Upper/Lower Bleph with Chemical Peel Under Eyes -- Annandale, VA

Well, I had my upper and lower Bleph along with a...

Well, I had my upper and lower Bleph along with a chemical peel under my eyes done on March 13 (two days ago at this writing) and so far I look horrible. The swelling on the upper lid is pretty severe and painful. I did the low salt diet and cut out all the foods and drugs that could possibly cause bleeding (berries, garlic, fish oil, vil E, aspirin, Motrin, etc) and started taking bromelain and eating fresh pineapple 2-3 weeks prior so I was hoping for a better outcome. I have also been taking Arnica Montana 3 x daily since 3 days prior, icing constantly, and sleeping in the recliner with my head elevated. I have read the 2-3 day is usually the worst for swelling. I hope tomorrow will be better. I will post pictures once I am feeling better.

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Day 5 postop - got to keep reminding myself to be...

Day 5 postop - got to keep reminding myself to be patient and to stay clear of mirrors. Went to the follow up appointment today and the sutures on the upper lid were removed. The nurse said the swelling should really start to dissipate. I certainly hop she is right!

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Day 6 - 19 March 2013 The chemical peel finally...

Day 6 - 19 March 2013
The chemical peel finally peeled off last night and the bruises are starting to yellow. Having the sutures removed (yesterday) have really helped with the discomfort, but they still feel tight and a little painful from the swelling although the swelling is a lot less today. I am still icing a few times a day as it feels good. I am also still sleeping on the sofa recliner to keep my head elevated. I might try to move back to the bedroom tonight.


Your eyes look like they are going to turn out terrific! I see the suture line for the uppers but did you have one for the lowers or was that inside the lid? The improvement so far seems great to me...you look great. All the best!
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I had the same procedure done 9 weeks ago. I am very happy with the results! I took a lot of arnica and bromelain tablets to help with the swelling and healing. I have been using a thin layer of bioCorneum scar supervision silicone cream on the incision and it has helped it heal smooth. My eyes were very numb and it felt weird to try and put eye makeup on. It was at 8 weeks that I was able to put makeup on comfortably. Not sure what level chemical peel you received, but for me the chemical peel was by far the worst and I am still dealing with a little bit of redness under my eyes. I am able to cover it with makeup, but the recovery is longer than I thought it would be. Best of luck with your healing.
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Thanks for the tip on using bioConeum. I will ask my doctor about getting some when I go back next week. My eyelids are still pretty numb too. It's a really wired feeling! I can't wait for that feeling to go away. I checked out your photos and your eyes and nose look terrific. Thanks again and Good luck with your healing too!

Day 7 - one week! Cabin fever is really setting in...

Day 7 - one week! Cabin fever is really setting in. I made my first venture out today (other than to the doctor's office). I went to an Ulta store to pick up some heavy duty cover up to hid the bruises and to buy some large "movie star" sun glasses. My eyes still burn and hurt a bit. Still icing and sleeping with head elevated.


The suture line for the bottom are right below my lower lashes. I guess that is good news if you can't see them. LOL! Thanks for the well wishes. This has been quite the experience!

Day 8 - slept in my bed for the first time in a...

Day 8 - slept in my bed for the first time in a week. Had to use extra pillows to elevate my head. I think hubby was starting to enjoy having the bed to himself. Swelling and bruising getting better everyday. Ventured out in my movie star glasses for lunch with a friend.


ArnoldBe, You look marvelous darling! You are early in your recovery, so it will get even better. "Movie Star" sunglasses are appropriate! So happy for you, and thanks for sharing.
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Day 9 - the bruising looks a little better today....

Day 9 - the bruising looks a little better today. My upper eyelids still feel a little tight and sore--especially at the outer corners. The incisions look sort of wide and uneven. If I look closely I can see the suture holes. I am starting to worry that they aren't healing all that well. I am considering using silicone scar tape but will wait until my next follow up next week to ask if this is advisable. Hopefully I am overreacting and everything is normal and will heal fine. I don't want to have Frankenstein eyelids!


How are you doing now? Another week gone by - we would love to see pics!
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Day 12 - I was planning on going back to work...

Day 12 - I was planning on going back to work tomorrow but decided to take a few more days off until after my second follow up on Wednesday. I still have some bruising and swelling that isn't covered all that well without caking on the makeup and then I feel I look sort of freakish. My eyelids still feel a it swollen and numb. Plus, my eyes have been tearing a lot in the outer corners making it hard to keep make up in place. I still feel that my upper right eye incision line is not healing so well. The scar is thick and uneven in several places and is causing a double crease effect I don't care for. Additionally, the corner of ny right eye looks like he stitched too much making my eye look slightly smaller and slightly "tacked" up. It does not look as natural as my left eye. I hope that this will resolve over time.
I had started an Obagi blender with retin-a regimen after my follow up last week but have decided to stop until a later date as the peeling and flaking was making the cover up makeup look horrible. I only need one problem at a time thank you!


I think you are looking great. I had an upper bleph and eyebrow lift on 3 7 and I am amazed that in 2.5 weeks, I need no cover-up make-up and am getting such positive feedback. It's worth it in the end! hang in there.
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Lookin good considering from day one. It's scarry but look as if you are going to be OK. Looking good. Thanks for sharing
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I just posted a before/after picture for you to see. Even with the wierd scar on my upper left eye lid, I am very pleased. Hopefully the scar will eventually get smaller and will hide in my eyelid crease better.

Day 14 I had my two week follow up appointment...

Day 14 I had my two week follow up appointment this afternoon. The doctor assured me that everything is healing as it should and the uneven scars are still healing and once the swelling is gone should look much better. The stich marks should go away in time and if they don't, there are a few things he can do in the office. Hopefully it won't get to that point! He told me to come back for a followup in 3 weeks. I just need to be patient I guess! All in all, I feel my eyes look so much better, even with the scars on the lids.


Thanks! I see you went to dr. Westin. I had a consult with him and liked him a lot. In the end it was between him and Dr. Price. Both have great credintials and are listed in the top plastic surgeons list. The only two things I didn't like about him was the price tag and location. He quoted me $9000 for an upper and lower. Do you have any pics?
That seems REALLY high. They had a buy one, get one free procedure discount and I used that to bring down the fees some. Friends had gone to him before, knew him personally and professionally and vouched so strongly for him that followed their advice. No complaints...let me see if my daughter can teach me how to download from my phone to my computer and I will post. At 3 weeks, my healing is really working - just a faint line in one eye. The test will be seeing relatives this Easter who know me well...will they think anything looks different? Can't wait to find out...

So...I decided to start posting pictures of my...

So...I decided to start posting pictures of my recovery on a weekly maybe bimonthly basis. However, I found the really cool site that answered a lot of my recovery questions and issues and thought I would share the link. Lately I have been stressing about the unevenness of my upper lid scars and little white dots where the suture were. http://www.drmeronk.com/insidersguide/35.html


I was just going thru your recovery pics. I think you've come a long way in a short amount of time. You look very good!
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Hello, congrats on your surgery, I think your healing is going good. I had upper and lower surgery done 1 month and a half ago by an ophtalmologist with an specialization on eyelid surgery (I live in Mexico City and the surgery was done here). I had the stitches removed after 12 days ... I just read from other people posting on the blog that the longer the stitches stay the worse the scarring will be ... I had not heard that before (hope it isn't accurate). I think a small scar will always ramian since the skin is cut. My scars (upper eyelid) had been red for 4 weeks now. I've been using an esteroid cream and it has helped a lot. Generally the scarring in my skin has never been good, and my doctor said this was also the case with my eyelid skin, so he had to inyect steroid in the scars (a bit painful yes), but my scars are now much better, less swollen and red. I think you have to be patient to see the final result. My guess is the outcome will be visible after 3 months. Good luck on your recovery!!
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It's been four weeks since I had my upper and lowers done. My right lower does not look good, very bumpy, almost looks like the incision separated. I'm going back to the doctor on Wednesday.
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Day 22 the bruising is almost all gone, but still...

Day 22 the bruising is almost all gone, but still have some swelling, numbness, and tenderness at the outer corners of my eyes and along the suture line. The suture lines are still red, raised, and uneven.


Your latest pic is WOWZERS!!! It was worth it! So happy for You!
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Thanks! I can't wait to be totally healed. Just got to be patient I guess.
What did the doctor say?

18 April 2013 - day 36 I am very pleased with how...

18 April 2013 - day 36
I am very pleased with how I look so far but I am still concerned about scarring on the upper eyelids. It is easily camouflaged with make up. however, without makeup, i feel the scars are very noticeable. They are still red, raised and a little tender--especially at the outer corners. I have been using BioCorneum faithfully twice a day for about three weeks and I am not sure I am seeing much difference but I will continue as I figure it couldn't hurt. A word of warning if you ever use this product, be careful not to get it in your eyes as it really burns and you will end up having to flush your eyes for a few minutes.


Wow you look fabulous! My doctor is submitting my upper to Insurance we will see.. Thanks for sharing
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I hope that works out! That would probably be a nice chunk of change. Good luck!
I had the procedure done but my outcome still not too satisfactory or good. My right eye is smaller, the incision is too tide and it looks like my eye lid is going to explode. The doctor does not seems to be very concern. I need a second opinion. can you put me in contact with your doctor?
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26 April 13 - today is 6 weeks post op. I saw the...

26 April 13 - today is 6 weeks post op. I saw the doctor on Monday for a checkup. He noted that there is still some slight swelling under the eyes but he felt everything was healing well. I expressed my concern about the scars being raised and ropey in several places. He said I could start massaging those spots and that would help a lot.


You look beautiful! So, did you have a transcutaneous blepharoplasty? If so, did the doctor remove skin from under your eyes? Did he do a canthopexy? I ask because I look very similar to your before photos and I am terrified of the complications associated with a the trancutaneous procedure. Your "eye contour" is unchanged, and your upper lids are not overdone. You still look like you. Just lovely.
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I'm on day 7 and had my stitches removed today, not a lot of bruising and still swollen , have a bit of loose skin under left eye hope it evens out , you look great
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Amazing difference - well done - I'm on day 4 - stitches out tomorrow so not sure yet what I'll look like but I'd be v happy if they look as good as yours!
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9 weeks post surgery

Healing has gone well. I still have some slight numbness on the upper lids and corners of the lower lids. The incision site is still pink and the scar is ropey in spots. I have been using biocornium and massaging the scar daily in hopes that would help to flatten the scar. All in all the scars seem to be healing well and I just need to be patient. I am pleased with the results and have no regrets.


You look fantastic! I think I'm 9 weeks also. Curious, is your lower lash line numb? Mine is ! It's the weirdest thing.
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My lower lash line has been great from practically day one. If you look really close under my lower lash line you can just barely see the the suture line. I really don't like how the suture lines look on the uppers. Hopefully they will eventually heal and be less noticeable to me.
Oh I miss read. Yes both upper and lower have been numb. I am just starting to get back feeling. Thank God!

Three Month check in

Well it's been 3 months and one week post surgery. While I am happy with the results, I still feel like i have a lot of healing to do. I still have some numbness in my eyelids, and still occasionally feel some tenderness. There is still some minor swelling under my eyes that only I, and my doctor, really notice. The incision lines are still red on the outer edges of my upper eyelid but they seem to be slowly fading. There is still some ropey unevenness along the incision line on the upper lid in the inner part of the lid as well as some white dots where the suture were. It is easily covered with makeup so it is not that noticeable; however, I don't like how it looks and feels and hope it will eventually go away without further procedures. I am extremely happy with the lower lids where you can hardly see the incisions at all.


You have done a 180 degree turnaround your eyes are lovely
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How are you doing now?  Did the numbness go away?  Did the swelling reduce?  We'd love a review update to hear how you are!

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Hi Jill81, I will do a Dr. review and post pictures. I'm not the best poster child for the procedure. I've had a few minor complications, bruise a lot and very swollen. I'll post now,

8 months after upper/lower Bleph surgery

It's been over 8 months. I missed my 6 month check up so really need to schedule one soon. The numbness is gone, or at least unnoticeable. I still have occasional swelling that might be diet related (e.g. Too much salty foods, alcoholic beverages) but I haven't really tracked it as it isn't all that bad. I am still not crazy about how the upper lids look at the incision and suture sites; however, it is still healing so I'll be patient. Also, It is almost unnoticeable with makeup. I am still happy I did the surgery.


Thanks for posting the later updates. I am 8 weeks out and PS says not to fuss about anything until 3 and 6 month milestones. This has been very helpful. I think you look great. How are you now ?
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I must say that your before-and-after pictures are among the most impressive I've ever seen for bleph. Wow. That guy was worth every penny You paid him
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I just had under eye peel dec 11th. , look like you did. Thanks for the follow up pictures. I feel like it will be worth it after seeing how great you look.
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Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

I did extensive research of the procedure and the best doctors in the area. Dr. Price consistently was listed as one of the top docs in the area and the country. He also listed high on customer satisfaction I went to see 4 surgeons in the area and I felt the most comfortable with the doctor, staff, and location of the clinic.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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