taking birth control shortly after surgery cause I dont want to mess this up yet! =) Ive gained about 15 pounds and i say its gotta be the birth control cause my eating and exercise is pretty good. I am bout to buckle down and loose it though!
All in all im happy with my results.


you look fantastic!
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Annapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr, Lowe is awesome. I went knowing what I wanted and he didnt pressure me to do any additional procedures, like other PS's I had seen. He did make small suggestions, but only after I asked his professional opinion. He has a upper end facility and in suit surgery center, around the corner from the large hospital. His staff is knowledgeable, kind, and efficient. I have had 4 follow up appointments and Im only 2 weeks out, and he even called me the evening of surgery to check on me. When I arrive 15-20 min early to my appointments, usually i am called to be seen just minutes later, and wait little to no time for my PS to come in. He doesnt spend a ton of time with you but he explains everything that is going on, and answers all questions you have. At the end of the visit he asks if there is anything at all I need. I never feel rushed or not cared about. I would suggest him to anyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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