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Heaviness and drooping with upper eyelids which...

Heaviness and drooping with upper eyelids which increases with chronic migraine episodes. Procedure being covered by medical insurance. i am currently taking products from Vitamedica - Arnica Montana 30X HPUS, Clinical Support Multi, bromelain with quercetin, and recovery cream in preparation of surgery.

Post Op: Day 1

An hour out or so... Slightly blurred vision, some tightness in closing eyes. Twilight anesthesia and novacaine eye drops - they may have also done local injections in OR room. For the most part I was aware of everything going on during procedure but in a "comfortable way" you could say. Icing every 2 hrs for 20 mins and no bending over for 24 hours, also have to stay off feet ~ room service ;)

Day 1 and 2

Headache is gone finally. Trouble sleeping since I had to sleep sitting up. Soreness around eye area by incisions like any normal cut but nothing you would need pain medication for. Woke up with edema around my eyes and cheek area. Going to grab an ice pack. I think I only have to ice 4 times today 20 minutes each time. Also still taking all my Vitamedica supplements previously noted as post-supplement support.


*Had a headache from anesthesia wearing off (the procedure didn't cure my chronic migraines)

Some swelling and slight bruising

I ended up sleeping on my right side and always mushing my face into my pillow. In turn I think that cause the increased swelling and some minor bruising under my right eye. Most of the surgi-strips have come off, I have been trimming them where they were lifting off the skin. No ice allowed for next 2 days. Still taking it easy... Itchiness that goes along with wound healing is setting in and annoying since I can't scratch of rub my eyes - ARGH!! But I know it will all be worth it!

Day 4

Itchiness, eyes tearing which I have been experiencing since yesterday. Using first aid gauze (sanitary precaution) and apply light pressure seems to ease itchiness.

Day 5

No pics today, swelling was still residing was able to do warm compresses 2x's today for 10-15mins each time, rewetting them 2x's each session. I can do this daily until doc tell me to stop.

Day 6

Just a continuation... Love the progression and can't wait to see final results! I think left side has more swelling still because I sleep on that side.
Boston Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Townsend and his staff have been both professional and helpful to answer any and all questions I have had up to this point.

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I am a side sleeper and had trouble the first few days figuring out a good position. It looks like your healing is on track!
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I like how well you are coming along. It looks way better each day. :)
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Aside from the swelling and bruising I think it looks good! Too early to tell if your migraines will be helped or not. Sending healing blessings your way! I am getting excited/nervous about my brow lift and lower bleph, so wish I didn't have to wait until October. Thank you for sharing your journey :)
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Thanks! I definitely recommend looking into and talking to your doc about arnica montana and vitamedica supplement. I really don't have any bruising, very slight if any. I think what appears to be bruising is the (yuck) dried blood on the surgi-tape, it's started to come off so I can see under it. The months fly by, October will be here before we know it!
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Good luck with your surgery! I have a browlift and bleph scheduled for Oct. I also suffer from migraine headaches. How do you get insurance to cover all or part of the procedure?
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Thank you! My doctor ordered a vision field test required by insurance company. My eyelids were obstructing my vision in both eyes and would be improved if I were to have the surgery. At least that was my understanding from the doctor.
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I also have major headaches that last almost 2 days from lifting up my eyebrows due to hooded eye lids, did all the tests and my insurance is paying for this $4,000. I am going in for upper Blepharoplasty this Wednesday, have arnica and bromelain am so looking forward to wearing mascara again! Thanks for sharing!
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Good luck and your welcome! Hope it helps all around especially with the headaches! I know all too well what you mean :)
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