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Just went in this morning for my third set, got...

Just went in this morning for my third set, got seven attachments on top, five on bottom, two brackets on bottom and rubber bands on each side. I've had braces before so the rubber bands are nothing new to me. I'll comment on the attachments and stuff as I have more experience with them. I just wanted to get this started so I could come back and edit.

I had braces twice when I was younger. The first time was for three years elementary-high school and the second was for a year at the end of high school. Both times my teeth shifted back, which was likely my own fault. I started having jaw pain and my teeth were becoming more and more noticeably crooked so I decided it was finally time to do something about it.

The first two sets were a piece of cake. A little bit of pressure after changing them but nothing unbearable. The whole brushing all the time has taken an adjustment and I've definitely noticed the effects of the "Invisalign diet". Even after just two trays I notice a small difference in my bite.

I'll put up pictures soon.

Wow, it sounds like you are getting the full meal deal with the attachments, elastics, and all. Good for you for maintaining such a good attitude with it all! Do you think your previous experience with braces helped make it an easier thing to get used to it?


March 14--Just went back last week and got two...

March 14--Just went back last week and got two attachments off on top and my next 10 trays (13-23). I'm quite happy with how things are going so far. I wore the rubber bands most of the time and they told me I was done with them for now as my teeth had moved faster than expected (yay!!!).

I go back in may and at that time I will have finished trays 23/27. I believe my bottom teeth are done moving, the bag for the invisalign says passive aligner for all the ones after this one (15 and on) and there's no way that would be for the top. They don't talk to me too much when I'm there, just give me a check and go so I'm assuming all is well.

The only frustrating thing for me is the teeth brushing. Because of my work I go quite a ways between breakfast and lunch. There would be time to snack on a granola bar but not time for teeth brushing. I've gotten to the point where I really reconsider my snacks just because I'm tired of brushing my teeth all the time.

I went to the dentist a few months ago and had one new cavity, I'm not sure I'd attribute it to the invisalign.

Not too pleased

So I finished up my 27 trays and went back to get a scan to start my refinement. Once I got there the orthodontist decided that rather than scanning he was going to add 5 buttons for rubber bands to close up my bite. On the right side of my mouth I now have 5 buttons and the original metal bracket. From that I have three rubber bands that I'm supposed to wear all the time. Not too pleased with that. After 3 weeks of that I go back to get the scan. :(

A year later

So it's been awhile since I updated. I started my refinement awhile back. I got 19 new for the top and 18 for the bottom. I received my first few and then went back in for a check. I made it through the first 10 of the refinement and then went back in for a follow up. It was decided that my top teeth weren't tracking right so I now have 4 braces with a wire on the top right side of my mouth. My top tray was cut so that it would leave room for this. So my top I'm still on tray 10 and will be for a month total. My bottom I'm continue to move forward.

Honestly at this point I'm over the whole thing. It is next to impossible for me to keep the dang things in for as long as I should. I'd say at this point I'm more than ready to be done. I'm trying hard to stick with it though. I'll try to update my pictures soon.
I feel your pain. I'm going through the same mindset. To get a refinement and get 19/18 more is devestating. I had to get 33 more after wearing 15 of the 31 they originally gave me. Now I have buttons and bands and less than 8 trays left to go. I'm afraid my teeth won't be where they need to be by then but we'll see. I was told the next thing I could do is fast braces but I chose invisalign for a reason and fast braces are like traditional braces so kinda defeating the purpose of clear braces. Try to stay strong though. You made it this far.

Wow, I just found your review, and what you have gone through!  I only had like 16 aligners plus maybe 6 extra, and I can tell you, I skipped meals whenever possible!  I got used to eating two meals/day, no snacks.  :)  Do you feel like your experience has been within the realm of expectations for you?

I knew from the get go it would be over a years worth of treatment. I think I'm probably happier about getting the braces on rather than getting lectured about not wearing the aligners as much as I should. What I think was the breaking point for me was finishing my original set of trays. While I waited for the new ones to come in I got into a bad habit of not wearing them as much. This has been a hard habit for me to break. I realized how much I had missed snacking all the time :P so now I snack most of the day and don't wear the aligners nearly as much as I should.

Back to the Ortho

Went back to the orthodontist to follow up on my braces/Invisalign combo. The braces really helped to move my bite towards being closed. They didn't tell me to bring back the tray 10 for the top as I'd been going forward with the bottom and staying the same on the top. Long story short, I asked if keeping the braces on would reduce the amount of time left for treatment. The orthodontist agreed with that plan. The big issue is that my bite on the right side just doesn't want to close. The teeth haven't been moving too quickly with the Invisalign.

So today I left with 5 braces on top and 5 on bottom. Plus rubber bands. Not ideal, but I did get some good news. As long as my bite closes up before I go back in two weeks, I will be done. Fingers crossed! I'll put up pictures soon.

Yeah, in the end, you do whatever is going to work for you.  Fingers crossed! :)

I gave in to the braces. I don't want to continue on hoping the Invisalign will close my bite slow as molasses when the braces can get it done quickly.

Not Done Still

So they said when I went back I would be done. Instead they said two more weeks of braces/partial trays and rubber bands. But there were no appointments in two weeks. So the fun continues. I don't wear the trays or rubber bands during the day. I go back on December 6 and should hopefully be done for real. But I won't get my hopes up.
Disappointing that your treatment wrap-up has been delayed. Chin up, I'm sure you'll look back on it and it will be worth it! Your results up to the last pic look promising.

That is so disappointing!  Are you seeing the progress at this point?  I mean, there's a huge difference in your pictures, but can you see what's left to close, and does it seem to be closing?

Dr. Brust

I went on the Invisalign website and found this provider. They've been great.

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