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MiraDry Procedure Done on Tuesday 1/22/13 - Ankeny, IA

I scheduled my appointment for next Tuesday Jan....

I scheduled my appointment for next Tuesday Jan. 22nd to get my first installment of miraDry done. I am excited but a little worried about the long term effects these high "microwave" energies have on the body but would like even a 50% reduction of underarm sweating. The people who wrote that people who aren't suffering with this don't understand are right. On the rational level, it seems to be not that big of a deal but when you are in a business place and can't even raise your arm for fear that your shirt is wet or that you smell because of it is totally embarassing and ones self esteem takes a major hit. I will update when done. I hope I don't swell up horirbly from the shots.

Today is the day I go in for my first installment...

Today is the day I go in for my first installment of miraDry at 1:30 p.m. I am excited, not really nervous anymore just anxious to get it over with and hopefully live with a lot less sweating. I'll write you all in the next couple of days and take some pictures to let you know how it went/is going.

I just had the first treatment of miraDry done...

I just had the first treatment of miraDry done yesterday. I got 7-1/2 shot of lidocane with epi and 7-1/2 shots of lidocane with NO epi in my right armpit (total of 15 shots in the right side) and then all 15 lidocane shots with NO epinephrine in the left armpit because I am very sensitive to epi and my legs and arms started jumping uncontrollably. It was no biggie though. I started my evaluation at 1:30 p.m. and I was finished with everything by 4:10 pm. I think the procedure was fairly new to the office I went to, although they had done several 1st rounders (meaning, because there are 2 "rounds" to miradry they have only been doing it enough to have treated people in their first round. So let's say for the past 3-4 months).

Anyways the staff was very pleasant and I had a good experience. You aren't supposed to shave or wear deodorant the day of the procedure which they told me in advance. They did my procedure on a level 1 for the first round they said because all the studies published showed about 85-90% efficacy on that level and they didn't want to expose their patients to any more than they needed. She said I could go at a higher level if I wanted but they don't recommend it the first time. She assured me that if I wanted to bump it up the second time that they would do that. She also mentioned that most of the patients she's talked to are generally doing well after the first round in regards to sweating but they insist on the second round just to make sure they got it all.

First, they place this paper over your armpit that has a tattoo-like grid on the back of it that comes off on your armpit so they know where to inject you with lidocane and what areas they need to treat with the miradry system. Then they get the miradry handheld piece out and place it over your armpit and before you know it they are done. I do want to mention that during the procedure the side WITHOUT the epinephrine (my left side) was considerably more painful than the side WITH the epi. I didn't feel a thing on the side WITH the epi. The side without the epi felt extremely uncomfortable in some target areas and I almost had her stop but I just wanted to get it over with so I endured ;). The miradry system goes through a process of heating first for a cycle or two and then cooling each area. I want to say she moved the wand around to approximately 20-25 different areas per armpit during the procedure. The pain I felt in my left armpit felt like a hot poker touching a very concentrated (small) area of the armpit. It goes away soon enough though. As soon as I was done they gave me ice packs for my armpits and told me to keep them on there for a little bit and then switch with 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off through the next couple of days to help with pain and swelling. They also told me to take ibuprofen every 12 hours as needed.

Right after I got done I felt like my armpits were sunburned (best way to describe it). That pain mostly subsided within a couple hours and I hadn't really swollen too badly until about 5-6 hours later. I posted pictures of before the procedure, 4 hours after and then the next morning (today) at around 7 a.m. I feel like softballs are under my armpits. It's not really too painful but it does feel odd to put my arms down to the side. I've been icing them while at work today on and off. I HIGHLY recommend wearing something loose fitting in the arms for the next couple days. Although I can bend and reach just fine, it's harder to get the ice packs under your arms in a tight fitting shirt and you don't want the material to rub on the area either. One other thing to mention is that the side without epi is less swollen than the side with epi.

I don't really have anything more to say right now about this. I am excited and hopeful it works. I would be satisfied with about 60-70% reduction in sweating even. If anyone has any questions please feel free to write me.

I should mention that, after looking at all the...

I should mention that, after looking at all the other people's pictures, it appears that I bruise worse than others. I know that my armpits look scary in the pictures but I must say that the pain is pretty minimal. Don't let my pictures scare you away from doing it. :)

I am updating at 1-1/2 days post procedure to say...

I am updating at 1-1/2 days post procedure to say that I actually have a tiny bit of "moistness" under both of my armpits today. I hope this isn't indicative of how things will go for the next 3 months. Has anyone else experienced this very TINY bit of moistness afterwards?

Another update at almost a week post procedure....

Another update at almost a week post procedure. All moisture is almost completely gone now (YAYYY!!!). I did notice some b.o. around days 3-4 which was annoying because you aren't supposed to wear deodorant for the first couple of days. It has since gone away though and I don't notice anything. My arms look fairly normal now (unswollen) but I can feel a bit of swelling still and they are a little bit tender. All in all, I'm very happy right now. :)

It's almost a month out now and my sweating is at...

It's almost a month out now and my sweating is at about 50-60% reduction which is great but I am hoping for more after the last round of treatment. I've noticed a small marble sized hard lump under my right pit that wasn't there originally (so it must have grown over the last couple of weeks). Has anyone else experienced this? Should I be concerned and see a doctor about it? Other than that I'm fairly happy with the procedure. The cost is outrageous (costed more than my lasik eye surgery) but end result has helped me to be more confident.

It been over a month post procedure. The lumps I...

It been over a month post procedure. The lumps I mentioned in my last update have now gone away (thankfully) and my pits are starting to look normal again. My hair still grows under them (I know some of you mentioned your hair stopped or lessened growing). Also, the sweating is at about 50% decreased now, albeit better than before. The next time I go I'm going to ask for a level 4 or 5 and also ask what will happen if I'm still sweating after the last procedure. I'm changing my review to state "not sure" if the proecure was worth it yet. It did cost $3,000 and I'd really like to get up to at least 70% sweat reduction. I have no numbness or tingling in my arms (as others have posted).

Just updating after the 2 month mark. Sweating...

Just updating after the 2 month mark. Sweating reduction is still at about 50%. I notice my underarms don't sweat much when I exercise but coffee makes them really sweaty (go figure!). I have about 20 some days before my second (and hopefully last) procedure. I am sticking with asking for a level 4 this time. I want to make sure I use my money as best as possible. All the lumps are gone but I notice 3 tiny very small blemish-like marks under my right pit. The are only very slightly raised but don't seem to be going away. I'm not sure what they are but hopefully when I go back in they can tell me. I'd say a procedure like this should cost half as much money as it does and then it would no question, without a doubt be worth it. Just my two cents at this point. Will update in another month.

I just had my second session done last Tuesday so...

I just had my second session done last Tuesday so it's been a week now and at this point I can say that I'm completely satisfied. I originally went in telling the nurse that I wanted to do a level 4 or 5 because I seen all of the reviews on here but she told me that upping the level doesn't necessarily more effective. She said that the higher levels are the amount of time that the microwave hand piece is on each area and also that the higher the level the more body tissue you have to get through (ie: bigger men and people who have higher body fats %'s). She said that all of the MiraDry studies were conducted first on a level 1 (first session) and then on a level 3 on the follow up. So, she convinced me to do the level 3. I'm glad I listened to her. At this point I would say that I have 95% reduction in sweating. I know that number will probably lessen as more time goes by (as it did in the first go-around) but as long as it doesn't go below 80% then I'd be extremely happy. I haven't broken a sweat since having the procedure. I did swell up A LOT more this time but had less bruising and less pain during the actual procedure (which is great). I will continue to update a month or two down the road and that should fully complete my review. I cannot believe how happy I am about having this procedure done. It has helped me gain so much confidence and made me happy that I'm not ruining shirts anymore. As of now all the swelling has gone down and I have some bumpy looking areas that should subside. My hair still grows in my pits but seems to be growing less fast.

Not worth the cost anymore...

It's been over a year since my procedure and I can tell you that I sweat only about 30% less than before I had the procedure done. I no long have any smell though. For the price tag ($3k) I would say that this is not worth it. It's really unfortunate because that is a lot of money to waste. I am glad there isn't any smell anymore though.

Third treatment offered complimentary

I was told that I'd have to pay if I had a third procedure done because the cost only covered two. Well..the other day my clinic called and said that MiraDry told them that anyone who received treatment at levels 1-3 that it was basically useless (almost) and they offered me a third session at a level 4 or 5 for FREE. I was ecstatic because I was so upset that I just wasted a lot of money for nothing. I decided to do a level 5 and had my third procedure done this last Tuesday (it's Saturday now). I would say I was REALLY swollen until about yesterday (so 2-1/2 days time) when the swelling subsided substantially. I have a feeling it's going to work better this time because the first 2 times I had it done I still sweated even 1-2 after I had the procedure a little bit (I was told this was residual sweat) however this time there was none. I'll update this post as time progresses and possibly change my rating to "worth it."
Nicolle Fischer

I looked on the miraDry site for a doctor close to Omaha, NE and Ankeny, IA was the closest.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi! So how'd your 3rd treatment go? Also with the 2nd you said you were swollen for about a month? I just had a level 4 for my 2nd treatment (Level 3 on my first) and I'm 10 days out. The swelling is still pretty horrific. Do you think I should be concerned?
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can i ask where you went in Ankeny, IA?
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How is the seating now since you did level 5?
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I'm 5 months out. Still sweating :( Probably reduced by 1/3. Still sweat a lot when I'm really nervous. Anyways, my underarms are still very tender in the center, and are still puffy and have one large lump (almond or marble sized). Do you still have any knots? It's on my right side, which has always seemed to have more fat and took longer to recover both times.
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Hi Lauren, June will be 1 year for me, I had one treatment and asked them to do it on 5 which is the highest setting. The lumps took a long time to go away , and I am actually still a little puffy in the center beleive it or not. Overall I've hardly sweat at all since, but still do a small amount-I would say a 90% reduction. The real test won't be until summer though as I really don' t have the problem much in the winter expect when I get nervous like you which I haven't had problems with all winter. Is this your second treatment? If it is I would ask to have it done again soon on a higher level for free or at lest a good discounted rate! Still very new technology for this application, so it still makes me nervous that it may affect the lymph nodes under the arms, but I'm still glad I had it done and happy with the results so far! Hope things turn out well for you! Keep me posted and I'll let you know if things turn out well this summer.
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Yes, I've had second treatment. And I'm also nervous about lymph node involvement. Insanely nervous! Everything I read says COMPLETELY SAFE and NO LYMPH NODE DANGER, and at the time, I was so desperate for relief, I didn't really think twice about it. Now, here I am, with a lump that's scaring the bejeebies outta me and wishing I'd not done it. Pointless because obviously I can't reverse it! I can't handle another treatment...mentally. My reaction to first treatment was TREMENDOUS swelling and bruising. It was miserable, and I have a high pain tolerance. Second time around the shots were incredibly painful, I think because the area was still tender. But the swelling went down faster. I have no idea what level they did it on though. When I called the clinic, they had just received the machine, so it was offered to me for free. I guess I was their "lab rat," but I didn't worry because there was a MiraDry certified person there to supervise the treatment. Just took like 4 hrs because they were learning. That's probably why I swelled so badly cuz it took so long. Anyways, I have so many theories. Mainly I'm just concerned about this remaining lump. I've done a lot of research on microwaves, and from what I can tell, this type of radiation is "non-ionizing", which means that there's little/no evidence that these cause any types of cancer, in that cells may be damaged, but they definitely do not damage DNA. Well, cells do lots of stupid things on their own, without microwaves, so I have to just let it go I guess. I have appointment with GYN in a week, and I'm gonna ask her about the lump. The side it's on took A LOT longer to heal, both sides still tender, so I'm just thinking it takes awhile to recover. I think the procedure may also create some scar tissue in there. Just my theory. The skin and underlying tissues just seem more matted and "tough." I hope it continues to stay the way it is now for you. After I had it done both times, I didn't sweat at all for a few months, then came back :(. This is a common reaction, it seems.
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Hi, sorry for the late reply! I've had BOTH treatments done (they normally sell the procedure in a two-step package). I only had about 25-30% reduction in total sweating after both. The nodules went away completely at about a months time (each time I had it done). I was told that I'd have to pay if I had a third procedure done because the cost only covered two. Well..the other day my clinic called and said that MiraDry told them that anyone who received treatment at levels 1-3 that it was basically useless (almost) and they offered me a third session at a level 4 or 5 for FREE. I was ecstatic because I was so upset that I just wasted a lot of money for nothing. I decided to do a level 5 and had my third procedure done this last Tuesday (it's Saturday now). I would say I was REALLY swollen until about yesterday (so 2-1/2 days time) when the swelling subsided substantially. I still have small nodules (which I expected) that should go away soon. To note, the first time I had it done I had slight pigmentation (darker spots) where they injected the needles. I was told this was normal and it went completely away. So far I've absolutely no sweating, which I had before on the last two treatments (even the first couple of days). I've had a lot less pain this time too...maybe it's because I knew what to expect though :shrugs:. I hope everything goes well for you. I also hope this third time is the charm.
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I had my first session at a 4 and my second at a 5. I had my last one in October 2013. I have just started sweating again. Not nearly as bad, but it did start to show through. What doesn't make sense is that if it stopped the sweating initially, and the sweat gland were destroyed, why do you start sweating again later? Ugh.
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Maybe we have super resilient sweat glands! I don't know, but I'm done. No third for me! Too much stress on whether it has done permanent damage and harmed lymph nodes, etc.
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I agree, I'm done too. They said I could pay for a third time, but why would I do that when it didn't work the first two times? I just don't care for the reviews from physicians saying it should work after 2 and if it doesn't then there is something wrong with you. Duh, that's why we are spending thousands on you guys in the first place! Who wants to dump this kind of money on armpits?!? Hoping the best for you!
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Thanks and you too! It's a lot less expensive to just buy synthetic tops and anything in black.....good thing I like to wear black lol!
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Are you still having a 95% reduction by now?
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No I wasn't having a 95% reduction (sorry I just noticed this reply). I just had the procedure done for a third time at a higher level (level 5). I think this time that it's really going to work but only time will tell.
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How are you doing after your third procedure? My daughter has had 2 procedures done at the same location as you and is starting to sweat again. The first procedure was done in January at level 2 and the second was done in April at level 4. I'm wondering if she needs to have a third procedure done at level 5. With it being summer time now, she doesn't seem to want to go out. She's young and should be out having fun, not worrying about being embarrassed because of her sweating.
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I'm going June 21st. Very excited!!
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Yay Kelly!! Good luck! I hope this turns out for you the way it has for me and so many others. I don't worry about my armpits sweating anymore and definitely no smell anymore at all.
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I'm going in on June 7th, can't wait-are you still sweat free? Any regrets?
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Hi, congratulations and good luck to you. Yes, I am still sweat free. It was about 90 degrees here today and although I was sweating from other areas (back, neck, etc.) I didn't sweat under my arms. It's amazing. I was really leery after my first treatment because I didn't have much reduction in swear (about 40% if you scroll up) but after my second one I have about 95% reduction at this point (which is almost 2 months out from 2nd treatment). I hope you have the same success I did :) Keep up updated!
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Just got home, asked to have it done on level 5 which is the highest. The whole process went really smoothly hardly any pain at all even the shots didn't bother me. My only concern is she said I had really large armpits and looking at the marks it doesn't look centered. Crossing my fingers that the tatoos were properly placed when I asked she said she'd done the proecdure a handful of times. I was hoping that doing it on 5 would get it done in one treatment, I guess time will tell. 95% is amazing so happy for you!
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That's great. I still think it'd be well worth your money to get the second treatment too because I think studies showed that most people needed that second treatment but good luck either way :). Yes I absolutely have no regrets at this point. If anything changes though I'll come here to update. Please keep us updated on you too!
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A majority of the swelling is gone, the upper half seems completely healed while the bottom is stil a bit swollen and lumpy. Have moistness when I get really hot, but no dripping or wettness on shirt. By day 4 even though it was still tender I began using cyrstal rock deoderant which I used before as there was odor no matter how much I showered. Going to wait until around 2 months to really judge as the area should pretty much be healed by then to give a definitive review. So far I am thrilled with the results!!!
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Thank you for all the follow up reviews you've done. Did your bruising go completely away? Did you have bruising the 2nd time around? I agree its a lot of money for what it is but a miracle for those who need it. Hope you continue to see good results.
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No problem! Yes, my bruising went completely away around the 2nd week. Yes, there was some bruising the second time but oddly not as much. Thanks, so far the sweating has stayed away and I would say I am 95% dry most of the time...YAY! :) No smell either. This has been a miracle for me.
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Happy about your experience!!!!!! I made a few friends on here through FB and its good to talk to people who experienced this. Nobody will ever understand what we feel unless you have experienced it as well. Congrats on it working so far.
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