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Just got my revision to create a more swooped...

Just got my revision to create a more swooped barbie like nose. Well, 9 days post op, and my nose looks straight not swooped. I hate it, and feel incredibly irritated that I paid 1250 in OR and anesthestia fees for this AGAIN. I know there's swelling, but you are definitely able to tell that when the swelling subsides my nose will not be swooped it will be straight. Not sure what I can do now, very upset!!


Your nose looks great. I cannot believe you are unhappy with such great results. Your doctor did a great job and you should be thrilled right now not complain. Only if I had results like yours with my primary I would have moved on with my life and never visited this website ever again. You have a straight and a cute nose. What you probably could use is hairline moved forward a bit and that's far less complex surgery and can be done very easily. But even with that surgery you need to find a doctor that specializes and has interest in that area. My primary guy does that very well and thats what he loves to do. I wish I knew that going into my surgery because I would not have let him touch my nose. But he is excellent at scars and hairline shift.
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One more thing that picture of the model you posted has a horrible nose. I would have been crying every day if my nose looked like hers. Yours on the other hand I would have been thrilled and happy.
Thank you for sharing your story so far and photos! I agree with the other commenters that your nose definitely does have a nice slope now and it will probably become more evident as the swelling goes down. You look really great!
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two weeks post op

two weeks post op, looking decent, still swollen and one nostril is more inflamed than the other, hope the second time was a charm.


Honestly the only thing you need now is for some surgeon to inject radiesse in the nosetip to make it more pointy like Denise Richards. It´s not swooped, her nose is short and pointy.
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I mean her nose is not sweooped, it is short and pointy and the "swoop" look is achieved because of the angle of the tip and the tip projection (pointy and upwards)
Yeah, your nose looks good. Its definitely a mistake to get caught up on one specific "style" of nose just because it looks good on someone else. The fact of the matter is, if you put Denise Richard's nose (I think thats who that is, haha) it would probably look unnatural and ridiculous. A turned up nose is certainly not some "absolute" form of beauty. Some people look good with it, others might look awful. The same goes for any other type of nose. I have seen countless people with what people would consider big noses even with bumps in them, where it looks very good on their face and they are quite good looking. If you gave them some "barbie" nose they would look like a freak. Your nose fits your face and looks very good. Going for one style of nose, can be a huge mistake that usually leads to an unnatural result and obvious nose job. Be happy, you have a great result.
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