New pics! Glad to have gotten it done!!! Annapolis, MD

Tomorrow is my surgery! I am getting a full tummy...

Tomorrow is my surgery! I am getting a full tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and lift. I am nervous and cant sleep. I keep telling myself it cant be as bad as childbirth, right??? I had 2 huge babies that have messed my body all up! My boobs are saggy and after the second baby i have the skin flap over my underwear. I dont want my husband to see my boobs the way they are and forget wearing a two piece!! I did want to be down to my pre-pregnancy weight but I am still about ten pounds over. I had my second child in February.

Im hoping this tummy tuck will give me more confidence to wear what i want. (same for breast augmentation) My only real fear is that my boobs will be way to big... Said i wanted d's and currently a b/c. One breast is bigger than other, so happy this will be fixed!!!

Congratulations you will do great! Let us know as soon as you can how you are doing. Sweet dreams and see ya on the flat side =D
good luck :)

This is the day after surgery and I feel like I've...

This is the day after surgery and I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I wasn't expecting so much pain...I knew there was going to be, but didn't know this much! My husband has been really good about taking care of me. He even combed my hair and brushed my teeth for me!I have to get up every 3 hours and blow into some device. I am having an extreme hard time getting out of bed, so I think I'm going to start sleeping on the couch. When my husband was downstairs, I slipped in bed flat and then it was extremely hard getting out. I wanted to cry. I don't have any drains, so I don't have to worry about that. I'm just wearing a compression device over my boobs and stomach.

Today when I went to the office for the check up they said I can't shower for a'm already a little stinky. I had to take a hooker bath and spray some good smelling stuff on me to disguise the stink. I looked at my stomach and boobs, and was shocked how I looked. My stomach looked a lot flatter even though it was swollen. My boobs are huge, so I keep thinking they are still swollen and will go down some. My husband is happy about that one.

Day of surgery I did feel worse, so I guess I'm getting a little better each day. I bought some zip up house dress off ebay since I didn't have anything that zipped or buttoned up that was loose. I was shocked to hear from the nurse that some people wear jeans coming home. (ouch!) Everyone was really nice at the office, especially the recovery nurse. I have my period which makes my life more complicated. I bought some depends, but trying to just keep the pads under me and go to the bathroom frequently because I don't want to have to worry about pulling the underwear down. (Day after I put pad in underwear since I felt better)

Day of surgery I had a quick decision change. I was supposed to get silicone boobs, but I changed my mind to saline. An hour before I asked my friend why she got her boobs (redone). She had the first ones taken out, and had to get a second set. She told me she had silicone at first, and she was miserable. She thought they were too heavy. She worked at a plastic surgery OR and told me everyone in the room was agreeing with her that I should get saline. I was not aware that if silicone busts while in your body that it is a very time consuming, hard process getting all the silicone out. So I think I made the right decision....

I am 33, 160 pounds at 5'3"...hoping to be 145...

I am 33, 160 pounds at 5'3"...hoping to be 145 after recovery and more diet and exercise!

OMG, you look amazing already! Yes, your breast should settle and unswell some. It's really hard to remember and visualize pain before you actually experience it, but you're getting through the hardest part right now. If you need to, use lots and lots of pillows in bed. Glad your hubs is supportive and helpful!


Sounds like you are doing okay. I think you look amazing!!!! I hope. Look that good. Hope your healing goes well! Keep us updated!

Day 2 after surgery and still feel like ive been...

Day 2 after surgery and still feel like ive been hit by a bus. I have gotten better getting out of bed by myself. Using a step stool to get in better and trying to male the exit as fast as possible. So thankful I have no drains from my tummy tuck...about to take some more oxy, just took a muscle relaxr
A couple hrs ago. Ready
For the pain to end! Did i mention I have my period too?! Fun...
wow your looking great tiny waist, and great choice for your boods, when i get to my weight goal i will also choose for saline, maybe next year, happy healing
Thanks!! The comments help because i am so tired of not being able to do anything. :(

Day 3 POSTOP- This morning I felt like a truck hit...

Day 3 POSTOP- This morning I felt like a truck hit me from behind and was having second thoughts... I guess the bruising from the lipo is really coming in. I did feel better as the day progressed. I take my medicine every 4 hours (it says 4-6), but I don't wait...ha. I'm posting another pic. I was excited when I did see my stomach!

Day 4 POSTOP...I don't feel like the pain is...

Day 4 POSTOP...I don't feel like the pain is getting much better....when is this intense pain going to end?!!
Thanks... Pain is less but still hurts a lot. This morning i had bathroom issues and had to take a lot of stool softeners and prune juice! Lol
I felt as if I had been hit by a truck for a few days after surgery too. Good description. Honestly I started feeling better after about one week. Much better by Day 9 when my drains were removed. You should see a small improvement each day now. Hang in there and stay on top of your meds if you aren't already!

How are you doing? Has the pain lessened? I hope so. You look great!

POSTOP Day 5- I woke up feeling a little rough,...

POSTOP Day 5- I woke up feeling a little rough, but I felt stinky and just somewhat sore. I went to the Dr. and got pain pump taken out which hurt just a tad. My stomach was still numb. After I took a shower I felt like a NEW WOMAN!!! I am bruising more, boobs are now yellow, but feelin better! Advice from doctor and friend- Buy spanx shorts that come up midriff to put under combression belt and buy some more compression bras. Done!

It took 5 days to feel it was worth it... still a little frustrated I can't do much around the house and with kids, but I'm getting there...
Hey ladies, I was reading along with you discussion on extra garments. My PS gave me mine and when I need to wash it, I use a regular slimming wrap that you can buy at any sporting store. They come in OSFM and are great. Hope that helps. We've also bought a couple of them at Ross for less than $10.
Mine says h & v med, inc. it has 3 different fastener strips across. I'll look and see what i see

Thanks I appreciate it!

Day 10 POSTOP- soooo over wearing the compression...

Day 10 POSTOP- soooo over wearing the compression garmet!! Stopped taking meds a couple days ago and started driving yesterday. Ready to be normal again!!! :(

Wondering... Do i need to be wearing biker shorts...

Wondering... Do i need to be wearing biker shorts like doctor suggested? I have been trying to wear spanx shorts some days... Anyone ever had laser treatments to heal scar faster?

Its been 5 weeks...a rough 5 weeks but im starting...

Its been 5 weeks...a rough 5 weeks but im starting to not feel so much pain. 2 Weeks ago i had to get my boob reopened because it was so swollen the dr thought i might have a halematoma. It wound up just being fluid but my right boob is riding high and hasnt settled! Praying i dont have to get reopened again!!!! Went back to work last week and everyone is telling me how great i look! Its great to have such a flat stomach and not had saggy boobs anymore. I stopped wearing my spanx...feels weird. Im wearing a strap over my boobs to make the one boob come down. Wondering when i can start running again... Still feel like it would be painful.

I got my after pics done today at the office......

I got my after pics done today at the office....WOW....I have to realize now it WAS worth it!!! Sometimes I think otherwise... I still have some pain, hurts some to run, and I have some dog ears that need fixed next week. But when I see these after pics, I am so glad I got it done. I have gone from a 12 to a size 8 or 10. I'm still struggling with my weight, but I have signed up for a half marathon in March...hoping that helps me get back on track more with my weight loss. A couple weeks ago I had gotten down to 152 and now I'm up to 160 again. I don't want to gain anymore weight!!!
Your results look great!
You look great:-)
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